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Prologue: A New Chance

While Kashyyyk, the home planet of the Wookies was under attack from the Empire, Darth Vader who's inside a Lambda-class shuttle, landed on a Imperial outpost of the planet.

When Vader left the shuttle, the officer in-charge of the invasion was surprised to see him on Kashyyyk and approached the Sith lord.

-"Lord Vader? We were ambushed upon arrival, but I have the situation well in-HURG!" The officer couldn't say more and was strangled with the Force by the Sith lord.

-"I have no interest in your failures, commander. I am here on a mission of my own."

Vader released the Imperial commander soon after and continued his way towards the presence he had felt in the Force.

Countless Wookies tried to stop him but crossbow blasters were inefficient and the shots always came back on them, making them dies under the fire of their own weapons.

The barricades made of Wroshyr wood were shattered by the powers of the Sith lord, killing the Wookies behind them who thought they could ambush their enemy.

The survivors tried to run but Vader didn't gave them a chance and used the Force to send his red lightsaber on them.

A Wookie bigger than the others ran towards Vader and tried to defeat him with an ancient Vibroblade, the fight was quick and the wookie's hands were cut before he was propelled away from the trees by his enemy.

Darth Vader saw a wooden house afar and thought that the Jedi he hunted was there, so, he continued his way over there.

At the same time, in the unknown Jedi house

The Jedi could feel the presence of the Sith who approached and was scared, not for his life but his own son...

He knew a way to save hime from a horrible life of Dark Acolyte but this forbidden power will make him too weak to defeat the Sith, so, the Jedi took the time to say goodbye to his son.

-"Galen, listen to me..." The Jedi, barely holding back tears, puts a hand on the young child's shoulder to try reassure him.

-"A bad person is coming to hurt you and I refuse to let that happen, I must send you FAR away from here..."

The young terrified Galen looked at his father right in the eyes, he didn't wanted to be separated from him and hold him tight with his arms.

-"I don't want to go!" Galen cried hard, which was too much for his father who started to cry too.

-"I know, Galen, I know... But we don't have a choice..." The Jedi came out from his son's grip and started to meditate, pure blue/white energy emerged from him.

-"I saw your future, the fate that awaits you if this Sith finds you." More and more energy came out from the Jedi while he spoke what will surely be the last words he'll ever have with his son.

-"The idea of being separated from you is intolerable, but to protect you, I'll do anything."

A portal of blue energy appeared in the middle of the living room and started to attract Galen towards it, to his father's surprise, he could resist to so much energy.

-"Dad, no! I don't want to go!" Screamed the little boy.

-"Goodbye, my son. May you know a better life, where you'll be..." On these words, Galen, son of the Ex-Master Jedi Kento Marek, disappeared in the portal created with the Force.

The Ex-Master Jedi collapsed on the floor, mainly because of the energy spent for the portal creation but also because of his son disappearance, he dried his tears, took his blue lightsaber and came out of his home to meet his destiny...

In the year 31 BBY, on the planet Serreno, near Conte Dooku residence

In the middle of his meal prepared by his personal droid chefs, the Count Dooku felt a great disturbance in the Force and soon after, an energy explosion happened in the garden of his residence.

He quickly searched for his new red lightsaber and came to see what is happening, accompanied by a pair of B1-Battledroids, Dooku arrived in the garden and saw a child in a smoking crater!

Against all odds, he recovered the child in the bottom of the crater and when he took him in his arms, Dooku had a vision:


An older Kento Marek, badly wounded, was lying on the floor of an old wooden house when suddenly, a terrifying being in a menacing black armor and armed with a Sith lightsaber lifted him while strangling him with the Force.

-"Someone far more powerful than you was there, where is your master?" Asked the dark robotic warrior.

-"The Dark Side has clouded your mind, you killed my master years ago!" Replied the dying Jedi.

-"Then now, you will share his fate!" And the Jedi died, his throat crushed with the Force and his head cut off...

*End of the Vision*

When Dooku came back to reality, fear and awe invaded him because of the vision he just had.

He had many questions, who was that Sith? Why his old rival Kento Marek seemed older in his vision? Where this kid comes from? And finaly, does this vision was a warning about his new master who plan to betray him one day?

Dooku had no answers but one thing was clear in his mind, the young child he held in his arms was the key...

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