She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Tracker was standing up to the older being just to protect her. She couldn't believe it, but at the same time she could. Tracker had feelings for her and she knew it. Ellie was certain he also knew what she felt towards him too.

Ellie had taken what little cover a tree could offer her to keep herself out of the rain, it was a warm kind of rain, it felt good against her skin but it was falling pretty hard. It didn't hurt, Ellie just didn't want to get her clothes all wet because wet clothes were never fun to walk around in.

She bared her teeth, praying Berserker didn't end up killing Tracker. She didn't know how she'd handle it- that was if he let her stay alive.

She held her bleeding arm, trying to make some of the blood stop. The wounds were a bit deeper than they looked, she should be lucky that she still even had her left arm and that it wasn't the one she used to draw with.

Tracker growled lowly, not daring to back down. He was going to protect Ellie not matter what happened. He figured something was up, Berserker's sudden interest in his pet stirred some mixed feelings about him. He should have known he was trying to do something from the beginning.

Berserker roared, bolting towards Tracker, and Tracker quickly countered him, running at him as well. Berserker was the one to throw the younger to the ground once they made contact, holding up his blade before driving it down, but the younger rolled out of the way, the lone blade only making contact with the ground. Tracker stood up and tackled Berserker to the ground, delivering a few hard punches to his masked face, letting out loud roars.

Ellie watched the two. It was like watching two lions fight over a piece of meat. Whether they were going to fight to the death, though... she didn't want to imagine it.

Berserker grabbed Tracker's arm and threw him off. He got up, glowing green blood leaking out from behind his mask, mixing with the rain drops that streamed down as well. Tracker scrambled to get to his feet, looking ready to go once more, his breathing becoming uneven.

Ellie bit her lower lip, watching as the two fought each other, the rain beginning to come down harder and harder with each passing moment. This was horrible, and it was all her fault. Everything was her fault, nothing could ever go her way without breaking down in some way, at any point and time.

She was broken from her thoughts when Tracker was thrown in her general direction, landing right in front of her. She gasped, staring at him. He was bleeding, a tusk on his mask had been broken off, and he was covered in scratch marks that looked ten times worse than the ones of her arm.

Slowly, he got up, stumbling slightly. Ellie quickly grabbed his arm, not wanting him to fight anymore.

"Tracker, please!" she whimpered, the tears that were falling from her eyes almost going unnoticed thanks to the rain. He looked to Berserker who seemed prepared for whatever he was going to do next, then he looked at Ellie, as if he was trying to make up his mind about what he was going to do.

Ellie gave a yelp of surprise when Tracker threw her over his arm as he quickly ran off. Berserker gave a roar, starting to follow after them. Tracker whistled as he jumped over a fallen log, calling his Hell Hounds to his side. They barked, running in front of Berserker to stall him as long as they could.

Ellie felt herself getting weaker and weaker from the blood she was losing from her arm, her vision going in and out, everything was becoming more and more blurry, until she finally allowed her eyes to close, passing out.

She woke up to warmth surrounding her. she opened her tired eyes that begged to stay closed, looking around the cave she had been brought to. She was covered in furs, and only Smog, her favourite Hell Hound, was laying at her feet. He was covered in scratch marks, a few gashes here and there, but he was still alive and kicking. What was to be said about the other two, though... She shook her head, not wanting to think about it.

Her attention was then brought to her arm, bandages were wrapped all around it- rather professionally at that.

She sat up, causing Smog to sit up as well, looking at her. He cocked his head, standing up before plopping down by her side, giving a soft whimper as he nudged her arm. She placed it on his head, giving him a few pats, smiling. She was so glad to see him, and it looked like he was glad to see her too.

"Awake... good. Got you food." Tracker suddenly spoke, water dripping down from his form as he approached, appearing to also have her backpack in his hands. Her paper was probably all ruined, though it looked oddly dry.

That was right, it was pouring down outside, wasn't it?

Tracker sat down beside her on the pile of furs that was more a make-shift bed, handing her the bundled leaf he grabbed from near the fire that he had made some time ago it looked, setting her backpack down on the opposite side. She took it, smiling at him before she looked away.

"...Oh... Thanks..." she muttered, opening it up. It was the same thing he had always brought her when he got her food. Some berries and a slab of rare-cooked meat. She happily ate every bit, feeling way more hungrier than she was. He ran a claw through her hair, letting out a soft purr. Ellie giggled, feeling a bit silly about how she was basically cramming the food into her mouth while he sat there, probably more amused than anything.

"Starving?" he suddenly spoke, removing his mask so she could see his face. She could never get over how he looked. He was so human, and yet he wasn't.

"I guess so..." she shrugged as she licked her fingers, looking at him. "...Did you eat?"

He nodded, giving a soft grunt. She nodded, pulling the furs around her a bit more to keep warm. It was the first time she felt cold on the planet, it was always so warm on the planet- cold never seemed to go across one's mind here.

Ellie looked over Tracker's body, taking note of a few scars from Berserker. She hesitantly reached forward, running her fingers along one that was on his left shoulder. She frowned, a rush of guilt running through her.

"...This is all my fault..." she whispered, "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be like this..."

"Talking like I'm dying." he trilled, going to wrap his arms around her but she scooted away from him. He cocked his head, rather confused.

"How can you be so calm about what happened? I nearly got you killed! How you even feel things for me... I... This isn't something that should be happening." Ellie held her head, "I don't understand this... I was brought here to be killed and now... now we're here-"

"Ellie... calm..." he muttered, placing his hands on her waist before he pulled her to him. She struggled to get out of his grasp, not wanting to be close to him. "Calm..." he began to run his fingers through her hair, knowing that was a one way ticket to calming her nerves about something.

Ellie stopped moving, taking in shaky breaths. She leaned back against him, shutting her eyes. "...If I was still on Earth and you did take my mother instead of me... We would never be like this... I guess, in a way, I'm glad... but... I'm also not... If I was never here, you and your brother never would have fought and... you'd probably be much happier just killing people than having to worry about me... I'm bad luck... I always have been."

"Don't talk like that..." he growled into her ear, still trying to calm her. "It's true... if never brought here... would never have felt like this towards you... but you are here... and you are mine..." he nuzzled his head against hers, purring louder.

"... I just... hmm..." she shut her eyes, sighing. Ellie never thought this kind of thing would happen to her. She just figured she'd live a normal life, being with a human and never an alien- like in the movies. If this was a movie, there would of been a lot more drama happen, but in a way she liked how everything turned out... kind of. Not a lot of things went the way she wanted, but in the end she managed to get the guy. "...This is one of the few things in my life that have gone perfectly, even if there was a chance you could have died earlier... I'm glad you didn't keep fighting, I don't think I could have handled you dying on me..."

"... Don't worry about me... Never worry..." he purred, his hand starting to wander from her hips to her upper body. Ellie bit her lower lip, unsure of what to do.

Smog gave a slight growl, but stood up, trotting off somewhere. Ellie blinked, "...Where's Smog going?"

"...To guard entrance..." he leaned closer, hands resting just under her breasts. "don't want anyone... interrupting~" he growled playfully, his tongue snaking out of his maw to lick her cheek. She giggled, placing her hands over his.

"... So... Now we're going to pick up where we left off?" she teased, turning her head to look up at him. He nodded.

"Of course..." he pushed her down onto the make-shift bed, looming over her as he looked at her body, as if deciding what to do with her.

"Do whatever you want to me... I'm sure I can handle it..." she bit her lower lip, staring up at him. Half of her was ready, but another half was screaming at her to make him keep away from her, that she was unprepared.

She decided she'd rather listen to her wild side more. They hadn't been able to be alone for some time. She really wanted him.