It was a nice fall day here at camp half-blood. The leaves where just starting to get that brown, auburn color. I was heading to a counsel meeting as I heard someone screaming near the strawberry fields. I ran there as fast as I could but I was shocked to what I had seen. It was my fiancé Annabeth fucking another man.

At first I couldn't believe my eyes, when I finally realized what was happening I just could stand it. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" I screamed rain like tears falling down my face. "P…Percy… its not what it looks like" she stammered. "Oh yah then what is it."

At this point I couldn't control my rage. I could feel the earth trembling as my so-called fiancé tried to persuade me against what I had just seen. However I didn't listen I just turned away and ran.

As I got to the cabins everyone seemed to be avoiding me, even the Stolls. This didn't surprise me thou, ever since I got back from my year long training course with my father Poseidon people seemed to be very distant. The only places I could go where to the lake and to new Rome.

Finally reaching my cabin I knew that I had to go see my father. Maybe he could help. I packed all I needed to which wasn't much, my tooth bush and paste, some clothes and my Minotaur horn. Leaving my cabin I was stopped by Chiron, he was like a second father to me.

All I could do was give him a hug then I sprinted to the beach. I turned back but knew that he was not following me. As I wadded into the water I immediately felt a scene of recovery. As I broke down, falling towards the bottom of long island sound I saw my father coming to great me. He instantly gave me a hug and teleported us to his kingdom.

I told my family of the terrible story of what happened to me and they all felt sorry for me even my stepmother Amphitrite. They all told me to go to bed so I did, after I had eaten something and found my room

I dreamt of the whole thing again, I just couldn't stop myself. This time I looked at the man who was thrusting into my girl, I just could see who it was. When I walked over to the man to see his face all I saw was a laughing face with no distinct attributes so I could not tell whom it was. I felt the betrayal all over again.

When I woke I saw my stepmother there, I didn't know why though, she hated me didn't she. "I'm sorry Pursues, for I know you have suffered a great loss," she said to me with a soft, soothing tone. I didn't know what to do so I hugged her and she didn't hesitate to hug me back. Her hug for some reason felt so warm, not as nice as my mother Sally Jackson's but enough to make me feel loved. She pulled away and she looked deep into my eyes before saying "I know its soon but you are needed by the Olympians.

As I got dressed I couldn't help but wonder why they had summoned me, maybe it was to apologize or even to say that I would no longer be able to attended camp because I have been around my father to long. As I walked through my door I didn't exit into the normal hallway I entered into the throne room on Olympus. "QUIET" Zeus boomed when he saw me at the door. "Come hear Hero of Olympus." I walked forward slowly bowing at all the gods and goddesses except for Athena. I didn't know what I was thinking but when she saw that I passed her she didn't argue she let me pass. When I got to Zeus I paused I don't know why but something told me that I should go back and bow to Athena and so I did. Then she gave me a warm smile and nodded in my direction. "Sorry" I said and returned to bow towards the all mighty king of the gods.

"Stand young Pursues", my dad said to me. "We all have agreed to offer you once again godhood". I was so shocked my jaw must have dropped all the way to central park. I though for a bit but I couldn't decide. Sure it would be great and I wouldn't have to stay afraid of dyeing anymore but I couldn't help think of all the great memories I had with all my friends. Grover, Jason, Frank, Piper and Hazel they all mostly where from the roman camp and I could always visit them.

"Tick tock" Zeus said as he taped his wrist telling me to hurry up and make a decision. "I… I accept." I looked around to see most of the gods looking at me with smirks on their faces, especially Ares. That's when I knew this was going to hurt.

As a blast of power from all the Olympians hit my body at once I turned into ashes. I thought I was dead but from the ashes I rose with a glowing aura around my body. "All hail lord Pursues god of Tides, Swordsmanship, Intercourse, Loyalty, emotions, Heroes, Angles and god of Ice" Poseidon exclaimed happily. I felt a surge of power go over me when I heard all of my domains, indestructible wings grew from my back and I could tell that I could retract them at any time. Zeus asked me what I wish my sacred animal to be and I said "the black lion." Suddenly I started to grow hair around my neck and frankly my whole body but I could tell it was a pure black coat. It hurt somewhat, turning into a black lion. I had razor sharp teeth and claws that could elongate to about a half a foot, my fur was indescribably soft and indestructible and finally I had glowing green eyes.