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Blah- Kagome writing in the present

Blah- Flashback

"Blah"-Talking in the flashback

Blah- present

Blah- the letter

Many times again, over and over, it repeats in my head like a song on replay. The memory of it all just hurts so much, because I knew you weren't mine from the beginning, but I still couldn't help but fall for you. I couldn't help but love you even after all the times you hurt me and let me tell you this, you hurt me so bad. Even if it wasn't intentional you still did, and though you repeatedly said you're sorry, I know that it's no one's fault but my own.

I gripped the pencil tighter in my hand, the memory coming to once more, among others. Why couldn't I see it? Was I that blinded by love that I was too stupid to recognize that he was using me? Gosh I'm so foolish and I couldn't help but try to wonder my thoughts to something but that only made it worse. My thoughts went from the betrayal of my first love and best friend to the ending of the battle.


Kagome looked around the large clearing, at her companions fighting against Naraku and his minions. Sango was fighting Kagura (with Kanna at her side) with her large boomerang, Miroku and Koga was fighting with Hakodoshi, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha was fighting Naraku, and she herself was off at the sidelines with Shippo.

She looked at the jewel around inside of Naraku's chest before looking to the infant in Kanna's lap. "Maybe if Sesshomaru and Inuyasha killed his body and I get rid of the infant he would die," she thought aloud before turning to Sesshomaru and Inuyasha.

"Sesshomaru, you have to kill the body when I kill the heart!" she shouted across the field as she got her bow ready, she grabbed an arrow and aimed it at the baby. Kagome saw him nod, signaling he was ready and just as she shot the arrow, she was shot with one. She looked at the arrow sticking out of her chest before looking behind her and saw Kikyo with a frown.

The screeching of Naraku and the heart ran through the clearing and then a bright light, they turned to dust. Not too long after Kagura, Kanna, and Hakodoshi followed, since they were his creations.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha called running over to the injured girl. That's when he noticed Kikyo with the bow.

"Lady Kagome!" Miroku shouted alerting Sango to look over to the girl she thought of as a younger sister. She paled at the sight of the arrow.

"Oh my goodness Kagome!" Sango yelled horrified with tears in her chocolate brown eyes. She rushed over. Kagome looked towards Kikyo and saw her picking up the complete jewel. She felt so weak but she couldn't let Kikyo have the powerful jewel so she aimed her bow to Kikyo, her limbs shaking.

"P-put the j-jewel d-down," Kagome panted in pain, shoving the hands away. Kikyo smirked, tossing the purple jewel up and down in her hand.

"Or what? Do you think you could kill me with Inuyasha right there?" she taunted but seeing the look in Kagome's eyes, she questioned what she was doing for a second.

"I won't have to if you just give me the jewel," Kagome told her softly, she was giving out but she wasn't going anywhere until that jewel was where it belonged, in her hands.

"No, I am the guardian and I will do as I wish. And that's for me to be alive again." Kikyo sneered at her. Kagome coughed, alerting and scaring her friends, when she coughed up blood. Sango picked Shippo up, covering his eyes at the sight.

"When you died, it became mine." She told her back, her knees started to shake but she continued to stand.

"You'll just have to take it from me," when Kagome didn't move Kikyo let a smirk find her way to her face. She suddenly let out a gasp of pain when she felt something shoot through her chest. She locked eyes with Kagome who was on wobbly legs, her arrow embedded in her chest just like Kagome had one in hers. They stood in front of each other, they looked like they were staring into mirrors. Except for when Kikyo began to turn to dust and letting all the souls roam out of her body. Kagome's soul went back to her.

"Kikyo!" Inuyasha shouted rushing to the spot she was at while Sango and Miroku went to Kagome.

"I'm sor-" her apology was cut short when she felt a hand in her stomach. She gasped in pain and looked to see it was Inuyasha's clawed hand through her stomach. She caught his eyes and saw it was red with blue pupils. His demon form.

"I-inu," she stopped by the blood pouring out of her mouth, she grimaced as he pulled his hand away with a smirk. She took a staggering step back, clutching her stomach in pain.

"Sango," Kagome whimpered when she fell on her knees. She was looking into Miroku's eyes.

"H-hand... t-the… jewel," she whispered falling on her back. Miroku shook his head, his violet eyes filling with tears. Kagome turned and saw Sango holding back a fully grown Shippo, he was trying to attack Inuyasha.

"I…please. I need t-to fin-now." She stuttered coughing up more blood. She saw Miroku disappear before he reappeared over her, handing her the purple jewel.

"I-I wish…the Kami-sama do whatever-they s-see fit with t-the jewel."

Everything paused, the jewel turned fading from its purple to a light pink. The jewel glowed bright, Inuyasha transformed back, Shippo paused and turned to the source and so did Sango. Miroku covered his eyes with his arm since he was the closest.

"K-Kagome," Inuyasha stuttered when the glowing stopped. They all, as in Inuyasha, Sango, Shippo, gathered around the future miko. Sango, Shippo, and Miroku let out a cry seeing her chest no longer moving to take a breath, her eyes glazed over, blood trailing down her mouth, and her mouth curved into a small smile. It was smile of accomplishing the task she caused.

"You did it! She could have survived the arrow wound but no you killed her!" a teenage Shippo shouted, whirling on Inuyasha.

"I didn't mean too!" he shouted back.

"Liar! You had a smirk on your damn face!" Shippo cried kneeling to the miko and hugging her to his chest.

Shippo pulled away when the light began to glow again. They all watched as she began to fade.

"Okaa-san!" Shippo cried when she completely faded. He cried and cried.

"Kagome," Sango whispered, tears falling before turning to Miroku and crying into his chest.

"Kagome," Miroku whispered too, for once he called her without the "Lady" in front of it like usual.

*End of Flashback*

She opened her eyes and began to write again.

That was the most excruciating pain I ever felt and that's why it kills me over and over again in my dreams. I feel like I could feel everything as if I was there again but I could never hate you. I don't regret my actions either, though I have nightmares of everything over and over. Sometimes it gets too much and my head begins to hurt. I miss them so much and I hope that I will see them again, though it's unlikely.

-Kagome H.

She turned emotionless eyes to the window when she heard some tapping. It was a owl and she walked over to the window with unknown gracefulness. She opened the window and took the envelop in its beak. She watched the owl fly off before she opened the letter. Her eyes widening at every word.

Dear ,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please get all things listed below before you arrive on September 31st.

Things required:

A wand

A pet: A cat, owl, or a toad

Uniform: Color of your house will be determined

We're looking forward to adding you to the new generation at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress


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