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Ruin my moment, make it perfect

It's hard to contain. Her smile hasn't dimmed since and it's been ten minutes. Ten minutes of wonder filling her head and heart. Seven of those minutes watching her husband sleep and trying to keep herself in check long enough for the sun to fully rise. It isn't working. She's bursting at the seams, eyes welling with tears and mouth split in a smile that's beginning to make her cheeks ache.

She wants to slide her fingers through his messy hair until his blue eyes blink open and his lips tilt in a sleepy smile. She can already hear his voice, rough and sexy - until he snuffles against her pillow, smacks his lips and lets out a snore. His face is smashed against the pillow case, mouth hanging open, not as sexy but equally adorable. She buries her laugh in the crook of her elbow and inhales deeply. It's his scent embedded in the thread, the warmth of him still lingering and warding off the chill of a November morning.

But it's not good enough. It will never beat the real thing. A sweater can't top the heated weight of his body draped over hers or the way his arms tighten around her in the middle of the night as if he's checking to make sure she's still there.

Sometimes she pats his arm, turns over to kiss him, nuzzle against him and there are some nights where it becomes more than a soft kiss in the night. Perhaps that's what led to the smile on her face.

She slides closer, nudges his knee with her own before sliding her thigh over his hip. The warmth of his chest meets the tips of her fingers as she presses against the beat of his heart. His hum vibrates beneath her touch, his breath hot against her cheek as she rubs her nose over his.

Her smile widens. He's slow to respond, lost somewhere in dreams and bogged down with the exhaustion from their late night activities. He's slacking this morning. She was promised breakfast in bed and yet, she's the first awake and he's just now wrapping his arms around her, pulling her closer.

His jaw is rough, scraping against her lips when she plants a small kiss there. She loves this. She adores when he's warm, lazy, half asleep and struggling to wake. It makes him fumble, causes his fingers to trip up the back of her thigh and land less than gracefully on her ass.

He's always touched things, he's tactile and she should have never been surprised that he's a man who likes to cuddle. He enjoys the warmth of her, wants her close, he wants to hold on and nuzzle against her collarbone. And in the early mornings between dawn and waking, she lets him cling. She clings back.

But this morning is different.

She doesn't want to watch him wake slowly, doesn't want the soft kiss he presses to her neck or to feel his hum rumble up from his chest. She wants him alert.

"Castle," she whispers and doesn't know why. Maybe it's because this feels like a secret to share, theirs to revel in. "Wake up, babe."

Her fingers have a mind of their own, reaching up to card through his hair.

"Mm." He doesn't pull back, doesn't open his eyes to look up at her. She has to tug at the short ends of his hair before he even forms a mumbled sentence. "Happy Birthday, Beckett."

And now she does want that lazy slow kiss but not against her skin, not buried just above the neckline of the sweater. Her lips ache for it.

"Best birthday so far."

That gets his attention, has him pulling back and finally opening his eyes. He blinks against the light, groans about it and she bumps her nose against his.

"I haven't even given you your present yet."

"Already got the best surprise." She bites her lip when he frowns.

"From me?"

"Definitely from you." There's a beat of silence, his brain firing up and trying to figure it out but she can't take it anymore. She wiggles against him, wants to be closer. He takes his cue, slides his hand down the back of her panties and squeezes.

"Oh I like where this is going."

"Clothes stay on for this." She nips his ear, brushes his hair back off his forehead.

"We've never kept all of our clothes on but I'm sure we can make it work," he jokes. "What is this surprise from me?"

His hand slides over her skin and leaves goosebumps. He makes her shiver, makes her blood hot, he's the reason she's ecstatic, he's the reason for the pressure building between her thighs and she bites at his ear again.

She wants to see him, needs to watch the words sink in. So she pulls away, just enough to have him protesting but the smile she can't get rid of is enough to quiet him.

"A baby," she murmurs. "I'm pregnant."

The corners of his eyes crinkle when he beams at her, and she can't help but laugh when his palm cradles her jaw and he pulls her in for a kiss. It's sloppy; their smiles ruin the moment and make it perfect.

"When -"

"Roughly fifteen minutes ago."

"Why didn't you -"

"I didn't want to disappoint you again." Months of trying, so many negatives and she just couldn't handle the crushed look on his face anymore.

"Kate," in the softness of her name, she hears his words before he says them. "You didn't disappoint me. Not once."

The smile they share is gentle, understanding. She knows on an intellectual level that he was never upset with her, just the results. But it's still nice to hear while his eyes are full of excitement...love. She strokes his cheek, leans in again until her forehead rests against his.

"Happy Birthday to me." Then, with a wicked grin, she rocks against him. "Now clothes can come off."

His lips are gentle as they brush hers, his breath warm and too inviting as he chuckles into her mouth. "I really outdid myself on this gift. I'll never be able to top it."


"Maybe next year, we can -"

She cuts him off with a shake of her head and presses her pelvis to his, triumphs with a hard kiss when he's flat on his back. Her words are mumbled as she sinks her teeth into his lip, "Stop talking."