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Chapter 1: Don't stand in the fire!

"Noooooooo!" the scream of a devastated and frustrated dragon slayer was rummaging through the guild halls of Fairy Tail and was carried outside to the streets of Magnolia. Some people stopped and looked in surprise towards the building, frightened by the sudden outburst. Others shrugged and thought it was part of the usual shenanigans, that happened whenever the weird mages was involved. No matter how they reacted it made no influence on what was going on inside.

What was happening inside? Well a lot of people was staring in pity at a certain pink haired boy who dropped heavily to his knees after screaming his lungs out.

Why? Because the truth about something specific was too overwhelming for him to handle...

"It can't be... it... no!" Natsu grabbed his head with both hands while shaking it in disbelief "There has to be a way! This is just... cruel!"

"I know, but unfortunately there is no quick solution, for this inconvenient situation" Erza stated with a hint of sympathy.

"But... but..." Natsu's lips was trembling slightly as he glared at the scarlet haired woman "... Wendy?"

"You heard what the master said..." the armoured mage sighed while rubbing the temple of her nose "... there is no solution for this. You have to wait until the seal removes itself"

"So you expect me to go for an entire week without using magic?"


"Ungh!" Natsu threw his arms into the air, trying to demonstrate in motional gestures how unfair the situation was "This is... fucking stupid!"

"It is, yes" Erza said rather firmly "Especially because we have a follow up mission tomorrow"

"Greeeeeat!" he rolled his eyes in annoyance while crossing his legs, trying to get into a more comfortable sitting position on the ground "That'll be sooooo much fun..."

"Fun?" Erza blinked a few times "I can assure you, that it will not intrigue your pleasures"

"... ohh... really...?" he raised an eyebrow to empathise his sarcastic attitude.


"Tsch!" snorting Natsu turned his head to stare at Gray, hoping that he might provide some solution.

The ice mage, feeling rather insecure at the sudden attention, coughed before folding his arms "Ahem... well it's a week at most. Who knows the seal might break before that. I mean this is you and you're known to break boundaries, right?"


"So let's just see how it goes and take it one step at a time"

"... nnnngh..." Natsu grumbled still deeply unsatisfied and unhappy.

"Please will you stop moaning like a silly fanboy at a pop concert"


"Come ooooon!" Gray groaned "Stop taking it out on us. I mean it's your own fault for angering that guy from the magic council"

"I didn't know he was from the magic council! I mean it wasn't like it was written in capital letters on his forehead or something like that"

"Maybe not..." the ice mage shrugged "... but you still burned all of his clothes to a crisp"

"That was his own fault!" Natsu shrieked in annoyance "I wasn't even aiming in his direction when he suddenly decided it would be a good idea to run directly into my attack"

"Yeah... that was really stupid... I mean if he had stayed behind that rock like we told him to, he would have been safe"

"Exactly! He was the one who suddenly started screaming like a girl before running directly into the fire. It made no sense at all!"

"It was kinda fun though watching the idiot run around after that..." Gray chuckled

"Yeah it was wasn't it?" Natsu snickered as a mental image of the dude spawned inside of his mind. After being hit by the flames, the guy had been frantic and started running around with both arms above his head, squealing about the fire being too hot. After that he had stripped and left his clothes in a burning pile. But instead of trying to stop the clothes from burning, the dude had continued to run around in circles, yelling weird things in a squeaky voice.

When the fight between team Natsu and the villains had finished the dude suddenly seemed to realise that he was naked and tried covering his private things, while yelling that they had to give him some clothes or he would do some rather unpleasant things to them. The team barely got time to respond before the man huffed stoically and stomped back to the giant rock, where he had been hiding before he got the sudden urge to run into the fire.

When the dude got there he quickly fetched something that looked like clothes from his bag. A second later the guy had slipped into a long rainbow coloured dress. It was so flashy that it sent sparkles all over the place almost blinding team Natsu, as the man strolled very confidently back to them.

Once the dude was close enough to the team he started yelling randomly about weird stuff like rainbows, responsibility, sparkles, the magic council, the true value of a man wearing a dress... so yeah a lot of things that didn't make sense. But eventually the man seemed to regain control of his anger and quickly made a sealing spell on Natsu before fleeing from the scene.

After that the team had taken a moment to recover from the weird scenario and eventually Natsu understood the meaning of the sealing spell that had been used on him. At first he was angry and wanted to hunt the culprit, but Lucy somehow managed to calm him down, with the prospect that there might be a solution back at the guild.

However there was no solution! No easy answers! Nothing! The master told him that a seal like the one that had been used on him, couldn't be healed or removed no matter what! It had to vanish on it's own and of course it would after a short period of time.

It was frustrating! For reals!

"Grrr...!" Growling Natsu crossed his arms, while tilting his head backwards so he could glare furiously at the ceiling "I hate this!"

"You should hate it" the sound of Lucy's gentle voice made him snap his neck in the direction she was talking "I mean it wasn't your fault and to be honest I could only imagine how horrible it must be like, not being able to use your magic..." she smiled sadly towards him before staring at her feet "... magic isn't just a force we use to destroy or build things... it's like an invisible companion that is constantly there, both in good and bad times..."


"... and since you use your magic in hand to hand combat, I could only imagine it feels like you lost a part of yourself..."

"... yeah..."

"... however I'm sure you'll do fine tomorrow. You're strong even if you don't use your magic"

"... I guess..."

"Anyhow..." Lucy sighed before walking over to him. "... I'll see you tomorrow, kay?" she gently patted his head before walking out of the guild, leaving a rather confused dragon slayer on the ground.

What had that been about? Why did she look... sad? Well it was a sad situation... but still... meh, it was Lucy... she did weird things all the time. Natsu shook his head at his own thoughts, before getting into a standing position where he stretched lazily for a few seconds.

"Meeeh!" he spat while ruffling his hair with one hand "I'm going home. See you guys tomorrow"

At the sound of the other's response he started walking towards the exit while waving his hand dismissively.

"Hey! Hey wait for me!" Happy yelled from somewhere behind Natsu and a second later they were both leaving the guild, going towards their home.

"Natsu are you okay? You barely touched dinner?" Happy asked in concern while glaring at the dragon slayer who was lazily poking the meal in front of him.

"Hmm..." not focusing on what he was doing Natsu flicked a finger against a pea making it fly across the room "yeah... I'm just tired"

"You sure?"

"Yeah..." Natsu yawned loudly while stretching both arms above his head "...I think I could sleep the entire week..."

"Hmm, but wouldn't that be the same as hibernating?" the cat blinked a few times with a puzzled look on his face "Do... dragons hibernate?"

"Hmm... I don't think so?" looking equally confused Natsu started scratched his chin deep in thought "I mean Igneel could sleep... like forever! But I don't think he ever went into hibernation?"

They both stared at each other thinking about the probability of dragons going into hibernation, when Natsu felt his nose tickling. He tried wiggling his nose to make it stop, but it didn't help.

"Natsu... why are you wiggling your nose?"

"It tickles and I... I..." the sneeze that escaped him was so forceful it knocked the food of the table, making it crash on the floor, sending various food flying in all directions. Even Happy was sent flying with a loud squeal, before he collided with the wall.

Just like Happy Natsu was caught unprepared by the force from the sneeze making him fall backwards all of a sudden.

"Ehh... eh?!" Natsu's eyes bulged visibly when his attempt on grabbing the table failed, making him fall towards the floor, where he knocked his head against the ground.

"Argh!" he yelped at the collision and growled a moment later in both confusion and pain.

"What the heck was that?!" Happy questioned out loud while staring at the dragon slayer who was rubbing a sore lump on his head.

"I have no idea?!" honestly he didn't. Okay, maybe he didn't have that much experience in sneezing, but it was never so... powerful? "A... sneeze, I think?"

"... that was a loud sneeze..."

"... yeah..."

"... powerful too..."

"... mm-hm..."

"It was an awesome sneeze!"

"It was wasn't it?!"

They both chuckled, trying not to think about the mess that was surrounding them or the snot and saliva that was now covering a huge part of the table. When the laughter died down Natsu exhaled loudly before getting into a standing position.

"Seriously though Happy, I'm going to bed... I'm really... really tired..." his shoulders dropped visibly as he started massaging his temples "... and my head kinda hurts..."

"Ohh... is... there anything you need?"

"Naaaw, I'm fine, I just need some sleep"

"You sure?" the cat asked in a concerned voice "You look... rather pale..."

"Don't worry about it..." Natsu smirked half heartedly "... it'll be better tomorrow, I promise"

"Okay, if you say so..." the cat muttered to himself "... goodnight"

"Night" Natsu waved his hand lazily while trotting with heavy steps towards his bed. He felt so utterly exhausted for some reason. It was like all of his muscles had been beaten to some mushy substance by Erza, making him feel wobbly and unsteady on his feet. Furthermore he had a throbbing headache making him feel dizzy.

"Meeeh..." he complained while removing his clothes. As he did so he was briefly surprised at how cold his exposed skin felt making him shiver involuntarily.

He was tired... no need to wonder about stupid things like that, he thought to himself while plunging underneath the sheets, wanting nothing more than to be engulfed in the warmth it would provide. And sure enough, a few seconds later a comfortable warmth was spreading through his body, making him relax and almost forget about his headache.

A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he fell asleep overwhelm him and soon he was drifting away into the unknown, snoring loudly as a huge pool of saliva gathered underneath his chin.

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