By Andy "A.M." Prosser

"I don't miss that" thought Sonya Blade louder to herself as she is officing the desk job. She was thinking about her day s at Mortal Kombat tournament.

"That was 2 years ago when I debeaten Kano in 1 on 1 fight." Sonya daydreaming about she tiger uppercut his face into death and then scissorkicked his legs in half.

"But now I am a realtor." Sonya said to her first clients Bob and Maria who were looking for a new home. "We are going to start a faimly!"

Just then Sonya received a texted from Jaxx on her Kom-dar.

"Dear Sonya,

I hope you are doing well. I have discovered a break in the Outworld stream which has enabled me to return to my Earthen home. However, it hs come to my attention that many Outworld inhabitants are also using this portal to visit our home. I know you have formally retired from the Kombat Force but I would strongly encourage you to return to uniform if the situation arises.



PS: Do not trust Bob and Maria.

But that is not IMPOSSIBLE!? To there were the mega fight. Bob and Maria turned out to be bad?

"We are actually Outworld monsters like Barakka" said Bob and Maria. A tricky!

"God DAAAAAMNNNN" abd they fought.

Sonya had to think fast on her feet. To quick for the kick to use against Bob and Maria's blade attacks.

"Have you expected me" it was Jaxx. Now it is 2 on 2 a fair fight.

So Jaxx and Sonya team up and defeat the Bob and Maria.

Then Jaxx turns to Sonya and grabs her by the neck. "You betrayed me at the last tournament! I will not let you win next time!"

"NO!" said Sonya, "I am not a fighter anymore, I am a realtor."

"No." Jaxx said "This isn't realty... this is a FATALTY" and he throws her off a ledge.

(Note: They were on a ledge)