Sweet and sour

Muffy and Francine have some thinking to do and choices to make after receiving some harsh truths about their rotten attitudes and personalities. Often more bully than bullied, Francine gets a tongue lashing from the people she thought were her friends leaving her distraught and in need of some help while Muffy searches for other friends in the tough customers...

It all came out in the halls of Elwood City Middle school...

Buster finally let loose in the halls of the middle school. "I dont like you"

Francine raised an eyebrow. "What?" She placed hands on her hips

"The only reason I still speak to you is because I have to" he spat. "At soccer practice" he sighed, "and because of Arthur who's too scared to drop you as a friend"

Francine felt crushed, like she had been verbally kicked in the stomach.

"Its sort of true" George added. "You're always lashing out at one of us"

Sue ellen and Fern nodded. "Look if this is about the time I said you dressed in the dark.." She mumbled."I was eight"

"Yeah?" Jenna growled. "Well you're thirteen now"

Alex and Maria agreed. "You are still a...um"

"A bitch" Buster snarled. "If Alan was here he'd agree"

Francine wanted to hit buster but she just stood silently. "A bitch?" She gasped.

Looking over at Arthur she softly asked if he felt that way.

He blushed and nodded. "Well theres a reason you weren't invited to my party"

Ladonna stood there and shrugged. "I aint got nothing against you" she said.

Buster rolled his eyes. "With all due respect Ladonna..."

"Dont use cuss words neither" LaDonna cut in.

Francine felt to shook up to hear what the tall bunny had said

"Oh" she looked to the floor. Binky stood there with his arms folded.

"What about you?" She questioned. "Still gonna pound me?" She squinted in anger.

"No" he replied. "Im not like that anymore" "I wouldn't anyway"

"Pfft" Muffy scowled, not anymore?"

"Oh well if it isn't the wicked bitch of the west" Buster sneered.

"What?" She screamed. "You're the asshole not me" she griped.

"You're tearing my best friend to shreds" "and all of you are being awful"

Arthur folded his arms. "Really Muffy?" He glared.

"I uh gotta go" Francine quickly said, running into the bathroom.

"Now look what youve done" she narrowed her eyes at Buster and Arthur. "You two instigated tbis whole thing didn't you?"

"No" Sue ellen snapped.

"What?" Muffy gasped. "I give you all my advice and help" she cringed sadly. "Fern, Im always helping you" "and Buster..."

"You only help us because you want something in return" Fern spat.

"Oh Fern, since when did you grow a back bone?" She hissed.

"Youre also a mega slut" Jenna grunted. Everyone was shocked by that.

"You knew I liked that guy in sophmore year but you made out with him" she cried. "Right in front of me"

Jack weasel hugged her.

"He didnt want an ugly loser cat like you" she hissed back.

Buster was livid. George and Sue ellen and Fern all turned their backs to her.

"You can do your homework and host your fashion shows on your own" Fern said.

Maria and Alex ignored her plea to explain. "Noone likes your slutty clothes anyway" They scowled.

"I dont mind em" Said Ladonna. Binky held his girlfriends hand. "Shhh" he whispered.

"Ladonna stop it" Buster groaned. "Stop taking her side"

The white rabbit huffed and stomped off. "She thinks youre a stupid hick" Arthur called out.

Ladonna kept walking, crying at what Arthur had just said.

"Im the bitch?" She screamed. "You are the ones being hateful"

She then had a devious grin smear across her face.

"Oh wow" she gasped. "You are racists"

"What?" They chanted

"Against Francine" "and anyone who's her friend"

Buster growled. "This has nothing to do with her being Jewish"

Arthur lowered his eyes at Muffy. "Thats low, even for you"

"Well" she winked. "We shall see what Francine plans to tell the school board"

Arthur grabbed her by the arm. "Don't do it Muffy"

"Owwww" she yelped. "Help someone, Arthurs hurting me"

Molly came walking past. "Get your hands off her" she said through clenched fists.

Buster tried to explain but Muffy cut him off.

"Spare me you're he said, she said" she retorted. Arthur let go of Muffy.

"You guys are real peices of work" The red headed bunny growled.

She huffed and followed Molly, glaring at her ex friends. "Violent assholes"

Francine stepped out of the bathroom and headed to class, she sat alone with a glum look on her face.

For the next few days, Francine didn't talk unless the teacher asked her something. Shed said no to Muffys racist scheme and walked home on her own.

She tied up her hair and put on a pair of earrings on Friday evening after school.

Noone spoke to the two girls after what had happened except the tough customers.

Arthur called Laverne who was worried and said needed to speak to Francine.

"I hope you're able to get more than two words out of her Arthur" laverne sighed. "I cant"

When her mother told her Arthur was coming round she had butterflies in her stomach.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she wiped some tears from her face and waited in her room until she heard a knock on the door.

"Hey" he said, opening the door.

Francine stayeod n the bed and said "hi"

"Uh can I talk to you?" He asked.

"Are you sure you want to?" She replied

He sighed and took a seat on the bed next to her.

"Look, some of what we said was pretty harsh" he explained

She looked at him. "It hurt you know" she responded. "Buster spoke to me like I had no feelings at all"

Arthur felt a tad guilty but he had to tell her the truth hurts. "You were, up until that day, we told you" he replied, "A pretty nasty person"

She frowned. "I didn't even realise" she said. "Then Muffy came to me with this crazy idea you all turned on me" she went quiet again.

"Let me guess?" Arthur said. "Because youre Jewish?"

She nodded. "She did act kind of vindictive"

"Thats an understatement" Arthur snorted.

"Shes upset that I said no to her plan". " Why lie like that?" "Shes gone sour over it though"

Arthur was puzzled. "So you two aren't talking to each other?"

Francine shook her head. "Nope" "Now shes hanging out with Molly and Rattles"

"Prunella is a good friend of hers" Francine added. She fell into the bed sighing.

"As usual shes fine" Francine sadly remarked. "Shes got a new set of friends, while Im..."

She turned away and buried her head in her pillow.

Arthur didn't really know what to do. He was all of thirteen.

"Im sorry" she muffled her cries through the pillow.

He rubbed her back.

"Um well" he said. "Are you sorry?" "Really?"

She sat up and wiped her eyes.

"Honest I am"

Arthur smiled. "Okay" he gave her a hug.

She felt nervous but Hugged him back.

"What do I say to the others to make them believe me?" She asked.

Arthur scratched his head. "Uh well you could come over tomorrow" he offered

"Buster and Sue ellen are coming over with Fern I think"

Francine arched her brow. "Really?"

He nodded. "Yeah, we are gonna watch some movies then work on this stupid math test" "its really hard"

Francine snapped her fingers. "Thats it" she smiled. "I'll help you guys"

Arthur queried. "You will?"

She nodded with a grin. "I'm top of my class in math, a year ahead" "sophmore math"

"Oh right true" he replied. "So you'd do that?"

She nodded her head. "I need to show tgem that I mean it"

"They'll appreciate that" he softly smiled. "We all will."

She blushed

"So you and me are friends again?"

Arthur gave her another hug.

"Yup off course" he held her tight.

"I like you, you know" she blurted out

"Oh crap" she covered her mouth

Arthur went silent.

"Sorry, its just you hugged me and then we hugged again"

She fumbled her words. "Ive really put my foot in it" she said bashfully.

"No you haven't" he replied.

"Yes, you like Sue Ellen not me" she frowned.

He looked at her with a confused expression.

"Uh...her and Buster started dating at my party last weekend"

Francine gasped. "Really?"

Arthur nodded. "They made out" "then she held his hand and they walked home together"

"Oh I had bo idea" she said

Arthur shrugged. "Good for them"

He noticed Francines earrings.

"Nice earrings by the way" he said with a tiny gulp

She blushed and played with her ponytail


He held her hand.

"Did you want to go for a walk?" He asked

She rose up of the bed. ,"yes for sure" she replied...

So they walked together hand in hand, talking about things. Francine was nervous about saturday.

"Dont be" he smiled. "I'll be there"

She hugged him. "Thankyou for giving me another chance"

He hugged her really tightly too.

"No problem"

The next day she helped her old friends out and they did thank her for the tips and study help. Buster accepted her apology and Sue ellen did alongside Fern.

George and Binky noticed a change in Miss Frensky, sitting with Arthur and Buster at lunch.

She told them openly how sorry she was. "If you need help with school work or anything.."

"Sweet" George smiled. He gave her a hug and Binky forgave her, he asked about a math problem he was having which she explained to him before his class

"Whoot I got a Cminus" he cheered.

Buster got a C on his math test, he was ecstatic while Sue ellen got a B+ as did Fern.

"Wow" Fern exclaimed by her locker. "Shes really good"

Arthur got an A. "Awesome, my parents will be thrilled" he smiled

Francine approached them. "How'd you guys do?"

They showed her. "Thank you" Arthur said. "You really helped me out"

"And us" Sue ellen and Fern added. Buster gleamed "Look a C" "yay"

"Cool" francine smiled. She offered to help them if they needed it again.

"Uh listen, theres this pizza party at my house on friday" Arthur said, blushing. "Did you wanna come?"

Francine beamed. "Really?" "Yes" "sounds great"

"Cool, see you there" The others said. Buster nudged Arthur.

"Tell her" he hinted

Arthur pushed him away. "Alright just go"

Buster waved. "See ya later buster" francine waved.

"Uh Francine?" Arthur uneasily reached for his back to scratch.

"Yes?" Francine smiled.

She had an inkling of what he was goimg to say.

"Would you maybe possibly, want to be..."

"Your girlfriend?" She winked.

He nodded. "Yeah"

"For sure" she smiled.

They both shared their first kiss that day

Francine never looked back...

Muffy? Well she dated Rattles behind Mollys back and was kicked out of the group. Prunella got sick of her.

She went running back to Arthur and his friends. With a fake apology and screamed when they said no.

She asked why francine was allowed back in

"Because shes nice" Arthur responded holding Francines hand. "Youre not"

Aghhh muffy screamed. "So everythings all hunky dory?"

Binky shrugged. "Yeah but Im not sure what that means"

"Fine be a nerd, Francine for the rest of your life in your trashy clothes and an ugly boyfriend "

Arthur laughed. "Youre so patetic muffy"

"Diss me all you want" Francine shrugged. "I like the way I am now"

"Why dont you just get lost?" Buster snarled. "Leave your old friend alone, shes not like you" "and leave us be"

Muffy started spitting out insults in a furious rage

They ignored her and walked off

The years passed. Muffy moved to a private school and the others stayed friends

Arthur and francine stayed together. Buster and Sue ellen married at 23 and Francine had a baby with Arthur at 25. They were married soon after.

The last they heard of muffy, shed been kicked out of home for snorting cocaine with Slink..

Her life ended on the streets.

One turned sweet, the other turned sour

Francine chose sorry and learned her lesson

Muffy chose to get eveneven and struck out

It backfired on herher

The end