Clarke tried not to wince as she lifted her arm up to grab bandages off the shelf. She couldn't let the cut on her side slow her down, especially because it was her own damn fault for being so stupid. She had stitched it up, bandaged it, and now she had work to do. There was always someone to tend to at camp. The delinquents couldn't seem to keep themselves out of trouble.

"Clarke! Clarke we need you!" Her stomach dropped at the familiar words and tone of panic. It meant that someone was seriously injured. She ran out of the dropship and saw Miller sprinting towards her. He was covered in dirt, his clothing was a bit ripped, and had a few cuts on his arms, but they didn't look too serious.

"Miller, what's wrong? Who's hurt?" She looked around, trying to find an injured person, but there was none.

"There was a rock slide. Jasper is completely pinned, several others are injured, I don't know how bad. Bellamy and a few that aren't too hurt are trying to get Jasper out." Miller said in a hurried tone. Clarke absorbed the information, ignoring the fact that her breathing got easier as soon as Miller mentioned Bellamy, and then she sprang into action.

"Find Raven, Octavia, and Monty. I'll get supplies." They both ran in different directions, knowing that time was of the essence. Clarke ran back into the dropship and hurriedly packed a bag full of bandages, a needle and thread, clean rags (clean being a relative term), and moonshine. She had just finished when four people burst into the ship.

"Miller told us what happened, what do you need?" Raven said in her wonderful straight to business tone.

"I need you guys to fill up as many bottles of water as you can. Raven, Octavia, and Miller will come with me to the site of the rockslide. Monty I need you to stay here and make a crap ton of your infection fighting tea. Everyone will need to drink it when we get them back." Monty looked like he wanted to argue but decided against it. He nodded instead and they all went to fill up bottles of water. Once they were finished, Miller led the way as they ran as quickly as possible.

They finally reached the spot where it had happened, it was worse than Clarke had imagined.

"We were standing up there when the ground gave way,"Miller said pointing up to the top of the ravine. "We all slid down along with a bunch of rocks. A few of us were buried, but we managed to get them out. Jasper was the only one we were having difficulty with." Clarke followed his gaze and saw Jasper lying with his leg trapped underneath a huge boulder. He was conscious, but barely. Bellamy was trying to wedge a stick underneath it to move it, he had blood running down his face. He looked slightly pale but determined. Clarke tore her gaze from Bellamy to assess the entire situation. Harper was propped against a tree, her arm wrapped around her middle. Monroe's arm was at a funny angle and her leg was bleeding. Murphy was lying motionless on the ground. There were a few other's around, but they all seemed to have minor cuts and bruises, although she would have to check them all for concussions.

"Octavia, can you start looking after the people with minor injuries? Raven and Miller, you guys help Bellamy get that rock off of Jasper. I can't do much until it's off. In the meantime, I will look at the people with more serious injuries." Clarke instructed, snapping into doctor mode. She first ran over to the unconscious Murphy. She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt a pulse, it was weak, but it was there. She found a cut on the back of his head. It didn't need stitches, but he was going to have a nasty bump and probable concussion when he woke up. Clarke wrapped a bandage around his head to help stop the bleeding. She couldn't do much more for his head other than wait for him to wake up. She stitched up a cut on his arm and cleaned and bandaged a few other ones. When she had done all she could for Murphy she moved on.

Clarke moved to Monroe next. She was about to pop her dislocated shoulder back in when a loud noise and a chorus of cheers came from behind her. She looked to see that they had gotten the boulder off of Jasper. Clarke quickly set Monroe's shoulder and promised to come back and stitch up her leg.

"Jasper," She said as she kneeled next to the boy and brushed his hair off of his sweaty forehead. Jasper groaned and his eyes met hers. He looked weak, but there was a clarity in his gaze that Clarke found encouraging. She moved to examine his leg, it didn't look nearly as bad as it could've considering it had been crushed by a rock. It was definitely broken, but the break didn't appear to be too bad. "Okay, I'm going to make a splint. For now if you could find me 2 straight sticks and some rope. I can make a better one back at camp." Clarke directed at Miller. Then she turned to Bellamy and Raven. "We will also need a few stretchers. One for Jasper, one for Murphy if he doesn't wake up, and one for Monroe. I don't want her walking on that leg yet and reopening the stitches that I will put in." The three of them nodded and set off. Clarke turned her attention back to Jasper. His leg was already showing bruises. She bandaged the multiple cuts over his body and then attached the splint when Miller brought the materials. Jasper groaned when she moved his leg, but suffered through the pain admirably.

"And my savior strikes again," Jasper said with a weak smile when she was finished. Clarke smiled back and kissed him on the cheek.

"Get some rest." She told him and stood up. She brushed her hair out of her face and closed her eyes for a second, revving herself up for her next round.

"Here" she opened her eyes to see Miller holding a cup out to her. "Drink some water" She took the cup gladly and sipped the water.

"Thank you, can you make sure everyone else gets water too?"

"Sure thing Clarke." Miller responded. She handed him back the cup when she was finished and moved on to the next patient. Harper still sat against the tree breathing slowly. When she saw Clarke approaching she shifted slightly, the movement causing her to wince.

"I think I know this one Doc, it's my ribs." The girl guessed and Clarke thought that she might be right. After investigating she figured that Harper had two cracked ribs. She didn't think they were fully broken and thank goodness for that.

"Well you do have a couple cracked ribs. There is nothing I can really do for you except tell you to take it easy and give it time. They will heal on their own. Just make sure you breathe normally even though it hurts. You can develop complications if you breathe shallowly for a while." Harped nodded and thanked her and Clarke moved on. She stitched up Monroe's leg and checked over the people that Octavia had treated to confirm it was nothing serious. She checked on Murphy again, he was stable but still out.

She finally got a second to rest after that. Her eyes fell on Bellamy. She once again noticed the blood on his face. He looked tired and pale. With a twinge of guilt, Clarke started to walk towards him. He had been in the rockslide too, he was a patient just like the rest of them yet she had put him to work because he was competent and she needed him. Clarke relied so heavily on Bellamy that sometimes it scared her. She had never been good at needing people and trusting them, but somehow Bellamy had wormed his way inside of her defenses. Clarke took his arm when she reached him.

"Come on, I need to check your head."

"But theā€¦" He started

"Raven and Miller can finish the stretcher." She glanced at Raven who nodded reassuringly back at her. "Come sit" Clarke pulled him down and sat on a rock next to him. Her co-leader regarded her seriously as she cleaned away the dry blood to get a look at the wound. "How hard did you hit your head?" She asked meeting his gaze.

"I dunno, it all was pretty disorienting. I may have lost consciousness shortly, its hard to tell."

"Well it stopped bleeding, but you probably have a concussion. Did you hurt anything else?"

"No, I was lucky" Bellamy brushed her off, he never had been a good patient. "How are you doing?" He asked, looking at her intently again. She scoffed at the ridiculousness of the question.

"Well I wasn't in the rock slide, so I'm better off than the rest of you."

"You look tired."

"Wow, you're quite the charmer aren't you." She put a lot of sarcasm into her voice which brought a smile to Bellamy's lips.

"I'm not trying to be charming, I'm trying to look out for you." He said as the smile faded. Under his gaze, Clarke realized how wiped she really felt. She hadn't let herself feel it while she was treating everybody.

"I'm okay, just a bit tired from running around all day."

"Well, we'll just sit here and rest for a little bit and wait for our second wind to hit us."

"More like a fifth wind." Clarke said with a laugh. "And just for a bit, we have to get everyone back before dark."

"Okay" Bellamy patted her leg and then settled back onto his rock.