The Last Rose To Bloom

Part I

He was a taker. That's just what he did, its who he was. If he wanted it he got it, and nothing could stand in his way once he set his mind on something. He'd always been selfish like that, a brute through and through. But what the world didn't know, what he never allowed anyone to see, was his gentle nature, or his kind heart.

He was charming. He had a way about him that just made you want to love him, and a mouth on him that made you want to kill him. He was a protector and fiercely loyal to those he cared about.

Inuyasha Takahashi was a walking contradiction, and before I even knew what love was, I was head over heels for him. Our connection was undeniable, and like a moth to the flame he drew me in. I'd never believed in love at first sight, but when I first spotted him that day so many years ago, and my heart lurched in my chest just at the sight of him, I knew he had to be mine.

But before I get ahead of myself, I should tell you that this isn't your average love story. The girl doesn't get the boy and there is no happily ever after. No this is a story of life, of circumstance, and what happens when you fall in love at the wrong time.

Kagome sat on the edge of the small pier, fluttering her feet aimlessly. The midday sun warmed her skin, and the ocean breeze whipped her hair gently about her face. Placing her ebony locks behind her ear, Kagome looked up from the journal in her lap to appreciate the beautiful summer day. It was on days like this when she appreciated being from a small coastal town. Turning back to the book in her lap, the young woman began to write once more.

May 27th

Another beautiful day here in Sacred City. It's hard to imagine leaving this place. I've lived here my whole life, everything I know and hold dear is here, but I can't help but yearn for more. There's so much to explore, so much to see, so much to learn. It's a bit overwhelming, even a little daunting, but it's what I want. It's what I need.

Closing her journal, Kagome turned her head to enjoy her second favorite past time; people watching. She watched young kids run to the edge of the shore waiting for the waves to crash over their toes. She saw pretty girls tanning on their towels, and young men plotting a way to gain their attention. Kagome practically sat on the pier everyday, and the faces of the people on the beach slowly began to blend together. It'd been a long time since she'd seen anyone capable of holding her attention for more than a few moments, but then she saw him.

He was running on the beach like many people chose to do. His hair was dark and long, much longer than hers, and he had it pulled behind him into a ponytail. His lean muscles rippled under his tanned skin, which where on clear display due to his lack of a shirt. Though the rest of him was clad in loose shorts and running shoes. Kagome definitely wasn't complaining.

His dark brows where drawn in exertion, and his thick lashes gave way to charcoal eyes. His pace began to slow and she watched him double over to catch his breath. 'Who is he?' She thought to herself. So entranced, Kagome leaned over the edge of the pier in order to get a better look, but the need to be closer had her leaning farther and farther out until...


She barely had time to scream before she was plummeting face first into the water. As a kid her and her friends had always been peeved when the lifeguard kept them from swimming under the pier, but now she understood why. The current was strong and she was having a hard time staying above water. She tried to scream for help but all she got was a mouth full of water as she went under again.

Black specks began to dot her vision and she knew that soon she was going to run out of air. She thought of all the plans she had to travel the world, the plans she had of marrying and starting a family. Then she thought of her raven haired Adonis running on the beach and was glad she at least got to see one beautiful thing before she died.


Kagome awoke with a start, coughing up salt water and sputtering. She took in a much needed deep breath of air. Slowly she blinked herself back into awareness as she heard a gruff voice yelling for people to give her space.

"Hey, you okay?" She looked to her left and was met with a pair of concerned, charcoal eyes.

'Adonis!' Kagome blushed at the nickname she'd given the handsome man in front of her, and though she didn't think it was possible, he was even more beautiful up close.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks to you I assume? Your hair is wet." She said as she reached out to wring out his sopping wet ponytail.

"I-it was nothing, fucking good for nothing lifeguards." His concerned tone giving way to irritation. "What were you thinking diving in by the pier? The sign says no swimming for a reason crazy girl." He smiled at her then, just a small upturn in the corner of his lips, but it was enough for Kagome's heart to flutter.

"Well I didn't really dive in, more like fell in. I'm kind of clumsy." She flushed with embarrassment when he chuckled at her, but the heat of her flush spread all the way down to her neck when he grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet.

"I see, just be careful next time...?"

"Kagome Higurashi." She said answering his unasked question. "And you?"

"Inuyasha, Inuyasha Takahashi."

I went to the pier everyday for the sole purpose of watching him. I know it sounds like I was borderline stalking him, but what can I say? I was infatuated. It'd been hard trying to find another excuse to talk to him. I still sat on pier, and he would send me a small smile when he ran by, but that was the extent of our contact. I didn't think another near death experience would do the trick, so I did the simplest thing I could think of.

I stopped going to the pier.

It was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do. The pier was my haven, my sanctuary. To leave it behind pained me more than I'd like to admit, but it was necessary. You never realized what you were missing until it was gone right? And when I returned a week later my discomforts of leaving the pier came to be worth it.

June 8th

I've missed sitting at the beach. I never realized how much I'd miss being away from the ocean. I'm watching the sun set; watching as the pinks, oranges, and reds bleed together and sink below the water. It's beautiful. I got here later than I expected and I really hope I haven't missed the chance to see my Adonis today. For the last seven days those charcoal eyes have been all I could think about. I want to see them again.

Kagome looked up from her journal, turning the thick book over in hand. It was black, with a leather covering that was cracked and worn from use. She'd been writing in it everyday for almost two years now and soon she'd have to get another.

Setting the book down in the sand by her side, Kagome took this time to enjoy the rest of the sun set. With the sky darkening and the temperature cooling this side of the beach was practically empty. Though she loved to come and people watch, there was no denying the fact that being alone, with only the sound of the crashing waves to keep you company, was the most peaceful experience she'd ever had.

"Kagome?" Her head whipped around behind her to follow the sound of her name. Standing barefoot a few feet behind her, in black slacks and a white button down, was her ebony haired Adonis. A few buttons on his shirt were undone, revealing a sliver of the toned chest she remembered vividly.

"Inuyasha." She said smiling. She invited him to join her and he gingerly took a seat next to her. The two sat in awkward silence for a few moments, both unsure on how to start a conversation.

"So..." Inuyasha awkwardly started, "I haven't seen you at the pier in awhile."

"Were you looking for me?" He blushed at the teasing smile that played on her lips and quickly looked away.

"Keh! No."

"You totally were."

"Was not! It's just when you go from seeing someone everyday to not seeing them at all you notice, okay?" He pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. His demeanor was so child-like Kagome couldn't help but giggle.

"You laughin' at me wench?" He said playfully.

"Maybe? You gonna do something about it?" She quirked an eyebrow at him and the feral look in his eyes, had her belly doing somersaults.

"I'll give five seconds to run before you find out." Quickly scrambling to her feet, Kagome didn't get very far before she felt Inuyasha's strong arms come around her waist. She screamed as he carried her unwillingly towards the water, clinging to him for dear life in the effort to keep herself dry. But he had a hard time picking up his feet in the water and they both soon found themselves falling into the waves, and soaked to the bone.

Kagome laughed as she splashed Inuyasha in retaliation. The two continued to play in the water until Kagome finally relented. Laying in the path of the tide, the twosome enjoyed each others' company well into the night. The gentle lull of the waves washing over them as they talked and got to know each other.

Inuyasha listened carefully as Kagome talked about growing up as a Sacred City native. He watched her eyes mist as she told him how much she loved the ocean and sitting on the pier. He followed the movement of her hands as she animatedly talked about the things she loved and hated about the city.

"Sorry, I must be talking so much." She said sheepishly.

"It's okay, I like listening to you. Which is saying something, 'cause I've been told many time listening isn't a strong suit for me."

"Well you said you're from New York right? What it's like growing up in a big city."

"Busy." He said seriously. "There's always movement, always something to do, somewhere to be, or people to impress. Some people love the constant hustle and bustle, but I've never felt like it was for me. Sometimes...I feel out of place, like I don't belong. You'd think in a city of millions it'd be easier to find your niche, but really the whole thing is overrated."

Kagome watched him as spoke. Her eyes following the strong line of his jaw, down the curve of his neck, and to his toned chest which was accentuated by the soaked material of his shirt. Her gaze traveled back towards his face and she noticed an emotion she couldn't quite place flicker in his eyes.

"So what brought you all the way across the country to California?"

"I just needed to get away. My father is the head of a large Technology company back home, his dream is for me to run it one day, but I'm not sure that's what I want. There are a lot of things my parents want for me that I don't want for myself." His tone was quiet, and Kagome could tell there was more to the story that he wasn't telling her.

"I'm sure he just wants what's best for you. That what all any parent wants."

"Keh, you wouldn't say that if you knew 'em. My father is a true businessman, it's in his DNA. He never does anything for the benefit of others, if he's making a move it's because he's going to gain something out of it."

Kagome continued to study him, as his already dark eyes, darkened even further. This topic was getting heavy, so she quickly pointed out that she needed to be getting home. Inuyasha offered to walk her, due to it being so late and she happily obliged. All too soon they were standing on her front porch and saying their goodbyes. And when Kagome laid down to sleep that night, her dreams were filled with tan skin and charcoal eyes.

Kagome woke up that morning in a panic.

Her day had started peaceful enough. She remembered the night she had spent with Inuyasha and the butterflies in her stomach returned full force. The two went their separate ways with plans to see one another again.

Her first thought had been to write it all down. She reached into her nightstand to grab her journal, but when the small drawer turned out to be empty, chaos ensued. She'd been scouring every square inch of her small room for the last twenty minutes, and her most precious possession still hadn't turned up.

"Mom have you seen my journal?" She said running down stairs and into the kitchen.

"No I'm sorry dear. Did you misplace it?"

"How could she? She keeps that thing attached to her hip at all times." Kagome thumped the back of her younger brother's head as he entered the kitchen and sat at the table.

"Shut it Souta, this is serious! My whole life's in that thing." She'd written down some of her fondest memories in that journal, and the thought of them being gone made her eyes mist.

"Just retrace your steps honey, where was the last place you remember having it?" Her mother said sensing her daughter's rising distress.

Thinking for a second Kagome tried to remember every thing she had done yesterday, systematically recalling the events of her day. And then she remembered sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, and setting her journal down when she'd gotten distracted by Inuyasha.

"The beach!" Racing up stairs Kagome quickly changed out of her pj's, throwing on some shorts and an old t-shirt. Not even bothering to brush her hair, she took the stairs two at a time until she reached the front door. She swung the door open ready to dash through the threshold, when she collided with a hard object in front of her.


Kagome landed ungracefully on her bottom. She looked up, wondering when someone had put a cinder block in front of their door, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the "cinder block" was just a person.

"Inuyasha?" Taking his offered hand, Kagome rubbed her sore backside while he easily helped her to her feet.

"Sorry," he said quickly, "I didn't even get a chance to knock before you came barreling outside." A smirk playing on his lips that let Kagome know he was making fun of her.

"Hey, in my defense I'm kinda going through a crisis right now. What are you doing here anyway?" Kagome then noticed the small black, leather covered book resting in his large hands, and before she could help herself she released a delighted squeal.

"My journal! I'm so glad you found it." Taking it from him, she inspected the treasured object and sighed in relief when nothing looked damaged or out of place.

"I found it when I went running this morning. I recognized it and picked it up. I figured you'd want it back." He said slightly embarrassed at his thoughtfulness.

"Oh Inuyasha thank you! My whole life is in this thing, I was so upset when I thought it was gone. You aren't busy are you?" Shaking his head in the negative Kagome sent him a megawatt smile, while simultaneously grabbing his hand and pulling him into her house.

"Why don't you come inside and have some breakfast, my mom just finished cooking."

"Uh...I-I don't want to impose or anything." But it was too late, seeing how Kagome had already pulled him through the hall and into the kitchen.

"Mom, Souta, this is Inuyasha. He found my journal at the beach, so I invited him to breakfast as a thank you."

"Of course dear, there's plenty to go around. Thank you for returning my daughter's journal. Her brother and I thought she was going to have a coronary this morning." The older woman resumed flipping her pancakes, while laughing quietly at her own joke.

Taking a seat next to Kagome at the table, Inuyasha watched as her mother began setting out plates and glasses, soon putting food on the table so everyone could fill their plates. And as Inuyasha cut into his pancakes and let the fluffy deliciousness melt into his mouth, he idly wondered if his mother even knew how to cook.

After breakfast Inuyasha found himself dozing on the couch, fully sated and content as he watched Souta play video games. He absentmindedly began to tug on Buyo's, Kagome's obese cat, ears before a quick swipe of the feline's claws brought him back to reality.

"He doesn't really like to be touched." Souta commented without taking his eyes off the television.

Inuyasha could only roll his eyes, "now you tell me?" Turning his head at the sound of someone entering the living room, he was met with Kagome standing in the doorway. Her hair was brushed into soft, shining, obsidian waves. She looked at him and smiled, a rosy hue blossoming on her pale cheeks, the white sundress she wore stopping just above her knees.

She looked so...happy, so effortless. For some reason it made his lips slightly turn up in the corners.

Peaking through her lashes, Kagome softly said, "so I was thinking, that if you wanted to, we could go to the fair on the pier? I mean if you're not busy or anything, I know you hadn't really planned on spending the whole day with me."

Inuyasha smirked at her embarrassment. "Are you asking me on a date?"

"Wah! No! I mean, uh...?"

Snickering Inuyasha made his way over to her from the couch, standing a hairs breath away from her, and completely forgetting that her younger brother was in the room.

"No? So you don't want to go on a date with me?"

"I-I never said that."

"So you do want to go on a date with me?"

"I never said that either."

"You're confusing me Higurashi, in more ways than one." His last statement uttered so quietly Kagome almost missed it, but his fingers running through her silky strands was absolutely distracting.

"Oh why don't you two just make out already!" Kagome shot her brother a look surely meant to put him six feet under, and Inuyasha could only laugh at their antics.

"Let's go to the fair," Inuyasha said grabbing Kagome's hand and leading her to the front door. "But since this isn't a date I expect you to buy me cotton candy."

"Inuyasha if I get on the tilt-a-whirl one more time I think I'm gonna yak." They had just exited the ride after riding it for the fifth time, and Kagome wasn't sure her stomach, which was filled with elephant ears and hot dogs, could take another go round.

"Well we've pretty much ridden everything here, what else is there to do?" Kagome looked around the pier, she watched children run with their friends and siblings, teenagers holding hands and sneaking kisses. Then her cocoa eyes landed on a large plush grey and black dog hanging from one of the game stands, the color reminding her of Inuyasha's eyes.

"Win that dog for me?" Leading him over to the stand, Inuyasha simply had to use the hammer to ring the bell and the dog was his.

"three bucks per hit." Said the greasy carny. Inuyasha handed the man his money and proceeded to confidently walk up to the podium. Lifting the hammer above his head, he swung down with all his might and was outraged when the knob only went half way up.

"Only three bucks to try again." Not to be emasculated Inuyasha handed the man some more cash and took another swing, only to get the same result.

"Inuyasha it's okay, we can just get something else."

Inuyasha scoffed, giving up had never been in his nature. "Oh hell no, I ain't gonna let some stupid carnival game get the best of me. You want the dog, I'm getting you the damn dog!"

eighteen dollars later Inuyasha and Kagome sat in small cart on the ferris wheel, the plush dog he'd finally won her cuddled to her chest. They say close together, knees and shoulders touching, looking out at the beautiful view of the ocean the ferris wheel provided.

"Thanks for the dog."

Inuyasha scratched the back of his neck, a faint blush staining his boyish face. "Keh, it was nothin'."

Leaning in before she lost her nerve, Kagome planted a sweet kiss to his cheek. The spot where her lips had touched his skin instantly reddened, and Kagome felt her own face heating up. Turning her head back towards the view, they had just made it to the top when the fireworks started.

Gasping, Kagome watched excitedly as the night sky lit up in flashes of color.

"I love fireworks! Aren't they just beautiful?"

"Yes you are." He was so close to her, his breath fanning over her ear and into her hair. Slowly she turned her head towards his, their lips only centimeters away. His eyes were dark, almost black in the dim light. His dark hair fell over his shoulders creating a small curtain for them, shielding them from prying eyes and creating the illusion that this moment was only about them.


"I hardly know anything about you, yet I...I haven't stopped thinking about you since the day I pulled you out from under the pier." He moved her dark locks behind her ear as his thumb brushed against her cheek, moving down her jaw and gently tracing her bottom lip. "Everything you do and everything you say intrigues me. I don't know what you're doing to me Kagome Higurashi, but I want to know...I want to know you." He finished.

We had our first kiss that night. It was something straight out of a romance novel really, sitting at the top of the ferris wheel, fireworks going off in the background. In that moment it was simply me and him, and nothing else in the world mattered.

I doubt I loved him by that point, but I knew; The moment he kissed me I knew he had the power to break me, to turn my world upside down and leave me with nothing. And still I kissed him back and tangled my fingers in his hair.

I knew that kiss was the beginning of the end and I didn't care. Because for that split second he was everything I'd ever dreamed of.

He was mine.

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