Knowing the Friend

The next morning, Austin woke up still thinking of those questions he had in mind. Chase was in the kitchen making waffles, in a very sleepy way. "Uh, Chase. You're burning the waffles" said Austin. Chase immediately woke up knowing that he hadn't burned one waffle, but ALL of them. "Uh, sorry" said Chase sheepishly. "Never mind, I'll go ask Elsa if she has any of the ingredients you burned" said Austin. "What? You gonna greet her with a french kiss" Chase teased. "FOR THE LAST FREAKING, F#%KING TIME, I ONLY WANT HER TO BE ...MY...FRIEND" yelled Austin. "Whoa, no need to curse like that" said Chase. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get more ingredients" said Austin angrily. He only walked next door, since her room was only next to their's. He knocked the door to see what would happen. Elsa opened the door and a rush of cold air blew in his face. Chills went through his body as the cold air struck him. "Oh, uh, hi Austin" Elsa said cheerfuly. "I-I-I need so-some wa-wa-waffle batter" Austin said chattering his teeth. "Oh, come in. Sorry about my hair, is it good" Elsa said nervously. Austin wondered why Elsa would ask such a question. He couldn't answer because he was so cold."Come in, Austin" insisted Elsa. "N-n-n-no th-th-thanks" chattered Austin. Since he wouldn't move, Elsa grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in. It was colder than it was in the hallway. The thermostat read 33 degrees. Austin just stood there chattering like those teeth toys and Elsa was talking like if it was normal. "So, what do you need" asked Elsa. "Here's th-the li-li-list" chattered Austin. Elsa stood there looking at Austin, cold as a popcicle."Aw, Austin need a warm hug" said Elsa flirtatiously. "What! No" exclaimed Austin. Elsa got the stuff and gave it to Austin. "B-by th-the w-way, w-why i-is y-your roo-room s-so co-cold" Austin said. Elsa then let out a sigh. "Fine, I have show you something" said Elsa. She raised her hands and then dropped them abruptly. Snow flew out her hands and into Austin's face. Elsa giggled at him. "So cold" said Austin. Elsa then walked towards him and gave him a hug. "That warm enough for you" whispered Elsa. "I can't feel my legs" Austin exclaimed. Elsa then let go of a still cold Austin. "Well bye" said Elsa. "B-b-bye" chattered Austin. Austin than ran towards the room with Chase waiting in the living room. "Whoa, what's the rush" asked Chase. "It was so cold over there, the freaking thermostat read 33 degrees" answered Austin. After Austin explained every thing to Chase, Austin walked towards his room and cranked the heater to high. Austin had never felt so relieved to get out of some where cold. He looked at his calendar. 5 days untill the first race of GTWC. This was going to be a long week


Austin woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. It was time to race. He looked outside to see his and Chase's cars loaded into the Team USA hauler. He went to Chase's room to wake him up. "Wake up, Chase" yelled Austin. "I'm going" yelled Chase back. Austin went out to his hotel room to get to hauler, when he bumped into Elsa. "Oh, hi Austin" greeted Elsa. "Hey, Els" greeted Austin. "Els" Elsa said confused. "You know what, I'm going to call you that from know on" Austin said running towards the hauler. "Okay, Aus" Elsa said playfully. Austin was in the hauler waiting patiently for Chase. Finally, Chase came out of the hotel with a waffle hanging from his mouth. "Alright, let's go" Chase said. "Finally you come" Austin said turnig the engine of the hauler on. As they aproached the speedway, they saw an aray of haulers from different countries. Austin parked his hauler and went towards his stall where his crew chief, his grandfather and car owner, Richard Childress, was waiting for him. "Where were you, Austin" exclaimed his grandpa. "I was with Chase getting ready at the hotel" said Austin. Chase came out the hauler zipping up his firesuit. "Hey, Childress" said Chase. "Hey Chase, where's my firesuit" asked Austin. "You left it at home" answered Chase. "What" exclaimed Austin. "I'd better get it" said Austin. Just before he could get in to the hauler, a voice yelled his name. "Austin" yelled the voice. He looked back to see Elsa running towards him, with his firesuit. "You forgot your firesuit" Elsa said. "How did you get it" asked Austin. Elsa pointed at Chase. "I told her to get your firesuit and to lock the room, since you left in a rush" Chase responded. "Why who's this young lady" asked Austin's grandpa. Austin didn't know what to say, since Elsa was looking at him with a smile. "What are you waiting for, introduce her" joked his grandpa. "Oh, uh, grandpa, this is Elsa, my friend" Austin said. Chase was looking at him with a "you sure" face, with Elsa and his grandfather doing the same. "You sure, because I said the same thing of your grandmother, and look at me now. Besides, with a lady that beautiful as your friend, you might not be sure" his grandfather said. Elsa blushed while Austin just stood there with a "seriously" face. "No, grandpa, she's just a friend" said Austin. "Yeah, sure" yelled Chase. Elsa blushed some more while Austin looked like he was about to kill Chase. "Anyway, see you at the stall" his grandpa said. "Well, bye Austin" said Elsa with a flirtacious tone in her voice. Austin walked to his stall to see the car. "So, how's the car" asked Austin. "It passed inspection, so it's good" his grandpa said. "Anyway get in the car, the race is about to start in a minute" his grandpa said. Austin got in his car which was in the front row, next to Elsa's second place car. He got in it to see a note on his steering wheel. It read:


Good luck in the race today

Your "friend"


Austin got a little worried when Elsa put the word friend in parenthesis. He looked to his right to see Elsa waving at him in her car. He waved back to see the grand marshall (person who tells the drivers to start their engines) on the podium say the greatest words in motorsports. "Ladies and Gentleman, START YOUR ENGINES". The engines roared. The fans roared. The first race of the GTWC had begun.