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"No please stop. You know I'm right on this one. I mean come on Steven she totally had you." Danny told his partner who was driving Danny's car. "She tackled you so hard to the sand. I mean it was epic. I would have paid to see that! But fortunately I didn't have to."

"He did not Danny." Steve replied to the blond sitting next to him who never seemed to know when to keep his mouth shut.

"How did he not then huh? Please I really want to hear this, no I need to!" Danny asked running a hand though his damp hair getting frustrated.

"Well for one she didn't catch me, I tripped." Steve said defending himself. His ego was never going to let him admit that Kono had indeed tackled him while they were all playing football together. That girl was though.

"Tripped on what?" Danny asked looking over at Steve as his cars wipers cleared the window of rain once again.

Steve looked over at Danny a smile on his lips. "Over that log that was hiding in the sand."

"A log? Oh yes that log! The one that only you could see!" Danny asked not believing what was coming out of Steve's mouth. Did he really think he was that stupid that he would believe that?

"Yes a log Danny. Why is that so hard to believe?" Steve kept his game face on keeping an eye on the wet roads. He managed to get behind an idiot who kept breaking for no good reason. Every time the wind picked up the person in front of him braked like it would somehow make the wind stop.

"Maybe, just maybe its because there was no log. I mean unless it was tiny tiny like the size of a hair then there was no log." Danny said his voice getting higher as was his frustration. "You just cant handle the fact that you got tackled by a girl! Thats all it is, now please tell me how I'm wrong about this. Please!" Danny yelled to his partner.

"I'm right here Danny you don't have to yell." Steve said as he turned the blinker on as he got ready to make his turn to where they both worked. "And thats because she didn't! And yes there was. My big toe has a bruise to prove that it ran into a log which caused me to fall hard into the sand. Kono just happened to be behind me making it appear as if she tackled me." Steve started to laugh as he made a right hand turn.

Seeing Steve start laughing made Danny smile. Steve is never going to give up and admit that Kono got him, and she is never going to let Steve forget. There arguments were so stupid yet they were fun. They seemed to bicker about everything and nothing but it made the day go by a little easyer.

But Steve's phone started to ring, taking it out of his pocket he didn't recognize the number forcing him to get a hold of his laughter. "McGarrett." After a moment he looked over at his passenger. "We will be right there." Steve told the person on the other end of the phone call, ending the call he did a u-turn.

Danny watched as Steve's face changed from happy to worried cause. "What is it?"

"The police found our missing man from last week. He caused an accident on the highway about two and a half hours ago, some officers are searching for him though the woods." Steve told him remembering the case from last week of a missing twelve year old girl named Jessica. They found the the older mans son named Adam McMurphy, and he admitted to kidnapping the girl and asking her parents for money. He claimed that his father had nothing to do with any of it, but after they found Jessica in a small cage in Adam's fathers basement his father Paul had gone off the books.

"Oh great! So now we have to chase some old cook though the woods in this horrible rain? I don't think this day could get any worse. And why didn't they call earlier?"

()()()()()Once there :P()()()()()

Once the two detectives arrived the officers in blue were patting down Paul who was soaking wet and yelling. "I didn't do anything! Don't touch me there!" Paul yelled as the one officer patted down Paul's leg, but the officer fall backwards once Paul kicked his foot out catching the officer in the neck. The officer's dark haired partner pulled Paul back away from the car and pushed him to the wet road.

Danny watched at the officer who got kicked got up still coughing slightly as he shoved Paul into the back of his car. "Fucking bastard." Danny could hear the officer call Paul as he shut the door.

It had been about three hours now since Paul had crashed his car causing a train reaction of other cars crashing into one another.

The dark haired officer walked over to Steve. He looked to be in his late twenties. "Officer John Ross." The man said reaching his hand out to McGarrett who in return shook his hand.

"Steve McGarrett. And this is my partner Danny Willams." Steve cold John shrugging towards Danny.

"Nice to meet you both. Well I was told that if I was to see Mr. McMurphy then I was to call you right away." Ross told Steve with a smile on his face.

Danny's phone started to ring. "Sorry." He told officer Ross as he turned his back to him.

Because Steve was around Danny so much he knew that it was Rachel calling since her ring tone of the week was 'Devil Woman' by Cliff Richard. "Who is this?" Steve turned around at the tone in Danny's voice.

"What!?" Danny yelled his eyes going wide.

"What is it?" Steve asked talking over to his partner worry in his eyes. "Danny?"

"Oh my God...Are you sure?" Danny asked his voice low as a lump started to form in his throat making it hard to breath. Danny hung up running to his silver Camaro.

Steve was hot on his heals jumping into the passenger seat. "Is everything alright Danny?" Steve asked as Danny started his car, turning it around he turned the sirens on and sped down the highway. Danny's knuckles started to turn white as he had a death grip on his steering wheel.

"I..ummm." Danny's voice shook as he tried to get his words out. "The hospital called...They called from Rachel's cell."

"Oh my God. Is she alright?" Steve asked knowing from the look on Danny's face that everything was not alright and something was dead wrong.

"I cant..." Danny replied his sports car speeding down the road. He came to a halting stop in front of the hospital. He didn't even bother to shut the door when he got out, running though the doors he started looking around. "I need help!" He yelled as a nurse came over to him.

"Hi my name is Kelly, can I help you with something?" The nurse asked calmly.

"Ummmm...Edwards...Rachel Edwards. I got a call." Was all Danny managed to say before the tears started to form in his eyes and his voice getting caught.

"Are you her husband?" She asked.

"Yes...I mean no...I mean I was. Where is she? I need to see her...Please." Danny asked his heart pounding in his chest his hands shaking beside him. He was un aware that Steve was now standing beside him.

"I need you to come with me." She told Danny grabbing his arm lightly leading him down the hallway and into a small room that had that sickening hospital smell that Danny hated. Steve closed the door behind them once they were in the room. "You might want to have a seat Mr. Edwards." She told him a frown set on her face.

"Williams. My last name. And I don't want to sit down! I want to know whats going on. I need to see Rachel damn it!" Danny yelled pulling his arm out of her grip his face turning red.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that sir. Rachel was in a bad accident." Kelly tried to keep her voice steady and strong but as Danny got more frantic the harder it was for her. She hated telling family bad news. And seeing the badge on Danny's side she knew he must know how it feels to tell someone about there loved ones. She looked over at Steve who's eyes were wide as he looked down at her waiting for the news on how bad his partners ex-wife was. "I'm so so sorry." She said looking back at Danny. Who's face was getting a darker shade of crimson as tears started to form in his eyes.

"What do you mean you're sorry?" Danny asked his heart knowing that his Rachel was gone but his ears needed to hear the words so his mind could take it in.

"She sustained massive internal bleeding and head trauma from a huge pileup crash a few hours ago. I don't know much, all I know is that she was DOA. The doctor would know more." Kelly told him tears in her eyes as she watched the detectives body start to shake. The taller man reached a hand out to him resting it on his shoulder.

"Oh my God. She cant be..." Danny said as his legs started to feel weak as his eyes started to burn. How was he going to take care of Grace full time with his line of work? He looked up at the ceiling blinking trying hard to stay strong.

Guilt was settling into the bottom of his stomach as he thought back to this morning when his ex came to pick up Grace. She had gotten onto him about how he missed picking up Grace a few days ago from school. He had lost track of time when the Five-0 team were checking out an old molding company looking for some big time drug dealers. And Steve was sure that they were in there and Danny hated when Steve was right. But what he hated more was that Steve never wanted to wait for back up. Danny got their vests out of the back of his car tossing one to Steve. "Better to be safe than completely stupid." Danny told his partner who quickly put it on. When they went in Steve was shot in his vest after just a few steps. But in what seemed like hours but was only about five minutes the shooting had stopped and the drug dealers were spread out most were dead on the floor and two were wounded badly.

Danny looked back to the nurse that stood near him still in shock. "Can I see her?"

She nodded her head. "I'll get the doctor. He would know more." Kelly told them as she hurried out the door shutting it softy behind her.

"I'm so sorry Danny." Steve told the shorter man tears threatening to fall from his own dark blue eyes.

"What am I going to tell Grace?" Danny whispered trying to hold it together. All the years he was with her and the other years he was fighting with her he never though she would be the one to die. He always felt it in his gut that he would be the one to die. Shot or blown up just like that. But Rachel was suppose to live and make sure Grace remembered him and knew how much he loved her. Rachel was suppose to make sure Grace would be ok without her father. Every girl needs her mother. Part of him wished it was him that had gotten into that accident and guilt started to eat away at his soul.

"I'm here for you Danny. You know that right? Whatever you need." Steve told him meaning every word and not exactly sure what he should do.

"I need to go find Grace." Danny told himself pulling out his phone and just looking at it. "I need to see her. I need to hold my Grace when I tell her." He said putting his phone back in his pocket. He figured after he said his goodbye to Rachel he would go to her house since Grace was most likely there with Stan. He knew Stan would be heartbroken over the news. He looked up as the door opened a blond haired Doctor who was Steve's height walked inside.

"My name is Hoko, I'm so sorry for your losses. I understand that you wish to see your family before you leave?" Hoko asked the two men in front of him not sure which one to ask. "I've had them moved downstairs."

"Them?" Steve asked his heart skipping a beat at the mans words.

"Yes sir. And I am so very sorry." Hoko told Steve thinking that Steve was the one he needed to talk to. Hoko felt pity for the tall man, he would hate for this to happen to him.

"My family?" Danny asked taking a step closer to the doctor his eyes getting wide. "What the hell do you mean them?!" Danny shouted to the doctor who was a full head taller than him.

Hoko looked down at Danny. "Are you the husband and father?"

Danny's heart felt like it was going to stop and fall out of his chest. "Father?" His head got light and he felt like he was about to pass out or float away he wasn't sure yet. It all felt like a horrible dream and that he would wake up any minute. "If you tell me my Grace is gone, I'll kill you!" Danny told the doctor as he grabbed hold of the doctors scrubs and shoved him into the wall next to the door. His fist balled up shaking as he held the taller doctor to the wall, tears now free flowing now down his red face. "If you tell me my little girl is gone too you'll wish to God that you were never please dont.."

Steve put his arm around Danny's chest trying to pull him from away from the poor doctor. He could feel Danny's body shaking, he too was starting to shake. "What are you talking about?" He asked the now confused doctor.

Hoko looked at Steve his face set. "You weren't told?" Hoko's heart was starting to speed up not knowing what Danny would do to him when he told him of the little girls fate.

Danny pushed off the doctor and wiggled out of Steve's hold and took off running down the hallway.

Once Danny was in front of the elevator jabbing the elevator button it felt like forever before it opened, no one was in the elevator. He walked in pushing the button for the basement, but before the elevator could close Steve join him. Dannys' fingers closed into a tight fist, as he leaned against the wall and looked up. Steve stood next to his best friend looking over at him. Danny looked frantic and he couldn't blame him.

()()()Down below()()()

Danny slowly walked over to the only silver table that had a small body on it covered with a white sheet. When he stopped in front he could see that the sheet was slightly bloody. "I cant do this. I just cant." He could hear his blood pounding in his veins,it muffled the sounds of Steve who was trying to say something. But he couldn't hear it. "Please...I need this to not be her." Danny whispered to himself. He was so close to breaking down. But he needed to see her for himself or he was never going to believe that she was gone. His hands shook as he reached up to the top of the sheet. It was scary how much the person under the sheet was shaped like his little girl. He didn't want to pull the sheet back. What if this was his Grace? How would he ever get over it? But that was just it, he knew he would never get over his only daughter not growing up. This day always played in the back of Danny's mind. But there wasn't anyone he could get revenge on for taking his little girl. He had no one to blame but himself. It even haunted some of his dreams that someone he put away would murder his little girl. But Danny knew he would do everything in his power not to let anything happen to his Grace. He was willing to do anything to keep her safe. Even willing to spend his time in jail if anyone harmed her and he got to them as long as she was safe.

Steve stood next to his best friend looking down at the small body. He was with Danny on this one at not wanting to see who was under that sheet. He didn't want to think about what Danny would be capable of doing if that was, or how he would cope with Grace being gone. Hell he had an idea of what Danny might do...and he didn't want to see his friend do that. He watched Danny reach out then snatch his hand back as though burned several times.

Danny slowly pulled the sheet back revealing the brown hair that had a pink flower bow hanging loosely from the hair. He sucked in a breath choking on a sob. That was the bow he had given Grace this morning when she left with her mommy. He put it in her hair and it made her look so much like a princess. His hand started to shake even more not daring to pull the sheet down anymore. He knew this was his little girl. His gut and his heart told him so.

'Why am I not waking up?' He asked himself. He dug his thumb nail into his palm hoping the small amount of pain might wake him up. But everything stayed the same. His hands fell limply to his side his right hand brushing against his firearm. He looked down at the gun on his hip his lip trembling. In the movies they always say that if you die in your dream than you wake up with a start. He grabbed the handle of his gun with a shaky hand. "Maybe if I pull the trigger then I'll wake up and my Grace will be asleep in her" Danny had no idea that he had said that out loud until he felt Steve grab his hand and pulling it away from the firearm.

"No, Danny, she wouldn't want that." Steve took the gun and put it in his wasteband, safe from his distraught friend. Danny reached out and his hand touched the soft hair, and it was more than he could take. The room began to spin, and he heard someone yelling, but who?

His knees made the decision to give out just then and he fell to the ground his hands hitting the cold hard concrete floor keeping him from face planting. Suddenly he found it very hard to breath and could feel his heart pounding even faster if that was even possible. He wondered if he was having a heart attack, he didn't care he'd be with his baby girl. Looking down at the floor a tear fell from his eye splashing to the gray floor. His heart was now broken into a million pieces to never be fixed again. His life was now over and he just didn't care anymore. He didn't want to go on. Didn't have a reason to fight anymore. He let out a scream as he lifted his hand off the ground forming a fist he drove his fist into the concrete floor. He let out another howl as he punched the floor over and over again, even after he felt something in his hand give way he couldn't feel it as he kept hitting the floor.

Steve watched as Danny started to pull the sheet down and closed his eyes after Danny let out a choking sob. Steve caught the sheet and gently removed it from Danny's grasp. He didn't want to see Grace's body and he wished he could take Danny's place right now. The next thing he knew Danny collapsed to the hard floor with a thump. He curled up into a fetal position on the floor. Steve pulled at the sheet, he wanted to make sure it was her. As the sheet was removed for the face it revealed his worst nightmare as his brain took in the sight of Grace's face. It was gray and her lips blue, her eyes were closed and she had a large bruise on her left temple. "Oh Grace."

Steve looked down as Danny started to punch the floor again with his bloody fist in anger and grief, Danny continued to pound the floor even after a sickening pop. Steve got to his knees, grabbing hold of his friends shoulders he pulled him close into a bear hug. "I'm so sorry Danny." Steve told him as his friend struggled to get lose as he kept repeating his daughters name followed by no's. Steve's heart broke as Danny's cries filled the room. Steve just held him whispering to Danny that he was there. He looked up at the doctor who walked over to them, and covered Danny's little girl back up.

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