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Chapter 11: Poetic Tragedy
Seto Kaiba raced to his office, please let Joey be okay, dammit he better be! The only sound he heard was his heavy breathing and the clattering of his shoes. He halted in front of the door to his office and turned the silver doorknob, pushing it open with the tip of his boot. His eyes widen. Blood was plastered across the floor, soaking into the two unmoving heaps on the floor. He immediately went to Joey's body; Bandit Keith's was not very far from his. He put two fingers to his newly found friend's throat and felt a low thump. He lightly shook Joey's shoulders, a low groan coming from the younger boy. Seto smiled as chocolate eyes met his. They closed adjusting to the bright light that hung from the ceiling.

"Kaiba?" he croaked trying to get up, his body fell back onto the wooden floor, he grunted as the aching in his temple returned.

"I'm going to carry you out unless tough guy Joey Wheeler can walk."

Joey held back a laugh "no, no I-I can't walk, Keith stabbed me in the leg and other places."

"I could tell." He pulled Joey into his arms and held under his back and knees.

"The cops should be here soon."

"Where's Yug- is he alive?" A smile crept across Seto's face.

"Yeah, he's fine it's you I'm worried about." Seto rounded a corner.

"Meh, I can't really feel anything, but I have a feeling dat I will really soon." The sound of sirens met their ears. "Finally, it's over." He sighed and rested his head against Seto's chest. He listened to his steady heartbeat.

"Yes it is." He walked down a flight of stairs and they were in the huge living room. Four cops burst through the front door, guns in hands.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's okay the killers dead. He's upstairs in my office."

The cops nodded and went up the stairs.

Seto carried Joey outside, the medics running over to them and putting Joey on the stretcher. Seto wiped the blood onto his pants. Joey will be fine.

"Mr. Kaiba, we'd like you to come with us so we can look at your wound." He looked over to Joey who was being put into the ambulance a smirk on his face.

"Damn that Wheeler." He followed the red haired medic to the ambulance and sat by Joey.

Ten minutes later

They arrived at the hospital and Joey, Seto, and Yugi would live. All three of them shared the same room for a day until Seto left. Bakura, Serenity, Joey's mom and dad and Yugi's grandpa showed up. Joey's dad had been on a business trip and Bakura had gone on a school trip.

"I'm glad you are all alright." Bakura smiled at his two friends.

"Thanks, we're very glad too." Yugi sighed looking over to Joey; his family was surrounding him and asking questions. "Looks like you're having fun Joey"

"Uh . . ." Serenity wrapped her arms around him.

"First you get enough money for my eye surgery then you live through something terrible you're the best big brother. I love you".

"Are you ready to leave Yugi?" his grandpa asked.

"Yeah, I bet Yami missed me." His Grandpa nodded.

"We all did." He hugged his grandson he paused looking into his deep purple eyes. "You've made me so proud." Yugi smiled warmly.

"We're sorry about your friends death . . ." Joey's mom whispered.

"I'll live . . ." Joey looked down remembering all his friends that he lost. He shook his head not wanting to think about it.

"How about next week you two start school again"

The two teens stared a Mr. Wheeler. "WHAT?"

He chuckled "Just kidding, at the end of the month should be enough time to get you two back in one piece."

Joey mumbled to Yugi "Sadly." The door opened and Seto Kaiba waltzed in a smile on his face.

"Hey kids, feeling better?" everyone stared at him. "Even I need to be nice to someone. Without Mokuba around . . . I- I don't have anyone to be nice too so. I decided to change my ways and be nicer to Yugi."

"Hey what about me?" Joey whined.

"Oh the puppy dog is whining." Joey growled at him and stopped himself, dogs growl.

"I'm warning you Kaiba." He pointed his finger at Seto.

"You've warned me before." He paused a sly grin coming across his face. "Come on I was messing with you. No hard feelings."

"Yeah, none what so ever." Joey crossed his arms as everyone laughed. Everything was piecing together.


Everything went as usual well it the days didn't involve their dead friends. I guess you could say they lived happily ever after . . .

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