He was falling, falling in an endless sea of white then-

"Hello Mister Al-che-mist."

He opened his eyes to that horrid blank, white face that he'd been expecting. He was all too familiar with this white world.

"I take it you're here to retrieve your brother," said the being, a wide grin smeared across its face. Truth's distorted voice usually sent shivers down his spine, terrify him no matter how brave he was. But not this time, no.

"Just how do you plan on pulling an entire human out of here? What's your payment? Do you intend to offer your own body?"

Edward smiled, jabbing a finger at the looming, ominous gates behind him.

"Yeah, I've got your payment right here, so go ahead and take it! This is my Portal of Truth, so I get to decide how it's used; that right?"

Truth's white grin grew bigger as it realized what Edward had just done.

"It's come to that?" it laughed. "And you're sure about this? You do realize that you'll never be able to perform alchemy again without your portal."

The blond turned around and looked at his gate fondly, studying the various symbols and letters he knows so well.

"I'm aware of that," Edward sighed as he turned back around to face Truth. He thought of all the people that supported him and were waiting for him back on the battlefield and at home. Thinking of Alphonse and the moment they've been waiting for all these years, he beamed. Everything would finally be the way it was supposed to be.

"But who needs alchemy when I've got friends?"

"Very clever, Mister Al-che-mist." Truth sneered. "But wrong."

The alchemist felt his lungs collapse as his eyes widened in disbelief. No! That's not possible! His gate would have been equivalent for Al and his body; he would have beaten Truth!


"You see, you've so willingly given up your alchemy for your brother that it doesn't nearly cost as much as an entire body. You won't be affected at all with your alchemy gone. It's inequivalent, Alchemist," Truth explained, resting its featureless head on a slender white arm.

"N-No way… There's no way! I calculated everything – it should have been enough!"

"Is that it? Is that all you have to offer me?"

Edward gritted his teeth, frustrated that he had failed something so important. He failed. Oh, god, he failed. He had miscalculated the equalities, and the values of each, and - he'd failed Alphonse once again. Gripping his torn, bloodstained shirt, he knew he'd failed Al once again. Truth's caustic, condescending cackle resounded through the vast expanse of white.

"Well then," Truth said, "I have a proposition for you."

A proposition?

"How about you, Mister Al-che-mist, do me a favor? Intriguing, huh?"

The gears in the Alchemist's brain started to turn.

"If you accept, I'll return that colonel's sight, your teacher's organs, and, most importantly, your brother's entire body!" Truth grinned, "How does that sound?"

This sounded too good to be true already.

"In exchange, I'm going to send you to another world. One where the rules of equivalent exchange are completely ignored," the Truth said, its tone changing from haughty to slightly irritated. "I need you to keep these people in line, starting with a man – no, not quite a man, now – who desired too much."

He didn't know what to think – he'd been given a second chance! Wait, no. Think it through, Edward. This would mean leaving his country, the place where he'd gained so many memories, good and bad. It would mean leaving everyone he loved and cared for behind. It would mean that he would most likely would not be able to see his brother again.

But if it would restore Al's body, he'd do it. For him, he'd do anything.

"I'll do it," the blond said, his voice firm and unwavering. Eyes ablaze, he gazed at the white face in front of him straight-on. Its grin spread further across its face, clearly pleased by his answer.

"Good! How brave of you."

It stepped aside, unveiling another set of gates. Sitting in front of them was the frail body of the one he'd bee fighting so hard for, the one he wanted to see for so long. Alphonse turn around shakily, and, seeing Edward, he scrambled to get up. A wave of relief rushed over Edward as he ran over to his brother's side, tripping over his own feet. The brothers embraced each other, basking in the warmth of each. Alphonse looked at Ed and beamed, but soon his happiness turned into anger.

"You stupid brother!" he cried, tears pricking his eyes as he punched the elder weakly. "How could you do this? I'm not worth what you've given up!"

"Alphonse," Edward replied. He could feel the tears coming, but no. He had to be strong for his little brother. Wrapping his arms around Al, he hugged him tighter. "Alphonse, for you to be happy, I'd give anything. Say hi to Winry and them for me, okay?"

Edward felt the black, snake-like arms of the Gate pull him away from his crying little brother. He wanted to fight back, but he knew this was what he had to do for the happiness of everyone else. The arms drew him slowly into the gate.

Everything was white, and he was falling once more.

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