Summary: Finding out that his parents abandoned him in favor for his younger brother, Harry wants revenge. And goes down a path only a few would follow. Look out Dumbledore for there is a new player in town and would do everything in his power to get what he wants. This story is inspired by Harry Potter and the Dark's Rise written by Marshall Angmar.

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WARNING: This chapter has mentions of rape and a fate worse than death. I do not encourage it nor do I condone rape, please let that be very clear.

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Harry Potter and the Rise of the Dark One

Chapter 03: Darkness of the Past, Present and Future

The aftermath of Little Whining's destruction was interesting to say the least. Lily and James Potter were forced to confess that they had sent their eldest son to Lily's sister so that the Twins-Who-Lived (Aiden and Ivey) could be trained. Because of this the Potters lost support that day, since those who knew about the relationship (or lack thereof) between Lily and her sister were outraged. The Houses that were allied with House Potter took a step back and started to look closely at the actions of House Potter.

The Potters laid the blame on the Death Eaters they knew escaped justice. And so Madam Bones, the head of the DMLE or Department of Magical Law Enforcement had everything she needed to question those who had blamed their actions on the Imperious Curse under Veritaserum the strongest truth potion in existence. The revelations were also quite interesting to say the least. As it turned out people couldn't take the Dark Mark if they were under the Imperious, you had to take it on your own free will. After Lucius Malfoy had named every marked Death Eater and it was revealed that no-one had destroyed Little Whining (though they were applauding him or her for his or her actions), they were all shipped off to Azkaban for life. Severus Snape was the only one spared, since Dumbledore once again stood in his defense and said that he turned spy for the Light Side in the last war.

This of course let the Potters to point their fingers to the newly revealed Lady LeFay. This forced Fay to go to the Ministry of Magic to be questioned under Veritaserum. They asked her three questions. The first being "Were you responsible for the destruction of Little Whining?" the answer was a simple and resounding "No" The second question was "Do you know who did destroy Little Whining?" the answer was "I have my suspicions." The last question was "Who do you think did destroy Little Whining?" The answer was "The new Overlord." The entire Wizengamot actually laughed at that answer. It was Minister Fudge who said "The World hasn't seen a Overlord since before the time of Merlin and the one who came close namely He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is dead."

Fay shrugged her shoulders and said "You asked and I answered it is that simple. Now if we are finished I have to return home." With that she walked out of the chambers and returned to the Netherworld.

The week after that the Potters announced that Aiden was the new Heir of House Potter. They also announced the betrothals of Aiden Potter and Ginerva Weasley, Ivey Potter and Neville Longbottom and Violet Potter and Ronald Weasley. And while above the ground the mood was mostly happiness and joy, deep in the bowels of the earth a magical storm was raging. At the center was the new Overlord named Valkorion. When he read the news of his twin being betrothed to Weasley he snapped and he swore that the Potter family would suffer for what they had done.

Now of course that wasn't the only thing the new Overlord had done before his first year at Hogwarts. Valkorion had also expanded his domain. Namely in the old lands, the lands that once belonged to his predecessor and many times Grand-father the Fourth Overlord. Where were these old lands you might be asking, well it is simple really they were located in the Bermuda Triangle. And with the expansion of his so did the Netherworld. New tunnels and cave systems were discovered. What once was called the Nordberg Sanctuary was now home to many corrupted creatures of the Dark. The Last Sanctuary was divided in two parts, The lower caverns were home to the salamanders including the Salamander King and Queen. The upper caverns that once held the last refuge of Queen Fay and the Elves, was now home to the spiders including once again the Spider Queen and King.

What once were known as the Wastelands, were once again teeming with life. An Evil Overlord he may be, but not even Valkorion wanted to rule over the Wastelands and so with the help of the Blue Minions and the studies of the former Emperor Solarius, the remains of the Great Cataclysm were completely destroyed. Not only were the people of The Town of Nordberg and Everlight enslaved, but the Dwarves of the Golden Hills as well. The Spell Stones, Health Stones and Mana Stones of the previous two Overlords were recovered and bound to Valkorion. What did come as a surprise was when Ragnok the Goblin King and Director of Gringgotts contacted Valkorion in the Netherworld.

It was then that Valkorion discovered the Gnarl was Ragnok's father and just how Goblins came to be. As it turned out it all started in the time of the Third Overlord. After the former Mistress Rose aided the Second Overlord in the so called Minion Civil War and after the death of the Second Overlord, Rose was given to the Minion's for their pleasure. Gnarl as Minion Master was the first to take her and at the same time ended up impregnating her. As everyone would discover six weeks later, when Rose gave birth to Ragnok. And so Rose was kept to create the Goblin Race, this was of course before the Third Overlord was locked in the Infernal Abys and Rose was freed by the Sentinels of Solarius.

Rose swore revenge, which she got when she discovered that her sister, Velvet was pregnant. Rose place a spell on the Minions to make them think the she (Rose) was pregnant with the Fourth Overlord. Rose informed Solarius about this and they made a plan. Rose waited until a few months after Velvet gave birth and kidnapped her nephew and brought him to Nordberg, Velvet had her powers stolen (which were given to Solarius) and shared the fate of her sister. Though she wasn't continually raped and impregnated by the minions, she got it worse as she was continually raped and impregnated by the people who lived in the Wastelands Eventually Velvet succumbed to the plague as it ate her from the inside.

Fay then told everyone that when the Fourth Overlord found out about the fate of his real mother, He and Fay along with an army of Minions and Goblins marched on a rebuilding Empire City. The Fourth Overlord and Fay made short work of the new gate. The Browns who rode on their wolf mounts held down the guards, while the Greens with the help of their spider mounts jumped the guards from above. Fay and the Overlord placed a magical barrier that covered the entire so that no-one would be able to escape. As they marched through the Imperial Palace, Fay and the Overlord came upon Rose and Juno. The Overlord overcharged the Evil Presence Spell on Rose and turned her to ash. Juno's soul was later bound to Mortis (a Blue Minion who could resurrect other Minions) before he threw Juno in the River of Souls.

After the story was told they had dinner while they discussed and alliance between the Goblin Race and the Fifth Overlord. It was pretty soon agreed upon and Ragnok told Valkorion that while he was at Hogwarts, Ragnok would sent Goblin Carvers to the Netherworld to carve new Minion Stones. While Valkorion gave the Goblin Nation ten maids along ten of each type of minion to see what type of Goblins would be born.

As Valkorion's eleventh birthday arrived everyone was once again surprised only this time also a bit worried as the letter arrived. As everyone stared at the letter as if had done them a great sin, Miranda read "To Mr. Harry James Potter, Private Quarters, Dark Tower, The Netherworld."

Valkorion glared at the letter and his much hated former name as he said "How, just how do they know that Harry James Potter and Valkorion Corypheus LeFay are one and the same?"

Fay looked at her adopted son and said "They may not know it. The letter are automatically written by magic and according to this letter, Magic still sees you as Harry James Potter instead of Valkorion LeFay." Fay to a sip of her drink, before she continued to say "The List is keyed to the Letters that were delivered and accepted. So this would you make appear as Harry James Potter on the list and not as Valkorion LeFay."

After breakfast Valkorion wrote a letter back to say he would gladly go to Hogwarts. Later that day Fay, Miranda and Valkorion went to Diagon Ally for the supplies that were needed. The look on the faces of the Potter family when Fay and himself were almost immediately helped and even referred to as Friends of Goblins brought a rare smile to Valkorion's face. As it turned out the Potter family also held that title, but when Ragnok learned what the Potters had done to Valkorion, they had lost that title.

After Gringgotts, Fay, Miranda and Valkorion went to Olivander's Wandshop. After three and a half hours of trying wands, Olivander gave up and invited Valkorion to his workplace to create a new wand. Valkorion had the strongest connection with Blackened Dragonbone for wand material and a shard of a black with orange crystal for the core. Valkorion was told to return in two hours for his wand. As they left however, Fay, Miranda and Valkorion saw that the Potters had just entered. And as he locked his gaze with his twin, Valkorion gave a nod that only Violet saw. After buying the rest of the supplies and buying three ice creams and ate them at the parlor. When two and a half hours had passed since Olivander's, Fay, Miranda and Valkorion reentered and were surprised to see that Violet and the Potters were still there. When Olivander saw Valkorion reenter his shop he went to the back to grab the newly made wand and some new boxes for Ms. Potter to try. As he returned, Olivander handed Valkorion his new wand and was shocked by the magical pulse that came from the wand. As he snapped back to reality, Olivander looked at Valkorion and said "11 ½ inches made of Blackened Dragonbone with a crystal shard core. Unbendable, sturdy and unbreakable as far as I know. Though I do not recommend that you test that."

Having already paid for the wand, Valkorion was about to leave when he caught the sad and rejected look in his twin's eye. As he turned back to Olivander Valkorion asked "For how long has Ms. Potter been trying those wands Mr. Olivander?"

As Olivander looked at Ms. Potter and saw the same look as Valkorion did, which almost broke his heart to see it on a child so young as he answered "For nearly two hours and forty-five minutes now Mr. LeFay."

Valkorion just let out hmm as he thought 'Of course my own twin would have the twin wand of my own. That must be it.' As he came out of his thoughts Valkorion looked at Olivander and asked "Do you by any chance have made a second wand of the same materials as my own wand?"

Olivander snapped his gaze back to Valkorion as he said "Only one other Mr. LeFay. Why do you ask?"

Valkorion had to force himself not to smirk as he said "Why don't you let Ms. Potter try that wand. I mean the only time difference is forty-five minutes so it is worth a shot right?"

Olivander when he heard the answer, he wanted to slap himself for not thinking of it himself, especially if his hunch proved correct. He disappeared to the back of his shop to grab the twin of Valkorion's wand and returned shortly after and presented it to Violet as he said "10 ¾ inches made of Blackened Dragonbone with a crystal shard core. And the identical twin to the wand of the gentleman who pointed it out for me." Once more everyone was surprised by the powerful pulse of magic that came from the wand as it bounded to its rightful owner.

As the Potters left with a happy Violet, Olivander waited for them to be out of earshot before he said "Would you do me a favor Mr. LeFay and look out for your twin at Hogwarts. That look she had in her eyes tells me that she has a very hard life with her parents."

If Valkorion was surprised that Olivander had it figured it out, he didn't show it as he said "I will Mr. Olivander you can count on that." With that Valkorion, Fay and Miranda left the shop.

Once they were gone Olivander closed the shop and returned to his workshop as he said to himself as he grabbed the strange two colored crystal "So the Overlord has finally returned to restore the balance, how will his rule turn out. Will he be a cruel and sadistic ruler or will he be a harsh, but just ruler as I once was, only time will tell." And as the glamor fell away the appearance from an old normal man to a giant of a man with broad shoulders strange blue lined skin that covered a lot of muscles and finally his silver colored eyes changed to his original orange flaming eyes. And as he entered the apartment above his shop and kissed his wife and former mistress he thought 'With father still out there in the Abys the only one that can stand in his way is the Overlord, but will it be enough.' As he looked in the eyes of his wife named Kelda Olivander said "The world will soon find out if it is prepared for war with the Infernal Abys and father."

Kelda look in the eyes that even after thousands of years had not changed as she said "Fay is already training him and from what I heard an alliance is already made with the Goblin Nation. They will be ready." And as Kelda enveloped her husband in a hug the man once known as the Fourth Overlord, but nowadays was called Garrick Olivander sighed as he said "I just want to see the look on the faces of those fools when they find out that the True-Boy-Who-Lived is also the Fifth Overlord. Hahahaha."

A/N: Sorry guys I know that I made a preview for the sorting, but that will now be in chapter 4. Also I at first intended for this chapter to be about the first three years before Aiden and Ivey arrives, but as I came to the wands it just wrote itself and this came out. I do hope you like this however and my role for Olivander.

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