Okay guys this is my first piece of fanficion that I have written so yeah. I know its short but if people want me to carry on I will.

Okay Aline cheated on me. Well it was expected. She's a whore. A hot whore though. It's not like that we were going to get married and have 30 kids together. We just wanted to have fun. No scratch that. We just wanted sex. We had sex. We had good sex actually. She may be the girl with the biggest titts but she was annoying, so attached and expectant.

"JACE!" My brother Jonathon's voice rang up the stairs.

"WHAT?" I replied in the same fashion.


"Uhh"I groan under my breath not wanting to get up off my bed.

The new people, the people who are moving into the house next door to us. Apparently they are old friends of dads. I drag myself out of bed and down the stairs to the street below. There is a massive moving truck parked in the drive next door and dad was talking to a man that was tall, dark haired and had slim crooked glasses.

"Ahh there you are Jace. This is Luke. Luke this is my younger son Jace." Ugh. I hate it when he says that. 'Younger son' like he wants everyone to know that mum died because of me. It's not my fault.

"Nice to meet you." Luke says kindly. I just nod in response.

"Thanks for helping by the way. Jocelyn and I really appreciate it. If we could get all this stuff in the house by the end of the day it would be great. "

"Luke you know you would do the same for us if we swapped places…" and they were off talking again. I slipped away and grabbed a box and carried it over to the house. It looked like it had been through the wash ten times to many. All the paint was peeling and was faded away to nothing. The guttering was rusting and broken; the carpet was thin and stained.

"Oomph!" The air was pushed out of my lungs when the box I was carrying suddenly slammed into my stomach. The unexpected shove made me lose my balance and fall backwards onto the floor, with the box on top of me. Fuck that hurt. My head hurts and I have to close my eyes to stop the spinning.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I should have watched where I was going. Are you okay?"

I open my eyes and see a pair of soft green eyes wide with concern looking down at me. So this is the daughter. She's a gorgeous red head, her hair tied up in a messy bun. Strands of hair have escaped and they frame her soft pale face that is dotted with freckles. Yeah I'm fine.

"Well hello to you too. I would normally stand when greeting a lady but currently I am unable." I smile at her as I struggle to move the box off my chest.

"Oh. Yeah. Um here." She stumbles for words and then helps push the box sideways on to the floor on the other side of me. The box is obviously heavy for her and I try to help but it's awkward from this angle. When the box finally budges it slides easily on to the floor and the unexpected momentum means that this gorgeous red head is half in my lap.

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