Summary: Finding out that his parents abandoned him in favor for his younger brother, Harry wants revenge. And goes down a path only a few would follow. Look out Dumbledore for there is a new player in town and would do everything in his power to get what he wants. This story is inspired by Harry Potter and the Dark's Rise written by Marshall Angmar.

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Harry Potter and the Rise of the Dark One

Chapter 04: Darkness Has Arrived

Tuesday, September 1st 1988, Kingcross Station Platform 9¾

**********************************YEAR ONE*********************************

Valkorion was not happy to say the least. After they had met Valkorion's twin sister named Violet, Valkorion had sent a couple of Green Minions to infiltrate Potter Manor and get information on Violet's situation. The information was not good. As it turned out, the Potters (James and Lily) only saw Violet as a bargaining chip for a Marriage Contract. So far there were only two potential suitors, they were Ronald Weasley and Draco Malfoy. Valkorion already had a feeling who was behind both suitors, since the Weasley family were Dumbledore's greatest supporters and as it turned out they were the once who convinced James and Lily to abandon him at the Dursleys. And considering the fact that Dumbledore was always going on about second chances, it was no wild guess to think him also responsible for the consideration of Draco Malfoy. So it was quite fortunate for the Potters that Miranda was able to take the edge off of Valkorion.

After meeting the Potters once again Valkorion and Miranda went to the very back of the Hogwarts Express and sat down in one of the last compartments. Five minutes after they felt the train starting to move there was a knock on the door to Miranda's and Valkorion's compartment. When Valkorion opened the door both he and his betrothed were surprised to see Violet Potter standing before them. When the oldest daughter of James and Lily Potter saw that she had the attention of the once who were sitting in the compartment, she said "Sorry for disturbing the two of you, but I was wondering if I could sit with you? At the moment I am hiding from some siblings of one of the two most disgusting boys my parents want me to marry off to."

Valkorion had to do everything in his power to stomp down his anger and said "Sure please sit wherever you want."

Violet sat across from Valkorion and Miranda and said "Thank you for your help in getting my wand. Oh and before I forget, congratulation on your betrothal… big brother." As Violet revealed to the two magicals across from her that she knew who Valkorion truly was, she saw her brother becoming more guarded. Before either Miranda or Valkorion could say anything, Violet said "Relax only I seem to have figured it out so your secret is safe with me." Violet said all of this with a friendly smile on her face. That friendly smile turned into a Marauders worthy smirk as she said "Besides why would I try to anger the Fifth who might just be able to help me out of those blasted contracts. I mean really Consort to House Weasley or Concubine to House Malfoy, is that my future?"

To say that Valkorion was angry would be an understatement of the century. The glamor that was put on his eyes was beginning to fade, all across the train lights began to fade and even the so called unbreakable windows began to crack. No Valkorion was NOT angry he was well and truly pissed beyond belief. Miranda on the other hand was terrified. She had seen her betrothed while he was angry, sadistic and even vengeful, but never would she have dared to dream that at eleven years of age Valkorion would be able to disable the magic of Fay. Miranda knew that Valkorion had a certain line that not even Fay dared to cross without precaution, but it would seem that the arrogant and stupid people that were Lily and James Potter had now crossed that line by a very large margin. Violet didn't really understand what was happening, but what she did know was that she had her big brother in her corner and as she looked in his eyes, Violet gasped as she saw the raw power behind them.

Before anyone could do or say anything, Valkorion spoke with a voice that was far deeper and older than his normal voice and said "I Valkorion Corypheus LeFey sole heir of the Ancient and Royal House of LeFey, hereby place Violet Lilith Potter under the protection of the Ancient and Royal House of LeFey. So that no-one can touch or make decisions for her without the consent of the current Head of the Ancient and Royal House of LeFey. So I say so mote it be." With the oath made, a pulse of purple magic ran through everyone that was involved in it.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and it was at this point the door to the compartment was slammed open to reveal a red faced Percy Weasley. As the red-headed weasel stared with a furious expression at Violet (who was doing her best to hide behind her brother) and said "Come with me, it would seem I need to teach you your place. So come with me and leave that riffraff." Miranda who was looking the whole time at Valkorion gasped as he opened his eyes. Never before had Miranda seen his eyes glow like they were now, normally they would glow a very piercing green, but now instead they were a deep purple. Miranda knew in an instant that this was connected to the deeper voice she and Violet had heard before. And as she saw Weasley reach for Violet she could only think 'Big mistake you made there Weasley.'

As the entity looked through the eyes of his namesake, he was reminded of another fool that dared to challenge him, his own son. Thankfully he was warned by his daughter after he restored her powers and her mind.

Valkorion saw the weasel try to reach Violet to take her away and reacted as if on instinct and thrusted out his right hand. What happened next shocked everyone in the compartment, from Valkorion's out stretched hand purple energy pulsed and launched at Weasley. Which launched him into the wall of the compartment 'and did their part of the train just shake?' from the screams that would be a yes. Afterwards a very dazed Percy Weasley left the compartment.

Miranda was immediately aware that Valkorion was back to his old self when she saw that Valkorion's eyes had returned to their green color As she looked at the brother sister duo, Miranda listened as Valkorion said to Violet "If you want away from under your parents thumb, choose you own path. Start at the sorting, don't let the hat sort you in a House they want you in, but let it sort you in a house that you want. Be smart and actually go into a discussion with the hat about the houses." As he finished all three heard clapping coming from the door opening of the compartment. As they looked all three saw two girls standing there in the door opening. While both were obviously Pure-Bloods, one had Platinum-Blond hair and Misty-Grey eyes while the shorter of the two girls had black hair with Cerulean-Blue eyes.

As the clapping stopped the blond haired witch said "Nice speech there. My name is Anastacia Malfoy and this is Daphne Greengrass, may we know who you are?"

No-one missed the way Valkorion tensed at the name Malfoy, but he still answered and said "My name is Valkorion Corypheus LeFey, the young lady on my right is my betrothed Miranda LeFey formerly Rookwood and the young lady behind me is Violet Lilith Potter."

Anastacia actually winced when she heard the name of her potential future sister in law. And asked "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why would your parents discus a marriage contract with mine? I mean it doesn't really make sense to me at all since they are particular enemies of each other."

Violet blinked a few tears away and said "I don't mind, I think it is because my parents don't like me and want me gone from their sight as fast as possible, just like they did with my twin brother." Both Anastacia and Daphne gasped at this revelation. They knew some parents were harsh on their children. Heck they themselves were pretty much outcasts in their parents eyes, but to hear that the eldest daughter of the Potter family was actually unwanted by her parents was quite unsettling.

And as they both glanced at Valkorion who had his hands balled into fists, the puzzle pieces fell into place as Daphne gasped "You are her twin brother? The former heir of the Potter family?"

Because Valkorion was so angered by the revelation of his twin-sister, Miranda answered as she said "His parents dumped him one cold November night on the doorstep of his magic hating muggle relatives. After one year of being there they dumped him on the doorstep of an orphanage were eventually one of the madams adopted him and eventually became also my appointed guardian after my own aunt threw me out. Her name is Morgana LeFey, named after her ancestor. And they did all of that because they wanted to focus on the so called Twins-Who-Lived." Anastacia and Daphne were both disgusted and horrified as to what had happened to Valkorion. Even Violet had some tears in her eyes as the truth finally came to light as to what had happened to her big brother.

As the journey continued the two girls talked about their own family with Anastacia being the first to speak as she said "Although I am the eldest of the two Malfoy children, my father always wanted a heir and not a heiress. So when we were both old enough to understand those things, the bastard I have to call father disowned me to make my brother Draco his heir only to "adopt" me as his daughter. After that neither my father or mother looked back at me and focused solely on my brother. Before I left today he told me that only Slytherin was good enough and that if I was sorted into another house, he would disown me in public the very next day." Even Daphne who had only heard snippets of what had happened to her friend was shocked.

After a small break Daphne told her story and said "My own father has always hated me as far as I know. Probably because my mother died in childbirth. He clearly didn't love her since he was remarried not even four months later to my stepmother who is also the mother of my half-sister Astoria. My stepmother treats me as her personal slave while Astoria gets whatever she wants. Both my parents have beaten me in the past, although my father only did that when he was drunk. It is actually my sister's fault that the Malfoy's only want a concubine contract for their son, since my own parents have always told me since I was seven, that the only thing I will ever archive is keeping our line alive by spreading my legs for whoever they tell me to. They even told me that if I hadn't lost my virginity and become pregnant at the end of my fourth year they would hire someone to break me in." It was only at this point when Daphne started crying in grief that Miranda noticed that everything besides the people in their compartment was levitating around them.

Miranda's eyes widened however as she felt her hairclips starting to heat up. Which showed just how close Valkorion's Highland Ravager form was to the surface. As she laid a calming hand on his shoulders, Miranda could feel him tense at her touch and whispered things into his ear in order to calm him down. It took another two minutes to calm him down, but once he was Valkorion stood up and walked over to Daphne and enveloped the still upset girl in a tight hug, which she reluctantly returned. As both Miranda and Valkorion told about their past, Valkorion came to a decision and said "Alright this settles it. No matter what House we will be in, we will support each other when he or she needs it. We will stay true to our friendship that was forged in the flames of our abuse and most importantly we will stay true to ourselves and each other. So who is with me?"

His answer came in the form of four girls diving on him. After making sure the compartment could not be eavesdropped on and the girls made an unbreakable vow not to reveal what Valkorion was about to tell them, said boy told them that he was actually the Fifth Overlord and that Fay had actually blood-adopted him as her son, so that He had no ties remaining to the Potter family. After hearing that the Fourth Overlord had at one point three mistresses, Daphne made a joke about Anastacia, Violet and herself becoming Valkorion's other mistresses. Anastacia had a thoughtful look before she said "Actually that isn't such a bad idea especially in your case Daphne. If we were to become Valkorion's mistresses it would give us all protection, in Violet's case it would be from those contracts to my Brother and Weasley, in Daphne's case it would be from constantly being raped and impregnated after her fourth year and in my case I would escape from a life as my "adopted" brother's consort."

Valkorion sighed and said "Alright let's think this over, we have until out fourth year to decide on this. I am not really opposed to this, but please remember that becoming my Mistress would be permanent. Two of my predecessors were betrayed by one of their mistresses, so if you want to join me, you have to swear an oath of loyalty to me and remember that the position would be permanent, if you want out you die. I want to make it perfectly clear that those are the only things I have to say about it." Although they were eleven and were almost threatened with death, the three girls knew it was because it was also very dangerous. Without Valkorion knowing the three girls had already made up their mind and no matter the consequences, they would stand with him.

With Valkorion putting Daphne and Anastacia also under his protection, the group decided to make some small talk. Violet actually revealed that the Green Minions that were sent by Valkorion were busted by Aiden who thought them to be House elves. The poor buggers had to do everything the spoiled brat asked, so not to blow their cover. It was Violet that saved them from further embarrassment. After Valkorion stopped hitting his head over and over, he sent a message to Gnarl in order to find a crossbreed of the Blue and Green Minions. Thankfully it seemed that the Greens were successful in retrieving The Invisibility Cloak as Violet brought it out of her trunk and gave it to its rightful owner, since he was still the primary heir of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Peverell.

As they arrived at the station of Hogsmeade, the four first years split from Miranda as they had to go by boat. When they first saw Hogwarts, Violet, Anastacia and Daphne gasped at the beauty of the old castle and although Valkorion was used to the Netherworld Tower, he still could appreciate the beauty of Hogwarts. As the four first years entered the boats, Valkorion thought to himself 'Too bad I don't get to drown the weasel.' As the half-giant named Hagrid brought them to the front doors, the First Years saw an elderly witch standing there seemingly waiting for them. As the elderly witch now named McGonagall enter the Great-Hall, the First Years were scared out of their minds when a large group of ghosts appeared. Although Valkorion wasn't scared, he was still annoyed so it should be no surprise that he thought 'Oh how I wish I could make those blasted ghosts just disappear. By absorbing them or otherwise.' As he finished that thought, Valkorion could have sworn that he heard a deeper chuckle in his mind.1

As McGonagall returned and led the First Years into the Great-Hall. Valkorion Corypheus LeFay formerly known as Harry James Potter waited along with the other first years. Valkorion just knew that the old manipulative fool gave McGonagall the list with his former name on it. Well he had a plan to not only derail the plans of the old man and this feast, but also to cause chaos and mayhem on not even his first full day at Hogwarts. As the Sorting started Valkorion only payed attention to the people who he had traveled with on the train. So when the name "Greengrass, Daphne" was called, he payed closer attention as she was sorted in "RAVENCLAW".

A lot of names were called, before "Malfoy, Anastacia" again Valkorion payed close attention as she was sorted into "RAVENCLAW". Valkorion winced as he just knew what this meant for Anastacia and that he had to quickly inform his mother about it.

It was not long before "Potter, Harry" was called. No one moved, a couple of students began gossiping about him being the brother of The-Brat-Who-Lived. From the corner of his eye he saw Miranda having trouble holding her laugh, while Daphne and Anastacia were giggling. Twice more his name was called, before they moved on to his sister who was sorted into "Ravenclaw". When "Zabini, Caterina" was called and sorted in "HUFFLEPUFF" Valkorion winced again as both Daphne and Anastacia had informed him about some of the other First Years. As it turned out Caterina was in the same boat as Anastacia. Of course as she sat down, this only left him.

As Dumbledore stood up everyone waited with bated breath to see what would happen. Dumbledore's eyes were on full twinkly mode as he asked "And who are you my dear boy?"

Valkorion smirked as he held his chin high and said "My name is Valkorion Corypheus LeFay. I am the future Lord of the Ancient and Royal House of LeFay and I am the adopted son of the current Morgana LeFay who is more commonly known as Fay, but you may know me under my former name of Harry James Potter." As he looked at the Staff table, Valkorion almost snorted as he saw the eyes of Lily, James and Dumbledore widen in shock 'Now for the final nail on the coffin.' Valkorion thought to himself. And what was said next, shocked the entirety of the Great-Hall as Valkorion said "Let it also be known that from this day forward, I Valkorion Corypheus LeFay denounce the name Potter for as long as I live, so I say so mote it be. After all who wants to be part of a family that abandons you with known magic hating muggles." As he looked around himself Valkorion thought to himself 'que chaos and mayhem.' As he thought this the entire Great-Hall (minus those who knew who Valkorion was) just changed indeed into chaos and mayhem. It was of course no surprise to him that the Sorting Hat shouted "RAVENCLAW"

As he walked towards his House-table and saw that no-one noticed that he was already sorted, Valkorion thought in the confines of his protected mind 'It feels so good to be evil. Because as Gnarl always says "Evil always finds a way!"' After the First Year Ravenclaw were formally introduced to the Perfects and their Head-of-House who was named Fillius Flitwick, Valkorion retreated to his dorm, but before he went to bed, Valkorion wrote a letter to his mother to inform her about this day.

A/N: 1 Yes this is a reverence to the Force Walking Ritual from the Sith Inquisitor Story Line.

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