Summary: After being bitten by the most notorious werewolf, Harry James Potter has flashbacks of awful battles. Determent to find answers, Harry gets dragged into a fight that laid silent for over a hundred years.

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Pairing/Mates of Harry:

Alpha: Anna Valerious, Fleur Delacour and Nymphadora Tonks

Beta: Susan Bones, Daphne Greengrass, Katie Bell, Lisa Turpin, Amanda Stone (OC), Hermione Granger, Tracey Davis, Cho Chang, Miranda Rookwood (OC and childhood friend of Harry), Rowena Ravenclaw,

Other pairings:

Alicia Spinnit/Fred Weasley

Angelica Johnson/George Weasley

"Uh Oh"= Speech

"Uh Oh"= Thought

§Uh Oh§= Parsletongue

Harry Potter and the Lycan Uprising

Chapter 01: When the clock struck twelve.

Harry was currently in a situation best described as hell. After surviving a year where he had to participate in the Triwizard Tournament, Harry was kidnapped to a graveyard. Here Harry was forced into the resurrection of his archenemy named, Tom Marvolo Riddle aka. Lord Voldemort. After his resurrection Voldemort immediately called his Inner Circle, including the one that is hunting him at this moment. The most notorious werewolf to date named, Fenrir Greyback. Unfortunately for Harry, Fenrir learned how to transform into his wolf form without the full moon. So here he was running for his life away from a bloodthirsty werewolf.

Harry wasn't really looking at his surroundings so it came as a terrible surprise when he felt a sharp piercing pain erupting from his right shoulder. Harry actually felt his blood boiling when he was bitten by Greyback. When the burning pain came to his head it felt like his skull would explode. Images of terrible battlefields from the day of ancient Rome flashed before his eyes. Then he saw a man with brown hair, a black duster and a hat that resembled a fedora fighting three female vampires in what Harry would guess to be Transylvania. The same man then helped a young woman named Anna Valerious with the vampire problem. It was easy to see that the longer the two spent time together, the closer they got.

In another flash, the two found Frankenstein's monster. It was also around this time that Anna told Van Helsing that she was pregnant with his child. It was in another flashback that Harry saw the man being bitten by a werewolf and swallowed some of its blood. Harry then saw the man facing down Count Dracula himself. Harry watched as the man turned into a werewolf and kill the vampire. And later to Harry's horror Anna herself. Harry watched as the man now revealed as Gabriel Van Helsing was turned back by the antidote Anna had injected. Van Helsing succumbed to depression when he found out what he did. Unfortunately the Vatican found out about this and sent their Templars after Van Helsing and he was struck down.

It was then that Harry understood why he had those flashbacks, He, harry James Potter was the reincarnation of Gabriel Van Helsing, and he still had the blood of the werewolf inside him. And with that Harry snapped back to reality. Greyback still held onto his shoulder, so with one swipe, Harry backhanded Greyback into a tombstone. All the Death Eaters including Voldemort himself stared in shock at Harry. Harry looked down at his watch and saw that it was almost midnight. With this Harry was reminded of Gabriel's change that was at midnight. Harry looked again, smirked at the Death Eaters and said "One, two, three." At the count of three the Death Eaters and Voldemort looked on in fear as Harry's skin burst open and black fur was seen. Harry was turning into a werewolf without the full moon and it stood as tall as Greyback and was twice as muscular. The canines got so long that they were even visible with the mouth closed. When Voldemort looked into the eyes he was shocked to see the humanity in them. Voldemort mentally cursed when he figured out that Harry was in full control without an ounce of training.

It was at this moment that Greyback pounced. Or that was the plan at least for he was grabbed by his throat by a pissed off Harry. Harry swiped with his free claw and caused four long and deep wounds on the right side of Greyback's face and actually blinding him at one eye. This time Harry pounced and pinned a dazed Greyback to the ground. Harry started scratching the other werewolf's chest. Greyback howled in pain as deep wounds started to appear. The Death Eaters and Voldemort watched in shock as the most fearsome werewolf of Great Britain was losing the fight. In a desperate attempt to escape, Greyback snapped at the throat of Harry and missed. Harry got a feral grin on his face when an idea came to him. So with one foot still on Greyback's chest he sunk his claws in Greyback's neck and began the slow process of ripping Greyback's head off. Voldemort and his followers watched for fifteen minutes as Harry ripped the head off. They actually heard the neck breaking and the muscles tearing. When Harry held the head in one of his hand he howled in triumph. The howl was bone chilling. And then to show his strength even more he crushed the head in a single move and turned to the Death Eaters.

For the first time since he was a young child, Voldemort felt fear. The Death Eaters themselves weren't doing much better. When Harry turned to them, Voldemort and his followers froze in fear. Harry was soon upon them and tackled Lucius Malfoy to the ground. With an sweeping motion, Harry ripped open the right side of Malfoy's face with four deep claw marks. Walden Macnair thought it was a good idea to cast a reducto at Harry and did so. Only for Harry to dodge and turn on Macnair. With an even greater speed than before he was upon Macnair. Macnair's eyes widened when Harry pierced his stomach with one of his claws. With a sweeping motion the claw was removed from the side. Harry ducked out of the way of a killing curse fired by Voldemort. Harry turned towards Voldemort and charged.

Once more Voldemort felt fear. Voldemort was about to apparate away when he felt a sharp pain coming from his wand-arm. When he looked at it Voldemort saw that Harry had it in his maw and was trying to crush his upper arm. When harry began to shake with his head, Voldemort felt his muscles tearing and his arm breaking. With a mighty pull Harry tore Voldemort's wand-arm from the shoulder off. Voldemort looked with wide and fearful eyes as the werewolf held his wand-arm. It was also at this moment that the pain began to set in. Voldemort held his shoulder and screamed in pain. To Voldemort's horror, Harry took hold of his right leg and crushed it in two. The screaming and cursing from their master snapped the Death Eaters out of their fear. Jet they froze again when they saw what happened to their master. One arm was ripped off from the shoulder, one leg was crushed in two and eight long and deep gashes were running across his torso. And to put insult to injury, the werewolf was actually smirking with their masters blood dripping from his chin.

Nott Sr. was quickly making a mental list of what happened and to who. First there was Greyback who was beheaded and had his skull crushed, then there was Lucius Malfoy who was still alive, but scared for the rest of his live and blind at one eye, then you had Peter Pettigrew who was stunned, bound, gagged and warped in paper, "Wait when did that happen? Uh oh… Potter can use wandless magic in his werewolf form. Great just our luck." Then you had Walden Macnair who was almost ripped in two and most certainly dead and last, but not least there was the Dark Lord himself with one arm missing from the shoulder down, a half leg was missing with knee and to complete the picture eight long and deep gashes running across his torso. So Nott Sr. grabbed Voldemort and apparated away.

When the Death Eaters left, Harry changed back to his human form. Although that had undergo a change as well. He was no longer the scrawny little boy as he was before his change. The traces of the malnutrition were almost gone, his muscles were more defined and he was taller than before. He now stood 5,5 feet. (A/N: I'm not really good with English measurements. Here in the Netherlands we use meters and centimeters.)

Harry turned towards Pettigrew with a feral grin and said "Well Pettigrew it looks like we have an appointment with madam bones next." Harry grabbed him by the collar of his robes, pointed his wand at the Triwizard Cup and said "Accio cup." The cup flew into his hand and transported them back into the maze were first was. When Harry saw his surroundings he frowned and said "Great. Now I have to find my way back without getting killed or getting the rat killed. It took Harry two hours to get back. After these two hours he was completely exhausted. So of course when everyone saw him limping out of the maze with the cup in one hand and a still Stunned, bound and gagged Peter Pettigrew in the other they gasped. Madam Bones was of course the first to arrive followed by Madam Pomfrey and Hermione. Before he fell unconscious Harry gave the order as the last member of the Potter family to question Peter under veritaserum and gave her a list with questions.

Hermione was the only one that noticed the bite wound on Harry's shoulder and conjured an blanket. Madam Pomfrey gave a curt nod and levitated Harry to the infirmary. Once there Harry was levitated onto a bed between Fleur Delacour and Victor Krum. When madam Pomfrey removed the blanket she noticed directly the scratch marks and the bite wound on Harry's shoulder. She looked at Hermione and said "Good thinking Ms. Granger." Hermione nodded and said. "I think it would be a good idea to do a blood test and an MP test." Madam Pomfrey nodded and grabbed two parchments. She made a small cut in Harry's finger and let three drops of blood hit each parchment. After a short moment the tests were done Hermione looked at them and almost chocked at what she saw. Madam Pomfrey saw the look on Hermione's face and asked "Ms. Granger what is wrong?" Hermione looked at the nurse and said "It's over 9000." Pomfrey's eyes widened and asked "you mean the MP test?" Hermione looked at the nurse, nodded and asked "Madam Pomfrey what does this mean?" Pomfrey sighed and said "This means that Mr. Potter is magically even stronger than Merlin himself and means that according to Jeremy's Law he will have nineteen wives in the future."

Hermione chocked on the water she was drinking at the moment and asked "Nineteen? And what in the name of Merlin is this Jeremy's Law?" again Pomfrey sighed and said "Yes Ms. Granger nineteen. And Jeremy's Law is actually linked to the MP test. For each 500 points the wizard needs to take a wife otherwise the magic of the male will dominate the magic of the female and then the female will end up as a mindless drone. The problem with Mr. Potter is that he hasn't reached his magical maturity yet. When a witch or wizard reach their maturity their MP will double." Hermione's eyes widened at the implication, but still asked "So you mean that when Harry reaches his maturity he will have an MP of 18000 and that he has to marry 36 woman?!" Pomfrey just nodded. Hermione then looked at the blood test and collapsed in a dead faint. When Pomfrey looked at the test and read


Status: Lycan.

Blood type and other liquids found:

Blood of Velken Valerious as werewolf

Blood of the Archangel Gabriel

Unidentified blood

Basilisk venom: grants immunity to other poisons and venoms

Phoenix tears: grants healing tears and mastery in healing magic

Pomfrey's eyes widened and charmed the tests so only Mr. Potter could read them. She also made sure that Dumbledore wouldn't find out about Harry's new status.

It was two days later when Harry finally woke up. Though the way he woke up was not so fun. Constantly seeing yourself or rather your past life killing the woman he loved and his unborn child. It wasn't fun at all. So it was with groan that Harry woke up. When Harry looked around he saw that Fleur Delacour was sitting or rather sleeping in the chair next to his bed. As Harry looked at her he thought that she looked cute, but the problem was that the memory of holding Anna's limp body in his arms was still fresh in his mind. When he looked around he saw Hermione lying on another bed. When Harry looked at his bedside table he saw two scrolls lying there. Harry grabbed one scroll and opened it. This one was his MP test. Harry's eyes widened when he saw his score. When he opened the other scroll, Harry gave a shout of surprise waking Fleur and Hermione in the process.

When they both looked at Harry, Hermione and Fleur saw how pale he was. When the two girls looked closer they were shocked to see that he was at the brink of a breakdown. Harry passed the scrolls to Hermione who on her turn gave them to Fleur after getting a nod from Harry. When Fleur had read the two scrolls, she walked over to Harry and enveloped him in a hug. Fleur looked at Hermione with concern when she felt Harry flinch at the contact. They were even more shocked when Harry actually began to cry.

When Harry had calmed down he had told them what happened at the graveyard and what he saw the last two days. Hermione came to the conclusion that Harry wasn't like any other werewolf. For a normal werewolf could not directly transform when he was bitten and two night ago there wasn't a full moon. So it came to no surprise when Hermione said "Lycan! Harry you know the term Lycan right?" At his questioning look she muttered something about strangling the Dursley family. She looked at both Fleur and Harry, took a breath and said "The term Lucan is made up by muggles for an breed of werewolf that can transform at will and that keeps in full control of itself. Like you Harry. Oh and by the way your MP doubles when you enter your magical maturation. And for every 500 points you have to marry someone." Harry's eyes widened when he had made the calculation and did what everyone else would do when they found out that they had to marry 36 females. Harry simply fainted.

In the two hours while Harry was unconscious, Hermione told Fleur about her suspicions of Harry's home life. Dumbledore also came to visit and promptly sent Hermione away. Dumbledore was relieved that Harry hadn't woken up jet for what he wanted to discuss with Miss Delacour could not be overheard by someone else. Dumbledore then tried to recruit Fleur into The Order of the Phoenix. Fleur politely refused and said that she nor her family wanted to get involved with this war. Dumbledore then said that Harry would be in the epicenter of the war and that he needed all the help he could get. Fleur then said that she would come one meeting to get the feeling of what the Order was and would be doing.

In the last two weeks nothing really happened. Harry got an howler from Madam Bones about Pettigrew's trail. Harry and Fleur made the promise to write. In the end Harry was sent back to his abusive relatives by Dumbledore. What Dumbledore didn't know was that in doing so his plans would collapse one by one.

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