The is my first Sofia the first crossover with my little pony.

It was morning in the kingdom of had just gotten up and got ready for the finish getting and headed out the door were Bailiwick stood.

"Ah good morning Princess Sofia.I'm sure you slept well."Bailieywick said as he walked down the hall way with Sofia.

"Yes I did."Sofia said as they reached the dining room.

Sofia walked and sat down in a chair next to James.

"Hey Dad,me and Sofia have a race toady."James said while he was eating.

"Good luck with you two.I have an important meeting today."king Roland said as he ate his food.

When they all finish eating,Sofia and James went to go get ready for the Sofia walk down to the stables she saw that some thunder clouds were coming in.

"I hope it doesn't rain while were racing."Thought Sofia as she got her horse Minimus ready.

"Uh Sofia are you sure we should have a race today? because it look like there could be a thunder storm." Minimus said as he watch the clouds coming.

"I don't know but if there is lighting we'll have to forfeit the race."Sofia said with an unsure tone.

Sofia and Minimus walked out of the stable and headed to the saw that there was a lot of people who were coming to watch the race.

"Hi James!There sure is a big crowd today."Sofia said as she walk up to James.

"Yeah.I can't wait t win!"shout James as he threw his hands in the air.

"Yep."Said Sofia as she heard the horns."The race is about to start come on."

Sofia and James ran to get to the they made they saw the team they were racing against. The team was called Dark knights they had a dark suit with a blue

lighting on team cam over to James and Sofia.

"I'm Jack and this Zack."Jack said.

"Get ready to lose cause we'er going to win."Zack said as he held his head in a proud way.

"In your dreams."James said as he folded his arms.

"All racers come to the starting line."The referee said as he raised his flags.

The two teams line look at the sky and saw getting darker.

"Maybe we should quit the race."Sofia said.

"No way are we quitting only because of a couple dark clouds."Jack said.

"On Your Marks, Get !"The Referee shouted as the he drop the flags.

Soon the racers took off,James was in the back behind Zack while Sofia was in Jack and Zack pass Sofia and James.

"See you at the finish line."Laugh Zack as he pass them.

"Sofia I am going to see if I can get you closer!"James yell as the wind pick up.

"Okay."Sofia said as she grab James hand.

James push Sofia was getting closer to Zack but as soon as she saw lighting she stop and landed to the came after her.

"Sofia what are you doing?"James ask as he watch the other team pass them.

"I saw lighting." Sofia Answered as she saw lighting again.

"Come on we better go and get the other and tell them to land on the ground."James said as he climb on his horse.

"Yeah and let's hurry."Sofia climb up on Minimus and they flew into the sky."Come on let's go as fast as we can."

Sofia manged to catch up with Jack.

"Jack you need to get to the ground there is lighting!"Yell Sofia as another lighting came.

"No! We are going to win and you won't stop us!"Jack said as he went faster.

James came up to Sofia.

"I told Zack and he wouldn't listen."James said to Sofia.

"Same thing with Jack."Sofia said as she felt wind becoming stronger."Come on let's head down!"

As Sofia and James were coming down a bolt of lighting struck them and they vanish.

Sofia P.O.V

I was having a dream when I felt someone shake me.I woke to see a pony looking at me.

"Sofia boy am I glad to see you awake."the pony who sound like james said.

"James is that you where are we?"I ask while look at a bright and colorful world.

"I don't but we'er ponies."James said and he was right.

I look at him to see a white coat with a blond main and he was a unicorn and I look at myself to see that I have a purple coat with a brown main and I was a Pegasus.

"Hey Sofia!I think I see a 's go and find someone and ask for help."James said as he tried to walk but fell.

"Hahaha you don't know how to walk."A voice said as it laugh.

I look up to see a cyan coat and a rainbow main Pegasus with a Colorful lighting on her... flank?

"Who are you?"I ask as I tried to stand but fell.

"I am Rainbow Dash the fastest flyer in all of Equestria."Rainbow said with a proud tone as she did loops in the sky."Who are you guys?"

"I'm Sofia and this is my brother James."I said as I stood.

"Hi."James as he started to walk.

"Rainbow Dash!You better come back and help clean the up mess!"Yell voice.

A purple pony with wings and horn was walking to Rainbow with an angry look on her face.

"You better have a good reason as to why you mess up my lunch and."the pony said as she saw us."Who are they?"

"This is Sofia and James."Rainbow said as she flew to the pony.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Twilight Sparkle."Twilight said as she shook hoofs.

"Are you new to Ponyville?"Twilight ask"

"What Ponyville?"James ask as he walk towards a Twilight.

"Ponyville is a place were all types of ponies come to is a friendly town but it get's attack a lot."explain Twilight.

"Oh and yes we are new."I said.

"More like new to this whole world." I thought.

"I will show you around Ponyville and my friends."Twilight ask as she walk beside us."What does your cutie mark mean?"

I look at my flank and James did to.I saw that I have a purple element and James had a golden crown on his.

I don't know."I said as I saw a couple of birds fly pass us.

"Oh I need to warn you guys."Rainbow said as she was flying beside us."Watch out for a pink pony her name is Pinkie Pie."

"Why?"James ask as a couple of ponies walk past us.

"Well she is kinda..."Rainbow said when someone interrupt her.

"Hi my name is Pinkie Pie!Come to sugar cube corner at 5"The pink pony ran so fast that all that was left was her dust.

"Crazy."Said Rainbow as she finish her sentence.

"What did she mean by party we just met her for a minute ago and...*gasp*"I gasp as I turn to James."Remember when we were flying and lighting stuck us."

"Oh Yeah.I wonder how the race is going."James said.

Back in Enchancia.

Everyone was wondering what happen to Princess Sofia and Prince James. A couple people ask."What happen to them?"

They went to the spot were the Prince and Princess was but all they saw were there horse.

"We should have cancel the race the King and Queen are going to be so sad."A person in a blue shirt said.

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