Chapter 9

Hedwig knew it was time for her to give a part of herself to Harry so that his core could expand. She knew he was safe, having had her friend Sebastian watching over both Susan and Harry to make sure that they were going to make it to safety. If at any time Harry had faltered, then she knew Sebastian would have saved them and gotten them to land. When he had called out to her to tell her about Harry's daring rescue, her pride in her boy knew no bounds. This is why the court seer had told her that she would only bond with one in her long existence, there was none in her opinion who had come before him that were worthy of her devotion, and there would be none after. Her friend Fawkes had chosen to bond with Hogwarts when she became sentient, and served as the watcher of the wizard or witch in the position of headmaster to make sure they cared for the students in the way that Hogwarts wanted. He had been there since the four had built their school and put a little bit of each of their souls into her birth, and he would remain until she was there no more.

Now it was her turn to bond fully, and Hedwig wasn't afraid to admit that she was a little bit scared at the commitment she was about to make. For millennia, she had been on her own, answering to no one except her father, and he was always away in some dimension or another hiding from her mother. Hedwig gave a sigh of regret at the things she hadn't got around to doing yet, and then she merged her soul with that of her destined one.

Inside of Harry's mindscape, gale force winds swept through each environment ripping to pieces the protections that he had built up. His false room of memories, his endless ball pit, his town, everything except the library was torn to pieces as his core merged with the soul of an Emperor Phoenix. For a brief moment, the black soul that had inhabited the vault in his mind escaped from its containment and laughed at what it would do to the world now that it was free to consume its host. The expanding power of Harry's core, put paid to that ambition as its essence was vaporized by the magic of two pure souls merging. In the outside world, a black mass erupted from Harry's scar, followed by a burst of white lightening that engulfed the darkness obliterating it with one last scream of rage. Moments later, the door to the room that Harry was in opened and two women looked in.

"The poor dear is still unconscious." Said the older woman.

"I thought I heard a scream from in here, but I must have been wrong." Replied the younger one. "I wouldn't have been surprised if he had woken up screaming though. After what he did to save the Admiral's little girl, it's no shock that his body needs the rest."

"Aye, lass. You would be right about that. Well, time to get back to our rounds. The families have gone home to change, but you can be sure they will be here in the morning." The door closed behind them, and if they had waited a moment more; they would have seen his whole body shudder before Harry lifted off the bed, surrounded by a cocoon of warm white light.

Inside Harry, Elric was using all of his embedded knowledge to protect Harry's library from the storm of energy raging around it. If this didn't end soon, He would be destroyed along with all the knowledge that Harry had so far accumulated. "Stupid, bloody bird." He muttered as once again he had to move the entire store of knowledge away from the ravening storm, this was shaping up too be a very long night.


Harry slowly awoke to the sounds of machines beeping and humming, which he quickly determined was the most annoying sound on earth. How was anyone supposed to sleep with that sound constantly repeating over, and over, and over? Before opening his eyes, he took a quick mental inventory. Was he sore? Check! Was he in pain? Check! Were any of his bones broken? Negative! Okay, it looked like he survived his ordeal, though he felt as if he had been super charged while he was sleeping. He had so much energy available, that he felt as if he could fly around the room shooting flames and lasers from his different body parts. He knew that he needed to burn off some of this energy, so he focused it on healing himself from the inside out. The first thing he started on was his bones, since he knew that they were not as strong as they should be because of his lack of proper food and vitamins. He realized his mistake when waves of pain hit him as his bones were growing, tearing away his muscles and pushing against his skin. Harry diverted power from his bones to push the muscles into growing with the expansion that his bones were going through. He also focused on making his skin grow and stretch with his expanding size, as well as making sure that his blood flow and volume kept up with his growth.

If a doctor, healer, unspeakable, or any scientist had asked Harry what he was doing, his answer would've thrown them all into shock. What he had to do to make sure that his body was healing, was to focus down on a cellular level, replicating and distributing his cells at an almost instantaneous speed. Since that night in the office on Downing Street where Harry had found out that he could change his body like Dora, he had spent at least an hour every day learning how to control the changes his body could make. At first he did the exercises that Dora had been taught to gain the skill to control her gift, but after taking just a few days to master those, he began to branch out and explore on his own. At first he was very frustrated because no matter what he did, he could never make himself more than 6 inches taller. It was when he thought about it from a physics perspective that he found the answer to this dilemma. His body only had so much mass, and even though it appeared as if he was growing 6 inches what his gift was doing was actually redistributing his mass without actually changing it. So even though he appeared to have grown, he still weighed the same whether he was taller or shorter. This meant that his gift was following the laws of conservation of energy and mass.

Then he remembered a conversation that he had overheard between Ted and the Grangers where Ted said that magic quite often makes a fool out of physics and the laws of the universe. This sent Harry's mind searching for a way to use magic to overcome his physical limitations. Unfortunately, though he was an exceptional thinker, Harry got stuck because his mindset was still in the mundane world. It was watching Andi conjure a spoon at the breakfast table for Hermione that led to Harry to his next breakthrough. Though his initial mass was just 80 pounds, using magic he could increase or decrease his mass at will, allowing him to change his body to virtually any size. The one drawback to this was that when he lost concentration, or needed to focus on something else, he would return to what he called his default size. He theorized that this was because his conjured mass was only stabilized by his magic when he thought about it, and the added mass began to disappear as soon as his magic was diverted elsewhere. He also believed that if he could only add more power he could make his added mass more or less permanent. So now that he was sitting in a hospital room with abundant amounts of extra power, he was trying to test his theory by adding mass and growing his default size. Sending power to his bone marrow, he increased his stem cell amounts, allowing those to create more and more red blood cells as well as all the necessary fluids and building blocks that his body needed to grow naturally. By the time he was done, Harry had put on over seven inches in height and almost twenty-five pounds of muscle and general mass to his default frame.

Once he was satisfied with his new height, Harry decided it was a good time to check into his Mindscape to find out how Elric was doing. Morphing back to what he looked like before he made his changes, bruises, contusions, and all; Harry focused inward in deep meditation with the intention of using the rest of this excess power to reconfigure and strengthen his mental defenses. What he found reminded him of news footage that he had once seen of the destruction left in the aftermath of a class five tornado that had swept thru some part of middle America. Here and there stood parts of his interior landscape, but the only thing still standing was his core, which appeared to have grown since it was taking up more of his mindscape than ever before, and his internal library with was much the worse for wear. Willing himself into the entrance of his library, Harry was relieved to see Elric, Hedwig, as well as the mental constructs that he used to maintain order and efficiency were all safe inside the building.

"What happened in here," asked Harry? "It looks like London after the Luftwaffe Blitzkrieg came through."

Hedwig answered him, though she looked sheepish about what had caused the destruction. "While you were unconscious, I decided to use the opportunity to help you with your power levels by merging some of my essence with your core. To my knowledge, it has not been attempted for at least a millennium, and never with anyone who had not gone through their final magical maturity. In my Quest to keep you safe from Whiskers and others that meant to control you or bring you harm, I jumped right in like a Gryffindor without thinking about the consequences. I retreated to a cave far in the depths of the Alps where no man has ever been, and there under the watch of a good friend of mine, I forced myself into my burning day many years early. Doing that allowed me to use most of my power in your mind, since my body cannot use or access it while it is newly re-formed."

"What do you mean by burning day," Harry asked?

"As I have told you, I am a phoenix and in essence I am immortal. Depending on how much magic we use, a phoenix will have a burning day every five hundred years, unless we are hurt too much for our magic to regenerate us. What this does, is to make every cell in our body combust, setting off our pyre and turning the burning phoenix to ash. Out of that ash, we are reborn, continuing the cycle down through time. The race of phoenix were here at the beginning of the universe, and unless we choose not to continue on, we will be there for the end of all as well." Hedwig took a moment to let Harry absorb what she said before she continued. "Since I was already bonded with you, I was able to send much of my essence into you to expand your core, leaving only enough to continue maturing my newly reborn body. Unfortunately…"

'Here it comes,' thought Harry. 'with my luck, I am going to sprout feathers in awkward places and I will have flames shooting out of my butt.'

"…When I merged with you, it caused you to go into your first maturity, increasing your available power to unheard of levels for someone your age. Actually, it boosted your magic up to the level that you would have normally achieved when you reached your final maturity at age twenty-one. You were already a powerful wizard Harry, but now there is no telling where your power level will end up. There also may be side effects that we don't know about yet, but I am confident that we will be able to deal with them if and when they appear."

Elric saw the look of panic that was on Harry's face and so he interjected. "Don't worry Harry, while this sounds like a bad thing, it is in all actuality very, very good that this happened. Do you remember the thing that was trapped in the bank that we thought we got rid of?" Harry nodded and Elric continued. "It turns out that it was a piece of soul from the wizard that gave you your scar, and once released, it set up a diversion that Hedwig and I fought and banished, while it hid out in the deep reaches of your mind. We have surmised that it was slowly working its way back to strength and it would have eventually tried to take you over. If it had been able to merge with your core, then no power on earth would have been able to stop it from assuming control over you and your magic. When Hedwig merged herself with your core, it released a maelstrom of light magic and love which spread to every corner of your psyche; destroying the darkness before it as it went. Hedwig and I pulled your guardians in to the library to preserve them, and then she used her light driven power to destroy the darkness and shadows lurking in here so now no trace of his soul remains. Your inner librarian meanwhile, was busy saving all of his magical knowledge and gifts, both natural and stolen, along with memories that were fortified or kept as important to him. This included his true identity, how he survived the night he attacked you, and others that have not been catalogued yet."

"Wow," said Harry. "So your saying that I was sharing myself with his soul? I think I need a shower because I feel rather dirty." While his words were serious, the grin on his face showed that Harry was trying to lighten the mood. "So now that I know what happened, how do I fix everything here in my mind so that it is functional and working properly again?"

With a grin, Elric replied, "Magic!" thereby giving Harry the catch phrase that he would use throughout his life to drive his closest friends completely nuts.

Hedwig motioned for Harry to follow her out of the library while rolling her eyes at Elric's reply. "Look around at everything here in your mindscape. Once you can see the entire space in your mind's eye, then focus on making it do what you want." Sometimes Hedwig forgot just how quickly Harry learned things, as in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Instead of the quaint little village that had been the center of Harry's mindscape before their merge, now skyscrapers and other modern structures sprang up to dominate the landscape. There were streets with cars and buses traveling them, there were planes flying far overhead, and there were lights and power on in all of the buildings around them. Hedwig turned around, taking everything in with a sense of amazement. This was a functioning metropolis along the lines of New York, London, Chicago, or Tokyo. All that was missing were the people that would occupy said cities.

As if her thoughts triggered it, a swarm of people came out of underground entrances and buildings and started going about their daily business. It was astonishing to see the diversity of people that Harry's imagination had supplied. It was not just humans that went about their day, but humanoids of all types. She saw lion men marching around in their business suits, talking to each other about the day they had. There were humanoid monkeys, giraffes, dogs, cats, and every other kind of mundane animal you could think of. There were also magical species around as well. Dragons perched on the tops of buildings, surveying all that went on. Gryffons, Gryffins, and Gryphens all flying around or walking among the crowds. While the Gryffins were friendly and courteous to all, the Gryphens were lying about, complaining that they didn't want to work and that Harry should make others do what they were assigned to do. It was the Gryphons that were causing problems, as usual. They were the ones dressed up like gangsters, walking into other creatures deliberately and then beating them if they did not apologize. Hedwig realized that Harry must have read about David's adventures with her cousin in the book that he later wrote under the name Edward Ormondroyd. It amazed her that he got their attributes so correct, even in this modern setting. She shuddered as she remembered her last encounter with Gryphons out in the real world, if she never had to deal with any of them again it would be fine with her.

It was at that moment that Hedwig noticed something missing that she should be able to see, or at the very least, detect. "Harry," She said in a puzzled tone. "Where is your core?" Hedwig was beginning to panic as she thought that maybe it had started to burn out, or maybe her boost to his power had allowed Dumbledore's block to completely remove Harry's access to magic.

"Well, you said that I needed to keep my power concealed from old man Whiskers to keep me safe." Harry was answering her with all the sincerity of youth. "Since I noticed that the black netting was dissolving from around the core, I figured that it was best just to hide the entire thing so that it can't be found. I pulled off the black stuff, and used the material to build traps for anyone trying to come in to my mindscape. Then I took the core and dispersed it all through my mindscape, since I figured that if it wasn't centrally located, it would make it much harder for any outside force to control."

"Harry, what you are doing is not supposed to be possible." Hedwig whispered.

"Good thing nobody told me that," Harry replied with a cheeky grin. "If you need to see a core, I can make one for you." With a snap of his fingers, a set of four buildings in the middle of the city became his core, shining like a beacon to Hedwig's senses.

"Harry, that is to strong. It needs to only read as allowing about three percent of itself to be used by you"

"Okay, no problem." He said as the light dimmed around them. "There you go, three and a half percent should show if someone scans me."

Elric, who had joined them, was in awe. "Harry, how are you doing all this? There must be thousands upon thousands of mental constructs in here."

"There is actually 22,235,661 different magical constructs in here, all with their own distinct function. Want to see my control room?" Harry grabbed them and they were instantly in a room filled with consoles covered in levers, buttons, and flashing lights and read outs on computer screens. "I got this idea from reading about the control rooms at NASA in the US as well as Disney World. There is no entrance to this room except through me taking you here. That is because you can control everything in my mindscape from this room. There are twenty-seven different categories of construct, with 823,543 of them in each of those categories. There are of course different sub groups in each category, but no matter what the outer shell looks like, their functions are close to the same. The categories include defense, repair, expansion, attacking, research, learning, sorting, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I always wanted to say that." Harry giggled.

Hedwig and Elric were speechless. Though Harry explained his organization perfectly, the fact that what he did was impossible to anyone else was just proving to them that Harry James Potter did not do normal. Hedwig was the first to recover from her shock, and her first response was a small laugh, followed by great big belly laughs that had her gasping for breath. "We are going to have so much fun Harry!" She exclaimed in excitement.

Elric had to agree with Hedwig. There was no way that Harry would not shake the pillars of heaven and earth as he lived up to his potential. He was so glad that he was along for the ride, after so many boring years stuck on shelves and not being used. He should have listened to his wife and familiar when they told him to put his consciousness in stasis, leaving only a monitor to search for the ones who needed his help in finding their destiny. It was not his fault that he was rushed in his creation of the book. When the Oracle of Delphi tells you in a clear and certain tone that you have forty-nine days, thirteen hours, thirteen minutes, and fifty-two seconds to finish your work; you don't argue, you just get busy.

A large screen high above them came to life, showing in perfect clarity the room that Harry was in at the hospital. At first it seemed that nothing was happening, but then the door was highlighted in red and it showed that there was movement. "Well," said Harry. "Almost time to get back to the real world. I should just have time to build my new false memory room before I need to focus on the real world. It would really help me out if the two of you could help my library staff to input all of my memories into the mainframe computer that I have installed." The two of them noticed that they were back in the library once again. "Once everything is in there, then I can have it sorted, catalogued, and set into databases that will help speed up my retrieval more. It will also help with protecting my thoughts as I am pretty sure that there are not a whole lot of magicals who understand computer code, especially since I wrote the language."

With a wave at Elric and a hug of thanks given to Hedwig, Harry disappeared from his mindscape. Hedwig turned to Elric and asked in a perfectly innocent voice. "Do you ever feel guilty for what we are helping to unleash upon the stodgy Magical world?"

"Nope," Elric chuckled in an almost evil way! "The same stupid traditions that stifled the creativity and imagination of the young are still in place from a thousand years ago. It is about time that someone shook up the status quo, and who better than the last of my line. Earth is reaching a tipping point where magic can no longer hide from science and the mundane. If the magical world is not changed, there will be a war that will wipe out all life on earth. The Oracle said we have one chance to get it right before all is lost. Her prophecy about the end of the world is what finally drove her insane, since she had to witness the deaths of all life one being at a time. I truly felt sorry for her, but she said that it was for the good of all that she fall into insanity. It allowed her to see the way out of the trap we created for ourselves. It was just too bad that she was only able to escape from her torment to reveal the purposes of those who were to come. It still pains me to think that my wife is seen as one of the ultimate dark ladies in history, because that was what was needed. Well, this work won't get done by itself; of course, since I don't know how a computer works, I think that I will just supervise."

"Look in section T, row 5, section 9, shelf 3; the book you are looking for is Computers for Morons who come from a Hidden Magical World." The librarian said as she walked past them, her arms filled with books full of memories. "Please read it quickly, as there is ever so much to do."

Hedwig couldn't help but too burst into laughter at the look on Elric's face. "It is Harry's subconscious mind, and he is the son of two Marauders and the godson of a third." Hedwig declared once she was able to finally stop laughing. "Now hurry up and learn yourself out of the dark ages so that we can help Harry with this. I personally think that organizing his mindscape like a computer will make him nigh to invulnerable from the mental manipulations of Whiskers and his greasy, sneering git."