Hey! Here is my third GW/SM fic, hope you like it. For those who didn't bother to read the summary, Shivers is a pc game (that I don't own, along with all the characters in this story) and it's a little boring but I like it so much, it's the setting for my new fic. And I should warn you, for people with the patience to be actually playing Shivers, this contains major spoilers. Don't worry; I give pretty detailed descriptions, so you don't have to play the game to get what's going on. Anyway, everything else will eventually be explained. Well, enjoy! Oh, yeah and (this means thinking.)

Rei's P.O.V.

Rei slumped down on her bed. (Five youmas and three lemures. What a day...) She glanced up and sighed as she noticed her room was still the same mess it was that morning. (It can wait until tomorrow...) Rei rolled over and felt around for a t-shirt and jerked to a stop as she felt something approaching. Jumping up, she looked around. (What is it? What's about to happen?)

Her question was answered when the floor suddenly gave out under her and she felt herself tumbling into darkness.

Rei opened her eyes, expecting to see a pile of dirty clothes, but instead saw a small pile of glass and gold-yellow linoleum floor. She surprisingly felt a cold draft and looked down at her shirt.

"What the..." She was wearing a skimpy mini-skirt, even shorter than her uniform, bright red, and cut off at a tube top around her chest. The part encircling the front of her chest was tight and uncomfortably low. She looked lower. She had calf-high white socks and red spike heels with ribbons wrapping up over her socks and tying in neat knots.

Rei growled and stood up, a little unsteady on the new heels that seemed impossibly higher than her uniform heels. She looked around the empty area. It was a lobby of some sort, with a long, broken showcase next to her, a set of stairs leading up to a large, wooden door, next to that was a dried up stone pool that looked to be a fountain, to her left were two wooden doors, one with a marble terrace over it, the other in the shadows next it. Rei turned around to see a beautiful spiral staircase leading up to a platform by a squarish stone-looking door with an Egyptian- looking painting of a man across it. A magnificent crystal chandelier hung silently above the staircase.

Rei turned her head and saw a set of metal, blue double doors behind a small work desk with a few papers scattered across it. Turning again, Rei saw, on the other side of the showcase, another, smaller set of stairs, leading down to what looked like another set of double doors with a large panel across it.

Rei turned around slowly, taking in the room again. (This is so familiar, for some reason...) She stopped. "You have got to be kidding!" She stamped her foot and growled, listening to the click echo off the far walls. (This can't be happening, how the hell did I get stuck in a stupid computer game?!) Rei glanced around again. (Yeah, this is it to a tee. But dammit, why Shivers, of all games?)

Back in the real world~~~~

Duo dashed madly down a long corridor in Quatre's expansive mansion.

"This time I'm going to kill you, baka!" Wufei yelled from behind him, gaining on Duo easily.

Duo hopped nimbly over edge of the stairs and landed with a tinge of pain at the bottom. He gasped for breath as he spun around the corner. Wufei landed behind him somewhat more gracefully than Duo had.

"You'll pay now!" Wufei yelled as he caught Duo by the back of his shirt and pinned him to the wall with his katana.

"Geez, I didn't think you'd mind so much!" Duo half-laughed, trying not to set him off more.

"You can't think you can go and paint my room and I would not mind?! And pink of all colors!" Wufei was practically screaming now and Trowa, Quatre and Heero leaned around the corner to see if Wufei had killed Duo yet.

"Wufei, why don't you just paint it back?" Quatre suggested.

"I have." Wufei growled. "But his insolence cannot go unpunished..." Wufei raised his katana higher and closer to Duo's throat.

The sound of the safety being clicked off a gun brought Wufei's attention to his right. He found himself staring down the loaded barrel of Heero's handgun.

"Let him go." Heero commanded in his standard monotone.

Wufei growled again, but sheathed his katana inside his coat.

Trowa stepped forward. "Does anyone but me hear something?"

The room went perfectly still for a moment as they all silenced to listen. The still was only broken by Duo's "Whoa!" as they fell into the dark pit that opened under their feet.

Rei's P.O.V.

Rei breathed a sigh of relief as she finally got the ribbon knots loose and took off the heels that had landed her on her rear for the third time as she made her way over to the small wooden door in the shadows.

She pulled them off and they thunked to the floor. (Now I can finally walk right.) She glanced down at her new outfit. (At least there's no one around.)

Her heart fell as she heard four soft grunts and a loud bang and turned around to see four boys fall to the floor and one grab the stair railing as he fell from somewhere around the ceiling. The boy on the stairs swung his leg up over the railing nimbly and slid down, his brown braid flipping carelessly over his shoulder as he spun around the spiral.

He landed on the floor with a loud thump and one of the other boys, this one attractive with jet black hair tied tightly back in a small ponytail, snorted irritably. He dusted off his long white coat and crossed his arms. Rei couldn't see his face; he had his back to her as did the other boys.

"Are you okay, Duo?" A small, blonde boy asked the one with the braid.

"I'm alright, thanks Quatre."

"Where are we?" A tall boy with hair over his face asked quietly.

"In the lobby of some large building." Another boy with messy brown hair said in an emotionless voice.

Rei gulped. (Don't tell me I have to help these guys get out of here...)

The boy in white jerked and turned around eyes scanning the walls.

(Better come out now.) Rei stood up; trying to forget the next-to- nothing outfit she was wearing. "Excuse me?" She waved her hand a little, getting all of their attentions. "Yeah, you wouldn't happen to know how you got here would you?"

Five guns were trained on her in an instant. Rei rolled her eyes. "Fine, stay here, die, get the life sucked out of you. See if I care." She kicked her shoes out of the way and made her way back to the door she was headed for.

Something grabbed her arm and she stopped. Turning around, she came face to face with the boy in white. He had cold black eyes and his hand was solid on her arm. "Let go." Rei hissed.

"What do you mean, 'let us die'?" The blond boy, Quatre asked as he walked calmly to the other boy's side.

Rei jerked her arm away. "I take it you don't know where you are." She took the following silence for a 'no'. "You are in Professor Windlnot's Museum of the Strange and Unusual." Rei crossed her arms. "Actually you are in the game Shivers, but in the game, you are in the museum."

The boy in front of her snorted. "You are insane, onna."

Rei felt her anger flare at the use of the word 'onna', which she had always took to mean she was lesser. She snorted back to the boy. "Don't talk like you are better than me, boy. My name is Rei, and don't forget it." She lifted her head. "And I'm not crazy. You all are crazy if you are thinking about wandering around here without knowing what you'll find." Once again, she turned her back, not surprised to find her arm, once again, snatched.

She turned to find the other boys listening intently to her as well. "What do you mean?" The boy with a handgun now residing in his right hand, asked.

Rei sighed. "This place is a literal maze. There are all sorts of puzzles around to keep you back."

Duo raised his hand. "Um, yeah, I think we can handle a few puzzles."

Rei pursed her lips and glared at him. "If you'll let me finish. Now, scattered around the museum are..." Rei looked away, searching for the right word. "Spirits. If you get near them, they attack you and steal your life's essence. To win the game and get out of the museum, you have to capture all the spirits."

"Ha!" The boy in front of her burst out. "That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard."

"Wufei..." Quatre scolded softly.

"Well, Wufei." Rei glared at him. "Go over to that fountain over there, and turn it on. There's a switch beneath a panel on the side."

Wufei looked over at the fountain, and back at Rei. "Let me guess, one of the spirits is going to attack me." Rei nodded curtly. Wufei rolled his eyes and walked over to the fountain. Feeling along the side, he found the switch and turned it.

Water bubbled up and flowed swiftly from the mouth of the fountain. "Watch closely..." Rei muttered.

Wufei frowned and looked at the water. Green sparks played across the surface. He opened his mouth as a surge of water lifted up and seemed to take the form of a creature. It swung a fist at Wufei and it went through his chest. With a growl and a splash of water, it disappeared back into the fountain and Wufei dropped to the ground.

The other boys and Rei dashed to his side. Rei reached in the panel and turned off the water.

"What was that?!" Duo yelled.

"That was the Water Ixupi." Rei responded calmly. "It just stole some of your life essence."

Wufei leaned up, clutching his chest. "How do I get it back?"

Rei stood up and took a step back, remembering how short her skirt was. "You have to find the water jar and talisman and capture it." Duo leaned forward a bit. Rei swiped at him and clutched at her skirt, holding it to her legs.

"How is it you know so much about these things?" The boy with the hair in his face asked suspiciously, ignoring Duo's rude action.

"I told you, this is a game. And it happens to be one of the few I actually beaten." Rei shrugged and turned around, half-expecting her arm to be grabbed again.

"Wait a second!"

Rei turned back. "What?"

Quatre stood up and approached her. "Yes, well, we don't know anything about this place-"

"You want to come with me." Rei finished, closing her eyes.

Wufei stood up slowly. "Not that we need you." He assured forcefully.

Rei nodded, not bothering to argue. "Then let's go. Oh, yeah. I know all of your names except you," She pointed to the boy with the hair in his face, "And you." She pointed to the other brown haired boy with no expression.

"Trowa." The first said.

The second hesitated. "Heero." Duo answered for him.

"Well, boys, first thing we need to do is get down to the basement to get a book." Rei trotted off towards the door, kicking her shoes out of the way, she turned abruptly to see Duo giving her rear an awkward look. "Hey!" Rei shouted. He jerked up.

Wufei delivered a hard slap to the back of Duo's head. Duo grinned helplessly. "Hey, why aren't you wearing any shoes?"

"Because I can't walk in them." Rei turned back around and opened the door.

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