This is a scene that popped into my head after 3x12 'Uprising'. It is set approximately a day after the end of that episode. I came up with it before any other episodes came out so it does not follow the show after 3x12. Basically I got to thinking of how Laurel would react to Felicity giving Oliver the cold shoulder when he returned. Mostly because originally when he cam back from Lian Yu she was in a similar position to Felicity. I don't remember whether or not Laurel really knew about everything between Oliver and Felicity as far as their relationship, so in this she doesn't. I don't necessarily care for Laurel and have always seen her as a weaker character much like Lana from Smallville. I'm a Felicity and Lois type of person, so while I'm not necessarily bashing Laurel or anything, if you don't want to read her as I see her then go ahead and don't read it.

Laurel stepped off the end of the stairs in the foundry, shrugging off her leather jacket as she went. Roy and Oliver trailed close behind. She set her jacket on the med table along with her mask and wig. She quickly went to the cabinets that lined the wall, in search for hydrogen peroxide and bandages. Roy followed her, and Oliver went to meet Felicity and Diggle in front of Felicity's desk. They'd all come back relatively unscathed except for Roy's palms, which were skinned and scraped from the gravel in the alley they'd been patrolling. Laurel and Roy had been sitting on the edge of an abandoned building scanning the area for trouble when they'd noticed a small group of men shoving a teenage boy around. It was an easy job and a quick fix. None of the men had any real ability with fighting, and three of the five were very obviously out of shape. The two vigilantes had the upper hand, and other than the one hit that had sent Roy to his hands and knees in the alleyway, they weren't injured at all. Neither of the two had wanted to let Oliver know about the small gang, agreeing that they could handle it themselves, but apparently Diggle and Felicity didn't agree.

Laurel sat down on the stool in front of the med table, as Roy sat down on top of it. She spared a glance at Felicity, Diggle, and Oliver conversing quietly. Diggle looked up and met her eyes, and her glance turned into a glare, still holding resentment towards Digg and Felicity for telling Oliver about the fight. Oliver had shown up almost immediately after the fight, just in time to watch the teenage boy thank Roy and Laurel before running off. For a moment Oliver seemed proud, almost congratulatory. Of course that was before he saw Roy's bloodied hands.

"Why aren't you wearing your gloves," he growled.

Roy looked towards Laurel and sighed. "I didn't think we'd be seeing much action tonight, you know with the whole welcoming you back thing the other day the crime rates have been down a lot. Nobody wants to chance an encounter with you," he said. He turned his face toward the dark sky, sensing the anger from his mentor.

Oliver stepped closer to Roy clenching his fists. "That was a stupid decision! You should always be prepared for a fight! And because you were too lazy to wear your gloves, you now have an unnecessary injury! It's un-"

"Ollie they're really not that bad," Laurel cut in trying to defend Roy. Oliver spun on his heel, immediately turning his anger on Laurel.

"And you! How many times have I told you that I don't want you in the field! And yet here you are! Continuing to mindlessly endanger yourself! What do you think is going to happen when you die, Laurel? Do you think your father is going to be okay finding out that he has lost not one, but both of his daughters?"

"Don't you dare throw my family in my face like that!" Laurel yelled at him. "And you know, all of this sounds pretty rich coming from you! You, who literally just died!"

"That's completely different!" Oliver argued.

"Oh yeah? How Ollie? How is you risking your life any different than me risking mine?" She exclaimed.

"Because I have a fighting chance!"

"And you don't think I do? Against a couple out of shape, untrained men which, in case you haven't noticed, we did actually beat? But then again I mean how would you know? You refused to train me, so I found someone else to do it!" Laurel retaliated.

"Ted isn't the leader of this team, I am! And I don't remember telling you that you could patrol with Roy," Oliver shouted.

"My life, my choice," she said quietly, quoting Felicity. Roy, who had been trying to stay out of the argument, snapped to attention and Oliver visibly grimaced. "Felicity told me where Roy would be, and said I could help patrol, but I don't really know why if she and Digg were just going to call you the moment we saw any action."

Oliver was silent for a minute. "Let's call it a night," he mumbled, effectively ending the conversation.

Laurel's mouth fell open. She knew Oliver and Felicity hadn't been getting along very well, but was surprised that Oliver completely dropped the argument when Laurel mentioned her. "Fine," she snapped. She turned to Roy, "Come on, let's get to the foundry. I'll clean up your hands." She glanced at Oliver one last time before walking away. Roy looked between Oliver, who was running a hand over his face in defeat, and Laurel's retreating form. Making up his mind, he jogged off to catch up with Laurel.

Oliver stood looking after them for a moment before following them to Verdant, making sure to keep some distance between them.

In the foundry Diggle came over to the med table, patting Felicity affectionately on the shoulder on his way. Her eyes followed him to Laurel cleaning Roy's cut up hands. Oliver sighed bringing her attention back to him.

"Laurel says that you told her she could patrol tonight," he said trying to keep his voice low.

"I know she did, you had your comms turned on. Diggle and I both got an earful," Felicity said, tilting her head at him. She stood with her arms crossed waiting for him to challenge her.

"You know how I feel about her fighting," he sighed.

"We could always use extra hands, and hers are becoming more and more capable. And anyways like she said 'her life, her choice'," she said a little louder, catching Diggle, Roy, and Laurel's attention. She met each of their eyes before looking back to Oliver.

"She's not Sarah," he said in a hushed tone, attempting to return the conversation to it's previous private air. Felicity squinted at him in frustration, and the other three, getting the message, quickly turned their focus back to Roy's injury.

"Nobody ever claimed she was!" Felicity yelled defiantly. Laurel turned abruptly, surprised at Felicity for standing up to Oliver. Felicity noticed and stood up straighter, uncrossing her arms. "The real problem here Oliver, is that you categorize people in your head. You tell yourself who they are and then you refuse to change your views on them! In your mind, Laurel is still the innocent girl that you dated so long ago, the girl that would repeatedly forgive you for being a horrible boyfriend! That didn't stand up for herself to you, and that let you walk all over her!" Oliver looked down in shame. "In your mind, Roy is still the boy who lived in the Glades, and went out looking for trouble! The boy who fell in love with your little sister! And the boy who admired the Hood and would have done anything to be a part of his team, and all that got him was shot in the leg!" Felicity paused and looked across the room to meet Diggle's eyes before continuing. "And Diggle... John is still your bodyguard that you could run away from when you didn't want him around! The backup on call! The guy that you could boss around! An employee that definitely didn't get paid well enough for all that this job entitles!" At this point Laurel and Roy were standing, facing her and Oliver along with Diggle. She looked back to Oliver. He closed his eyes knowing what was coming next. "And me," she said, her voice breaking slightly. "I'm the cute little IT girl," she said spitefully. "The one that follows your every beck and call. The one with the emotions you liked to play with. That you kept at arms length, but expected to be completely devoted to you. You and your cause." Felicity crossed the room to stand next to her teammates. Oliver turned to face the four of them. "But Oliver," she sighed. "We are no longer your girlfriend, your sister's boyfriend that you don't approve of, your bodyguard, or your IT girl," she said motioning to each of them accordingly. "Our lives, our choices," she said quietly. She walked back past Oliver bending to grab her purse on the way to the stairs.

The rest of the team watched her go in silence. Oliver looked at Diggle, and Laurel and Roy observed the silent conversation between the two. Oliver sighed placing his hands on his hips. He walked toward the bathroom to change out of the green leather costume he was still wearing.

"I'm going to go talk to Felicity," Diggle told Laurel and Roy. So that's what that little encounter had decided, Laurel thought. Oliver wanted to go after Felicity and Digg thought it would be better if he was the one to do it. "I meant to tell you earlier before things got out of hand, Felicity and I didn't mean to tell Oliver about the fight," Laurel looked up in confusion. How could they have accidentally told Oliver. "In fact, Felicity was adamant that we wouldn't, that you guys could handle it. Unfortunately I still had my comm on when I told her I wouldn't tell him, and he figured it out."

"It's okay Digg," Roy said. "The blow up would've come sooner or later."

Diggle nodded. "You guys should go home, get some rest," he said. Laurel nodded and began to pick up the medical supplies from the table.

"Is she doing okay?" Roy asked Diggle, referring to Felicity.

"I don't know," Digg sighed, concern in his voice. "She says she is, but..." Laurel put the hydrogen peroxide back in its place in the cabinet. She turned to Roy and Diggle, almost asking what was wrong with Felicity before thinking better of it.

Oliver walked out of the bathroom, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. He walked straight to the salmon ladder.

Diggle gave Roy a small smile. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said. Laurel looked down at her feet, remembering she probably wasn't welcome back tomorrow after the everything that had happened tonight. "Hey, you too," Diggle said, lifting her chin up to look at him. She glanced toward Oliver, and Diggle followed her eyes. "He'll come around," he told her. "And whether or not he wants to believe it, you are a part of this team."

"Thanks, Digg," Laurel said, smiling sadly. Digg smiled at her and Roy one last time before walking to the stairs.

"I don't know about you, but I'm starving. What do you say we change and then order pizza? We can eat upstairs, the club is already closed," Roy said to Laurel.

Laurel glanced at the clock on the wall doubtfully. "You want to eat pizza at two in the morning?" She asked. "You know some of us have jobs that they have to get to in the morning."

Roy grinned at her. "First of all, there is never an inappropriate time to eat pizza. Second of all, tomorrow is Saturday and I know you're not working."

Laurel sighed, giving in. "Alright, but you're buying," she told him. Roy shook his head and turned to leave the foundry, Laurel following him. They paused to grab their bags before heading up the stairs.

"Hey, weren't you just the one arguing the point that some of us had jobs and insinuating that I wasn't one of those people? Why should I pay for the pizza?" He asked her, pushing the foundry door open and stepping into the club. He held the door open for her to come through, letting it drop behind her.

Laurel laughed, "That is not what I said! I know you work here. I was just saying that I have to be at work early, you don't come in until after lunch."

"You speak the truth," he laughed.

About twenty minutes later, they had both changed and were sitting upstairs at the bar with the pizza they'd had delivered. They'd mostly been talking about lighter subjects, steering clear of Arrow business as a topic. At least until Laurel had worked up the courage to ask the question she'd wanted to for the past two days.

"Roy?" she asked. He looked up from his food. "What's going on with Felicity?" Roy sighed, but didn't answer. "I mean I agree with most of what she said tonight, I do. I've just never seen her rip into Ollie like that."

Roy met her eyes. "She's upset.. I don't really know how much you've figured out by now."

"Considering I don't know what there is to figure out, I'd say not much," she told him. He frowned slightly. "All I know is that even though I can understand about tonight, she's been cold with Oliver since he got back. I guess I thought she'd be happier to have him back."

"Oliver and Felicity's relationship is complicated," Roy began.

"Relationship as in relationship?" She asked, eyebrow's raised.

"No.. Yes.. I don't know," he sighed. "Relationship, friendship, partnership.. whatever you want to call it," he paused leaning back in his chair. "You know that they've always kind of danced around each other, and then they went on that one date a while back."

"I didn't know that," Laurel said frowning. "I mean the dating part, the dancing around each other is kind of hard to miss," she reasoned. "So they are dating?" she asked.

"No," Roy said. "Just the one date."

"Oh," Laurel replied. "Why?"

"Because like she said earlier, Oliver likes to keep her at arms length. He's always saying that he can't put her at risk, stupid shit like that. But he doesn't seem to remember that she's already at risk, you know? She's already been his EA, they're seen together in public, a lot of the enemies that the Arrow has already know she has ties to him, hell even your father knows she does."

"It's probably just his commitment issues. He's always had them."

"No, it's not." Roy said, shaking his head quickly. "It's different with Felicity than it was with you. Not to offend you or anything, but Oliver cheated on you, a lot. Since they went on that date nothing has happened in his love life. Even the year before that the only people he was with were Sara and Isabel."

Laurel choked, having taken a drink as he said that. "He slept with Isabel Rochev?"

"Yeah, in Russia," Roy sighed. "The fallout with Felicity was bad after that. He told her that he thought it was better not to be with someone he could really care about. But then of course, he told her that he loved her to fool Slade and get him to kidnap her so he could save you. We all knew he meant it though, except for her"

"He told her he loved her to save me?" Laurel gasped.

"Well not just for you," he said. "He also had her give Slade the cure so there's that. But yeah, pretty much. So you can imagine how that felt to her, finding out that he didn't mean it."

"I thought you said he did?"

"Well yeah, but he didn't say that and she didn't know." Roy told her.

"You were definitely right about it being complicated." She said.

"That's not even the worst part." He sighed. "After their one date he told her that he couldn't keep dating her. So she asked for a clean slate. She wanted him to tell her that it was over, and for him to stop dangling maybes, to say he never loved her," Roy said.

Laurel smiled sadly. "And he did?"

"Oh no," Roy scowled. "He kissed her and then said, and this is me quoting him 'don't ask me to say that I don't love you'." Laurel's eyes widened. "But he still didn't want them to be together."

"How do you know all of this?" She asked him.

"Felicity," He said simply. "It was a couple days after he left to fight Ra's. The day that Malcolm told us that he was dead. I found her by herself in the foundry crying, and all of it just kind of came out."

"Do you think she's okay with you telling me?" Laurel asked. Her and Felicity got along alright, but she wouldn't exactly consider them friends.

"I think you're a part of the team. And as a part of the team you deserve to know why half of it is fighting," Roy told her. He sighed for what felt like the hundredth time tonight. "And then the knife in the chest, no pun intended, he went off and got himself killed without ever resolving anything in their relationship. And you know then there's Felicity who is one of the best people I've ever met, and she's sitting here having to find out that the stupid son of a bitch is dead. And she was just broken. She would just deny it and deny it, the fact that he was dead. but underneath it she was shattered."

"I know that it was awful, and I'm not saying that it wasn't, but he did it to me too. And I wasn't like she is. She's being weak," Laurel said.

"But that's because you could hate him! Felicity couldn't! She might be upset with him right now because of the way he's acting, but when he was gone? She couldn't hate him."

"I didn't hate Oliver!" Laurel argued.

"Yeah you did," Roy responded. He paused a second before continuing. "When Oliver left to fight Ra's he told Felicity he loved her. Actually told her, and then without waiting for a response, he went off to die."

"Oliver slept with my sister and then they both died! I'm pretty sure I win as far as tragic Oliver stories. At least she knew he loved her."

"Isn't that worse?" Roy asked. "You didn't have hope that he would come back. You can deny it if you want to, but you hated Oliver. And you were allowed to hate Oliver! But Felicity wasn't! She was stuck loving him! Hoping that he wasn't dead, that he would come back." Laurel sighed, putting her face in her hands. "Look, I like you Laurel, I do. I have gone out of my way to welcome you, to be your friend. But if you ever call Felicity weak again? We will have a problem. Is that clear?" He asked her.

Laurel glanced up in surprise at his tone. She suddenly didn't feel like the older one of the two. She felt like a child being reprimanded. Laurel studied his face, which was set firmly in a glare, his lips pressed in a tight line. "Ya," she said quietly.

"Good," Roy retorted, picking up his paper plate and cup. He quickly walked around the bar and threw his trash away. He leaned back over the counter to grab the pizza box, while Laurel watched him. He shut the box and slid it into the employee fridge that they had behind the bar. Roy hoisted himself up, and in a swift movement, swung his body over the counter. He grabbed his red hoodie from the back of the chair before turning to Laurel.

She frowned at him but didn't protest. "I'll see you tomorrow Laurel," he said heading to the exit. "Lock up before you leave."

Laurel sighed glancing down at the half eaten slice of pizza on her plate. She thought back over the events of the night. The recurring theme seemed to be that she had very much underestimated Felicity Smoak. And the tiny glimmer of hope that Laurel had that her and Oliver might work out in the end, flickered out. After hearing everything Roy had to say, she knew that with Felicity around she knew she didn't stand a chance.

Sorry for any mistakes that were made! This is most likely just a one shot. I didn't really mean for it to go like this but it kinda just took on a life of its own. Hope you enjoyed it.