Mavis sighed. Just as she had expected, her birthday had been a total boooore, just like the previous ones after she had turned 116...but, her father had kept to his promise, and allowed her to leave the castle and explore the world. However, he had made her promise, if she came upon a problem, she was to come straight home, so he could help her, and, holding to the family tradition of a Dracula's word being sacred, she was compelled to keep to it before she left. So far, for the last 10 years, she had not encountered any problems, and had seen much of the world. Many amazing things... Although it also annoyed her that her father had also made her promise to spend her birthday at home each year, so he could celebrate it with her. It annoyed her how he always controlled it to his planning, his preferences.

The vampiress let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. She loved her father dearly and all, but he could be so annoying sometimes. She wished he would just lay off a little bit. She wasn't a child anymore, she wasn't daddy's little baby. She was an adult now. 128...She should have her own house by now, for crying out loud! But no, her father didn't think she was 'responsible' enough to move out yet. The Dracula heiress wished there was a way to prove to her father that she was responsible...

During the 10 years she had traveled the world, she had enhanced and changed her look, while keeping it the same colour scheme, adding a cape made of the finest chinese silk, that way it was both soft, and elegant, and changing from a black short dress for a black elegant gown based on one she had seen in a musuem, combined with features from a few other countries she had visited. She had also changed her wardrobe so she also had black jeans and womens dress shirts, and various other clothings she had picked up here and there around the world. The only place she hadn't visited yet was the United Kingdom. It just gave off a certain feeling that made her want to stay away...

However, she eventually decided to swallow that nervous feeling and just do it. What was the worst that could happen? It was just another country. It was probably much safer than places like Australia... She smirked slightly, deciding that this would be the night she would finally go to the UK. Who knows, perhaps she could find something of interest...

Little did she know, this visit to the UK was going to change her life forever, and fundamentally...

As she flew over the English channel, Mavis took in the sight of Big Ben as she flew over London, and as she made her way north, she noticed something that, as far as she knew, had been lost to humans for centuries...a magical barrier, except, this one was dark. It had traces of light and grey magic, but it was fading into darkness that was growing along the barrier.

"Is...that a blood ward?" She asked, raising a brow. "Huh...Dad said no one ever used those anymore... I wonder what's going on over there." The small bat flew over to the blood ward protected house, curious.


Harry James Potter whimpered in fear as he felt himself getting roughly tossed out of the Dursley's house, nursing a whole bunch of fresh new wounds, lacerations, bruises and burns that covered his entire tiny, fragile, malnourished body.

"B-But Dudley messed up my-" Harry's protest was interrupted when Vernon kicked him across the yard, causing him to yelp in agony as he rolled down the lawn like a log.

"DON'T...YOU...DARE TRY TO PIN YOUR INCOMPETENCE AND STUPIDITY ON OUR DUDLEY!" Vernon growled. "Just for that, you can stay out here tonight and tomorrow as well!" And with that, Vernon slammed the door shut, leaving Harry to the mercy of the freezing winter night air.

Harry shivered. He was used to the cold, but, even for him, this was just too much. He began to limp his way over to the shed, unaware of concerned eyes watching him, following his progress and making note of the broken ribs, broken leg, fractured arm, and countless cuts, scars, and the very few infected wounds that littered his body. Then there was his clothes, obviously meant for a fat person, which this child was like the stereotypical reverse of, and they were handme downs obviously on top of that. As he finally made it to the shed, he began to loose conciousness from the cold, falling into the dirt, and fighting in vain to stay awake as he tried to reach for the shed handle.

Mavis couldn't stand to watch anymore. What gave that fat walrus man the right to do this to such a small child? Wordlessly, the young vampire, still in bat form, swooped down to the ground, and, once she was certain that she was well hidden in the shadows of the nights, the woman switched over to her normal form.

Harry was still struggling to stay awake as he collapsed from shock. One moment he had been all alone, the next there was an ominous, shadowy figure standing next to him. He weakly tried to scoot away, but it was no use. He was too weak. All he could do was sit and wait for the figure to hurt him.

The figure leaned in...and Harry was surprised not to see an angry glare or a sadistic grin, the only two facial expressions he had ever seen directed at him, but rather a young woman looking at him with an expression comparable to that of Aunt Petunia when Dudley had fallen down the stairs. He had gotten blamed for pushing Dudley that time...

Mavis gently picked up Harry and cradled him in her arms. She would need to see her father about helping heal this child, for while she may have travelled the world, she had never really had to worry about healing, or caring for an injured person. She smiled weakly at the child in her arms, "Please, can you hear me?" she asked, hoping that he was able to respond. If not, she would have to use the magical object her father had given her, that had, in turn, been given to him, long ago, and just as it had been told to him, he told it to her, should she ever be in danger, or need to get home fast and quickly, she was to pull out the object, hold on to it, and say: sanctuar vampiri; and the object would transport her home. Her father hadn't ever used it, but, he trusted the word of the one who had given it to him, and now he had given it to her, so, pulling it out, she held on to the boy, who had still not responded, and whose eyes were slowly closing, and said, "sanctuar vampiri,". As soon as the words left her mouth, she and Harry disappeared in a swirl, and to Mavis it felt like someone had shoved a hook into her naval. Eventually, she was uncerimonosly dumped onto the stone pathway outside the entrance to the Hotel Transylvania, the boy still in her arms, and breathing shallowly.

Mavis scowled, wondering if her father would condone her murdering a fat man...but she decided she would ask him later. Right now, she had to ask him about healing the little boy in her arms. Wordlessly, she ran to the castle. Through the gate, into the courtyard, and into the building. The child let out the occasional whimper in his unconscious state, so she could tell he was still awake, if only just barely.

Harry's vision was a blur. He wasn't sure what was happening right now. It felt like he was being carried by something. It wasn't Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia though...They would never be so gentle with him.. Who was holding him...?

"Dad?!" Mavis called out, trying to find her father. "Dad, come on, I need your help! Like, right away!"

Dracula heard his little princess's cry for help and immediately came flying into the lobby. Luckily, it was only him and his closest friends staying there. It was the off season for the Hotel right now. However, they would have no doubt her Mavis's cry for help, and would no doubt soon be there as well. When he flew into the lobby, he spotted Mavis and immediately began to check her for injuries. When he didn't find any, he looked at her with a glare. "Why did you call for help? You're not injured." he said, expecting an answer.

Mavis would have glared back normally, but right now, she was unable to because she was full of concern for the child in her arms. So, wordlessly, she held the little boy out to her father. The older vampire took a small step back, stunned for a moment.

"Princess...You...brought home a child? he asked, looking between Mavis and the child and doing the math in his head. "You have a child?" he asked in shock. "Why am I learning of this now, who's the father and why haven't I seen him before now?" he said, glaring at her.

Mavis's mouth opened so wide, she looked like a guppy. Then she glared.

"Daaaad! It's not like that!" She said in irritation. "I found him while I was exploring!

Dracula immediately changed gears and glared. "You brought a human child, HERE?!" he shouted, shocked at why his daughter would bring a human to the hotel of all places. "Why would you bring a human HERE?!" He shouted, unaware that at that moment, their friends had just entered. The first one to speak up though was Eunice, Frank's wife.

"THERE'S A HUMAN IN THE HOTEL!?" she shouted in her usual loud manner, while the others began to shout at the same time and complain to Dracula, who finally lost it and shouted, "SILENCE!" The room quieted down. "Let my daughter speak." he said calmly.

Mavis sighed in relief, then looked down at the child, who had finally lost consciousness.

"Okay, I'm just gonna make this short and simple, 'cause the little guy needs help right away. Basically, I was in England, I saw some blood wards-"

"BLOOD WARDS?!" Dracula's eyes widened in shock. "Those have been out of practice for centuries!"

"Yeah, that's what I thought too. They weren't very strong, though. I broke through in like, two seconds. So anyway, when I got in, I saw this...gigantic...whale, of a man, throwing the kid out the door to freeze. So, I flew down, saw he was hurt, and, end of the day, I brought him here using that thingy you gave me for a quick return home,, now please help him." She held Harry out to her father as she said that last part.

Dracula was worried when Mavis told him how fast she had broken through the blood ward's protection. If the protect didn't even last two seconds, then the home this child had come from saw little to absolutely no love whatsoever, and that meant...he spun around so fast you would think he had snapped his neck in the process, and began looking over the child with a critical eye. After about three minutes he said, "Medical wing, now, no time to be careful, time is of the essence!" He turned to his friends, "Wanda, get some rags from the witches staff and have them rush there! Also tell them to bring all the healing potions they have dealing with malnutrition, scars, cuts, infections, broken bones that never healed right as well as need to be mended, and also, make sure they bring some calming droughts, NOW!" he said when she hesitated. He then turned to Wayne, "Wayne, I need you to stay at his bed side. If he wakes up and is a danger, whether to himself or us you deal with him. Make sure no harm comes to my daughter, and take Frank with you, he should be of use as well."

"So what should we do then, dad?" Mavis asked. Her father sighed and sat in a nearby chair.

"We wait, dear." Mavis looked at him flatly.

"...That's not good enough." She said simply. "I found him, so doesn't that make him my responsibility?" Her father opened his mouth. "Ah ah ah! I know exactly what you're about to say, and I request that you keep it to yourself!"

"What?" Dracula asked defensively.

"You were gonna tell me I'm not "responsible" enough to do anything for him." Mavis said irritably.

"Now, dear, I wasn't going to-"

"You totally were. You always say the same thing. I'm an adult now, dad. I should have my own house. But nope, I'm stuck living with my dad for my whole life because you don't think I'm responsible enough to live on my own. Well, dad, guess what? I am responsible. I'm not gonna sit around and do nothing because you think I can't take care of myself. And just to prove I'm responsible, I'm...I'm...I'm going to take care of that kid by myself! But don't think I'm only doing it to prove myself to you. I'm doing it because he needs someone in his life. Someone that'll take care of him. ...Like you did for me."

Dracula stared at his daughter in shock, then sighed heavily, suddenly feeling as old as he really was. "Alright, I may not be happy that you will be raising a human as your son, and thus my grandson, but, I will accept it, on the condition that he be turned into a vampire on his 18th birthday, alright?"

Mavis winced. On the one hand, he was willing to accept. On the other, she would have to turn her new charge into a vampire when he turned 18, which could effect him emotionally and lead to problems between them later down the line. She deliberated on it internally for five minutes before sighing, "Fine, deal, BUT, you have to tell me why you got all jumpy when I mentioned Blood Wards!" she ordered.

Dracula sighed, and put a hand over his forehead. "Oh dear...How to explain this... Okay...Blood wards...are bad."

"Okay...How so?"

"'s how they work. The blood ward protects areas or people or a person from attack as long as blood relatives live under the same roof. However, if there's enough disagreements, fights and arguments in a family, the blood wards can go very, very wrong."

"How bad are we talking here?"

"People have been known to try to kill each other because of bad blood wards."

"That's bad."

"It is. If you could get in that easily, it looks like it was days away from breaking. Guess the boy got lucky then, hmm?"

Mavis sighed and sat down next to her father. "Yeah, seems like it considering what you just told me," she replied, "Seriously, dad... I really want to be a good mother for the boy, but... will you help me?" She asked, looking at her father. "I mean, I really want to prove I can be responsible, but, dad, I will need help, from you, and the others, to raise him right..." she said, looking down sadly, not happy admitting that she knew she would need help in raising the boy. Then she realized... "Wait a minute, I don't even know the boys name!" she said, looking up in surprise as she realised that she just rescued a child, made plans to adopt him as her son, and she didn't even know his name.

In fact, she didn't even INTERACT with him yet! What was she thinking?! She couldn't adopt a child she knew nothing about! It would be a disaster! She would do everything wrong, she'd be a terrible mother, he'd hate her...

"...Maybe this is a bad idea, dad-" Her father immediately cut her off.

"No. It's a great idea." Mavis felt like she had just witnessed her father dress in drag and do the can-can.

"...What." She said flatly.

"I said I support your decision."

"...Okay, who are you and where's my dad?" Dracula chuckled.

"You've made a mature decision, princess." He said as he stroked his daughter's hair. "I'm proud. And I trust you. But that won't help much if you don't trust yourself. Give it a chance. I want to see how mature you can be."

Mavis blushed, before she rushed forward and hugged her father. "Thanks Dad, I know it won't be easy, him being human and all, though, come to think of it, I don't think he was a normal human..." she said, frowning and holding her chin in thought.

"What? Why?" Dracula asked, his interest now piqued.

Mavis smiled awkwardly. "Well, given his age, and the injuries..." she paused. "Shouldn't he have been...y'know... crying in pain when I found him? I mean, I get it, he's young and small, surely he has something inside him that allowed him to endure so much, right?" she asked, looking at her father with worry.

Dracula blinked and put a hand to his chin in thought...then his eyes brightened, and he raised a finger.

"Ah-ha! I get it now!" Mavis blinked.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Blood wards...The child surviving and not crying... The only thing that could cause that is magic! And there are only two creatures that can perform magic: witches and wizards!"


"Yep! It looks like you saved a little wizard!"

Mavis's eyes widened. "Wow..." She said. "Who would have thought?"

Dracula chuckled, then rose to his feet. "Well, this has been a lovely chat, but I think we should go check on the boy now, don't you?"

Mavis nodded, as she said "If the boy is a wizard, then, he's not exactly human, is he?" she asked, with a mischievous smile on her face, looking at her father as she grinned. She was definitely planning something now, and Dracula wasn't sure he wanted to know what it was.

And so, without another word, the young vampiress had turned and ran down the hallway as fast as she could.

"H-Hey, don't run in the hall!" Dracula called. "You could-"



"I'm okay!" Mavis called as she pulled the helmet of a suit of armour off her head and got back to her feet, then ran off again. Dracula sighed and put a hand to his forehead.

"What am I going to do with her?" He said mirthfully.

As they finally reached the hospital wing of the hotel, the first thing they heard was yelling. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN THAT THERE IS SOMETHING IN HIS SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD!?" which sounded distinctly like Wanda, and she sounded livid, obviously, something had been discovered that pissed her off big time.

Dracula blinked, and looked down to where his daughter was standing...only to see a cloud of dust in the shape of her body which quickly disappeared. The vampire ran after his daughter, knowing exactly where she would be.

Mavis dashed at top speed into the room they were treating Harry in, and seemed to practically teleport next to Harry's bedside, causing everyone in the room to stagger back in surprise.

"What? Something in his scar? Is it infected? What's going on?" She said rapidly.

One of the witches fiddled with her hands, "We were using the scanning spells in the old magical texts from the library, and...something that shouldn't even exist anymore, is in his scar on his forehead..." she said hesitantly. This would not be an easy subject to speak of, after all, given how dark and just down right foul these things were by nature, plus the fact that they were not easy to get rid of.

Mavis didn't like where this was going. Then her father stepped in. "What did I miss? What's in the boy's scar?"

"Something that apparently shouldn't exist." Mavis replied, still uneasy.

"Well then, do clarify."

The witch grimaced. "My lord, please, do not hold this against me..." she begged as she fell to her knees, really hoping he would be merciful. After all, there were only a few ways to destroy what was in that boy's scar.

Dracula's eyes shifted back and forth nervously.

"Umm...What is going on here?" He asked, now unsettled.

"The boy's a horcrux!" the Witch stammered out as fast as she could, hoping she wouldn't be punished for having to deliver such dreadful news.

"WHAT?!" Dracula boomed. Everyone in the room flinched.

"Dad...Ow..." Mavis muttered as her ears rang. "What's a horcrux, anyway?"

Dracula was growling, but in a way that no one had ever heard. Whatever a Horcrux was, it obviously was one thing that made Dracula extremely mad. "It is a foul, dark, and unholy construct," Dracula replied, "It is made by first performing an ritual of unspeakable evil and horror, followed by the act of cold blooded murder of another sentient life," he continued, "This violent act, causes ones soul to split into equal portions, so the first split is always the biggest, they then store this fragment of the soul into an object or living thing," He sighed sadly, "Who would turn a child into a horcrux?" he asked more himself than anyone else.

"So then there's some other guy's soul inside the kid?" Mavis asked.

"Part of it." Dracula answered. "There may be others out there."

Mavis nodded. "So then he's not possessed?"

"Not exactly...but he is essentially a living lifeline."

"Is there a way to get this thing out of him?"

"Yes, but we'd have to kill him."

Mavis frowned. "There's no other way to remove it?" She asked, sounding saddened that the child she had saved had this...thing inside him.

The witch hesitated a moment before clearing her throat, "Um, actually, from what I have heard from a half goblin cousin of mine," she spoke up, "The goblins, who have a habit of breaking curses on old eqyption tombs-" she was interupted by Murray at this point.

"Wait, hold on now! I've lived in Egypt my whole life, and I've never seen no goblins in my tomb!"

"Murray, your feedback is appreciated, but please don't interrupt." Dracula responded flatly.

"Right...My bad,,," Murray replied sheepishly.

"Continue, please." Dracula told the witch.

The witch winced a bit, then nodded to Dracula in appreciation. "As I was saying," she continued, "The goblins, in their efforts to break old curses on the tombs so that the humans do not learn of magic, came up with a ritual long ago after encountering many ancient Eqyptian Horcruxes stored in ancient artifacts..." she replied.

"So...basically, what you're saying is that goblins can get rid of this thing?" Mavis asked.

The witch nodded. "For a price, though, they will make some discounts, first because it would be Lord Dracula asking for the ritual to be performed, and secondly because, they really hate Horcruxes," she said, smiling a little that she wouldn't be punished for the bad news she had had to deliver. "Other then that, all of the boys other injuries and malnutrition can be corrected via potions and spells," she finished with a genuine smile, not aware that the mention of malnutrition had immediately gotten Wanda's attention. After all, as a female werewolf, with a pack mentality, NO ONE hurts a child and gets away with it if she learned of it.

The female werewolf let out a growl and turned to Mavis. "Mavis, dear...feel free to say no to this, but please tell me where they live so we can eat them." Mavis chuckled.

"They're all the way in England, I don't think you'd want to travel all the way over there just to kill one guy."

The witch sighed again. "Actually, the injuries appear to have been caused over the course of the last 4 years of his life, as in, long term abuse. This is not some one off incident..." She sighed again, "Especially not with a list of injuries this long..." she said, holding up a scroll before letting it unravel, and then continue to do so till it was a total of six feet in length.

Mavis clenched her fists at her sides and took a deep breath, trying to maintain composure. She wished she had stayed behind and mutilated those evil sub-human beings...

Dracula sighed. "I know I am going to hate to ask, but," he paused, "What's the worst injury on the list?" he asked.

The witch grimaced, "Probably the damaged eyesight caused by whacks to the head with something hard..." she replied.

"Okay, that's it!" Mavis said loudly before turning to her father. "Dad, if I'm going to feel comfortable raising the kid...I need your permission to just...break their limbs a little bit. Can you let me do that?"

Dracula actually smiled at this. "Well, normally I would say this would be something that would set monsters back a few hundred years..." he replied, "But, in this case, I would think that we are actually the heroes in this instance, not the monsters," he said, finishing with a grin, "If I allow you to go, you have to take Wayne and Frank with you," he added, "You know, one as protection, the other as muscle," he finished. Wayne and Frank both exchanged grins.

Mavis grinned evilly, then began rubbing her hands together, chuckling softly under her breath. Dracula smiled.

"I see you've been practicing your evil laugh. It's good, for a newbie."

"Heeey!" Mavis complained.

The witch coughed a bit and cleared her throat loudly to get their attention, "While I may not be able to identify who the boy is, I can say that, the goblins would be willing to do many favours for the House of Dracula, in exchange for protection under the throne of Romania," she said, knowing that Dracula would know what she meant by that, "And they would surely have an account of his family, as well as various blood based potions that could identify him, his family line, his powers and abilities, and so on," she finished.

Dracula grinned, "In other words, in exchange for opening a bank here in Romania, as well as having the protection and loyalty of vampires everywhere," he replied, "They would be willing to help us solidify guardian ship over the boy," Dracula finished, with the Witch nodding to confirm his thoughts.

Dracula clapped his hands together. "Wonderful!" He exclaimed. "We can do that!"

Suddenly, a small groan sounded throughout the room. Everyone turned to see that the child was waking up.

"Oh..." Dracula said softly. "Let's clear out, everyone. Don't want to scare the poor boy, now. Mavis will talk to him." The vampire winked at his daughter, and she smiled back.

"Right. Thanks, dad." She said as everyone pooled out of the room, talking quietly. Once the door was shut, the vampiress turned to her soon-to-be charge as his eyes opened slowly.

"Uuugh..." Harry groaned as he slowly and gradually woke up in the most comfortable bed he could ever remember being in, as he slowly looked around, his eye sight was blurry, and he began scrounging around with his hands, trying to find his glasses.

Mavis raised a brow at him, confused that he hadn't noticed her yet, then she remembered.

"Oooooh. Riiiight. You had glasses..." She muttered under her breath. The young woman looked around the room, and saw them on a nearby dresser. Smiling, she grabbed them off of the dresser and placed them on Harry's face, then looked into his eyes.

Harry blinked in surprise as he had his glasses pushed onto his face, only to be met with the face of a very beautiful woman. He blinked. ", sorry to ask but..." he trailed off, taken both by surprise, and a bit fear because he had no idea where he was.

Mavis smiled warmly. "Hey, there little guy." She said as she sat on the foot of the bed. "How are ya?"

Harry looked at her shyly, then looked at the blankets. "Um...I'm...I'm okay..." He replied softly. Mavis chuckled.

"Good." She replied. Harry looked up, mouth open as if to ask a question, before frowning and looking down. Mavis tilted her head and frowned. "Hey...If you have something to say, go ahead." She said. Harry looked at her.

"Um...C-Can I ask...wh-who you are, and...wh-where I am...?"

Mavis giggled a bit, something that she never did before, but could admit felt right at that moment, "Well, first off,, I'm Mavis," she replied, "And secondly, your in the hospital wing of the Hotel Transylvania, which is also the throne of the rightful ruler of Romania," she finished with a smile.


"TRANSYLVANIA." Mavis corrected gently. "Good try, though." The vampiress rubbed the child's head.

"But...why am I here?" Harry asked, looking up at Mavis with big, confused eyes that made her heart melt slightly.

"Because I brought you here." She said with a smirk.

"I...don't understand...Why did you bring me here? I...I'm supposed to be doing chores at my aunt and uncle's house..."

Mavis sighed and hugged the boy to her, greatly surprising the little boy. He looked up at her for a moment, then rested his head against her body, deciding he enjoyed the embrace. "No, you're not supposed to be doing those chores. In fact, forget that place. Don't think of it as your home anymore, alright?" she said, unaware that, by telling Harry this, should he declare Hotel Transylvania his new home, and privet drive no longer his home, the blood wards will shatter permanently, and, as a result, would require a blood sacrifice to ever reform. "If you can do that, I can offer you the chance to live here, with me, my father, my aunts and uncles, and a bunch of of others, OK?" she said, smiling, hoping he would accept.

Harry looked up at her, absolutely stunned. He had been told all his life that everybody hated him and he should be grateful that the Dursleys had been willing to take him in when everyone else would kill him on sight... But here this pretty black-haired woman was, calmly, unflinchingly, and unhesitatingly offering him a place to stay. It was confusing, to say the lest...


"Why what?" Mavis asked.

"Why aren't you killing me?" Mavis's eyes widened.

"Wh-What? Why would I...?

"U-Uncle Vernon said that everyone wanted me dead...doesn't that mean you want me dead too?"

Mavis was seething at this, "This Vernon guy is not your uncle anymore, okay?" she said, wanting him to understand this fact, "Secondly, everything he told you is a big fat lie he told you so he could keep you under his flabby thumb. So he could take advantage of you. Do you understand what I mean? I know you're still really young, so you probably won't understand, but, I do, so, trust me, ok?" she said.

Harry looked at her, and nodded. He remained silent for a few moments. Mavis just looked at him.

"...Um...M-Miss Mavis?" Mavis chuckled.

"Mavis is fine." She told him.

"Oh...Um...Sorry...Mavis, then... Um...What are my chores gonna be? Do I still have to cook, clean all the rooms, weed the garden and clean the gutters? I still get beaten if I don't do it properly?"

Mavis sighed sadly, and hugged the boy again, "In order: No, you will not have any chores except making your bed in the morning, putting your laundry in the hamper, and brushing your teeth after a meal and before bed. You don't worry about cleaning anything other than your own room. The staff and gardener are here to do that stuff, not you; and, if anyone so much as lays a hand on you, I will personally make them suffer for it. But if you like cooking, then, yeah, I can let you do it now and then. It is a useful skill for later in life after all, so, you can be allowed to cook, but not always, and only for stuff you want to cook, ok?" she replied, smiling now.

Harry blinked, then nodded. "I understand." He said, making a mental note to always remember these things. "I won't forget...I promise."

"That's a good boy." Mavis chuckled as she patted his head. "So, you're really sure you're all right? Any pain at all? Are you hungry or thirsty? Do you need to use the bathroom? If you need anything, just say the word and I'll see if I can get it."

Harry shook his head, "'I'm okay." he said, only to be betrayed by hid body as his stomach growled loudly, causing him to blush, "Maybe a little hungry..." he said blushing, before remembering something, "By the way, my name is Harry," he said shyly.

Mavis giggled. "Hey, Harry." She said warmly before rising to her feet. "Just a sec..." She opened the door, and Dracula popped his head in briefly.

"Hello, dear, how is it-"

"Dad, get back out!" Mavis hissed as she stepped out the door. Harry blinked.

" is he?" Dracula asked with a grin as Mavis shut the door behind her.

"He's doing much better, thanks to them." Mavis said as she nodded to the witches.

"Oh, stop." The witch said sheepishly.

"Does he need anything?" Wanda asked.

"He said he was hungry. And a little water couldn't hurt either." Mavis said.

"Well, you heard her! Let's go prepare everything!" Dracula said. Everyone in the room made a beline for the kitchen.

"Uh...Please don't go overboard!" Mavis called after them. They didn't hear her though. With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, she stepped back into the room to get to know Harry some more.