Chapter 20

Admiral Edward Jellico plopped onto his office sofa. He was so tired. The day had been nothing but one long dragged out meeting; one debriefing after another. The last week had been hell but the Admiral was glad to be back in San Francisco. Jellico desperately wanted to get some sleep but he still had one more appointment to attend. The Admiral looked at the chrono-clock on the wall. He had a little over an hour before he had to leave. I'd say I have time for a nap, he thought tiredly. Suddenly, his secretary Helen Yurovick stepped into his office. Edward sat up from the couch and smiled at the lovely woman.

"I know you asked not to be disturbed but you have a visitor. His name is Andrew Jellico and he claims to be your son, stated Helen with a smile, I'd thought you might want to see this guest."

All the blood drained from Edward's face. Questions raced through him like a bunch of jack-rabbits. Why is Andrew here, he thought, is he ok?

"Send him in Helen and thank you." he replied in worry.

The young secretary winked at the Admiral, forcing the man to blush. She had a strange affect on him. All Helen had to do was look at him a certain way and he would melt like ice cream on a hot day.

"We're still on for tomorrow night?" asked Edward in reassurance, as Helen walked out the door.

"I wouldn't miss it." replied Helen, tossing the Admiral another wink.

Edward grinned but suddenly, Andrew Jellico came into the office, forcing the older man to frown slightly. It hurt Edward just to see Andrew. The Admiral had been crushed by the words Andrew said the week before. They haunted Edward's dreams.

"Hello, Andrew. What can I do for you?" asked the Admiral, making sure to keep his distance.

The Lieutenant Commander looked extremely upset and was having trouble forcing down his emotions. Inner turmoil flooded the officer's emotions.

"Admiral, I came by your office because I needed to speak with you. I have a large request to ask and I'm hoping you'll say yes."

"What is it, Andrew?" asked Admiral Jellico in confusion.

"Sir, I was hoping you would call me son again. I was also hoping I could call you father." replied Andrew as tears trickled down his cheeks.

Edward Jellico covered his mouth is shock. Emotions of sadness and happiness intertwined in his heart. He had waited so long to hear Andrew speak those words. Now that Edward had finally heard them, he did not know how to react. Andrew continued to speak.

"I blamed you for Sam's death and that was wrong of me. I know now, that Sam was a member of Starfleet and knew the risks of the job. It was no body's fault that he died. I blamed you for too long and I'm sorry, said Andrew as he cried openly, I hope you can forgive me."

Edward continued to stare at his son in shock. There was a long moment of silence but finally the Admiral spoke to Andrew.

"Of course I forgive you, son."

Suddenly, both father and son rushed into each other's arms and cried. The distance between them had been broken. Edward squeezed Andrew tightly against him and cried.

"I love you son. I always have." stated Admiral Jellico as tears swelled down his face.


"Captain Jean-Luc Picard was the greatest man I have ever known. He was my teacher, my role model, and my closets friend. I will miss him very much and I'm sure so will all of you. I know he would not have wanted us to morn his death but to celebrate his life. Picard will forever be remembered. Salute." said William Riker, as he lifted his wine glass.

"Salute." responded the large crowd of people.

Ten-Forward of the U.S.S Enterprise was filled with masses of people but for some reason seemed empty. Everyone was smiling but they all had a heavy heart. Captain Riker greeted people as he wedge through the crowd. The new Captain of the Enterprise finally reached Lieutenant Tom Paris, who was speaking with Admiral Janeway. Kathryn turned away from Tom and smiled at Will.

"Will, it's good to see you. I'm sorry for your loss." stated Janeway.

"You too Admiral, I heard about Chakotay."

Kathryn Janeway stiffened her nose and nodded to Will.

"Yes, he too will be missed. If you'll excuse me. Tom, tell B'Elanna I said hello and be sure to give Miral a kiss for me."

"Will do Admiral. Thanks for everything."

Admiral Kathryn Janeway nodded to the two men and disappeared in the crowd. Riker smiled lightly as she left. She was a great leader. Voyager and her crew were extremely lucky.

"Will she be alright?" asked Riker as watched Janeway leave.

"I think so. Captain Chakotay was a dear friend. They worked together for eight years. She's sad that's he gone."

"How about you? How are you holding up?"

"I'll be ok. We lost a lot of great people. I know it sounds selfish but I'm just glad I wasn't one of them."

"I don't think it sounds selfish. Life is a wonderful thing. To lose it is a tragedy. Anyway, are you sure you won't take up my offer. The Enterprise could use a good helm officer."

"I'm afraid not Captain. I made a promise to my wife. I told her that after the threat was over, I would be coming home. However, in a few years I may call you and take you up on the offer. I have this thing about calling in favors." stated Tom with a laugh.

"Well, Mr. Paris. It was a pleasure. I hope to see you some time soon." stated Riker as he shook Paris' hand.

"Likewise, Captain." replied Tom.

The two men nodded to one another and departed. Will squeezed through the crowd and searched for Deanna. He could not see her anywhere. The past week had been extremely hectic. They had not had time to see each other at all. Will was sent to San Francisco for meetings, while Deanna had been in one counseling session after another. Their busy schedules had kept them away from each other. It had been rather disheartening. Will gazed across the crowded room but could still not find his wife. Suddenly a voice sounded in his head.

"Hello, Imzadi."

Will smiled and turned on his heels, only to see Deanna's beautiful face. Her powerful brown eyes looked upon his with love. Riker laughed and pulled his wife to him. She wrapped her arms around his back and kissed his lips.

"That was a wonderful speech, Will. Picard would have been proud."

"Thank you Deanna. I hope so."

Deanna kissed Will once more and traced the side of his beard with her index finger. She always liked to play with beard and Will had no idea why.

"So, the Farragut wasn't good enough for you huh? You had to take the Enterprise." laughed the half-Betazoid.

"The Farragut is a great ship but she's not Enterprise. The fleet is lacking in Captains right now, so I pretty much could have had my pick of any ship I wanted. The Enterprise won out by a large margin."

"Well, she has a great crew and a great Captain." replied Deanna with a broad smile.

"Yes she does. I'd say the best of all time." stated Will as he pressed his lips against Deanna's.


Commander Data, Commander Worf, Doctor Crusher, and Geordi LaForge sat around a table in the now empty Ten-Forward. They were drunk and spoke very little. They just sat and enjoyed the intoxication of the Scotch, which they consume fairly quickly. Geordi let the synthohol burn down his throat. He shook his head in a drunken stupor and handed the bottle to Worf. Worf nodded to the Chief Engineer and poured himself another glass. He downed it in one large swallow.

"Picard will be missed." growled the Klingon.

"Yes he will." replied Beverly as she wiped a tear from her eye.

Commander Data took another drink of Scotch and set his glass on the table. He had his emotion chip on and continued to weep openly. Data felt like such a failure. During one of the explosions on the bridge, a piece of shrapnel pierced his head, short-circuiting his posatronic net. He had done little in the large battle. Luckily, Geordi was able to fix the damage. Data sighed openly and took another drink. Geordi lowered his head into his hands and turned his vision to Beverly.

"How is Wesley? Were you able to check up on him?" he asked.

"He actually called me. As soon as he found out about the Borg threat, he called me right away. Can you believe he was worried about his mother? I spoke with him yesterday and he was really sorry he couldn't make it to Picard's funeral. He has been working overtime on ships that need repairing."

"Damn fine kid you got there!" shouted Geordi, who was still drunk.

Suddenly, Worf stood from the table and shook the synthohol haze off his brain. He turned to the others and formed a depressing frown.

"I must go. The Defiant will be heading back to Deep Space Nine tomorrow. My crew will be waiting for me. We have a lot of systems checks before then. Farewell."

The four said their goodbyes and Worf exited Ten-Forward. Data, Beverly, and Geordi continued to drink and conversed with one another. The Enterprise's Senior staff felt as if the galaxy had changed. They were about to embark on something new, with William Riker in the command chair. They were nervous but excited as well. The U.S.S Enterprise crew was about to embark on new generation of exploration.


Tom Paris entered his quarters and saw B'Elanna sitting on the couch. She was tapping her forehead with her index finger. It was apparent that she had been waiting for him. The two smiled at one another and quickly embraced by kissing. Tom was so happy to have B'Elanna back in his arms.

"Good job with convincing the Klingons on joining the battle. I knew you could do it." stated Tom.

"Good job on not getting yourself killed. I knew you could do it." replied B'Elanna.

Tom laughed and pressed B'Elanna tightly against his chest. The battle was over and the Borg were gone forever. He was so happy to be alive, and to have his wife and child back. The two looked at one other and smiled. Again, they had the same thing on their minds. Tom Paris took B'Elanna by the hand and led her to the bedroom. He was glad that the time of war was over and it was now was a time of love.