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Chapter six

Jace POV

The party was in full blast. The music was vibrating through the air; sweaty bodies were dancing and drinking cheep beer. All the usual people were there plus more, the girls wobbling in their short clinging dresses and five inch heels and the guys in their jeans and tee-shirts. Each trying to get the others attention. Normally I would be enjoying myself immensely; chatting up girls and getting nicely drunk. This time I was only slightly drunk and was trying to fend of girls that were coming from all directions. For the first time ever I was starting to get annoyed at my reputation of sleeping with everyone. Only a few times in my life had I ever got unwanted attention and this was one of them. The worst part was that Aline was trying to get my attention she was draped over me and her boobs that were spilling over her tight dress were being pushed at my face. Her fingers trailed up my arm in a way that was supposed to be sexy and her voice was low in my ear saying that we should find a spare room upstairs.

Dear fucking god. (sorry if that is offensive) Why had I ever liked this? It was foul. Pushing off the wall I fought my way upstairs to the roof. Aline followed me, slinking her hand over my shoulders and under my top probably thinking that I was going on a hunt for a room.

"Aline can you please just fucking piss off!" Her face was priceless. I just started laughing; it was the only thing that I could think to do. I don't think that anyone had ever turned her down. I certainly hadn't. She just looked so horrified; her mouth hung open and I could see her wheels turning trying to process the information.

She turned on her heels and grabbed the first guy that she could see and smashed her mouth on his. The poor guy was so shocked he just stood there then he as well pushed her off as well. Oh my god this was so fucking funny. The most sluttish girl ever, the one that everyone wanted to sleep with had been rejected twice in one day. She recovered quicker this time and just stormed off in a way that would have been dramatic if she wasn't wobbling drunk in her heels.

The night air was cool and so much nicer than downstairs. I could still hear the music but it was muted and it mixed with the noise of the night city it was a pleasant background sound. The lightwood parents had planted a roof top garden of potted plants and flowers that scented the air slightly. Hidden among the leaves sat Clary only recognizable by her red hair that was illuminated by the city lights on the street below. God she was beautiful. She had dressed up in a small black dress that was tight and showed a lot of skin but not too much. Well it would show more skin if she didn't have a cardigan wrapped around her.

Clary POV

"Not your favorite party?"

Jaces words startle me out of my train of thought causing me to jerk my head to look up at him.

"Na. Normally I would be down stairs dancing but tonight… yeah I don't know." I sigh and make room for him to sit down. He does with a nod of his head and a sharp intake of breath as his still hurting ribs pain him.

"Your ribs still not healed?"

He shakes his head and leans back trying to relive the pain.

"Doc says that it will be another six weeks until I can get on a bike again and even then I will have to take it easy." Jace says this with a grimace on his face. From my short time here I have gathered enough information to know that Sebastian and Jace are neck and neck rivals in the mountain biking champs here.

"I heard that Sebastian was quite happy about you falling off your bike because it means that he will probably win this year championships." Actually he seemed pretty smug about it.

"Ha. He should know me better than that. An injury won't take me down. And he is not better than me. If anything we are equal, although I have a tendency to win slightly more often than him." Jace says this with a small smile on his face, remembering.

With that we fall into a comfortable silence. I found myself wondering why Jace didn't openly hate Sebastian when Sebastian openly hated Jace. There was obviously a background story that I didn't know.

It was nice. The silence – Jace without his guard up. Without his ever present smirk and cocky remarks. He looked nice, apart from the fading bruise on the side of his face. He was dressed like normal in a tight fitting top and ripped jeans. Slowly I came to relies that I was also being studied. Jace was looking at me like; oh I don't know what like I was actually interesting.

"What?" The remark came out harsher than I meant to. I was not used to people looking at me like that.

"Nothing." A small smile played on his lips. He kept on looking at me.

"WHAT?" This was starting to annoy me.

"If you must know, you look really beautiful tonight."


What? What did he just say?

I stared at him completely unsure what to say.

He starts chuckling. Does he think that this is funny? This is sooo not funny. You can not play with someone like that.

So I slapped him.


Jace POV.

At least it wasn't on my bruise this time. But seriously what was it this time? All I did was complement her? I turn back to look at her. She is glaring at me with those piercing green eyes. I almost melt but I don't.

"What was that for?"

"Why did you do that?"


"Complement me then laugh at me!"

"I didn't laugh at you!"

"Yes you did!"

"All I did was say that that you look beautiful! And I mean it. You look great! The only reason that I laughed was because you looked so shocked that I complemented you! Has no one ever told you that you look great?"

She just stared at me. Completely out of words, after a while I turn away and stare into the darkness. Has seriously no one ever told her that she is beautiful? Because she is.

"Sorry." The word was so soft I nearly couldn't hear it. I turn around and look at her. Her head is resting on her knees and her arms are wrapped around her, making her seem smaller than usual.

"Sorry about hitting you. Again."

"Its okay I probably deserved it."

"Probably, but you didn't. All you did was try to complement me."

"You have never had a guy complement you before have you?"

Her voice was still small and timid. "No."

I had nothing to say to that. So I just sat there looking at her and she just sat there just looking at me. Her hair was slowly falling down into her face. I reach forward and tuck it behind her face. Her hair is so soft I want to take it out of its intricate bun and weave my fingers through it. So that's what I did. I undid her hair so that it fell around her shoulders in soft waves. I wanted to do this ever since that first day I met her. That drastic night that caused my injures. But if that had never happened then maybe I wouldn't be here now and right now I was the happiest I had ever been.

We sat like that for ages. With me running my hand through her hair. I felt so content, I was warm, happy and I had a beautiful girl beside me. Somewhere along the line she rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arms around me. All of this we did in silence.

Clary POV

I woke up with a blanket covering me and Jaces arms around me. My back and bum were sore from sitting on the hard concrete for so long. We were still on the roof but now the sun was starting to rise and the light cast the city in a soft glow that set everything on fire. Jace was softly snoring and he looked so adorable. His hair was rumpled and clothes were creased. Trying not to wake him I went in search for some coffee.

I came back with two mugs of steaming black coffee. Jace was now awake and watching the sunrise.

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