In a fine afternoon in Cappy Town at Gooey's house, Gooey was watching TV and eating potato chips. "Gooey, guess what?!" I exclaimed in a surprising thing that Gooey was startled and flies into the ceiling. "We are going to a tropical vacation in Florida." "Oh my god! I can't wait to spend our two spring break in Florida!" Muffled Gooey. Then he falls off of the ceiling and landed next to me. I zoomed away from Gooey and then I zoomed back to Gooey and I am wearing a Hawaiian clothing and sunglasses with briefcases. "Pack your bags, Gooey. We are going to Florida." I announced. I dropped my briefcases on top of Gooey and Gooey is a pack mule again. "Why did you have to write that sentence down?" Complained Gooey. "I like to make you as a pack mule!" I yelled at Gooey.

We went to the Airport and we sat down in the waiting room. "Do you have your passport with you?" Asked Gooey. "Yes, property of me; Neil the Fox." I answered when I pulled out my passport and showed Gooey my ID. We have to go to the baggage scanner in order to proceed to the jet plane to Florida. "Mush!" I demanded. Gooey lifts the bags and places it into the treadmill and scans it in case of metals. We got our passes and ready to go. "I got my bags of snacks with me to eat on the jet." I reminded to Gooey. "You got beef jerky. This is so delicious!" Said Gooey in satisfaction.

Gooey and I went straight to the jet and took our seats. It features a directv in flight feature on the back of the seats. "This is the life, Gooey." "I agree with you, foxboy." Agreed Gooey. I was watching "The Scuffle of Legends by Gemerl720 post" on Directv. "Cool, this movie stars my fanfiction!" I praised. I was watching the part where Ash was captured in the Team Magma helicopter storage room. Gooey was watching with me too.

A few hours later, we arrived to Tampa, Florida. "This is my home state in America!" I remembered in memory. "These were the days." "I did not know you live in Florida." Realized Gooey. Gooey faints in a dramatic expression into the ground. "WAKE UP, GOOEY! THERE IS NO TIME FOR DRAMA!" I yelled with a megaphone in front of Gooey. Everyone was staring at me, but Gooey woke up. "Sorry, folks." I announced. There is a condo right next to the Airport that there is a perfect stay for the two week spring break. "Want to go there? This condo looks luxurious." Asked Gooey. "We are going into there." I noticed to Gooey. We moved into the rotating door that there is a front desk.

(The scene cuts to the stateroom with a fancy living room.) "That took a while to get things set up." Grumbled Gooey from impatience. "Oh, you are impatience you little blue blob. And you hate being a pack mule, that is too bad little guy." I replied. And I tickled Gooey that he laughs like a hyena. "Where do you want to go on the first day of the break, Gooey?" "I don't know, probably go out to lunch." "I don't think so. How about we can go to United Skates." I suggested. "That's great!" Accepted Gooey. We unpacked our bags and had our own bedrooms. I picked up a flyer from United Skates that Team Magma is invading the place just for a one day event on March 6th all day. "Today is March 6th." I grinned like the Grinch. Gooey laughed so hard at me because I grinned exactly like the Grinch. "What, what?! Team Magma is invading United Skates?!" Gooey freaked out. "Oh relax, Gooey. It is just an event like the villains from Walt Disney World making an event that Maleficent is taking over the Disney Castle, remember?" I told to Gooey. "Oh yeah, Sorry. I understand now." Realized Gooey. I changed my Hawaiian clothing into a Kirby t shirt and shorts.

We went out of the condo, I locked the door and I brought my room key into my pocket for safety keeping. The town bus stops into the street, the doors were open. We entered into the town bus and took our seats, and then the bus drives to United Skates in Tampa. "I'm so excited that I have 'Fantasia 2000' butterflies inside my stomach." I said. Gooey snickers about what I said. A coconut hits Gooey at the head and then the scene cuts into the jungle background. White lines flies to the 1st person view very fast and then stops. Gooey falls down stupidity and hits to the video camera.