We are back ladies and gentlemen with the eighteenth installment in my highly successful Icha Icha Paradise series. This installment sees Naruto paired up with the hot kunoichi from the movie Naruto: Blood Prison, Ryuzetsu. And to make this even more special, this week is the two year anniversary of when I first joined this site.

Summary: Naruto is dispatched to Kusagakure by Kakashi to dispatch a band of escapees from the Blood Prison and he teams up with Ryuzetsu to take them out.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Author's Notes: As with her previous appearances in my lemons, Ryuzetsu's doesn't die from reviving Naruto with her Dragon Life Reincarnation, instead of killing her it only required her to sacrifice half of her life energy to revive him.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was speeding through the forests on the way to Kusagakure for an important high-priority mission. Apparently there had been a major disturbance at the Hozuki Castle and Naruto had been sent there by the now Sixth Hokage Kakashi Hatake to investigate it.

"Well here it is, the Blood Prison. Boy does this place bring back memories." Naruto said as he arrived at the large castle that served as one of the top criminal containment facilities. The new Sage of Six Paths entered the facility to find many of the guards lying unconscious on the ground with a number of them dead.

"Not a pretty sight is it." he heard someone say and he turned to see a kunoichi approaching him. The kunoichi had long, waist-length white hair and grey circular-patterned eyes.

She wore a sleeveless kimono over a green top with only one sleeve on her left arm with a green bandana tied over it. Both her arms were bandaged up to her elbows and she wrapped up her appearance with black trousers with shinobi sandals.

"Well there's a face I haven't seen in a while, Ryuzetsu-chan it's good to see you again." Naruto said to the white-haired Kusagakure kunoichi.

"It's good to see you too Naruto-kun, all grown up and still kicking ass." Ryuzetsu said with a smile to her blonde friend.

"Hey kicking ass is what I do best. Speaking of which, it looks like there was a whole lot more than ass kicking going on here, what happened?" Naruto asked.

"Well according to my intel, four of the prison's maximum security prisoners managed to take one of the guards hostage and they used him to escape the prison before killing him."

"The other guards of the prison tried to stop them, but they were easily defeated and a number of them were killed as well." Ryuzetsu explained.

"Hold on, aren't the prisoners supposed to have their chakra sealed away, so how did they manage to overpower the guards so easily?" Naruto asked.

"Well that's the big question, the theory is that this was an inside job and not just some random prison rebellion. As the leader of Kusagakure's ANBU team, I've been personally sent to deal with this. I assume your village sent you to do the same." Ryuzetsu said.

"Yeah, that's why I'm here. So tell me, are there any specific instructions as to how we're supposed to deal with these prisoners?" Naruto asked.

"The prisoners are considered to be highly dangerous and homicidal, we've been authorized to use lethal force to deal with them as the prisoners are considered expendable." Ryuzetsu said.

"That's just fine with me, do you know where they're cells are, I was thinking of tracking their chakra using traces left behind in their cells." Naruto said and Ryuzetsu nodded before guiding Naruto to the escapee's cells and after feeling their chakra signature's they set off on their trail.

The two shinobi soon came to a ravine area that Naruto realized was the ruins of the Tenchi Bridge. Naruto noticed that the criminals trail ended at the ravine and he sensed the trail of a sixth individual at the chasm of the ravine.

"Ryuzetsu, the chakra from those escapees ends at this ravine and I'm also sensing the chakra of a fifth individual down here." Naruto told her.

"That must be their accomplice, the prisoners are probably hiding in this ravine, now we just need to find a way down there." Ryuzetsu said before the next thing he knew she was picked up bridal style by Naruto, who had activated his Rinnegan and using the Asura Path, he formed a pair of angel's wings.

"Then hold on tight." Naruto said before he dove and flew down into the ravine and Ryuzetsu held onto his neck as they descended. They soon came to a cave in the ravine that clearly appeared to be manmade as they went in and Naruto retracted his wings.

"That went better than I thought it would. I never imagined escaping that hellhole would be so easy." the two of them heard a deep, gruff male voice say.

"I'll say Hideyoshi, although I wish we could've taken our time with those guards, it would've been so much more fun to spill more of their blood." laughed a maniacal female voice.

"No, we had our objective Kasumi and it was to get out of the prison as fast as possible. We didn't have time to play around with those weak ass guards." said a brutal, male voice.

"Yes, but still it would've been nice to add a few more victims to our list before me made our escape." said a wheezy male voice.

"Patience my dear Daichi, you'll be able to have plenty of fresh victims soon." said a sultry, female voice.

"Akane, what do you have planned for us. You still haven't let us in on why you helped up escape." the brutal male voice said.

"Well Kaito, you know how Kusagakure has an alliance with Konoha right, well I plan to try and sever that alliance by launching an attack on Konoha and fatally wounding their precious Hokage." the woman known as Akane said.

"Like hell you will." Naruto said as he leapt from his hiding spot with his Rinnegan a crimson red out of anger and the four escapees and the ring leader turned to face him.

The man named Hideyoshi was a towering bald man with prison-style tattoos over his chest, arms and head with dark black eyes who wore an Iwagakure shinobi outfit with the sleeves torn off.

The female prisoner, Kasumi was a platinum blue-haired kunoichi with a deranged smile on her face and a maddened look in her amber eyes who wore the basic pinstripe kunoichi's outfit of Kirigakure.

The prisoner named Kaito was a short, muscular dark-skinned man with black slicked back hair and dark brown eyes wearing a standard Kumogakure uniform and a prison tattoo over the left side of his face.

The fourth prisoner named Daichi was a lanky older man with short olive green hair and red eyes and a gaunt look on his face. The man wore the standard uniform of Sunagakure and like the other three men, he also wore prison tattoos on his neck and arms.

Finally the ringleader, the woman named Akane was a voluptuous woman with dark red hair and indigo eyes who wore a kimono-like outfit with a skirt that left her toned legs exposed. She looked at Naruto and Ryuzetsu with a sinister smirk on her face.

"Well now, I never expected to be found so quickly, and by the Hero of the Shinobi World nonetheless. You know, my escapees and I killed numerous guards because of you and your village. How am I gonna live with myself." Akane said.

"From that look on your face it looks like you had a lot of fun doing it. Why the hell would someone like you join the Blood Prison guard? You'd be more suited with one of the S-Class criminal groups." Ryuzetsu said and Akane grinned.

"What an interesting observation Kusagakure ANBU, I must say you have sharp eyes." Akane said as she raised the sleeve of her kimono to reveal a headband and Naruto was shocked to see the seal on the headband.

"You're from the Sound Village, you must be a former subordinate of Orochimaru." Naruto said in shock.

"Heh, that's how I got the skills to trick fools like the shinobi of Kusagakure. I was once one of Orochimaru's top spies until the fall of the sound village."

"And soon once I get my vengeance on the Hidden Leaf village there won't be anything or anyone standing in my way." Akane said and Naruto growled in anger.

"Oh but first, first we're going to have to kill the two of you." Akane said as she raised her hand for her partners to close in on them.

Naruto took out his mother's blade (a four foot long estoc made from the purest of metals found in the Land of Fire with the Uzumaki Clan Symbol on the ruby-adorned crucifix hilt) and Ryuzetsu drew a tanto blade as the two of them prepared themselves for a fight.

"Crash" by Static-X begins playing

"Time to drown into oblivion." Kasumi said as she ran through a fast pace of hand signs before using Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave to try and sweep away the two shinobi with a large wave of water.

Naruto and Ryuzetsu leapt out of the way before Naruto raised his sword and began channeling lightning chakra as he used Lightning Release: Lightning Dragon Tornado to form a vortex of lightning in the shape of a dragon which he used to attack Kasumi.

Kasumi was severely shocked before Naruto landed a devastating high-speed combination of punches before blasting her with a devastating wheel kick to her head that knocked her back. Kasumi tried to fight back as she used her Water Release: Snake's Mouth to swallow Naruto and she cackled as she thought she had killed Naruto.

Just then the water snake exploded in an eruption of ghostly red chakra and Naruto emerged from the snake in his Nine Tails Chakra Mode and he had his mother's blade charged with Kurama's chakra in his hand ready to strike.

In an act of desperation, Kasumi drew a kunai and tried to slash at Naruto who parried her attacks with his mother's blade before using the sharpened point of his mother's blade to stab Kasumi several times with lightning fast speed.

Kasumi screamed in pain before Naruto kicked the woman in the leg dropping her to her knees and Naruto picked up her kunai and cut her throat killing the insane kunoichi. Naruto was then attacked with an Earth Release: Earth Spear by Hideyoshi and Naruto leaped out of the way before he began dueling with the Iwagakure criminal.

Meanwhile Ryuzetsu was tied up with the other two escapees Kaito and Daichi. Kaito used his Lightning Release Armour to battle hand to hand with Ryuzetsu who dodged his attacks before attempting to burn the Kumogakure criminal with her Fire Release: Great Flame Flower to rain down fireballs on her two foes.

They quickly moved out of the way and Ryuzetsu quickly followed up with a series of slashes at Kaito which he dodged before getting kicked in the chest by her and she swung her tanto and stabbed Kaito in the gut causing him to double over before she finished him by kneeing him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground before stabbing him in the skull.

Ryuzetsu was then attacked from behind by Daichi with a Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique that slashed her in the back causing her to double over in pain and Daichi raised his blade to deliver the killing blow to Ryuzetsu.

But before he could bring his blade down on her, Naruto appeared in front of her and deflected the blade with his own before he hit the surprised Sunagakure criminal in the chest with a senjutsu-enhanced punch that stopped the man's heart.

"Goddamn you, you murdered me." Daichi said with his last breath before collapsing to the ground in a heap and as Naruto made to check on Ryuzetsu, he was suddenly attacked by Akane who had been sitting back waiting for her moment to strike.

"Once I kill you, you can lay on the ground like a helpless dog and watch as I kill your little girlfriend. I think I'll take my time with her and torture her until she begs me to finish her."

"You on the other hand will have no such luxury, this is where you're going to die Namikaze." Akane said with a maniacal smile on her face as she activated a curse mark she had received from Orochimaru.

The curse mark caused her to begin to transform as her pale skin began to turn dark purple and she began to sprout razor sharp spider-esque legs from her back. Her nails grew sharper and amber eyes turned bright yellow and her teeth became sharper. She also now sported a red mark on her back giving her an appearance similar to a black widow.

"Then bring it on bitch." Naruto said as he prepared for a final battle with the sadistic spider lady.

"Face Everything and Rise" by Papa Roach begins playing

"Come into my web Namikaze." Akane said as she started to attack Naruto with slashes from her claw-like nails that Naruto parried with his mother's blade while both shinobi dealt damage to one another before they both leaped back.

"Fire Release: Great Flame Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he launched a black Rasengan at Akane that was surrounded by a searing ring of flames that Akane dodged while laughing.

"You might as well be aiming for the floor." Akane taunted as she used a Summoning Jutsu to summon thousands of black widows which she ordered to attack him. Naruto smiled before using Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm to destroy the black widows.

"You continue to surprise me Namikaze." Akane said as she spit a lethal corrosive poison at him that Naruto quickly dodged before forming two chakra wings and flying at the twisted kunoichi with a Lava Release: Rasengan ready to strike and he hit Akane dead center in the chest with it.

Naruto's feelings of victory were short-live however as this Akane was revealed to be a shadow clone and Naruto wondered where the real Akane had disappeared to before he was bombarded with needled containing a paralyzing poison and was ensnared in webs by Akane.

"You're trapped like a fly, now I'll feast on your soul." Akane said as she attacked Naruto with her spider legs ready to strike. But before she could kill him, she was hit in the eye with kunai containing explosive tags that exploded on contact blinding her.

"Naruto now." Ryuzetsu said and with Naruto in the clear and healed by Kurama's chakra, he prepared a Tailed Beast Ball that he hurled at Akane who screamed as the orb of energy collided with her and exploded and when the explosion cleared, she was lying dead on the ground.

"We did it, it's over." Ryuzetsu said before collapsing from her injuries and Naruto caught her and held her unconscious in his arms before leaving the cave with Ryuzetsu in his arms.

~Hours Later~

Ryuzetsu stirred awake and she sat up to see that she was covered by Naruto's red and black haori. She looked to see Naruto sitting in front of a campfire smiling at her while he had been watching over her sleeping form.

She looked around to see that they were in a cave near a waterfall and realized they were in the same cave that they had been in so many years ago and that it was raining outside. She quickly realized that Naruto had carried her home but had to stop for the night due to the rain.

"Hey, sleep alright?" Naruto asked the Kusagakure ANBU kunoichi and she smiled and nodded at him before handing him back his haori and she sat next to him.

"How are your injuries feeling Ryuzetsu-chan. I healed them up with Kurama's chakra." Naruto told her and she felt where her back was to see that indeed her injuries had been healed.

"I'm doing alright, thanks Naruto-kun." Ryuzetsu said as they sat in front of the fire to warm themselves up.

"You know, this is a lot like years ago when we were trapped inside this very same cave when I tried to escape from the Blood Prison." Naruto said and Ryuzetsu grinned at him.

"I was just thinking the same thing Naruto-kun. It's kinda funny and ironic how we've ended up at the same cave we got stuck in years ago." Ryuzetsu said.

"You know what I remember most about that, strangely enough the moment that keeps replaying in my mind was when you slapped the hell out of me years ago." Naruto said and Ryuzetsu grinned in embarrassment.

"Sorry about that, but I just didn't want you to do anything else reckless, you could have killed yourself." Ryuzetsu said.

"We almost both died when that Earth spike impaled us both, I really thought I was gonna die the same way my parents both died to protect me." Naruto said and Ryuzetsu chuckled.

"That would have been ironic. If it hadn't been for my Dragon Life Reincarnation, we both would be dead right now." Ryuzetsu said.

"Well Ryuzetsu-chan, if I had died I could at least have taken comfort that I died with someone I cared about like my folks did." Naruto said and Ryuzetsu smiled at him.

"Oh really, and just how much do you care for me Naruto-kun." Ryuzetsu asked him.

"More that you could imagine, I mean I've never met another girl like you Ryuzetsu-chan." Naruto answered.

"That's nice of you, and for what it's worth I've never met anyone as charismatic and handsome as you." Ryuzetsu said.

"Thanks Ryuzet…hey wait a minute what did you just call me." Naruto asked her and she smirked at him.

"I said you were charismatic and handsome Naruto-kun." Ryuzetsu purred as she crawled up to him and pushed him onto his back before straddling the stunned Naruto.

"W-wait Ryuzetsu-chan what are you…" Naruto started to say before Ryuzetsu placed a slender finger over his lips to silence him.

"Shh don't talk, just go with it." Ryuzetsu said before she leaned in and pressed her lips to his. Naruto held still for a moment before he began to reciprocate the kiss and he reached up with one hand and stroked her cheek.

Naruto's blue eyes and Ryuzetsu's grey, circular-patterned ones glowed with passion and love while they kissed and he continued to stroke her cheek. Ryuzetsu moaned in bliss as she felt Naruto's tongue lick its way into her mouth and she welcomed it as their tongues began to spar with one another.

Naruto placed his hand on Ryuzetsu's lower back and stroked it. She brushed her fingers through his golden cropped locks and pressed her perky bosom against his muscular chest. He moaned at this while Ryuzetsu did likewise from how strong Naruto's chest felt and they eventually separated lips and sat up.

"How about you help me take these off." Ryuzetsu seductively said motioning to her clothes and Naruto nodded before reaching for the sash to her kimono top and undid it to allow her top to fall off exposing her perky chest to him.

"Nice." Naruto thought as he observed her perky bosom before he unzipped his uniform-style shirt and threw it aside and untied his headband and placed in in his pants pocket.

He then stood up and removed his pants and boxers allowing his erection to spring free and Ryuzetsu smiled in satisfaction at his size before he removed his sandals. She then removed her bandages on her arms and her bandana before Naruto laid her on her back.

He slowly removed her pants and sandals, teasing the Kusagakure kunoichi out of her mind until she lay before him in her natural form and she smiled and blushed at him before flipping them over and she kissed him before turning in the opposite direction and facing his manhood with her folds over his face.

Naruto spread her folds apart and licked his lips as he started teasing her folds by smoothly licking her clit as slowly as possible while wriggling his index finger inside of her. Ryuzetsu moaned before she gripped his cock and she began stroking his swollen tower with a feather-light touch.

Ryuzetsu then snaked her tongue out and began trailing her tongue on the base of his erection and slowly licking her way up his shaft while toying with his testicles at the same time before taking his head into her warm mouth.

Naruto momentarily ceased licking into her warmth to shiver at the warmth of her tongue sliding over his cock and her warm saliva washing over his member before he continued licking deeply into her pussy, his tongue sweeping over her hot entrance while using his thumb to circle her clit before he slid his tongue into her walls.

Ryuzetsu moaned at his tongue invading her warmth and in response, she cupped her breasts and squeezed her perky tits together on his cock and Naruto's toes cringed in pleasure at the feeling of her soft chest on his erect tower and she smiled at how hard his member felt before she began stroking him with her warm orbs.

Naruto moaned into Ryuzetsu's pussy before he began carefully thrusting into her perky tits and her warm mouth and she jerked his upright thrusts while continuing to suck him off. Her warm saliva soaked his pride and his tongue lashed out and dug into her caverns and tasted her wetness

The pair licked each other's lower parts and relished in the tastes. Naruto's hands held Ryuzetsu's firm but soft ass in place as he trailed his tongue along her walls and she whimpered and he could tell that she was close to her release and judging from the way his member twitched in her mouth, she knew he would come soon as well.

Ryuzetsu bopped her head on her lover's manhood and stroked her tits on him before his cock spasmed and spurted his essence into her mouth and she closed her eyes in delight as she came to her own release and her fluid streams drained out of her warmth and onto the blonde's tongue.

Naruto greedily licked up her tasty juices while Ryuzetsu swallowed his cum before she freed his cock and she got off of him and laid back before Naruto climbed on top of her and kissed her again and he began brushing his cock on her folds before he readily slid into her awaiting arousal and snapped her hymen.

Ryuzetsu howled into the kiss and Naruto kept his lips sealed to hers while he gave her time to adjust to having her walls stretched out for the first time. After a few moments had passed Ryuzetsu gave him a look to let him know that it was alright and he began to pound his manhood into her walls.

Ryuzetsu moaned and her perky breasts began jiggling as Naruto drove his length into her hot innards and she reached up to cup Naruto's face and stroke his whiskers while he jetted his hips forward into hers and he began trailing his fingers through her long white hair.

She looked up at Naruto and lust began to cloud her mind as he pounded his manhood into her wetness and she worked her hips in tandem with his thrusts to grind his length inside of her. The blonde man moaned as his cannon shot into her tightness and the impacts rumbled and rocked her innards.

Ryuzetsu watched as her perky breasts jiggled and bounced about from Naruto's powerful movements as he banged his hardness into her warmth. She moaned as she wrapped her long toned legs around his lower back to pull him in deeper while he slammed into her womanhood.

Naruto stroked Ryuzetsu's cheek and her blush covered her face as he pumped his cock into her pussy while she bucked her legs against his. Her walls grinded his member as their hips clashed and both loudly moaned as Naruto's left hand slid down Ryuzetsu's shoulder and palmed her breast before caressing the orb.

He leaned forward to passionately smother his lips against Ryuzetsu's and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he did so while the two never let up on their lovemaking. Bright blue hues stared into grey hues before he moved his other hand to cup her breasts and he began squeezing the bobbing mammaries while pinching her nipples.

Ryuzetsu moaned into their hot kiss from her blonde lover's teasing as their tongues licked and wagged on each other while her innards were struck by Naruto's cannon, which she noticed was beginning to swell as her insides tightened from his movements and his teasing assault on her breasts.

He groped and held onto the bouncing mounds of flesh as he thrashed his length into the depths of Ryuzetsu's innards. She glided her hands on his back and held onto him tightly as she and Naruto continued kissing their tongues squirmed against each other and their bodies continued their sensual dance.

Ryuzetsu whimpered as Naruto's manhood jerked into her tightening warmth before they separated lips and licked one another's tongues while moaning at the top of their lungs. Both closed their eyes in heavenly bliss as his cock struck her womb and pounded deeply into her stomach with her legs still locked around him.

At last, both shinobi ceased licking one another's tongues as her pussy coiled his cock and squeezed it until his seeds stormed into her womb like white hurricane. Both of Naruto and Ryuzetsu's releases exploded from her entrance and drowned the blonde's hilt with their rich, creamy fluids.

Once his seeds were spent, Naruto nearly collapsed onto Ryuzetsu but caught himself in time and rested his forehead against her own. Their sweaty temples touched each other and they smiled at each other before sharing another kiss.

"How did you enjoy that Ryuzetsu-chan?" Naruto said and Ryuzetsu smiled at him.

"I can't quite find the words to describe it other than maybe addicting Naruto-kun. I may truly get addicted to this." Ryuzetsu said and Naruto chuckled at her.

"Well I always have more to give." Naruto said before he and Ryuzetsu stood up and she wrapped her legs around his waist before sliding back down his length and Naruto held onto her lower back before he began thrusting into her again.

Ryuzetsu's perky orbs heaved while her arms dangled freely about for the time being as Naruto's hardness slammed into her walls and she moaned as his erection struck her innards. Ryuzetsu kept her legs wrapped around Naruto as he held onto her and her breasts jiggled as she bucked her hips.

Naruto panted with lust as he pummeled his hardness into Ryuzetsu's womanhood before he cupped her bouncing orbs. He held them up and kissed her breasts while licking and kissing her tits and she placed her hands on his shoulders and held onto him as he pumped his erection into her warmth and massaged her tits.

Ryuzetsu moaned as her hard tits were massaged and licked at by Naruto while she worked her hips and thrust her wetness down onto his cock. He rubbed her orbs together while circling her buds before he kissed her and her grey circular-patterned eyes looked into his celestial blue ones.

Naruto squeezed and caressed Ryuzetsu's mounds as he rocketed his cock against her walls while they licked the insides of each other's mouths as they closed their eyes and the blonde gripped her hard tits and began to tweak her pert nipples.

She mewled at this while he banged his growth against her aroused walls and her toes cringed from his mighty impacts. The blonde Sage of Six Paths jerked his manhood up into Ryuzetsu's grinding tightness and she closed her eyes in bliss as she kissed him while he did the same.

He fueled his cock up into her walls and fondled her breasts before separating lips to light bite into her right mound. Ryuzetsu smiled and placed her hand on the back of Naruto's head as he gnawed on her orbs while driving his ever-swelling thickness into her quivering warmth.

Ryuzetsu felt Naruto free one of her mounds before placing his hand on her ass while continuing to press his lips against her bosom. She held onto the sage as he surged his member into her walls and she kept her legs fastened around his waist as he groped her rear and breast alike before freeing her mound from his mouth.

This allowed her to kiss his chin while she held onto him and both worked their sweating forms against another. As he pounded his cannon into Ryuzetsu's wet folds, he felt his balls growing tighter and he gritted his teeth as she began licking his neck.

He groaned as her tongue lathered against his neck before she started grazing her teeth on him before shivering in pleasure as her wetness slid down his cock. Naruto groped and caressed Ryuzetsu's jiggling breast as he thundered his hardness into her tunnels and he squeezed her rear.

She moaned as she nibbled on Naruto's neck before she formed a hickey and licked at his throat before her womanhood wrapped around his length just before it spewed his hot semen into her body. Ryuzetsu continued to smile as the warm substance poured out of her warmth before kissing Naruto and he sat down to allow her to sit down.

She rested for a bit before getting on all fours and motioning Naruto over to her and he immediately got behind her and gripped her forearms before sliding back into her and beginning to pound into her once again while her breasts freely jiggled.

Ryuzetsu moaned and her eyes rolled back into her skull as Naruto leaned forward and licked his way from her smooth neck to her cheek. Her eyes closed and she whimpered as the Naruto's manhood pistoled into her wetness and heavily slammed into her walls.

He tightly held onto her powerful forearms and he charged his member into her warmth. She then felt his teeth sink into her neck and she looked back to see Naruto had started nibbling at her neck and she loudly moaned at the pleasure ripping through her body like a wildfire.

The blonde sage's erection lunged into Ryuzetsu's innards and slammed and banged into her tight, hot walls. Ryuzetsu rutted her hips backwards and her plump ass was tapped by Naruto's thrusting crotch and the sound of flesh smacking sounded at a rapid pace throughout the cave.

She grinded his powerful thrusts while he freed her forearms and seized her breasts to begin groping the jiggling mounds. The blonde jinchuuriki's hilt rapidly flew into Ryuzetsu's womanhood and she reached back to frame his face.

She turned her head in his direction and he leaned forward to lick her lips until she opened her mouth. Naruto's tongue was welcomed back into Ryuzetsu's mouth and it started another passionate, sensual dance with the lovely Kusagakure kunoichi.

The young couple moaned as their hips worked together in tandem and sweat rained off of them onto the floor. She traced her blonde lover's whiskers as he pounded and rammed his growth into her warmth with her growing tighter as she got closer to her release.

He groaned as he could feel his balls beginning to tighten once again and Ryuzetsu grinned as she reached down to grab his bouncing balls that were repeatedly smacking against her plump ass with each mighty thrust into her womanhood.

Naruto hissed in pleasure as Ryuzetsu rubbed his testicles and she licked the inside of his mouth while he toyed and caressed her heaving tits as he shot his length into her walls. Soon both lovers separated lips to let out loud moans as Naruto's length imploded inside of Ryuzetsu's warmth early thanks to her teasing of his balls.

As both lover's cum overflowed from her warmth, Naruto and Ryuzetsu separated and they both lovingly nuzzled one another before Naruto covered both their sweating forms with his haori and he held her in his arms as she nuzzled his chest.

"You know Ryuzetsu, I'll never forget this cave from now on, because it'll always be where I found love with someone I truly care about." Naruto said and Ryuzetsu said as she kissed him.

"And neither will I, Naruto-kun." Ryuzetsu said as she cuddled up close to her blonde lover and let his heartbeat lull her to sleep.

Boy am I back with a vengeance or what. Sorry for my extended absence, but I was dealing with a broken computer screen so I couldn't write any new lemons until I got it fixed. But now that I'm back I'm ready for more lemons to be made.

I really had fun with this lemon and I thought the idea of a prison break would make a perfect plotline for a story like this and how ironic is it that Naruto and Ryuzetsu's first time was in the very same cave where they first established a bond with each other.

The fight scenes are what I'm most proud of because I had been met with some criticism from some of my reviewers that my fighting scenes weren't as good as they could have been, so I hope that this story will help to silence some of that criticism (not to say that I didn't appreciate it).

The song "Crash" by Static-X was a tribute to my mentor Raptorcloak who's a huge fan of Static-X and this song is his favorite song. As for Papa Roach's new hit single "Face Everything and Rise" I knew from the first time I heard that song on SiriusXm Octane that I was going to use it for one of my fight scenes.

Now for the next entry in this series, Naruto will be paired up with Kiba's older sister Hana and trust me when I say that this lemon will give new meaning to the phrase "doin' it doggystyle." So until next time, so long everybody.