Triangle 2

Cut through.

When an enemy appeared, cut through. When an enemy commander appeared, cut through.

If he was born to a lowly family, cut through. If the world was wrong, cut through.

Thinking this, Link at last felt like himself again.

He knew that there was more out there that was important for him to do. He didn't know what, and he didn't think it was because he was special.

There was just, for everyone, definitely something in this wide world that they ought to be doing.

And this was it for Link.

He rode across the plains on Epona's back, then led her on foot up the mountainous paths.

At last he knocked on the large and foreboding gates with the back of one leather gloved hand.

Some stressed grunting was his reply as, presumably, someone shouldered the gate from the other side to make it move at all.

"Um." The gates opened a crack. A small, cute face peeked out. "Eh? Link?"

"Hi, Lana."

Confusion and happiness warred across the girl's face, as he'd noticed often happened with her.

"Ah, hi!" Lana waved cheerily through the small crack. "Oh, let me…"

Link smiled and just opened the gates casually, rather than trouble Lana to use a spell.

"I forgot how strong you were…" Lana muttered with pursed lip. "That's… I don't know…"

Link raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"No, it's nothing!" Lana laughed cheerfully. "Don't worry about it, tough guy!" Playfully, she punched Link's arm.

"Ow…" She muttered, pulling her hand back and shaking it out.

Link shook his head fondly at Lana's antics. She wa a cheerful and funny sort of girl, though of course she knew her way around a battle just as well as any.

Better than most, in fact. She was truly strong.

Because she was strong, he wondered if she was taking on too much work by herself. She always seemed the type.

"Lana." Link said with a serious expression, as he put a hand on her shoulder. "How are you doing?"

"Eh?" Lana's gaze shifted from the Hero's clear blue gaze, to the strong hand on her shoulder, and back again. "F-Fine. I'm fine! And, how are you? How's Zelda? Is she… are you scouting ahead for the escort, Link?"

"No, it's just me." Link shrugged, walking into the castle like structure called the keep of the seers. "I ran away." He mentioned in passing.


Hearing Link say he had run away really surprised Lana.

For one, she had never seen him do it before.

She didn't think Link had ever run away in his life.

Even on the battlefield, no one ever called his movements running away. When he ditched a fight, he was literally attacking in the opposite direction.

And for two, he should have been happy in Hyrule Castle. That was the whole point of it. The war, Cia, everything.

They had been fighting over that happily ever after.

So it just did not compute, and Lana followed after the hero as if in a daze.

Like this, she bumped into the hard shield on his back as he paused.

"Lana, I sense a presence. There's… something in the shadows. ."

"Something in…." Lana trailed her eyes to the side. "Oh, that's Miki."

"Oh." Link smiled and the tension in his shoulders released. "A friend of yours?"

"A sister." Lana smiled back.

Seeing Link's tilted head, she continued. "Well, I am a witch. I have a coven, and sisters, and so on. Remember when I said that Cia and I were from the same clan?"

"Oh. Last time we were here…"

"Well Cia chased us all out." Lana shrugged.

"Is that so?"

"Yes." Lana nodded. "She didn't want to share."

Link scrunched up his face in puzzlement, but Lana wasn't about to explain that particular point to him.

She didn't think he had figured it out, even now. He also had a heroic level of being dense, even standing before the huge portrait of himself as he was.

"I never understood anything about your clan Lana. I'm sorry." He apologized. "I was so busy I didn't really think about it."

"That's alright. Um, I did change the subject a lot back then."

"If it's alright now, I'd still love to hear about it." Link said earnestly.

"Oh. Sure!" Lana laughed and rubbed the back of her head. This was a nervous tick, because she had to do something with her hands, lest her hands get grabby over this cute boy before her.


"Right! Uh, well… well, we're the seers, right? We… see things."

"That's right. It bothered me." Link nodded. "You never predicted anything despite coming from such a clan."

"No, no." Lana shook her head. "Not like that. We're not such a big deal as that. We don't see the future."

"The past?"

"Nope!" Lana cheered.

"But then… you see the present?" Link asked with bemusement.

"Just like the rest of you, right?"

"Then it's a funny name to pick." Link responded.

"Well, it's just so. Our whole cause was originally, before we somehow acquired that darkness to safeguard, was to see it. We see it, so that it matters." Lana said with an embarrassed look on her face. "We just… observe."

"I don't get it." Link answered honestly. "What does that do?"

"It's… funny…. That you of all people should say that." Lana said with forced cheer. "I mean, if you think it's pointless, then that's all there is to it. But listen first, okies? Because this is a tale from a long long time ago, in an alternate time, that rather concerns you," Lana explained, "or so the legend says. In that place, the Hero of Time… that is, you, stood victorious over all of creation, and then threw it away."

Link screwed up his face in consternation. "What?"

"He had everything in his hands, and cast it aside on principle. What principle, we don't know. We don't know, because this is our creation myth. We weren't around to see it. We only know that he did, and cast that entire tale into the vortex of time where it was lost forever. And his companion, a little fairy of pure love and hope, wished from the bottom of her heart that someone, somewhere could have seen it. Would remember it. That it would matter. That's how the first Seers were born."

"Out of a wish?"

"Uh-huh!" Lana smiled.

Link crossed his arms and looked up in thought. "Proxi was a fairy. She traveled with us during the war, but she didn't really…"

"Didn't do anything, right?" Lana said with an amused smile. "It's not like that. You can't just force a wish. It has to come from the heart, and Proxi didn't have anything to wish for. Faries don't really have problems, Link. That's because they're so upbeat all the time, like me." Lana bounced in place. "So it's very rare, and powerful."

"Kind of like the Great Faries?" Link mused.

"Oh, it's incomparably stronger. The Great Faries are just playing around." Lana corrected. "Although, if they ever had anything to really wish for, from their hearts…" Lana shrugged. "But then, what kind of desire could do that? Like I said, you can't force it."

Link crossed his arms and looked up in thought. "I'm not sure I understand it too well, but wishes are really strong."

"Well, what's the verdict Link? If you want, we'll uh… we'll disband. If you still don't see a point to just… observing."

"No, that's great. You're like historians." Link decided. "That's a good job. It's great to have a distinct reason to keep on the grind."

This time, Lana's giggle was genuine. "Oh, that's good. Wow, we were starting to feel like stalkers."


"Nothing. Anyway, we'll keep on the grind, chief!"

"Sure. Good job." Link smiled wryly at the joke. "You're a lucky bunch, I think. I can't say the same for myself."

To this, Lana considered the hero in silence.

"It's alright." He said at last. "You can ask me."

"Why'd you run away, Link?"

"Well… I just decided that the war was over, that's all." Link explained. "At least, I'm not done with it yet."