Thursday, March 5, was the anniversary of my first posting on fanfiction dotnet. Since I started here with Five-0, I decided to return temporarily. Consider this a sequel to Two Pair. Definitely more in the Avengers' universe than Five-0's.

Four of a Kind

Danny Williams threw himself onto the sand, just avoiding the snap of metal jaws. He rolled onto his back and fired into the underbelly of the flying robot shark that lashed its tail as if swimming through the air. The bullets pinged futilely off the metallic creature, but drew its attention from the screaming, fleeing tourists farther down the beach. The shark bent in a turn and headed back toward Danny.

The Five-0 detective rolled to the side, avoiding the creature's return charge, then sprang to his feet and sprinted for safety.

"This way!" shouted Lou Grover, the newest member of Five-0.

Danny ducked into the beachside restaurant, while Lou fired at the shark, trying to hit the eye sensors.

The robot ignored the bullets and crashed right through the window of the restaurant, showering the two men with glass.

"Beautiful Hawaii," Danny grumbled. "Too many windows and lanais!" He grabbed Lou's arm and pulled him away before the shark could free itself from the wooden window blinds.

"We need someplace sturdier!" Lou shouted.

They looked wistfully at the nearby hotel, but too many frightened civilians were trying to cram themselves through the lobby door.

"Parking garage," was the only thing Danny could suggest. Though it was too open to be good cover, it was only place they could reach before the rapidly approaching shark caught up.

They ran in and dodged behind a row of cars, reloading their handguns that had had so little effect on the robot. The shark charged after them, not deigning to dodge the vehicles. It snapped a Mustang in half, then grabbed the van they were hiding behind and threw it aside. Their cover was gone. The men raised their guns for a last stand.

Then a red, white and blue blur sheared through the shark's tail like a buzz saw. Two pieces of the shark fell to the ground, sparks spitting. The tail gave one last shudder, then the robot went still.

The colorful blur banked off a concrete pillar and flew back to the hand of its thrower, a tall, muscular man in a subdued blue uniform with red and white accents.

"Hi Danny," Captain America said, as he slipped his shield on his arm.

Danny inhaled slowly, then let it out. "Hey, Cap," he said, sounding almost normal. "This is Lou Grover, he's new with Five-0. Lou, this is Captain America."

"I guess you can call me 'Steve,' now," Cap said in a self-deprecating manner. Everyone knew Steve Rogers was Captain America thanks to Hydragate, when all SHIELD's secrets leaked online.

"You know Captain America?" Lou demanded, as if that was the most astonishing thing he'd seen all day (flying robot sharks? *bah!*).

"Sure. We met at a veterans program at Punchbowl," Danny said casually. "You bring Iron Man this time, too?" he asked Cap.

Grover's eyes widened as he saw a flying octopus flailing their direction. Before he could shout a warning, he heard a gunshot and an exploding round took the head off the creature.

"No, I've got different backup this time," Cap said calmly.

A black-clothed man dropped from a fourth floor balcony and jogged over, keeping a wary eye on the sky. "Watch your back, punk," he admonished Cap.

"I knew you had my back, Buck," Cap answered. "Danny, Lou, this is my friend Bucky," Cap said.

The men greeted him and Bucky frowned at Danny, then he looked at Cap. "Jersey? Really?"

Danny bristled, recognizing the accent even in two words, "Listen, Brooklyn, Jersey is superior to New York in too many ways to count."

Bucky grinned at the short, feisty man, but before he could continue the pleasurable argument, Cap told them all to focus.

"We still have a robotic aquarium to deal with," he pointed out. "Let's get our Five-0 friends geared up," he told Bucky.

Bucky looked doubtful, as he pulled a couple of odd-looking handguns from behind his back. "You sure?" he asked. "They're just ordinary Joes."

"Nah, Danny's one of us. He killed a giant monster crab with a police issue handgun," Cap told his friend.

"You did?" Grover said in surprise. "Wait, I remember that. I thought Iron Man killed the giant crab?"

"Danny just let Tony take the credit. You know how it is, let people think you're special and all the crazies come after you," Cap said.

Bucky nodded. "Like gunfighters in the Westerns," he said. He gave Danny an impressed look. "Never thought a guy from Jersey would be that smart," he jibed with a smile.

"Gimme that." Also smiling, Danny snatched one of the guns away.

"These have more of the explosive rounds," Bucky explained. "They'll take out any of these flying robots. Now we just have to find the rest."

Automatic rifle fire rattled from somewhere not far away.

"Sounds like McGarrett found them," Grover commented.

The Five-0 radios crackled into life. "The Shearwater is under attack by — I can't believe I'm saying this — a robot hammerhead and two flying manta rays!" Steve McGarrett called.

"Hang on, Steve. Grover and I are on our way," Danny reported. He looked at the costumed pair, "And we have backup."

Two Five-0 officers and two Avengers ran toward danger, laughing. The robot monsters would never know what hit them.