Authors note: This story is a collaboration between me, Anney and Your Silencer. This is, depending on people's reactions, hopefully the first of many such collaborations because we've been bitten by many plot bunnies that are waiting for homes. This was inspired by a challenge from the HarryxLucius ML's Fuh-Q-Fest and as such can't really be considered an original idea. For those wondering it was challenge number 123.
In order to spy on Lucius Harry changes into his animagus form and becomes his pet. (N. Petrenko). Your Silencer wants everyone to know that she is working on Embracing and as soon as she gets the next chapter finished it'll be posted.

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Harry had been having a rough night.  He had told Ron and Hermione that he was going to go for
a walk around the castle before he went to bed and that he would see them in the morning.
What he didn't tell them was that he had been working on becoming an animagus throughout the
year and he had finally learned enough to try and become his animal.  After much thought and
many questions he had decided to become a regular house cat.  Mainly because everyone would
think that he would become a snake, or something larger.  He didn't want to fall into the plans
others had for him.  He didn't want to become a dog because they were so large, plus Sirius was one.  He wanted to
be something big enough to be noticed if he needed, but small enough to get in tight places.  So
a cat it was.  Besides, it seemed like it would be the easiest animal to become at the time.  After
months of research and planning, he had finally came to the decision
that tonight was the night.  He was going to change.  He had a back up plan if anything went
wrong as well.  All he would have to do was go back to the Gryffindor commons fetch a
prewritten letter and give it to Hermione.  She could then change him back, or take him to
someone that could, and the he would be back to normal.  Granted, he would have to listen to
her bitch him out for doing something so dangerous and stupid, but if everything worked out like
he had planned nothing would go wrong and he'd be an animagus.  Of which he had no plans to
tell anyone about until he had graduated from Hogwarts and even then that was a huge if.  

Harry had made his way down to an empty classroom near the potions room, no one would ever
look for him there, stripped down to his boxers and proceeded to transform.  Because it was his
first time the transformation was extremely painful, which Sirius had warned him about, but he
had take precautions against that and made the room sound proof so any loud noises he made
wouldn't escape the room.  After five minutes where Harry Potter had been stood a pure white
cat with shiny green eyes.  Yes.  I've done it!  As of now I'm an animagus.  Harry made his way
over to one of the glass cases and stared at his reflection.  And I'm quite an attractive cat if I do
say so myself.
 Harry walked around the room for a bit to see what it was like to be a cat then deciding
that it was getting really late, and remembering that it was Malfoy's night to do patrols Thank you
Hermione for telling me that
he thought, he decided to change back to his human form and return to
the common room and get some sleep.  

Or at least he tried to change back.  This can not be happening.  I shouldn't have any problems
changing back.  Everything I read said that becoming the animal was the hard part.  Not changing back.
 After a few more tries Harry decided to just go back to the common room, and
hope that some one would come along and open the door for him.  He could then fetch the note
he had written and get Hermione to change him back.  Although he really didn't want to hear her
tell him how stupid and dangerous the whole thing was.  With a small kitty sigh Harry took off out
of the classroom and headed back towards Gryffindor tower.


It was his seventh year and Draco, as head boy, was patrolling the halls.  If he was lucky he
would find a Gryffindor out of their common room and he could take away some points for it.
Unfortunately no one seemed to be out tonight.  Maybe they knew it was his night to patrol, or
maybe it wasn't late enough.  Most nights he could at least stumble on to Potter who was known
for walking the halls at night.  Potter's the only thing that makes patrolling the halls even worth my time.  I love pissing him off.  It's so easy to do, and you can see every little thing in his face.  It's very refreshing  But I didn't just think that.   He'd been walking for thirty minutes and had yet to run into
anyone.  About to give up and return to his common room he heard something running down the
hall.  Straight towards him.  The noise didn't sound like anything big enough to hurt him but to
make sure it wasn't deceptively small he quickly hid behind a handy suit of armor and stared
down the hall at where the noise was coming from.  A few seconds later he saw a solid white cat
come tearing down the hallway.  Draco had always had a soft spot for cats.  It was a well hidden
secret.  So well hidden in fact that his father didn't even know of it.  Before the cat could get
away Draco stepped out from behind the armor and quickly picked the cat up to see who it
belonged to.  The cat was a pure white tom with green eyes.  One of the most attractive cats
Draco had had the fortune to ever see.  Seeing as the cat had no collar, Draco decided that it
was a stray and that no one would mind if he kept it.  With that thought he started for his
common room to show everyone his new pet.

After walking for about ten minutes Draco came to the hidden wall at the Slytherin common
room, said the password, "Dumbledore" and stepped inside.  Harry surprised at being picked up
by Draco and carried off was to shocked to do more than merely hang on to his robe and hope
that Draco wasn't into animal torture.  Which he wouldn't put past the Slytherin   Draco stopped in
the door way and looked around to see who was in the commons and then made his way over to
Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle.

"Hello Draco.  How was patrol?"  Blaise asked.  "And when did you get a cat?  I thought you
hated animals?"

"Not that it's any of your business but I found him running around the castle.  Since he doesn't
have a collar I came to the conclusion that he wasn't owned and I've decided to keep him.
Which means that none of you are to harm him.  He is my cat.  If I find out that anyone touched
him without permission I'll be very upset."  The others all nodded their heads to show that they
wouldn't touch the cat and the conversation moved on to other topics.

"Draco, why did you change the password?  I think the new one is horrible.  I don't see why-,"
Pansy began only to be interrupted by Draco

"Because Pansy.  No one would guess that we'd actually allow that to be the password.  Really,
we're Slytherins  Everyone is going to think the password is something to do with dark magic.  So
'You-Know-Who' was not a very good choice at all. You'd think that some of you would
understand that.  It's not that hard to remember and no one would ever guess it."

Harry gave a little mew of surprise to see that outside of class Draco, Malfoy, just because he
hasn't done anything mean to you doesn't mean that he's a nice person
Harry thought, wasn't a complete git.
Although, he was in the Slytherin common room, surrounded by people just like him.  It would
stand to reason that he'd be nice to them at least.

"Well, I'm going to bed.  It's getting late and we have Double Potions with the Gryffindors
tomorrow.  I'll see you in the morning."  With that Draco got up and left the common room

When Draco arrived at his room he put Harry on the bed and walked over to change into a pair of pajama pants.  After changing he got in bed, picked Harry up and started petting him.  After a few minutes Draco looked down at Harry and said, "Well, I need to name you.  I can't  just keep calling you cat can I?  Hm, well lets see.  What about Sin?"  

Sin? What kind of name is that?  I'm a cat for crying out loud.  Sin, really.
Harry thought.  Harry shook his head back and forth hoping that Draco wouldn't name him that.  

"Okay, so Sin is out.  Well, maybe Lucifer?  No, no not that.  Sounds like something my dad would call you.  Maybe Gizzy?"  Harry shook his head frantically at that suggestion.  

I'd rather be called Sin than Gizzy.  The Slytherins must be on some kind of drugs for him to be coming up with these names. Really.

"Well, not Gizzy either.  I know. Your eyes being so green remind me of Potter.  He never gets in trouble so maybe, Talisman?  I'll call you Talis for short.  You'll be my good luck charm.  So what do you think Talis?  Do you like it?"  Draco asked.

Well, that's not so bad.  Kinda sweet really.  Saying that a cat he just found reminded him of me.  Wonder why he thought that though.  I'm white so my scar doesn't show up.  And anyway, lots of cats have green eyes.  I guess it's better than the other names at least. With no other choice in sight Harry shook his head up and down to show that he liked the name and added a little 'meow' as well.

"So Talis.  Welcome to Slytherin.  I'm sure you'll like it here.  Since I'm Head Boy I've got my own room as well so you won't have to worry about any other animals while I'm in class during the day."

Harry let out a meow as Draco laid back and pulled up the covers. Stretching out his feline body and clutching the sheets with his claws and sticking his butt up in the air he felt slightly weird at the thought of sleeping in the same bed with Draco. I can't believe I'm in bed with Draco Malfoy.  My worst enemy.  Well, besides Voldemort but that's not the point.  The point is I'm in bed with Draco, shit!  Malfoy.  I'm in bed with Malfoy with no way to get back to my common room to tell Ron and Hermione where I am. Wait, not tell them where I am.  Get them to change me back so I'm not a cat anymore. He shook it off and nuzzled against Draco's chin as he petted him. He plopped down next to Draco's chest and purred at the continued petting. Well, this isn't so bad.  It's not like Dra..Malfoy has hurt me or anything.  I really do like being petted like this.  It feels really good.  Shit.  I can't believe this.  I'm not a cat.  I'm a boy.  Harry Potter.  And as soon as I get out of this room I'm going to Hermione and getting her to change me back.  I don't care how nice it feels to be here.  Fuck, I so did not just think that.  Screw it, I'm going to sleep.  And with that thought Harry tucked his head under Draco's chin and fell asleep.


The next morning Draco woke to a heavy weight on his stomach.  Still being mostly asleep he didn't remember finding Harry in the hallway and keeping him so his first reaction was to scream, "Holy shit!  What the fuck?"  Which in turn woke Harry up and caused all kinds of problems as Harry's first reaction was to clamp his claws down into Draco's stomach to show how much he didn't like being woke up.  "Ah shit Talis.  I'm sorry boy.  I forgot that you were here with me.  Come on, let go.  Please.  I'll take you to breakfast with me.  Give you some ham. Bacon?  Whatever you want just let the fuck go!"

After thinking about it Harry decided that Draco letting him out of the room to go to breakfast was a good enough reason to let go and calmly walked towards the bedroom door to let Draco know that he was ready to leave.  "Wait Talis.  I've got to take a shower and get dressed.  Then we'll go to breakfast.  We've got plenty of time.  Promise.  There'll be enough food for us when we get there."  With that Draco walked into his private bathroom, one of the bonus' of being Head Boy, and started his daily routine of showering and brushing his teeth.  

Harry, left to his own devices in the bedroom, decided that he'd explore and see if he could find anything that could be used as blackmail against Draco after he got Hermione to turn him human again.  After knocking most of the papers on Draco's desk on the floor in his irritation that there was nothing to be used as blackmail Draco, Finally Harry thought, came out of the bathroom dressed in his boxers.  Harry could only sit on the desk and stare as Draco started getting dressed.  I never knew that Draco actually had a body under the school uniform.  All these years of Quidditch must be paying off.  I'm not even that muscular.

"Well, are you ready Talis?  Now that you've made a mess for the house elfs to clean up?  Lets go to breakfast.  I want to show you off to that Mudblood anyway.  Have you seen her cat?  Looks like a walking nightmare.  That has got to be the ugliest cat I've ever seen.  Fits her though I think.  An ugly cat for a Mudblood."  And with that Draco picked Harry up and started towards the great hall.  Harry was to busy trying to not be sick because of the quick way Draco had picked him up to even think about getting revenge for Hermione.


The first thing Draco heard when he stepped into the great hall was someone screaming his name.  Draco looked up to see what was going on, and all he saw was Weasley rushing up to him looking very pissed off.

"What did you do to Harry, Malfoy?  I know you were walking the halls last night.  You had to have seen him and done something.  So go ahead and confess."  Ron was so angry his face was as red as his hair and he was just getting ready to punch Draco when Harry jumped out of Draco's arms onto Ron and started meowing angrily.

What the hell are you talking about Ron?  Harry thought he was saying.  Unfortunatly the only thing Ron heard was, "Meow! mew meaow, reow!"  I can't believe that you would do this in front of the whole school.  Besides, I'm  Oh shit, I forgot I'm a cat.  He doesn't know what the hell I'm saying.  This is hopeless.

"What the fuck are you talking about Weasel?  Anyway, look what you've done.  You've upset Talis.  He must be able to sense that you're an embarrassment to the wizarding world.  I'd leave before he bites you. He's very protective."  Draco was highly amused by Talis' behavior.  The cat was hanging on to the front of Ron's robes with a death grip, while hissing and meowing all in his face.  "Hold on a second and I'll try to get him off you before he makes your robes look even worse.  Which would be a hard thing to do."

"You asshole!  What the hell is wrong with this bloody cat?  It's worse than Hermione's.  Get it the fuck off me before I kill it"

What?  You're going to kill me?  I can't believe you Ron. That's horrible!  I'm a cat for crying out loud.  I should bite you just to be spiteful.  Kill me.  No wonder Crookshankes doesn't like you.  I don't like you much right now and you're my best friend! Needless to say Harry was very pissed off at what Ron said.  So he decided that biting him would be a good idea.

"Sweet Merlin!  The damn cat bit me!  Dammit Malfoy.  If you don't get this spawn of Satan out of my sight I'm going to snap it's fucking neck!"  Ron yelled.  He was frantically trying to pull Harry off his chest, but Harry had his teeth sunk into Ron's neck and was not letting go.  With a sigh Draco leaned over, slipped one hand under Harry's belly and put the other around his neck.

"Come on Talis.  Let go of the poor Weasel.  I know you're hungry but I'm sure there are more appetizing things at the table.  Besides, I don't want you to get some kind of disease from him.  Let him go.  I'll buy you a treat at Hogsmede this weekend. Come on.  Be a good boy Talis."  Draco was trying to soothe Harry's obviously irritated nerves but Ron's yelling wasn't helping any.  "Dammit Weasel.  If you don't shut up and let me calm Talis down you'll have a cat hanging from your throat until he feels like letting go."

"Better hurry up Malfoy, Prof McGonagall is on her way over and we both know that she's not going to play favorites like Snape does.  The git."  Ron was of course trying to piss Draco off more than he already was just to see him get in trouble.  Even if it meant that he'd have detention as well.  

"Why don't you shut up Weasel before I let Talis do even more damage."  With that said Draco turned back to Talis and said, "Come on boy.  If McGonagall gets over here and you're still attached to the weasel I'm going to get in a massive amount of trouble.  She won't believe me if I tell her that I didn't tell you to attack Ron."

As soon as Harry heard that McGonagall was on her way over he was already planning on letting go before she got there, but with Ron's attitude he decided to cause a little more damage before he did.  Before Ron or Draco could react Harry clawed his way up to Ron's face, sunk his teeth into his nose and then proceeded to vigorously shake his head back and forth.  Harry could feel Ron's nose being ripped open and felt blood fill his mouth.  The next thing he knew someone had grabbed him and yanked him off Ron's face causing even more damage than Harry had.

"Mr. Malfoy!  What in the name of Merlin is going on here?  That will be 50 points from Slytherin for your cat attacking another student and you will serve a weeks worth of detention with me as well.  I will send you an owl with the details later on.  Come with me Mr. Weasely, I'll take you to the hospital wing."  The whole school watched as Prof. McGonagall escorted Ron out of the great hall and towards the
hospital wing.  The Gryffindors were, of course, extremely pissed off at Draco and were plotting their revenge against him and his cat while the Slytherins were trying not to laugh at the damage to Ron's nose.  Well, they weren't trying to hard.

"Oh man Malfoy, you should have left the cat on Weasely's face.  It was a huge improvement on his looks."  one random seventh year yelled across the hall.

Draco just held Talis to his chest and calmly walked to his seat ignoring the glares from the Gryffindors, and the shocked and disgusted looks from the Hufflepuffs.  Once he made it to his seat Talis was snatched out of his hands by Pansy and passed around the table receiving food and pats for the damage he caused Ron.  It was decided that Talis was the best thing since port keys.  

"Shit Draco, how did you get him to attack Weasely like that?  Everytime I try to get my cat to do something he just gives me a 'you've got to be kidding me look' and leaves."  Blaise asked.

"Yes well, if your cat wasn't such an idiot maybe it would mind better.  Besides, I didn't tell Talis to attack, he just did. He's a very smart animal.  Who has him now? Don't let him get to far away, I'd hate to see him in the hands of some Gryffindork asshole."  Draco was looking around the table for Talis when he spotted him sitting in Pansy's lap being fed bacon.  If Talis was a human Draco swore he'd be smiling.

"What was Weasely yelling at you about anyway?"  this came from Pansy.  Draco looked over at her and smirked when he saw that Talis was trying to bite her fingers.  That cat is more of a Slytherin than some of us are.  I can't believe I was so lucky to find him running down a hallway.  Draco thought.

"Something about Potter," at this Harry looked up. "He said that I must have done something to him since he never showed back up in their dorm.  I have better things to do with my time than stalk Potter.  Even if I wanted to, not that I ever would I have much more taste than that, I'd have to fight crowds of people to even get close to him.  What with the mud-blood and weasel, then there's all those other dorks that worship him."  

When Harry had heard Draco and Blaise talking about Ron he started ignoring Pansy and was trying to listen in on the conversation.  The only thing he heard though was Draco talking about him having stalkers.  Which wasn't true.  No one stalked him, at least he didn't think they did.  Then again, he had never really thought about it.  Hearing Draco talk about him like he enjoyed the idea of being stalked didn't improve his mood any, the bacon had been doing a nice job of that but Pansy had run out which was why he was trying to bite her fingers, so he decided to let Draco know how he felt about being talked about like he wasn't there.  Harry was just getting ready to jump up on the table and give him a piece of his mind when he noticed Dumbledore walking towards the Slytherin table.

"Mr. Malfoy, I would like to speak to you in my office as soon as you've finished your breakfast.  If you will bring your cat with you as well."  Dumbledore's eyes shone with a mischievous glint in them but Draco didn't know what it meant and shook it off as nothing but the old bat going blind.

"Um, yes Prof.  I'm finished now actually if you'd like for Talis and me to go with you."  Draco said.  He wasn't nervous about talking to the Headmaster, he hadn't done anything wrong anyway.  Talis had been protecting him from Weasely, which any good pet would do for his owner.  Besides, his father wouldn't allow anything to happen to him here anyway.  Having a parent on the school board was a very good thing at times.

"Certainly Mr. Malfoy.  If you and, Talis you said?"  here Draco gave a quick nod, and Dumbledore continued, "would follow me to my office we'll have our little talk."  With that Draco took Talis from Pansy and followed the Headmaster out of the great hall.