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May 2013

Wizarding Wireless Station, Britain

Griselda Urquhart: "Good afternoon, wizarding Britain! And do we ever have a treat for you this afternoon. Griselda Urquhart here, and as promised, I've got the Golden Trio of Gryffindor with me. That's right, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger-Malfoy are in the studio! We've got a great interview planned for this the anniversary of the defeat of Tom Riddle, better known as Voldemort. Welcome to you all. Thank you so much for coming in to chat with our listeners.

Hermione Granger-Malfoy: Good afternoon.

Harry Potter: Nice to be here.

Ron Weasley: Hullo. Pleasure.

GU: So, I know that we're here celebrating the downfall of Voldemort first. Looking back on that, any thoughts, fifteen years on?

HP: Who was that for?

GU: Any of you, but you are the Chosen One.

HP: Well, I don't know about being the Chosen One, but I know I'm really glad we were able to take him down. And I couldn't have done it without these two. Hermione kept us alive that year we were in hiding.

RW: That's true. Couldn't have done it without her. She's blushing, Harry, you see that? She's blushing!

HGM: Oh stop it. I was just the researcher.

HP: She says that. She was the researcher, but she's really great to have around in a fight. Thankfully, we haven't had many of those recently.

GU: That's right, Mr. Potter, you are the head of the Aurors at the Ministry. Youngest in history.

HP: Yes, well, that was a great honor, and I just hope I'm doing a good job. We've really seen a drop in dark magic activity over the past few years, and I feel like that's a good sign. But we'll be keep a close eye out for anything we need to address.

GU: Mr. Weasley, you left the Auror corps, is that right? What was the story there?

RW: Well, as you know, my brother George owns and operates Weasley's Wizard Wheezes on Diagon Alley and in Hogsmeade. He asked me to come onboard as a partner. And after we finally nabbed all the loose Death Eaters, I decided to make the jump to the civilian world.

GU: Any bad blood over that decision between you and Mr. Potter?

HP: Nope.

RW: (laughing) No. We're good.

GU: Now, Mrs. Malfoy, what are you doing these days? You stunned society by not taking your rightful place at the head of the glittering throng, only going to the required functions. What do you do with your time at the Manor?

HGM: Well, I actually work for the Ministry in the Department of Mysteries. I've been there for years. I started out in Magical Law Enforcement, but really my strongest talents are in research and development. It's a much better fit. And our family doesn't live at the Manor. We live where we've always lived on the coast in Devon."

GU: And how is that working out? Our listeners are simply dying to know. Are you all happy with your marriages? Children?

HGM: Oh, I think the Sorting Hat got it right with all of us. Don't you agree?

HP: Daphne's great.

RW: I can't imagine life without Tracey and our kids.

HGM: Well, as you know, Draco and I have three kids. My parents had wanted to hold a wedding that summer after NEWTs for their closest friends who couldn't attend our Halloween ceremony, but we decided against it. I was already pregnant with the twins!

GU: Oh, the twins - now how were they sorted when they reached Hogwarts?

HGM: (laughing) They were all hatstalls! But, Scorpius finally went to Slytherin, Cassiopeia to Gryffindor, and Orion, he's just finishing up his first year, but Gryffindor got him.

GU: And how does Mr. Malfoy feel about that? When was the last time any Malfoy went anywhere but Slytherin?

HGM: He's happy for them, of course. They've found their home at school!

GU: What about you, Mr. Potter; where were your children sorted?

HP: Well, James and Lily are both Gryffindors, and Albus went Slytherin.

GU: And how do you feel about that? Didn't you want all your children to be Gryffindors?

HP: (Shrugging) Well, it's like Hermione said, they've found their homes at school. Why would I mind if one of them isn't in my House?

GU: What about your kids? Where were they sorted, Mr. Weasley?

RW: Hugo, he's a Gryffindor, but his older sister Rose is a Ravenclaw.

GU: Ravenclaw? Really? And when was last time a Weasley was sorted anywhere but Gryffindor?

RW: (chuckling) Never. My dad was floored. But I'm so proud of her. She's wicked smart, and she's a Chaser for Ravenclaw.

GU: Now, since the so-called Marriage Law was put into place, the population has exploded, and there is talk of repeal. What say you three?

HGM: I'd like to see the law repealed, of course. I think it's served its purpose.

HP: I think we all agree on that.

GU: Any residual anger over it? You all seem very happy.

RW: Nope.

HP: Absolutely not. 'Mione?

HGM: I wouldn't change a thing for me - I have an amazing life. I love my husband, my children . . .we did what we needed to do, and our lives are much, much better for it. The law did more for us individually than we could have ever imagined. It brought us together. It gave us the opportunity to love, and with love we can do anything. (laughs) It gave us unity.


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