New Race Program, New Friend

It was 5:00 on clock in a room in Welcome, North Carolina. A young man was sleeping in his bed, when his brother woke him up. "Austin, wake up" yelled the brother. "I'll be there, Ty" yelled back Austin. This was the home of Austin Dillon, a young aspiring NASCAR driver from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series , and his younger Ty Dillon, also a NASCAR driver in the Xfinity Series, the 2nd biggest series in NASCAR. Both of them had always adjusted to wake up at 5:00 in the morning, so it was nothing usual. "Hey, can you go check the mail" asked Austin. "Fine, but I get player 1 on the PS3" agreed Ty. Austin was preparing pancakes for breakfast when Ty came in. "Let's see, bill, bill, gift card, letter, bill, and something for you" said Ty. "Who is it from" asked Austin. "From the Gran Turismo World Racing Assosiation" exclaimed Ty. "What!" said Austin in amazement. Austin grabed the letter and read it. It read...

Dear Mr. Dillon,

You've been invited to the Gran Turismo World Championship. Only the best drivers in the world and guest drivers compete in this event, and your actions to get the pole in the 2014 Daytona 500 in the return of the 3 car were amazing to me. You have great talent on the track, and does one of your fellow drivers, Chase Elliott. You and him will compete for Team USA. Hope to see you there

Sincerely, Kazunori Yamauchi

After Austin read the letter, he was speechless. He was invited to a very prestigious event drivers dreamt of being in, and he was the one, along with Chase. "Wow, I'm invited to the Gran Turismo World Championship, me" exclaimed Austin in excitement. "Wow, how does it big bro" asked Ty. "It feels great" answered Austin. "But one thing" inturuptted Ty, " Where is the first race". Austin flipped the card:"Meet us at Daytona International Speedway, for the first race". Austin quickly packed his stuff and fire suit and headed to his hauler. "Where you going, Austin" asked Ty. "Daytona International Speedway" yelled Austin. He got in the hauler and drove into the distance. "Good luck, fool" Ty wispered.

It 3:00 in the 'noon when Austin rolled into Daytona in his hauler. He was amazed on how many drivers were there were in the "World Center of Racing", Team Germany F1 driver Sebastian Vettel, Team Colombia IndyCar driver Juan Pablo Montoya, Team Mexico F1 driver Sergio Perez, and his teammate, Team USA NASCAR driver Chase Elliot. "Sup Chase" greeted Austin. "Hey Austin" said Chase. The two drivers met each other at there pit stalls when the founder of the tournement, Kazunori Yamauchi, met them. "Greetings, my friends" Yamauchi greeted. "I'm sure you 2 are having a good time, now go ahead and chose your cars" Yamauchi said giving them 2 pamphlets. Both of them opened them in it were a wide arange of cars. Austin had his sights on a yellow and black 1967 Corvette Stingray, while Chase had his sights on a 2010 Camero. They chose their cars and went to change into their firesuits. "We better make the US proud" Chase told Austin. "We hope" said Austin. Austin got out of the changing room first and walked to his pit stall, when he got a text from his grandpa. "Go get them grandson" it read. "Okay, gramps" typed Austin, and just as he was about to send it, he bumped into someone. "Sorry" said Austin. "My bad" a female voice said. Austin looked amazed knowing it girl. He looked up, and this is what he saw. It was a pale, looking young lady, about his age, with an icy blue dress, only translucent at the shoulders showing she was wearing no straps, and a long blonde loose braid on her right shoulder. "Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry" she said to Austin. "Don't worry, it happens to the best of us" Austin said. He looked at the curious girl, looking dazed and confused like it was her first time, showing no love intrest what so ever since he promised to himself that he would stay single for a while. "Um, excuse me, where are the changing rooms" the girl said while picking up her sky blue firesuit off the ground. "Go straight, take a right and you'll be there" Austin said to the girl. "Thanks, who are you by the way" the girl asked. Austin had to say his name in case this girl he found had some troubles, since it was probably her first time. "Austin. Austin Dillon" he said. "Oh, thanks" the girl said. Austin walked away when he forgot to ask the name of the girl. "Hey, girl" Austin yelled. The girl turned back. "What's you name" Austin asked. "Elsa" the girl said. "Queen Elsa of Arendale" she sid proudly. "Arendale, never heard of that place" Austin said confused. "Oh, it's a small country, I'm one of the guest drivers for my country" Elsa said. "Wow, nice" Austin said. "Any way, bye" Elsa said cheerfuly. Austin was about to walk away when Chase surprised him. "Wow, found a girlfriend, Dillon" Chase said in humor. "No, Chase" Austin said angrily. "Sure" Chase said sarcasticly. Austin walked away knowing 3 things: 1. He was in the Gran Turismo World Championship 2. He's teammates with Chase Elliott 3. He's now best friends with royalty, who happens to be a girl. This was going to be a great year for Austin