The morning sun shone lightly down upon the small town of Ecruteak. Many of the local people were bustling around the town centre where all the markets and stalls were placed. A cacophony of foot steps echoed the busy area, men, woman and children all eager to grasp all the latest goods, food and Pokemon equipment that had just been put out for sale. A multitude of stalls however sold items other than foods such as rare gems and clothing, potions with magical properties and an array of weapons. There were even fortune tellers and magicians whom all occupated the market cross and many small wild bird Pokemon flying through the skies and landing on the top of the small stalls.

A duo both dressed in dark clothing walked at a leisurely pace, avoiding busy locals. They looked happy, clearly joking about something or laughing at an old memory. The girl was of moderate hight. She had long white hair that danced wildly in the morning breeze, around her forehead was a golden crown with an odd coloured gem glowing inside of it and she had a ring pierced through her septum. Her eyes were wide and a light shade of blue, almost doll like. Her attire was made up from black and gold, it was mainly a dark see through material with thicker materials covering her woman hood trimmed with gold. Around her neck was a golden piece with her cloak flowing behind her and around her thighs and wrists were golden rings with odd markings engraved around them. In her hand was a long elegant staff, a lighter shade of gold compared t the rest of her clothing with a crescent moon shape at on end holding some sort of blue crystal in the middle, she was clearly a mage of some sorts.

"We better hurry and collect the items we need if we want to get this dungeon captured by tomorrow, Lady Titania." The small boy by her side said. He too was wearing black clothing, he wore a long sleeved robe with a hood, golden trimmings on the sleeves, his leather boots came up to his thighs. He too was a mage, a book of magic in his gloved hands. His hair was the same shade of his clothes also quite long and smooth. He had a child like face, his eyes dark, masked by a shadow almost with small features. The boy also had clear pale skin, unmarked by no blemish. This boy was called Obereon he was Titiana's apprentice and assistance, he had been one for a long time and she had taught him many things, he was very knowledgeable for his age. He had some small silver, metallic balls on the inside of his robe, these balls had only just been invented and crafted just recently and were made with very powerful magic, they were able to carry Pokemon around, instead of having all of your Pokemon follow you, they were an instant hit.

"Yes Oberon, it would be very beneficial if we did it in the early morning, it shouldn't be that hard its quite a small one after all," Titania said with a confident, yet wise smile on her face, to her apprentice.

These dungeons they were speaking of were one of the worlds greatest mysteries. They had been around since the beginning of mankind and new ones are discovered every day. They are mazes of gigantic proportion and are said to change into a completely different layout every time someone enters one. It is said that at the end of every dungeon was treasure of great value and in some rare occasions very strong Pokemon. Titania liked to consider herself an experienced dungeon delver, she had explored many dungeons but had only ever fully conquered one. What she got at the end was quite the surprise, she had encountered th legendary Pokemon Latias and as a reward Titania was granted the loyalty and power from the legendary and to this day it was in her arsenal of Pokemon.

"I don't think this market place sells what we're looking for Oberon, maybe it's time we just head off?" Titiana implied, eager to start their adventure.

"You'll never know until we check the whole place lady Titania." He replied, squeezing his book closer to his chest.

The two of them headed further down the street, hoping to find some sort of shop or stall selling magical items. That's when a sudden scream and many shouts began to erupt in front of them. It seemed that there was a fight of some sort going on, looking each other in the eyes they both went to investigate.

As they drew closer a large crowd started to form, the mages pushed past many people finally getting to the front. A group of people were causing chaos, and a figure on a rather large Pokemon, a Salamance to be precise, was ordering them by the looks of things. Titania didn't hesitate and jumped straight in, causing a pink mist to form around the invaders. Quickly, Oberon opened his book and turned many pages reading a passage created four shadowed people rushing in and assassinating the thieves leaving the Salamance rider to Titania. When the mist faded everyone looked around in confusion at the dead bodies on the fall, and no sign of any blood.

"You made a mistake coming here dragon rider," Titania said menacingly, recognising the infamous dragon specialist from Kanto, "Go, Zoroark!" A metallic ball was flung into the air unleashing a flash of light followed by a largish wolf like Pokemon, with a wild red mane.

Oberon loved watching Tiania battle with her Pokemon, they were all extremely graceful, yet they were even more deadlier.

"You know what to do Zoarark!" Titania shouted.

Her Zoarark gave a nod of approval and suddenly rushed towards the Salamance at an alarming speed, It was going so fast that it was practically a blur. The look of surprise on the dragon riders face was extremely evident. The Zoarark jumped up and extended its claws and dug them into the underbelly of the Salamance, leaving a large gash there. Without hesitation it did it again only on the side this time. The dragon rider looked as if he was getting extremely frustrated.

"This is getting ridiculous, quick use Hyper Beam, on that girl now!" The dragon ride shouted with anger in his voice.

The Salamance immediately opened its mouth wide and a massive beam of raw energy erupted from within it,Titania had heard this, but the attack was far too fast and Titania wouldn't be able to escape in time. She closed her eyes and waited for impact, she heard an explosion but felt no pain, which was of course kind of odd. She looked up to see the area she was standing covered by a blue force shield, it protecting her. Titania looked to her left to see Oberon holding an open book on his palms, a bright light emitting from the pages. This is why Titania like having Oberon along, he was very efficient and experienced in magic and had a spell for almost any occasion.

"Okay, Zoarark finish this! Night daze!" Titania shouted. The dark type dashed in for the final blow, it's eyes began to glow a strange blue colour and it's body admitted a crimson aura. As it accelerated more the aura grew stronger, slamming it's forelegs on the ground a dark pink coloured force of raw energy rippled straight towards the enemy. The Salamance was hit and killed on the spot but the rider was no where to be seen. Titania was insulted, it was highly disrespectful and even considered sinful to attack the trainer while in a Pokemon battle. There were only two types of battles, a human against a human or a Pokemon battle, there is no in between.

The crowd of local people were still stood in dead silence. Only the wild bird Pokemon could be heard singing their morning songs. A figure stepped forward, an old man with a severely aged face got down on one knew.

"Thank you lady Titania, Princess of Johto. We are grateful for your actions." His voice was soft, laced with emotion. The others behind him and bowed down, their heads facing the ground.

"You do not have to bow to me. I am one for my country, I will do everything in my power to protect you citizens, loyal and humble. I am the one who should be thanking you all for the love you provide for the royal family." Titania said sincerly putting her hadn on the elderly man's shoulder, grasping his hand and puling him up to his feet.

"I think it's time we go now my lady, we need to catch up for lost time." Oberon said with a smile, hoping they could stick to the planned routine.

"Yes. let us take our leave," She said peacefully.

After there rotation of the market they decided to head on back to the palace. Titania was the next in line to be the Queen and was very idolised around Johto and not many people hadn't heard of her. The current Queen was her mother and she had been one of the best leaders this region had ever had. However Titania didn't really care for royalty. She didn't want to be a queen she wanted to be free of duty and be allowed to do as she pleased. Besides if she did become a queen she wouldnt be able to do what she loved doing most, exploring dungeons.

The Palace was just ahead, as she walked past many of the guards bowed as they were in the presence of a royal, however Titania showed them a hand gesture, she didn't really like formalities. As they entered the courtyard Oberon spoke up.

"What time are we heading to the Dungeon Lady Titania?" Oberon asked with curious eyes.

"We will leave at dawn, the later into the day the better, the Pokemon inside will be less active and there will be less bandits and danger around we've just come here to pack some stuff for when we go," Titania stated, walking through the massive open doors into the palace.

Oberon nodded in agreement and followed her into the palace. The palace was one of the most beautiful places in Johto, shiny marble pillars were scattered on the inside of the palace, there shiny surfaces glistening in the light coming from some of the large windows on the walls.

Many people worked in the castle, from guards to maids and even Pokemon trainers occupied here, mainly to teach the younger part of the royal family. Titania had many siblings, a older brother, two younger sisters and another two younger brothers. Unfortunately her father, the previous king died in a gruesome war that waged between Johto and Kanto, however her older brother, Aries, was not chosen for the crown and the royal blood line would be ruled by a new queen.

"Oberon, why don't we head to the practice grounds to experiment with new combinations of our magic?" Titania politely asked.

"Well of course, the more knowledge we have of our magic the more potential we shall unlock." He agreed happily, closing his tome and placing it over his back, like some sort of backpack.

The two headed towards the courtyard which led them to the training area. A few people where in there, knights and new mages all trying out new techniques. It was an outdoor Colosseum like building, spectators sat around watching, enjoying their free time. Titania pulled out her staff, she had recently discovered a new magic she had control over, she nicknamed it 'revamp' which allowed her to change her weapon and armour at any time.

"I want to try out a new armour set so i'll need you to summon some sort of opponent for me. Don't hold back." Titania said with a wink. She headed towards the opposite side of the battle field, her long slender legs making short work of the distance.

"Hmph, I won't." Oberon smirked to himself pulling out his giant tome from his back. This one was his most prized item, a gift from a extremely powerful mage they once visited in Sinnoh a while back. It had thousands of spells and magic abilities he still hadn't had time to try out yet. It was an easy book to read, it had section with each sort of magic such as elemental, summoner magic, assit and many more. Flicking to the summoner section he searched for an ideal spell that would put Titania to work.

The young boys eyes began to glow a foggy grey colour as the book radiated with the same coloured light, "Quacumque die invocavero te, a cecidit Kalos bellator adiuva me in viva orbis terrarum, Akilecius surgere!"

A black mist swirled mysteriously in a circle on the dusty earth, tendrils of fog began to arise and form the shape of a large bird cage, inside a figure was being shaped from the soil and mist, a large sword shot straight through the roof and sliced the makeshift cage in half. Out stepped a man of tremendous hight, scars across his ripped arms and torso, his eyes full of anger and blood lust.

"Go Akilecius show her why you were a feared warrior of the Kalos region!" Oberon shouted, his eyes back to the normal colour they were.

"I see you picked a good fighter Oberon!" Titania shouted as she ran towards the man her staff lowered behind her. Sliding to a stop she raised her magic weapon above her and shut her eyes, "Revamp!" A powerful light exploded from the staff slightly knocking back the angry warrior.

The fierce light died down revealing Titania dressed in light purple armour, it was rather revealing baring a lot of her skin. It was like a metallic leotard, with armour guards at the side of her thighs, the middle part was open revealing a lot of her breasts and thin waist. Around her arms were also guards with purple gloves underneath and shoulder pads sharply jutting out at the side. The most alluring thing about her new attire were the small purple wings poking out at the back of her shoulders, slightly keeping her off the ground. Her staff had transformed into a long purple blade that curved like the crescent moon, radiating a purple coloured aura.

Oberon sat down and closed his eyes concentrating on controlling the soldier that had arisen. Controlling a being was quite the task and not as hard as other magic, which is why he was struggling a bit. Titania packed quite the punch and was very hard to defend against. Oberon had to physically endure it whenever the target he was controlling was hit, yet he continued to persist trying to show Titania that he had improved.

The sight was one to behold, Titania's agility and strength was unmatched, sparks were flying in the air as the two fighters swords collided and created a reverberating sound throughout the small arena. Titania was fully focused and was diving and dodging out of the way of the large warriors attacks. Titania wanted to end this quick so she decided to go all out. She holstered her weapon and dashed, slashing as soon as she went past the other warrior, killing it instantly. She turned around to see it disappear into flames.

Oberon stood up, dazed a little, summoning took up a lot of energy. Titania walked up to him with a smile on her face, her armour deactivated.

"Good job Oberon, but if you want to win you're gonna have to try harder," She said with a wink.

Oberon huffed, like a child would after they would lose a game. Oberons attention was drawn away by the sound of barking, he turned to see and Umbreon running at him quickly.

"Callisto!" Oberon shouted.

Oberon knelt down to stroke and pet the Umbreon, this Pokemon was Oberon's first and had been his best companion since.

"His coat looks better," Titania commented.

"Yeah I left him here while we went out so he could be groomed," Oberon stated.

"It's about time we head back to plan for tomorrow, and get a good couple hours sleep. What do you think?" Titania asked, tiredness growing inside her.

"Anything my lady." Oberon said as he returned his faithful Umbreon back to it's pokeball.

They both walked back through the arena, and the courtyard heading straight inside the palace. By now Titania had transformed back into her regular dark attire and Oberon had his huge tome placed back over his shoulders. The castle was still filled with busy staff and many politicians roamed the grounds trying to discuss the political and economical issues of Johto with the queen and her trusted group of high classed associates.

Heading up the grand stairs the two youngsters sped up as they neared their chambers. Bursting the door pen Titania dived onto her grand bed, it was big enough to fit at least three people in. She requested that her and Oberon shared a room, she did not deem it inappropriate as he was her apprentice, a student who'd document everything and anything he believed important. They grew close and became the best of friends, she even considered him a brother. Titania's room was extremely beautiful, her ceiling had clouds painted on, it was a mural of a ancient battle that occurred between the Gods. The walls were the colour of a rose pink with an elegant dressing table and a tremendous mirror towards the mirror. On the other side was Oberon's area, with a double bed and his own treasure chest at the foot filled with scrolls, books and many other objects Titania dared to ask what there uses were.

"Do you think it's possible to see a God at the end of a dungeon?" Titania asked dreamily, staring at her painted ceiling.

"Well, assuming they are still around there could be a chance? We've encountered many things down them, Pokemon, items and even legends. You never know what could be waiting around the corner or at the end of them things." Oberon slightly explained as he sluggishly slumped onto his bed.

"I think that's what drives me to explore them Oberon. The sheer mystery of what we could discover. You know? I believe we dungeon captures were chosen by the Gods to rid them of the world. Or maybe to unleash something the world needs. I don't know, but I hope there's some purpose behind them, and behind declaring people as dungeon capturers." Titania said as she slipped into her sleeping attire behind her dressing wall. Oberon followed her lead and did the same behind his own. No other words were said as the two friends were exhausted. It was a long day, and even longer one was waiting for them tomorrow.