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Chapter 1: Rewind

Tears fell freely down his tan cheek; he didn't care who saw him cry anymore, blood drenched his fingertips, his friend's blood. He closed his eyes choking back sobs.


His mind asked, he didn't know. Many people said he had a small brain but now he actually felt clueless, completely utterly lost. He looked down into open eyes, purple eyes of his best friend the one person he knew he could trust. He saw tears roll down his cheeks, tears of suffering and pain not heartache.


Could anyone answer it? No, they couldn't, even the heartless bastard who did this couldn't say why. He tried to calm his friend my humming but that didn't work. The ambulance would be there soon to take his friend away; he put pressure on his friend's possibly mortal wound. He could still recall the events that led up to this, even though he wished he'd forget. He glanced to the side, his brown eyes quickly
finding their way back his friend's purple ones. A bloody figure laid in the corner, it used to walk, talk, and laugh like him. He winced as the scene flashed through his mind.

Screaming all he heard was screaming, oh god I hope I'm not too late, he races into a room as one of the screams was abruptly cut short, his eyes searching for his friends any sign of them, only one, the blood. He followed it cautiously scrutinizing everything carefully so he
wouldn't be next on the murderers list but he was first, he got away so many times but it didn't look like his friends did. He silently called their names but they couldn't hear. He didn't expect them to.

Through the maze of rooms he found a door, a crimson hand print ran across it from the door knob to the opening of the door, feeling his dinner from 2 nights ago start to rise in his throat. He grasped the wet doorknob and slowly turned it, a click echoed in the room
signifying that he could push the door open, silently he did so and edged his way into the room. Instantly, he heard the soft whimper, he knew the low voice, he ran to a dark lump on the ground. "Yugi?" He whispered pulling him into his arms, he got no answer, "oh-please, Yug don't be dead, please" he cried as tears fell from his brown eyes, disappearing down his chin and onto Yugi's forehead, mixing with the red.

T'ea laid in the corner not breathing, not moving, dead. All her life ripped out by a blade, she never did anything, she was innocent, the murder was out for revenge, but it wasn't after her. She was friends
with the intended victim and was forced into the madness. His brown eyes looked at her for a second and couldn't stand to see anyone look like that, dead, how could someone do that?


Why would they do something like this? He looked back to Yugi. His hand reached for Yugi's neck to check for a pulse, thump ... Thump ... He was still a live. He let out a deep sigh, 'thank you' his mind
said silently to no one. The incidents from days earlier played through his mind.


"Hey Yug, wait up" Joey Wheeler called to his maroon haired friend. Yugi Motou turned his eyes shining and smile bright like the sun that illuminated the sidewalk.

"Hi Joey" Yugi turned back around when Joey caught up.

"Maybe we wouldn't have to wait if you weren't always late" came from Tristan, a playful look stretching a cross his face.

"Yeah Tristan, funny. My alarm clock didn't go off." Joey narrowed his eyes as he pushed back his sandy blonde hair.

"It never goes off, must be broken, you can always get another, but you're probably too poor." Tristan raised his voice.

Joey jerked his head toward Tristan "Why I otta kill ya right-" he was cut off by T'ea.

She put a hand on Joey's shoulder, "now boys can't you ever quit tormenting each other" she raised her eyebrows.

"No," they both yelled in unison. Yugi laughed to himself.

T'ea crossed her arms, "that was a rhetorical question." Tristan smirked and Joey looked confused, 'Rhetorical, what does that mean?' Yugi started laughing aloud at Joey.

"I think that word was a little too big for Joey." Joey half smiled his eye twinkling.

"Yeah, whatever shorty" he mumbled loud enough for Yugi to hear.

Yugi gasped "Shorty?!"

School went like usual, Joey fell asleep, him, Tristan, and Seto Kaiba fought. Yugi and T'ea broke it up. Before they knew it, they were in their last class and it was almost over. "Five more minutes" Joey
whispered to no one particular while rubbing his hands together, Seto looked over to him eyebrows raised.
"Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Kaiba pay attention, especially you Joey you can't afford to miss another homework assignment, and the homework is page 254. 1 to 20 even, now I expect to see all the work alright, now have a good weekend" Mr. Cayto smiled warmly. He went back to his desk
to grade papers. Tristan tapped Joey on the back.

He turned to face his brown haired friend. "I bet your glad it's Friday" Joey grinned.

"I'm so happy I could die" he laughed, so did Tristan.

A voice came from the side; "I wouldn't say that, it's bad luck" they both turned to see Kyle Phillips, his eyes dark and angry. "It is Friday the thirteenth."

Joey chuckled, "Ya believe dat crap".

"Yes I do, got a problem with it blondie?" he growled, his eyes narrowing at Joey.

"No, of-of course not." Seto laughed at this.

"Wheeler you're such a wuss."

Joey turned to him, "shuddup Kaiba."

Seto put his hands up, "hey it's not my fault you're a mutt." Joey growled and stood up; fists ready to knock Seto out or so he thought he could.

"Joey, come on the bells gonna ring" Tristan put an arm on Joey's shoulder calming him down.

He put his fists down "Kaiba, your lucky dat Tristan's here or ya'd be pounded into the ground." Seto rolled his icy blue eyes.

"Yeah sure mutt." He laughed evilly. A loud ring rang through the room. Joey yelled "Schools out, its Friday, the weekend is here" he swiftly turned and knocked something out of someone's hand, a mirror
crashed to the carpet, pieces of glass flew across the ground at peoples feet. "Oh gosh, I'm really sorry." He looked up to see Kyle, a smirk on his face.

"Seven years bad luck, you better watch out Joey", he smiled leaving Joey looking very confused. Tristan crept up behind him.

He shouted "Boo!" Joey jumped and turned to face Tristan. His face turning red with anger, his cheeks flushed with color.

"Tristan, don't ever do dat again!" he tried not to get in another argument with him so he didn't yell, for once.

Tristan laughed "Your such a scaredy cat"
Seto interrupted "No, he's a scared little puppy dog" he burst out laughing.

"Kaiba!" Joey shouted "I'm gonna kill ya" he ran after Seto, he went out the door. Joey felt pain shoot up his ankle as he fell forward, his arms trying to keep his face from hitting the black asphalt but
failed, his face slammed against it scraping off the top layer of skin on his tan cheek. Rolling over he heard a chuckle coming from Seto, enraged he got up from the ground getting in fighting stance ready to tackle Seto who wouldn't be suspecting it, before he could do so a gentle hand placed itself on his shoulder and he heard Yugi's soft voice.

"Joey, if you hit him you'll get suspended or even expelled" Yugi; always the voice of reason, he didn't nag like T'ea; she was just annoying. "Seto, leave him alone."

"Yea" Joey put in trying to seem brave.

"The mutt's lucky you showed up or he'd be pounded into the ground" Seto crossed his arms sending Joey a menacing grin.

"Yea whateva Kaiba ya know dat ya'd be cryin' like the little baby ya are" Seto took a step forward so he was face to face with Joey, his laughing had stopped and his blue eyes narrowed.

"Do you have a death wish Wheeler? Cause I can make that wish come true." He stared into Joey's chocolate eyes. Joey thought about backing down but Seto would only bug him more so he stood there
fearless well kinda, thinking about how Seto's eyes looked like blue tootsie roll pops.

Yugi broke the silence "Seto leave him alone" he glanced at Seto angrily.

"Don't push me Kaiba" he glared at Seto.

"Fine I'll leave him alone if it'll shut you up, that punk needs to be taught a lesson!" he growled and turned away his long coat swaying as he walked towards the parked limousine. Joey was pissed; not only had he gotten in a fight with Seto, Yugi had broken it up, but he was only trying to help.

Joey turned to his multi colored hair friend "Thanks bud, if it wasn't for ya I'd be suspended or worse I would have beaten up Kaiba, what a jerk."

"Your welcome" he looked at his watch quickly and looked up to Joey, who was about to say something. " Wow it's two forty, I can't believe we're still on school campus." Joey half smiled at him.

"Let's go. T'ea and Tristan probably ditched us, too worried about getting home, ah the weekend" He sighed. Yugi nodded in agreement. They headed home and Joey couldn't stop thinking about what Kyle had said 'bad luck for seven years' his luck was pretty bad so far, it could get worse he hoped not.

"Hey Yug, uh do ya believe in all dat superstitious crap?" Yugi turned eyebrows raised.

"No, not really, I don't like that seven years bad luck thing with the mirror though. Why?"
"Well uh Kyle said since I broke a mirror in class on accident that I would have seven years bad luck, ya think it's true?"

"Maybe if you don't believe it, it won't happen."

To be continued . . .

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