Author's Note

This is set in mid season 3 plus, I'm new to the Grimm series and this is my first Grimm fanfic, so be kind. I'm finishing up what there is of season 4 now, so I'm a bit behind. But this a bit of a friendship hurt comfort what if type fic. What if Nick wasn't completely unaffected by what's been going on, what if Juliet left him after he got his Grimm mojo back. Where would that leave or Grimm. Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors. Make sure to let me know if you like, have any advice or if you want more.

A dainty and soft finger trailed along his bare chest, a smirk on its keepers red lips. As her head rested against his chest, Nick trailed his fingers through her auburn hair. He loved this, the afterglow, but despite being satisfied something in him stirred leaving his stomach in knots. He shook the feeling off, as he watched his lover, still weaving his hand through her blonde locks, wait blonde?. He paused hand freezing as he did a double take, his entire body following until he was as still as a statue. "Whats the matter, Nick, you look like you'd seen a ghost." Instead of his beautiful girlfriend Juliette, looking up at him with cold blue eyes was Adalind, her face wogeing into a its terrifying Hexenbiest form. Nick attempted to jump away but desiccated fingers with sharp nails had his hands pinned above him before he could blink. "I think you're still a bit tense Nick, we should fix that."

Panic welled in him as he was unable to move his body even after she released him to trail her hands down his chest grinding against him. "No" he bit out, voice choked on what ever she had done, mixing with the panic lodged in his throat. Her face morphed again, this time back into a confused appearing Juliet. "Whats the matter Nick, don't you want me." He managed to shake his head, "You're not her, you're not her!" But then he spotted who he thought was on him sitting on the edge of the bed watching. Twirling the same blonde hair as was on the Hexenbiest pinning him, just moments ago. "Oh, but I am" said Juliet from above him, a cold smile on her lips. Adalind laughed from he perch, as he felt a white hot pain in his chest. Looking down he saw Juliet's hands tinted red with his blood flowing from around the dagger she had just stabbed into his chest. "Why?" He gasped fading fast, the last thing he saw was flickering blonde and auburn hair, blood stained hands shaking him, and a rotted face suddenly worried and panicking.

"Nick! Nick! Wake up Nick! Come on Nick, Wake up!" The Grimm bolted up right grabbing the hand that was shaking him. His hand tight in a defensive grip. But instead of Juliet, Adalind or some other Hexenbiest, it was his friend and human partner that had been shaking him. His partner was watching him, and Nick met his gaze, his eyes still a bit too wild and unsure. Hank looked at him, worried and weary of his Grimm partner, he'd seen that look before, on himself, on others. He'd just pulled his friend out of something terrifying, and considering their life he could only guess what it could be. "Easy, man its just me" the detective soothed, when the Grimm released him he took a slight step back. Nick looked around taking in the familiar sight of the precinct, and realizing it had only been a nightmare he sighed shaking his head to clear his groggy thoughts, while mentally kicking himself for being so freaked over a nightmare. It wasn't like they were anything new. "Sorry, I must have fallen asleep, what time is it?" Hank shook his head. "Nick, its seven in the morning, and you're still wearing the same clothes you were yesterday, did you sleep here?"

Nick frowned and nodded, "Yeah I guess so, like I said I must have fallen asleep."

Hank sighed, and took a moment to take in his partners appearance, his hair was tousled, unkempt and untamed, cloths matching his disheveled look. His skin had always been pale, but now it was a splotchy grayish tone, almost translucent in its appearance. Despite all of this it was his face, that was truly concerning. He'd lost weight, that was clear by to sharp cheek bones, and his eyes were blood shot, with dark bruising under them, almost like he'd been given to black eyes. The detective jaw clinched, guilt and frustration at some how missing that his friend, his partner, was definitely not okay. "Man, maybe you should take the day off, get some rest, I'm sure the Captain won't care, theres no cases right now that need or attention."

Nick just shook his head, giving his usual smile, that just seemed to brittle, "Nah, I'm fine, I'll just change and grab some coffee and I'll be good as new"

Detective Hank Griffin, didn't get to call the Grimm's bluff before the man stumbled in the direction of the break room leaving him very concerned and very confused. His jaw set once more this time in determination, before he began to head toward one Captain Renard's office, in hopes of figuring out just what to do.