Chapter four

Apparently No!

Casey's point of view. (FINALLY)

It has been a few weeks since Lilly had left us- yes, US!- I was sitting on the counter of the kitchen in the turtles' lair. "Hey Case…" a soft and familiar voice called out. I jumped off the counter and turned around. Leonardo was leaning against the walls, arms crossed. "Hey Lee" I spoke softly, still thinking about the disappearance of my sister. So, out of the blue I decided to blame myself. "Lilly was only 14! I am such a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sister (Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day pun XD)" I yelled. Leo walked towards me. "Casey, you're a good sister! Let Lilly cool down. We all know that Bliss annoys Lil" He replied softly. "Thank you Lee, you're the best friend I ever had" I whispered into his ear as we hugged. "Want to go train?" Leo asked. "Sure!" I whispered back and we released the hug. He tossed me a katu, a weapon that was Lilly's favorite. It was wise and a parody of a pair of nunchucks. We stood in stances. "Hajime!" Master Splinter yelled.

After a good half hour of training, Master Splinter walked up to me with a box. He opened it and presented an aqua and white headband with two eye holes. I slipped it on and everyone cheered. "I just wish Lilly was here to see this…" I whispered. "I know, I miss Lilly too!" Michelangelo yelled. "Yah" Everyone said, agreeing.