It was Saturday morning, and Clary sat half asleep on her bed watching Isabelle tear through her closet like a tornado.

"God, Clary! You really don't have any party clothes! I wish you would've told me before today so we could've gone shopping," Isabelle complained while throwing another one of Clary's shirts out of the closet. Clary just rolled her eyes and couldn't stop herself from yawning, again.

"The party isn't until 8 tonight, Iz. Why did you insist on coming over so early?" Clary knew that this was probably a pointless conversation, but it was to early for her to put up with Isabelle's insanity. Isabelle walked out of the closet and gave Clary a look.

"First of all, it's 10 am, so I wouldn't really say that it's 'so early'," she said, raising her eyebrows at Clary. "And secondly, we need to pick out everything you'll need so that you can come over and we can get ready at my house. I'll need 2 hours to work on you, and I haven't even picked out my outfit yet," Isabelle scoffed, turning and heading back into the closet.

Clary groaned and fell back onto the bed, closing her eyes. She had argued with Isabelle yesterday over text message about wanting to get ready at her own house, but her dear friend was not budging. It didn't help that Isabelle insisted on needing a reason, and Clary couldn't tell her that she simply hadn't wanted to see Jace. Her mind drifted to Jace. He had texted her numerous times yesterday, asking where she was and if she was mad at him. He even went as far as to knock on her door, but her mother hadn't been home and Clary didn't answer. He'd eventually given up and stop sending texts.

If she was being honest with herself, Clary knew that she was being childish. She didn't like Kaelie, but Jace could flirt with her all he wanted. He hadn't even known how deeply Clary disliked the girl, so why was she holding it against him? Now, she just felt embarrassed for ignoring him and didn't want to deal with that confrontation.

A sharp gasp pulled Clary away from her thoughts. She sat up just as Isabelle shot out of the closet with a dress in hand. "Why didn't you fish this out for me to start with? This dress is perfect!"

Clary glanced at the dress in Isabelle's grasp. It was black lace over a nude slip, and it was skin tight, not to mention the skinny little straps and the fact that the dress barely covered any of her legs. The dress was not her style in the slightest, but Sebastian had bought it for her. She'd never worn it, but she kept it to show appreciation. At the thought of him, she just wanted to burn it.

"I've never worn that dress, and I don't intend to." Before Isabelle could ask, Clary said, "Sebastian gave it to me as a birthday present last year." Isabelle's eyes soften, but she didn't let go of the dress.

"You should rock this dress tonight because he gave it to you," Isabelle responded. At Clary's obvious confusion, Isabelle clarified, "You should rock this dress because you're done with his sorry ass, and you deserve for every guy's attention at the party tonight."

Clary wasn't convinced. "Maybe you're right, but that dress is too scandalous for me anyway. Plus, I don't have any shoes to wear with it, and what if I get cold?"

Isabelle gave her a look that screamed Did you really just say that? "It's a party at a dance club – it won't be cold. And you can always find a hottie to keep you warm." She winked. Clary glared, but Isabelle continued. "Don't worry about the shoe situation. I have the perfect pair in mind." Clary tried to protest, but Isabelle turned to go into the bathroom, most likely to start making a mess of Clary's supply of makeup.

Clary groaned and flopped back onto her bed. Today is going to be more painful than I thought.

Many hours, and a very painful fashion show later, Clary sat on Isabelle's bed reading while she did her own makeup. Clary had insisted on Isabelle doing her own makeup first because if Clary didn't have a break, she would've died from girly things overload. If Jace had been home when they got to the Lightwood residence, Clary might have suffered through an awkward apology just to have a few moments free from the force that is Isabelle Lightwood.

Clary's mind wandering to Jace which she wasn't proud to admit had happened too many times since she'd been at Isabelle's. The girls had come over after going to grab lunch. That had been 5 hours ago, and he hadn't come home at all. Clary wasn't going to ask Isabelle where her brother was, and she had picked up her phone to text Jace several times, but she seeing his many concerned messages from the previous day caused her to not send anything.

"All right, I'm all done." Isabelle destroyed Clary's train of thought. She put her book down and stared dumbstruck at the goddess before her. Isabelle hadn't put on her dress yet (skin tight, all red, very sexy), but her makeup alone put her own a whole new level of hot.

"Wow, Iz, you look fantastic," Clary gushed, and she wasn't lying. She could see why Isabelle loved doing this; she was really good at it.

"Thanks Clare, but no one will be looking at me when they see you." She gave a smirk and motioned for Clary to take her seat. Clary suppressed a groan and took a seat. Isabelle plucked and prodded and applied for so long that Clary began to feel insecure. Did she really need that much work? She kept reminding herself that Isabelle had taken over an hour to do her own makeup and that torture always felt like it was taking longer than it really was.

Eventually, Isabelle declared that she was done, but she refused to allow Clary to look in the mirror until she did her hair. "You have to see the finished product as a whole, or it's not as exciting," Isabelle gushed. Clary couldn't say that she related to her energy, but she played along because this was Isabelle's day.

However, many painful minutes later, Clary had received enough burns from the straightener that she was about to tell Isabelle that she couldn't do it anymore, but at that moment Isabelle shrieked, "Done! And you look fabulous! Now let's get you into that dress."

Clary shimmied on the skin-tight dress and allowed Isabelle to lace up the very high heels that she had dug out of the back of her closet. Apparently, they almost fit Clary's feet because Isabelle had gotten them a few years ago. Clary tried not to gape at the thought of going to middle school parties in such extreme heels.

Finally, Isabelle pulled clary in front of the full-length mirror to see the final product of a full day's work. Clary was shocked at the transformation. Her makeup was flawless and didn't look cakey like most girls', and her hair looked at least 2 inches longer straight. Mostly, she was shocked at how good she looked in the dress. It showed off her curves in a way that she wasn't used to, and her legs looked shockingly good thanks to the heels.

"I hate to say this Iz, but I actually love it." Isabelle was beaming behind her, looking like she was about to start shooting rainbows out of her eyes from excitement.

"Yay!" she shrieked and hugged Clary quickly. "Okay, now I need to put on my dress, or we're going to be late to our own party! Can you go downstairs and make sure Alec is ready?"

"Yeah, of course," Clary responded. She stepped out of Isabelle's room and immediately heard voices floating up the stairs from she assumed the living room. Figuring that Alec was watching tv, she slowly and careful made her way down the staircase and turned to corner to the living room, only to run into another person.

"Oh my gosh, hey Clare-bear," Kaelie gushed, giving Clary a tight, fake hug. Clary took a step back in confusion, and quickly met a golden gaze over Kaelie's shoulder. Clary vaguely registered Kaelie's party dress and the fact that she was complimenting Clary's dress, but she couldn't break Jace's gaze. She couldn't read his expression, but she quickly snapped her focus back to Kaelie when Jace started looking at her dress.

"You look great, Kaelie," Clary lied smoothly. She looked like a complete slut with cakey makeup, but girls didn't want honesty. "What are you doing here?" she asked pleasantly.

"Oh, well Jace and I spent the whole day together, and we were just going to meet you guys at the party, but I accidentally spilled my coffee on Jace's shirt, so we had to come here so that he could change." Kaelie didn't seem to take a breath when she spoke, but Clary stopped breathing too.

Jace and I spent the whole day together.

Clary forced herself to smile at Kaelie, purposefully not looking at Jace, and said, "Well I guess we'll see you guys at the party." She quickly stepped around the two of them, still not meeting Jace's gaze, and went to find Alec in the living room.

When she felt the hand on her arm, Clary knew who it was before she turned around. Jace was looking at her with such concern, she almost broke down. "What the hell is wrong Clary. You were completely M.I.A. yesterday, and now you won't even look at me. What did I do?" he pleaded. He was still holding her arm, and Clary started to feel pressure in her chest. She didn't know what to say because she didn't understand what she was feeling.

"I was out with my mom all day yesterday, and Isabelle has been playing dress up with me since I woke up this morning. I have to find Alec, and you should get back to Kaelie." Clary plastered a fake smile on her face and subtly pulled away from Jace. He opened his mouth to say something, but Clary was already walking away towards the living room.

She didn't know what she was feeling or why she was feeling it, but Clary was sure of one thing. It all just hurt.

Isabelle didn't notice Clary's mood on the way to Pandemonium. If Clary was feeling even slightly better, Isabelle's energy would've be contagious. Even Alec seemed to be in a better mood than he normally was, and he was listen and responding to all of Isabelle's pointless topics. Who would be there, what food would be served, if the DJ would be taking request, how they were sneaking in alcohol.

Clary heard very little of the conversation; she couldn't stop thinking about Jace and Kaelie. It hurt her to see them together, to know that Jace was the kind of guy to be with a girl like that. He meant so much to her and had been such a steady rock for her since he'd moved in next door, but now Clary felt like Jace was a completely different person than she thought he was. How could he be her Jace when he was with an airhead bimbo like Kaelie. She quickly scolded herself. He wasn't her Jace. She knew that he would find other friends and connect with other people once the school year started. Now, Clary felt stupid for relying on him to make her his priority just because he had been hers.

By the time that Alec dropped Isabelle and Clary off at the door of the club, Clary had put herself into such a bad mood that she had to fight every instinct to pretend for Isabelle's sake. Isabelle linked arms with her and dragged her inside. They arrived 25 minutes late, which of course, Izzy planned, and the party was already in full swing. Clary immediately spotted Jace and Kaelie, of whom the latter shrieked and threw her arms around Isabelle.

"The birthday girl has arrived," Kaelie yelled towards the mass of people in the club. Those who heard her started to cheer and clap, some even coming to swarm around Isabelle. Clary drifted away from the mass of humanity and effectively lost Jace and Kaelie in the crowd.

For as bad a mood Clary was in, she could still appreciate Isabelle's party-planning skills. Pandemonium was decorated with streamers and balloons all following a color scheme of gold and blue. There was a photo booth set up in the corner, and giant modern art portraits of Isabelle hung on some of the walls. There was one of just her, but the rest included her families or who Clary assumed were Isabelle's previous friends. The music was hypnotic, the food looked amazing, and Clary was stunned by all of it.

Clary glanced around the room and something caught her eye. Raphael Santiago, Alicante's resident dealer, was huddled against a wall with some friends. There was only one reason he would be at a party like this, and that meant someone put in some cash to have him supply alcohol and probably some party favors in the form of pills. Normally, Clary stayed away from that crowd and kept her alcohol intake to a minimum, but with images of Jace and Kaelie pounding in her brain, she made her way through the crowd to Raphael.

"Hey, baby Morgenstern," Raphael called as she approached. "Can't say I've had the pleasure of serving you before, although I'm very well acquainted with your brother."

Clary couldn't care less about what Raphael had to say. She wanted to spend as little time near him as possible. "I want a drink. Something strong." Straight and to the point. Raphael didn't seem fazed at all. He gave her a smirked that screamed danger and told one of his cohorts what kind of drink to mix.

"I didn't realize you were like that little Morgenstern, but I was mistaken. If you're up for some fun, why don't you find me later. I promise I can show you a good time." Clary nearly gagged at the insinuation. He held out a plastic cup to her, and she didn't even say thank you before she turned and quickly walked away.

The drink tasted like nail polish remover, and Clary wondered if Raphael just handed her straight vodka without a mixer. She scanned the room quickly. Isabelle was still surrounded by a mass of people, including several handsome boys. She looked for a golden head of hair, but before she spotted Jace or Kaelie, Clary saw something even worse. Sebastian was leaned up against a wall, drink in hand, smirking and talking to Jonathan. Clary's mind reeled, trying to figure out why they would be here. She knew the boys loved a good party, but this was her and Isabelle's party. Granted it wasn't a closed invite, due to Isabelle insecurity that no one would show up, but she was still not expecting to see her ex or brother here tonight.

"Hey, Clary," she heard from behind her. She turned and saw Maia, a friend from school with her boyfriend Jordan.

"Hey, Maia! I haven't seen you in forever! How are you?" Clary asked, glad for the distraction from Sebastian and Jace. Maia leaned in and gave Clary a quick embrace.

"I've been really well. If you have no other obligations, come sit with me and Jordan! I would love to catch up." Maia took notice of Clary's plastic cup and asked, "What are you drinking?"

Clary took a big swig from her cup and smirked at Maia before responding, "Who cares."

It didn't take long for Clary to get stupid drunk. She drank her whole cup by the time she parted from Jordan and Maia, and, noticing that Raphael wasn't with his buddies, went back for a refill. She was currently chugging the rest of that cup while dancing with a large group of people that she didn't particularly know all to well. All she felt was the alcohol, thrumming through her veins, making her feel so much better than when she'd walked in the door. She pulled away from the group that she had been dancing with and started making her way back to Raphael's set up when he stepped in front of her.

"Hey Clary," Sebastian said, the look in his eyes so genuine Clary's heart contracted for a second. She knew that he was her ex and that she had a reason to not like him, but at that moment, Clary couldn't grasp what exactly her problem with Sebastian was.

"Sebastiannnn," she drawled. "I'm mad at you." The words sounded funny to Clary, and she let out a sudden giggle.

Sebastian looked at her softly and said, "I know you are, baby. And you have every right to be. I still love you, Clare. Can we talk?" Clary knew all the words he was saying, and she knew that it meant something, but the music was so good and she felt so good and all she wanted right now was to let go.

"I don't want to talk," she whispered. She saw the hurt look on his face, and she took a step closer to him. He looked at her, surprised at the movement. When Clary grabbed the front of his t-shirt, Sebastian gave her his sexiest smirk.

Before she started to think straight and make any reasonable decisions, Clary pulled Sebastian towards her and started kissing him like he was water in the middle of the dessert. She let warmth flow through her at the familiarity of Sebastian's touch. The kiss was hot and passionate, and Clary lost herself in the feel of Sebastian's hands on her body.

He was the first to pull away, his eyes fogged with lust. "Let's go somewhere with less of an audience," he muttered before grabbing Clary's hand and pulling her towards the staircase that led to more private rooms. The room started to spin as Clary walked, and she kept stumbling because of her heels.

One minute, Clary glanced down at her feet in hopes to steady herself, and the next, she felt Sebastian's hand pulled from her grasp. She lost her balance and fell over. The room started to go fuzzy, but Clary looked up and saw a halo of gold as bright as the sun. She reached toward the halo, and then everything went black.

Welp I just spent 2 hours straight writing this chapter after not writing for months. Sorry I'm lousy at writing and updating quickly or efficiently. I hope you liked this chapter, and hopefully I'm feeling inspired and start writing more frequently.