When Harry woke up the next morning, he yawned and streched like a cat, then sat up, rubbing his eyes, he then looked to his right, and saw Mavis, no, thats not who she was anymore, she was his MOTHER now, he smiled happilly, his life had gone uphill since meeting Mavis, he had aunts, uncles, several cousins, a new grandfather, and most importantly, a new mother as well. Harry then leant forward and gave Mavis a big hug as she slept, before getting out of the bed only to realise he was wearing a big nightgown that went well past his feet. An adorable sight to be sure, seeing a child wearing an over sized night shirt like that, but he didn't care, he then made his way to the door and carefully opened it before stepping into the hall, as soon as he closed the door, the shrunken head hanging from the doorknob spoke, "And just where do you think your going little one?" it asked, making Harry jump in surprize. Blinking in surprize for a few moments, as Harry had never really seen the shrunken heads before or talked to them, he was silent for a moment before replying with, "I-I wanted to go to the kitchens to make breakfast, to thank my new mommy for everything she has done for me," he spoke truthfully, he really did want to help, which caused the shrunken head to sigh, and think about how to answer. "Ok, go ask one of the suits of armor to escort you to the kitchen and to protect you from Quasidoit," she said, when Harry looked at her weirdly the shrunken head sighed again, "The head chef of the castle is a bit crazy, be careful around him, and have the suit of armor nearby for protection, ok kid?" it explained, to which Harry nodded. Harry then went to the nearest suit of armor, and soon, he was being led down to the kitchen, being careful not to trip on his nightgown.

Twenty minutes later saw the ENTIRE castle filling with the smell of a traditional english breaskfast, the reason the smell was spreading through out the castle was because of the exhaust pipes from the stove of the kitchen spreading through out the castle before going outside, all part of the castles crazy and unique layout and buildup. Needless to say, several occupents of the castle were woken by this smell of good breakfast food, some of which had never smelled foods such as these before.

"What's that smell...?" Mavis mused.

Dracula met her in the hall and heard her ask, replying with, "No idea, its not something Quasimodo normally cooks," suddenly Wayne appeared, "Who made english sausages, my kids are going nuts trying to get out of the room to get at them," he said.

"Harry's not in our room..." Mavis mused. "You don't think..." Mavis, Dracula and Wayne looked thoughtful.

"Nah!" All three said at once.

Suddenly shouting could be heard from lower in the castle and Dracula turned to one of the suits of armor, "Whats happening down there?" he asked concerned. The armor saluted, "Sir, Master Harry asked us to escort him to the kitchen earleir as he wanted to apparently surprize Mavis with breakfast, Quasimodo has apparently taken exception to this and we are holding him off from trying to get at Master Harry," he responded.

Mavis's eyes widened. "Son of a..." She began before dashing out of the room.

Dracula and Wayne were hot on her heels, as Dracula spoke to the suit of armor, "Send all units to stop Quasimodo, if he gets his hands on Harry there is no telling what he will do, he really doesn't like people messing with his kitchen and foods," he said. "Yes Sir!" the armor replied before suits of armor all over the castle began converging on the corridors between the kitchen and the dining rooms. When Mavis, Dracula, and Wayne arrived in the dining room, they saw Harry finishing up with setting up the table for breakfast for everyone while Quasimodo was hogtied in a corner cursing through a gag in his mouth, his rat hog tied on top of him and also gagged. "Morning mommy!" Harry called with a smile, "The suits of armor took care of that crazy dude!" he said, pointing at Quasimodo, who glared at Harry in response.

"LLGTYOYOLTTLBRT,JSTYOUWTUNTLIGTOTTAHR-" Mavis kicked Quasimodo in the face.

"That's enough out of you."

Dracula slapped Wayne who was literally salivating at the various foods, "Behave yourself Wayne!" he said, to which Wayne apologised, not long after the rest of the extended family began making their way down to the dining room, drawn by the smell of food, with Dracula having to maintain order in terms of Wayne's rowdy children, as they tried to rush the table only to be blocked by the suits of armor and the glare from Dracula. Mavis then went up to Harry and hugged him, "You had me so worried when I woke up and you weren't there at my side, then I found out Quasimodo was trying to get to you for being in his kitchen, Harry, I told you you could cook sometimes, but I guess I forgot to warn you that you should speak with Quasimodo first before just using his kitchen," she then turned to Quasimodo, "And you, you french idiot, dare to attack my son again, and I will personally cook your rat and feed it to a fat cat, got that?" she said, not realising she had just rhymed a bit without even trying.

Quasimodo scowled and turned away. "Whtevr..." He muttered. Mavis rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, guess we shouldn't let the food go to waste."

Harry looked up at his mother, "I-I am sorry I worried you, I just wanted to show thanks for everything you and Uncle Wayne and Uncle Frank and Grandpa Drac have done for me," he said, looking down sadly, "I thought if I could make a great breakfast, it would show how thankful I was," he was unsure if Mavis was worried, or mad at him for cooking, or for having tried to surprize her with breakfast.

Mavis smirked. "Well, you did a great job! Just...make sure you ask first in the future, got it?"

Harry nodded, "M'kay mommy," he said, looking up at her and smiling shyly. "Kids, behave as you eat!" Wayne said, making it clear that there would be trouble for his children if they made a mess of Harry's hard work. Dracula pulled a chair out for Mavis who sat down and pulled Harry onto her lap with a smile.

"All right, let's give this a try..." Mavis said as she reached for a sausage. "Wow, you did a really good job making these..."

Harry smiled at the praise, everyone was enjoying his cooking, but more importantly, they were giving him phraise for it, showing that they did indeed enjoy his cooking, it made him smile. Today he would have fun with his mother in the snow, and he was llooking forward to it, after all, he had never really gotten to PLAY in the snow before, he had always had to work in it or shovel it.

Mavis smiled, as she was also looking forward to their time outside. She had made it clear to the others that she wanted it to be just between her and Harry, some mother-son bonding time. They had all agreed to leave them to their devices, which Mavis was very grateful for. She had found a good spot, relatively far away from the Castle gates, where they could play.

Harry was amazed at the snow, it was usually a dark grey or various shades of grey at the Dursely home, so, for it to be so white and pure here, it amazed him, it was new, just another sign his life was improving thanks to Mavis, running up to her, he surprized her with a hug to her legs, buring his face in her legs as he cried tears of happieness, though Mavis interpreted them as tears of sadness.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's wrong, kid?!" She exclaimed as she bent over and hugged him. "What's with ths crying? You don't like snow or something?"

"Th-Thank you..." Harry said softly.

Mavis was confused, "Thank you for what Harry?" she asked, "What did I do that seems to have made you so happy to cry tears of happieness?" she continued. Harry looked up at her with a smile, "You helped me, and since then, my life has gotten better, so, thank you...mommy," he said, blushing when he called her mommy.

Mavis's eyes widened, and she smirked as she held him closer.

"Its ok Harry...no, my son," Mavis smiled, hugging Harry, "Your life can only get better, the goblins sent me a letter this morning you know," Harry looked at her with curiosity at that, "They said that, since I am a pureblooded vampire, and I blood potion adopted you as my son, your now a pureblooded vampire too, except, they said you had some diffeernces, for example, you do not have our weakness to sunlight, even though me and dad no longer have to worry thanks to those enchanted bracelets the goblins gave us," she said, smiling at how she would now be able to enjoy a sunrise and sunset like anyone else, "They also said that your a little bit stronger then you should be as a pureblooded vampire for you age, and you should be a bit faster too," she added. "So," Harry said neutrally, "...I'm a freak?" he continued sadly. "NO!" Mavis shouted, before calming down and hugging Harry to her again, "No, your not a freak Harry, your just a special little boy who got a little bit more special, and I couldn't be happier that your my son!" she said with enthuasim. Harry smiled, feeling better now that he thought of himself like that, he then hugged his mother in thanks, feeling cheerful again. "Now, lets go out and play in the snow together!" Mavis said, smiling down at Harry. "YAY!" Harry shouted as he took off from his mothers arms and raced down the entrance hall to the doorway, then stopped, waiting for his mother to catch up.

Mavis chuckled at her son's enthusiasm. "Wait up, kid! Don't go running off too far there!" She laughed as she jogged to catch up. Harry smiled and nodded sheepishly.

"Sorry mommy," Harry apologised as he waited for her to catch up, when she did she took great pleasure in bundling Harry up in a big winter coat that was big and fluffy and warm. When she finished, Harry looked more like a walking parka then a kid in a snow jacket.

Mavis, for her part, was far less vulnerable to the cold, as she was content to wear a sweater, a scarf, a miniskirt and thick thigh-high woolen stockings, all in black of course.

Mavis still smiled as she looked at Harry and watched as he had to waddle from infront of the closet to the doors of the hall, it didn't help that the coat and scarf she had given him were black and white, making him look like a poofy penguin, she had to stifle a giggle at that thought.

"You look awesome, kid." She said with a smirk. "Totally awesome."

As they made it outside, Harry tried to take a step onto the stairs, however, because of his inability to move his legs propperly, he ended up tripping and falling down the stairs. While he was protected by all the winter wear that Mavis had wrapped him up in, it looked like he had injuried himself, especially since he couldn't get up now that he was on his back, and struggling to get up, unable to do so on his own.

"Um...Mommy?" He called out. "I...think I'm wearing too much clothes..." He admitted sheepishly. Mavis snickered.

"Hold on, I'll come help you out." She called.

Striding forward without much thought, Mavis stepped onto the stairs before slipping due to her foot loosing its purchase on the steps and sliding down the stairs hitting each step at a time with her butt before sliding across the ground and ice on it, and hitting a snow bank and going face first into it.

Harry finally managed to sit up, shaking his head with a smile, then he looked over to see his new mother with her head stuck in a large snow pile.

Harry rolled over onto his front and then wormed his way into a standing position before slowly waddling over to Mavis's location, he would really need to get Mavis to help him dress lighter, as moving around like this was really difficult. Harry then fell front forward onto the pile next to his mother as he could not bend over, and began to dig her free as best he could.

Unfortunately, he could barely move his arms, so he was only able to scoop off a handful of snow once every minute or so.

Ten minutes later and Mavis was finally free, sitting on her butt, and looking at Harry struggling to stand up. "Mommy, can you help free me from some of this winter clothes?" he asked her, hoping she would help set him free from the clothes that trapped him.

Mavis smiled, wiping some snow out of her hair. "All right, let's give you room to move..."

Mavis began helping her son get out of his heavy cold weather clothes, until he was only wearing what he actually needed to keep warm, able to move more freely, Harry smiled and hugged his mother, "Thanks Mommy," he said, smiling. They then began playing in the snow, with Mavis even trying to teach her son how to skate.

Mavis smiled, "Like this my son," she said, smiling, she would never get tired of calling Harry that, she then proceed to skate out onto the ice covered pond slowly, making sure Harry watched, unfortunately, when she looked over at Harry, she lost her concentration of her skating, and so, as a result, ended up loosing her balance, and skidding across the ice only to hit a snow bank and end upside down in a snow bank, buried up to her waist in the snow.

Harry blinked at his mother's predicament and made no move to get up. If Mavis was having trouble doing it, there's no way he would be able to do it effectively. Still, he was concerned.

"Mommy? Are you okay?" He called over to her.

Mumbled words came from under the snow as Mavis struggled to get free. "Mommy, hold on, I will help you get out!" Harry said as he rushed over and began digging her out, doing a better job now that he was wearing gloves that allowed him to dig in snow better, and that he was better able move his arms and legs, allowing for greater freedom of movement compared to earlier.

Mavis's struggles contributed to her slowly but surely getting free.

Once she got free, she looked at Harry, who was busy picking himself up, he had apparently been tugging on her legs when she had freed herself, and as a result, had fallen over when she sat up. Harry smiled, "Snowball fight mommy?" he asked, he had never been allowed to take part in a snowball fight, well, unless everyone used him as a target and he got in trouble whenever he had thrown a snowball at an attacker, it also didn't help that Dudley and his friends had sabotaged their snowballs by putting bits of metal and other things in the snowballs to make them harder when they hit Harry.

Mavis smirked. "Ah, a snowball fight, huh?" She bent over and scooped some snow into her hand. "All right then, you'd better get ready, because I haven't lost a snowball fight yet."

Harry smiled as he threw the first snowball before ducking behind a snowbank like he had seen other kids do in the park when he lived at the Dursleys, during those times, he had been forced to shovel snow, so had never gotten to enjoy the snow like others did.

Mavis smirked as the ball of snow crumbled to powder against her leg. "I'll getcha, kid!" She formed her own snowball and ran to pelt Harry upside the head...only to see he was no longer behind the snowbank. "Huh...?" A snowball suddenly collided with her head, sending her stumbling forward.

Harry smiled from behind his mother, he had, without realizing it, tapped into his new heritage courtesy of Mavis's blood when she adopted him, thus, had used vampire speed to race behind her from the snowbank as she approached. "Hee hee hee," he giggled, "Your too slow mommy!" he stated with a smile as he threw another snow ball, however, his aim had been off and it hit a long reaching tree branch that had lots of snow on it, causing it to shake and drop what had covered it...right on top of Mavis, burying her in snow.

Harry stared at the trouble he had caused his mother as the last remnants of the snow sprinkled down atop the massive pile she was currently under. As Harry stared at the pile of snow, he had one simple word to say.


Mavis sighed under the snow, today was suppose to be a day of fun for her and Harry, but instead, she kept ending up in snow, and while funny at first, now it was just getting redundant and frustrating, she attempted to wriggle free but could barely move at all.

Still, she was at least managing to slowly get her head out from the top of the snow pile...

Harry dug at the snow, helping his mother get free as he dug her out, the more snow he dug away with his glove covered hands, the more she was able to move. Eventually, she managed to get free and sit down, looking at her son. "I think we have played enough for today, don't you Harry?" she asked, tired from getting covered in snow over and over againd over again, as fun as it had been to play with Harry during the day, it was almost sunset and thus almost Harry's bedtime.

Harry nodded, not one to argue. Mavis grinned, and grabbed his hand to lead him away. "It WAS fun, though...Even though I'm...not too big on snow anymore..." Harry giggled as his mother led him off. However, the gods just wouldn't be satisfied if she got away without one more snowy humiliation...

Just as they reached the steps leading up to the Hotel, the snow on a several branches hanging over the steps fell and landed right on Mavis, she was caught so unprepared that, as a result, she ended up in an awkward position in the snow.

Harry looked over to the snow pile with a tilted head and a confused look, and blinked when he saw his mother's butt poking out of the snow pile. He threw his hands over his mouth to stifle a giggle at the amusing situation Mavis had ended up in.

At that moment Dracula came out looking for his daughter only to see her butt poking from a snow pile, and his natural reaction kicked in. "Oh my god, my Mavey Wavey are you ok?" he shouted as he began to dig her out.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!" Came Mavis's muffled response. "I'm fine, don't fuss over me like that! I can get out myself, I'm not a little kid anymore!"

Harry giggled at his mother and grandfathers antics, before finally going over to help his grandfather dig Mavis out of the snow. It took a while, but they managed finally dig her out of the snow after about five minutes of digging.

Mavis spat out a mouthful of snow and sat up, shaking her head to clear some snow from her hair. She looked down at the pile and frowned. "Huh...That sucked..." She said calmly.

Harry stepped forward and hugged his mother, "Its ok mommy," he said, smiling, "At least we had fun!" he finished with excitement. Then, slyly looking at his grandfather, he threw a snow ball at his grandfather before hiding behind Mavis while giggling the whole time.

Dracula smirked. "Oh, throwing snowballs, are we?" He said.

Ten minutes later, all three of them stepped back in the house. Harry and Mavis were soaking wet after losing an incredibly one-sided snowball fight to Mavis's father.

Harry was beaming as they saw the rest of their extended family sitting around talking in the main lounge of the hotel, talking and chatting, before taking notice of the soaking wet half-vamp child. "Someone's happy," Wayne said, happy that, for once, his children were getting along, which is why he was enjoying what was, to him, a little moment of peace in hell. Harry looked at him a smile, while Mavis sighed, and Dracula grinned.

"Yeah, well...He got off easy." The young vampire turned to her father with a pout. "Dad wouldn't stop pelting me with snowballs." Dracula laughed.

"Well, he IS still young, after all. You're a much easier target, my dear."

Harry smiled, "Mommy kept falling in the snow, or it fell on her," he added, much to Mavis's embaressment, as she face palmed at her son's words.

"Thanks, Harry..." She said softly. "I'm very glad you shared that information with everyone." Her face was beet-red as she remembered the embarassing situations she ended up in.

Harry looked at Mavis with concern, "Mommy, are you ok? Your face is turning red, are you getting a f-fe-fev-ver?" he said the last word awkwardly, trying to sound out the word he had heard his grandpa use once when Uncle Frank had begun to turn red like Mavis was once. This, of course, only caused Mavis to turn redder, and get a howl of laughter from Wayne, and bouts of laughter from the rest of their extended family.

Harry was confused. Why were they laughing? Mavis could be getting sick. That was no laughing matter..."I'm serious, everyone...Mommy could be sick."

Mavis sighed and led Harry away, too embarressed to say anything in front of the others. Once they were away from the group, Mavis turned to Harry, "Harry, my son, I am not sick, do not worry, I was merely embarressed, and you asking if I had a fever just made me feel more embarressed," seeing his now sad and apologetic face, she sighed and gave him a hug before kissing his forehead, "Don't worry, its ok, a bit unfortunate, but, it is ok, so, do not feel sad or worry about having done anything wrong, alright?" she said, smiling at him. "Ok mommy," Harry replied, smiling shyly, happy that he wasn't in trouble for embarressing his mother.

Mavis chuckled. "Atta boy." She said calmly. "So...Uh...Mind if we stay inside tomorrow? I've had enough snow to last quite a while..." Harry giggled.

"Kay, mommy." He replied with a nod. "Let's stay inside tomorrow."

Meanwhile, just outside the door, Dracula smiled and closed the door quietly. "They really are a good mother and son duo, huh?" the shrunken head hanging from the doorknob said. "Yes, they are," Dracula smiled, "It really is a shame that his former 'family', couldn't see how sweet and innocent the boy is, but, their loss, is our gain," he replied, still smiling as he made his way back to the others.

Meanwhile, up in Scotland, a certian white haired and long bearded man, was trying to track down the key to his plans for the 'Greater Good'. The boy had simply dissappeared after apparently being left outside by his uncle. Dumbledore hadn't been paying much attention to the Dursleys since he needed to keep an eye on Hogwarts and the Ministry, as a result, it hadn't been till the blood ward monitors shattered that he investigated, but by that time, the Dursleys had moved, but Vernon had gotten word from his spy, Arabella Figg, who had seen Harry the night he dissappeared and tried to contact Dumbledore that night, but he had claimed he was far too busy to answer her floo call at the time, or since till now. Apparently whatever had happened to Harry, had been between the time it took for Arabella to see Harry kicked out of the house, and her return from trying to floo call Dumbledore, a time of roughly about twenty to thirty minutes in length. As a result, Dumbledore was considering his options to recieve help on the search, however several of the helpers he could recruit, would require revealing certian information that he did not want to give them.