Title: Melodies Of Life

Author: Atariel Tsukai

Date: April 12, 2015

Summary: [AU] The Lindblum High School Theater Club is invited to perform at Alexandria High. Can a weekend trip turn into something more for Zidane, who has been dreaming of an opportunity like this?

Rating: T

Authoress's Note: So this chapter is going to be a little like the first chapter. The only difference is that it is introducing our lovely characters from Alexandria High School! If y'all are familiar with Kingdom Hearts, I based their school uniforms off the Destiny Islands school uniform that Kairi and Selphie wear in KHII, just different colors!

Disclaimer: It would be so amazing if, as a birthday present, I got the rights to FFIX! But I highly doubt that will happen.


Chapter II: Alexandria High Elites

Garnet Alexandros was the model student. She was the class president and future valedictorian of the Alexandria High School sophomore class. She was the definition of perfection – smart with her flawless test scores, beautiful with her unblemished skin and her long raven hair and her wide chocolate orbs, and talented with her singing voice of an angel. At least, that's what everyone on the outside thought. She was very shy, despite having to give speeches in front of hundreds of people on countless occasions. Her only two friends were Adelbert Steiner and Beatrix Rose, two seniors whom she had met back when she had just started preschool many years before.

Unfortunately, because she had never successfully reached out to other people, most of her classmates thought that she was stuck-up. The way she only spent time with the two upperclassmen who were very protective of her reminded most everyone of a princess and her knights. People thought that they were clever, calling her Your Highness behind her back. At first they thought that she did not know they did it, but she had overheard the unwanted nickname being spoken way too many times to count. When she was with Beatrix, the older female would simply fix whoever had said it with an ice-cold glare. Steiner would start to make a big deal, just for Garnet to run away out of embarrassment.

"Garnet, did you hear me?"

Wide chocolate orbs blinked a few times. "Sorry, Steiner. I was thinking about something else," she explained with an apologetic smile as she looked up. The male sitting across the table was on the taller and larger side, but pretty muscular as he spent most of his free time with Alexandria High's fencing team. He had short black hair and dark coal eyes that showed concern for his dear friend. Her slim fingers played with the hem of the light silver, dark gray, and white plaid skirt of her school uniform as she thought she might be scolded for dazing off.

Beatrix placed a gentle hand on one of the younger girl's white-sleeved shoulders, causing her to look over to the beautiful senior. She had long, flowing chestnut hair that framed her pale face and covered up one of her hazel orbs, which she could not see out of because of an accident she had been in as a child, before she had even met Steiner or Garnet. "It's okay. Adelbert-" she was the only person, with the exception of Garnet every so often, to ever call Steiner by his first name, "-was just saying that the drama club from Lindblum High School is coming to perform Lord Avon's 'I Want To Be Your Canary'. That has always been your favorite play, right?" she asked with a smile, having fond memories of a tiny Garnet lugging around a book that was practically as big as her just because it had the script of said play inside its pages.

Chocolate orbs widened. "They're performing here? When!?" the raven-haired girl asked excitedly. She leaned forwards, the plaid tie of her school uniform swinging back and forth a bit. "Will you two go with me?" she practically pleaded.

Beatrix laughed softy, covering her mouth with one hand. "I don't think he would have mentioned it if we weren't planning on taking you, Garnet," she pointed out, watching as the younger female's face turned a faint pink, starting with her cheeks. "They will be performing this upcoming weekend, during our school festival. You should check with your mother to make sure it's okay, but we'd be more than happy to attend with you the entire weekend if you wish," she told the sophomore with yet another smile.

Again, chocolate orbs sparkled excitedly. She jumped up from her spot at the lunch table and threw her thin arms around her two best friends. "Thank you so very much! That sounds amazing!" she exclaimed happily. The bell rang, signaling the end of their lunch hour. She brushed some of her long raven hair away from her face in a somewhat nervous manner. "Well, I suppose I'll see you two later," she said with a small smile.

Beatrix and Steiner both returned the hug and nodded in agreement. "We'll walk you home after school," the male reminded her. It was something the two upperclassmen had always done since the very first day they had met her. Even if one of them had club activities after class, the other always made sure that the young girl did not have to walk home alone.

The brunette smiled kindly at the younger female. "Have a nice time in class. We'll see you later," she added before heading down the hallway in the opposite direction from Garnet, Steiner right behind her.

Garnet let out a heavy sigh, perfectly content with the news. She turned and began to walk down the hall towards her next class. 'This weekend is going to be so nice,' she thought to herself with a smile, not even remembering that it was the weekend of her birthday or realizing that Beatrix and Steiner might try to plan something even bigger for her special day.


Authoress's Note: Again, a very short chapter. Even shorter than the first chapter. Actually, I believe it is only a little bit longer than the first chapter I wrote for You're Not Alone. I blame it on being another introduction chapter. Starting with the next chapter, this will actually get into the storyline of this fic, so hopefully it will be a lot better! Please review and let me know what you think so far!