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Alex stopped and leaned against the door as she stared at detectives that were putting the final touches on their latest case. When she had started the unit, she had no intention of being there for more than six months and then moving on to major crimes or something else that would help propel her up the political ladder. She had begged Liz not to transfer her to what was labeled a rogue unit by the Morris Commission, but she had insisted that this was just what she needed. As she began to work side by side with the detectives of the unit, she began to understand not only them but their dedication to their job as well.

Captain Donald Cragen was a man who, by all accounts, should not be where he was today. He lost his wife in an airplane crash and as a result buried himself in the bottle. With the encouragement of his then partner, Greevy, and an incident where he pulled his revolver in a drunken rage, he joined AA and had been sober ever since. He had often admitted to her on several occasions that the urge to drink was always there and some days more than others due to the horrors and depravity that they witness on a daily basis.

The longer she had worked with the unit the more she learned about the detectives.

John Munch, or just Munch, is a senior detective with-in the squad and was now partnered with Odafin Tutuola. He had begun his career years ago with the homicide division at the Baltimore Police Department. Upon retiring from the Baltimore and three failed marriages, Munch moved to New York and joined the ranks of New York's finest and quickly worked his way back up to the rank of detective.

Odafin Tutuola, or Fin as everyone called him, was born and raised in Harlem and amazingly made something himself. He began his early life in the Army as an Army Ranger where he served in Operation Gothic Serpent. Once he joined the ranks of NYPD, he worked his way up to detective starting in the Narcotics Unit. He was divorced and estranged from his son, Ken, due to his constant and sometime long duration of times undercover. He finally left narcotics when his partner took the bullet that was meant for him and he could no longer take the guilt.

Then there was Elliot Stabler. Stabler is a devout Catholic that married his high school girlfriend, Kathy, when she discovered she was pregnant with their first of five children. His father was an NYPD officer as well, but had emotionally and physically abused him while his mother at one time almost killed him in one of her manic phases, due to her schizophrenia. Once he and Kathy were married, he joined the marines to support his family and served in Desert Storm. After the marines, he followed in his father's footsteps and joined NYPD attending night classes at Queens College earning a Bachelor of the Arts. His wife breathed a sigh of relief once he was promoted to detective and taken out of the uniform division. That was until he became more detached than what he was already. His refusal to discuss his job at home had caused more fights between the two of them than his deployments with the marines ever did.

Then there was Olivia Benson. Olivia Benson was a woman whose past led her to be the outstanding detective that she was. Olivia was the product of her mother's, Serena Benson, rape when she was on her way home from college one night in 1967. Olivia had suffered abuse at the hands of her mother who had turned to alcohol to deal with the constant reminder of her rape. At the age of sixteen, her mother had attacked her in one of her drunken episodes and, for the first time ever, Olivia had fought back against her. After graduating from Siena College, she joined NYPD and worked her way up transferring to SVU as soon as she could in hopes of giving the victims she encountered the closure her mother never received.

When she joined the unit as their ADA, it was more that apparent that the detectives hated her and she was not wanted there. On more than one occasion, they had hinted that the Morris Commission was wrong and they didn't need a babysitter. But as time moved on, each and every one of the detectives began to accept her, most importantly Olivia.

Slowly, through a process, the two began a unique friendship. Their friendship at work was built on fights, arguments, and being the only females in a rough unit. Their friendship outside of work was built on wine, take-out, and late night talks.

Late night talks that lead to Alex sharing about how she was always the awkward child in school who no one ever talked to. How she had the same long blonde hair, but it was unruly when she was younger and top that with glasses and braces she was truly an ugly duckling. Olivia had been quick to point out that the ugly duckling had turned into a beautiful swan causing Alex to blush like never before.

It was that statement that had led Alex to look at Olivia in a different light.

She was no stranger to dating or being with women. She had dated a few in college and one after she had started her internship at her uncle's law firm, but once she started her career she swore off dating. If she wanted to move up the ladder and become the first female DA in Manhattan history, she didn't have time for dating.

She remembered the first time she had asked Olivia out. She had been so nervous that she decided to cover the date with the pretense of it being one of their regular girls' night out. They were probably about twenty minutes into the date when Olivia asked her how long did she plan on keep acting like this was one of their normal outings and not a date. She had choked on her glass of wine and asked her what made her think this was different. Olivia had cocked her head to the side and gave her a grin that made her heart beat in double time.

Alex had the good grace to blush and look away, unable to look at Olivia any longer. She knew she was busted and, for the first time ever, she was terrified of someone's reaction. It wasn't until she felt Olivia turning her face towards her that she chanced a look at the detective. For the first time in the three years, they had worked together Olivia looked at her with open eyes. At that moment, she saw the fear and uncertainty that she hid so well on a daily basis.

Olivia had told her that she wished she had been honest with her from the beginning. That, even if she wasn't interested in her, she would have politely told her and they would have still maintained their friendship. She wasn't her first lesbian friend and certainly wouldn't be her last. Alex, unable to look Olivia in the eyes for what she knew was coming next, mumbled that she more than understood and tossed her napkin on the plate preparing to leave. What stopped her was when Olivia had said lucky for her she was gay and interested in her as well, but would like to start the date out knowing it was a date and not under false pretenses.

Alex, who was thankful that she had not only lost a friend, but was given a second chance, was more than eager to agree to it. Since Olivia was not on call the following weekend, they had agreed to have their first official date, with both parties knowing it's a date, the following Saturday. To this date, Alex would swear that was the best decision she had ever made.

Olivia was unique and unlike anyone she had ever dated before. She would hold the doors open for her, help her into her coat, and pull her chair out for her. What amazed her the most was that, no matter what was going on around them or who had interrupted them, Olivia had the ability to make her feel as if no one else in the world mattered to her.

At work, they were one hundred percent professional and never once gave anyone the hint they were a couple. Even so, Olivia always found a way to let her know that she was thinking of her or that she was still the woman for her. Most of the times, it was with a simple look and a smile, the smile that Alex had come to realize was reserved specifically for her. Other times, it was a simple brush of the hand or a lingering touch on her arm, never anything obvious, even though the guys knew.

The tears and the pain she saw in Olivia's eyes the night she said goodbye to the woman she loved to enter the Witness Protection Program was almost too much for her to bear. When she whispered, "How long?" to her she knew what she really meant, "How long will you wait for me and vice versa?" Her answer was a veiled, "Till Cesar Velez was extradited or otherwise dealt with," or in her language, "till death."

Then the night she returned to testify she had asked her if she was seeing anybody. She wanted to lie so badly, but she swore if she was every lucky enough to have a chance and to gain her trust she would never lie to her. So she told her about the man she was seeing and in the reflection of the glass she could see the flash of pain and hurt in her eyes. A flash of pain and hurt that had hurt her more than being shot and taken from the woman she loved. She had never hated herself as much as she had at that moment.

The day she had returned from Witness Protection Program led her straight back into the arms of the woman she loved. Now, years later, she could still remember the surprised look on Olivia's face when she opened the door and how she pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Their love making that followed was nothing but rough and raw sex. It wasn't until morning time when their animalistic desire was met that they finally settled down and actually made love.

Alex had spent the next few months taking control of her life once again and had considered not going back to work at all, since the only job they could offer her would once again take her from Olivia. Olivia had encouraged her to take it and they could work something out, but Alex was adamant about staying with her. Their first separation had been beyond their control, but she'd be damned if there was going to be a second one that she could control or prevent.

It was by chance that McCoy had called her up one day and offered her her old job back as SVU's ADA, and after a discussion with Olivia, she accepted it. She was once again prosecuting, but it had lost that spark and appeal it had once held for her. She found herself hating to work late and finding reasons to leave early just to spend time with Olivia. She was set to give it all up until she was handed a case that finally gave her a new purpose in her career.

Olivia and Elliot had received a case where a woman claimed she had been raped in a stairwell and a woman had apparently fought the attacker saving the woman. When the woman's health declined due to a cut she received during the rape, everyone at the 1-6 went on a city wide search for the woman. Once she was discovered and Alex questioned her, she discovered that the woman had been held a prisoner and raped repeatedly in her old village in Africa. She also discovered that she couldn't receive asylum in the US because rape was not seen as a war crime.

Alex remembered the day she walked into the bull pen and announced that she had left her position as their ADA and would now be working with the International Criminal Court. The hurt and pain she saw in everyone's eyes was like bullets to her heart and would have stopped her from going if it hadn't been for Olivia's face. A face that could only be described as beaming with pride, pride that for the first time in years the attorney that had stolen Olivia's heart had finally returned.

So, for the next year, she managed to rack up more frequent flyer miles than any one person ever should in their lifetime. Of course, that was only rivaled by what their cell phone bills had increased to. None of which ever mattered to Alex if it meant she was able to hear that angelic voice daily and see her lover at least once a month.

Once the longest year in Alex's life was up, she politely thanked the ICC for the opportunity of a lifetime, but refused to sign on for another year. She had a wonderful woman waiting for her at home and she would not be away from her anymore and this time she meant every word of it. So, she paid double the amount of a ticket for a last minute flight home and hailed a cab directly to their home at three in the morning.

For most couples, if one came home at three in the morning they would find their loved ones fast asleep in the bed. Not Alex, not them, they were far from most couples. Alex walked into the bedroom to find the bed not made, Olivia missing, and something scribbled on the notepad that Olivia kept on her nightstand. With her plans of surprising her lover and making love until they were both too exhausted thrown out the window, Alex headed for the precinct. The love of her life may not be able to greet her the way she was wanting, but that didn't mean she couldn't see her.

She walked into the bull pen and found herself quickly holding a crying Olivia who was kissing her. She felt her tears mix with Olivia's and swore to her at that moment that she was never, ever leaving her again. Olivia pulled back and looked at her with questioning eyes until Alex handed her the separation papers from the ICC. She quickly read them and tossed them on her desk before pulling her into her arms and kissing her senseless not caring who was watching.

After that night, Alex had happily settled into staying at home while Olivia worked and loved every minute of it. Those who knew her couldn't help but laugh and had a running bet about when she would tire of it and go back to work. Her friends betting on her didn't bother her and she laughed when she discovered it, but what hurt her was when she found out that Olivia was wondering the same thing.

So, Alex decided sat down one day and explain to her that if she went back to work it would be for the DA's office or working for a firm that helped victims. It would not be halfway around the world away from the woman who she loved more than her own life. Besides, how was she supposed to be a mother to their future children and a wife to her if she was in Africa? That had caused Olivia's head to shoot up and stare at her shocked.

Alex couldn't help but be reminded how Olivia thought she was unlovable with the look she gave her. She had hoped that with the years they were together that she would no longer consider herself unlovable and could only start to imagine what her taking off halfway across the continent had done to Olivia. Once again, she hated herself for not thinking of Olivia first and swore then and there that it would never happen again.

Olivia had laughed and said yes, it would, it was in their nature. She would find some new cause to support and throw herself into it one hundred percent the same she would do with the next case. It was what made them great at their job and one of the things they loved about each other, their selflessness. No matter how much it hurt at the time she more than understood and loved her even more for it. Alex had smiled and said that may be so, but from here on out, her crusades would be done on US soil and not half way around the world.

Olivia had pulled her into her arms and kissed her senseless before carrying her to the bedroom and making love to her till the sun peaked through their curtains. As they drifted off to sleep, Olivia pulled her even tighter and whispered 'Marry Me' in her ears. Alex, who had tears spring to her eyes hearing the words she never thought she would hear, quickly said yes and despite their exhaustion they made love again.

Their wedding was a simple affair with only their closest friends and family in attendance. Alex's Uncle Bill was honored to walk Alex down the aisle and give her to Olivia. He had never met two people who deserved to be together more than Olivia and Alex did. Cragen, being the closest to a father figure for Olivia, gladly gave Olivia away and even choked up some when he stepped forward and said I do when asked who gives this woman.

Their reception was as small of an affair as their wedding was, and, quite possibly, the shortest in history, before they hopped a plane and flew off on their honeymoon. By some miracle, Alex was able to convince Olivia to take two weeks off and she spoiled her by flying her to London, France, Spain, and Italy. The hardest thing Alex ever did was when they came home and they settled into their day to day life. Granted, it wasn't anything different than before, but Alex had gotten spoiled on not having to worry about Olivia and having to share her with the citizens of New York. No matter what, Alex wouldn't have it any other way.

Once they had returned from their honeymoon, they fell into a comfortable routine, but within a year Alex felt as if something was missing. She knew what that something was, a child. Alex wanted to have a child with Olivia and had since the first date. So, without any hesitation or concern, she approached Olivia with the thought of extending their family. Olivia was hesitant at first, not only because of her past and gene pool, but because of her hours and her age as well.

Alex reassured her that age wasn't nothing but a number, her gene pool was just that, her genes, it didn't dictate what type of parent she would be, and lastly her hours were irrelevant because she was becoming a stay at home mother. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, one where she was starting to think that Olivia would veto the thought of having a child, Olivia finally agreed.

"Hey," A velvet voice whispered pulling Alex from her thoughts, "How are my girls?"

"Missing you," Alex whispered pulling Olivia as close and tight against her that her protruding stomach would allow.

"Can you give me ten and then you have my undivided attention for the whole weekend?" Olivia said smiling as she ran her hand over Alex's stomach. She thought she loved the woman before, but she could have sworn her love grew for her daily and even more so now that she was pregnant with their child.

"I can give you all the time you need," Alex answered kissing her wife on the cheek before pushing her towards her desk to finish her DD5.

Olivia chuckled and continued her work. Alex went and sat at a nearby desk and watched her wife complete her work, all the while thinking, how Olivia was proof that something so good could come from something so bad.