I think I'll get used to this…

Narrator's P.O.V

Four girls from another dimension walks through the dirty alley. Bliss spoke up first. "What is this place?" She asked her sisters. "We're in New York City. The human dimension's famous city" Aiden, Bliss' tallest and nerdy sister answered. "Listen!" Bliss exclaimed, perking up her wolf ears and gasping. "We hear nothing genius" Casey, the sarcastic and rebellious sister said, perking up her cat ears. "Listen carefully" Bliss hushed.

Aiden gently crouched down. Lilly ran and jumped onto Aiden's back. Bliss, then, jumped on Lilly's back and then Casey walked over and gently climbed onto Bliss' back. "Do you see anything?" Bliss asked, craning her neck to see Casey's face. Casey looked down and replied. "I see four shadows, beating up eight guys. We should help" Bliss nodded and told everyone to get off Aiden's back.

-few minutes later—

Bliss and her sisters ran on rooftops, slid down lead pipes and ran quietly behind each of the eight figures. Bliss saw the blue clad turtle look at her. She quietly puts a finger on her mouth, a signal to be quiet. He nodded and began to distract the eight.

The (Purple Dragons) were distracted and the girls had their chances, slitting their necks open and scattering to the four other remaining . They did the same to the other and panted. "Who are you guys?" The blue clad turtle asked. "I'm Bliss" Bliss introduced herself. "Sup? I'm Casey, leader of the rebellious" Casey smirked, saying the whole thing with braggism. "Lilly" Lilly said, shrugging. "Aiden" Aiden said shyly. "Now who are you guys?" Casey demanded. "I'm Leonardo, call me Leo" the blu- I mean Leo said. "Raphael, Raph for short" Raphael smirked.

"Donatello, Donnie or Don for short" Don said. "I'm Mikey" The youngest turtle boasted.