Star Trek: The Borg Armageddon By S.A.M

Readers note and disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Star Trek. I just borrow them for my stories. This story has to be one of my bests. It is rather long so take your time. I promise it is worth reading. Just a note: This is an alternate universe so don't be upset if someone you like dies. I hope you enjoy this story. You may want to play some Star Trek music in the back round. That's what I did. It made it all the more enjoyable.


==// We are the Borg. Existence as you know it is over. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile. //==

Captain Jean-Luc Picard stirred in his sleep. His unconsciousness was being tormented my nightmares. Picard faced the image of the Borg Collective slowly approaching him. He was in a dark and dejected room. Picard desperately searched for a route of escape but the Borg circumscribed him at all sides. Suddenly there was quick flash of white light and the Borg had instantaneity surrounded him. They spoke to Picard as one and steadily closed him in. The voices of unconditional evil echoed through his mind. He sweat profusely as the monotone voices continually penetrated his brain.

==// Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. //==

Picard shot upright in his bed. He was screaming in terror and could not stop. Fear had consumed the Captain of the U.S.S Enterprise. The nightmare had pierced his mind then proceeded to assault his soul. He continued to bellow in fear. The image of the Borg was still swimming through his recent memory. Picard began to take in oxygen in large exaggerated breathes. Moments past and Picard slowly began to calm himself. The nightmare images had eventually shattered into nothingness and resided in the back of his mind. However, the just of the terrible dream had stayed with him. The Borg's frightening voices still whispered in his ear. They were speaking to him. Their voices compared to the sound of Rice Crispies crackling in his eardrums. The dreams have come back, he thought, I was certain they wouldn't be returning.

Picard quickly wiped the sweat of his brow. He was still breathing heavily and could not seem to get enough air in his lunges. Picard wanted desperately to go to his cabin replicator and replicate some cool refreshing water to drink, but his legs were immobile. He could not move. Thoughts raced through his mind. The Borg are dead, he thought, the Hive Mind was destroyed. Picard could not convince himself of the so called "truth". The Rice Crispies sound continued to crackle in his ears. It started off quietly but began to get louder and louder. The eerie noise had engulfed his eardrums. It was all he heard. The sound of the Borg consumed him. Picard quickly shook his head and continued to gather his thoughts. The Borg Queen is dead, he told himself. Suddenly, an evil feminine voice hissed through his ears which traveled to his mind.

==// We are the Borg. Resistance is futile, Locutus. //==

Jean-Luc Picard's eyes widened with absolute terror. He knew the feminine voice. It was as distinctive as his own. A frightening thought crept into Picard's mind which caused the Captain to shudder.

"The Borg Queen has returned. God help us all." he cried.