Seven days later after the Mario Kart Grand Prix, today is March 19th; my birthday. Gooey and I were watching TV in the morning. The doorbell rang and I got out of the couch. When I open the door, I received a letter from someone special laying on the floor in front of the door. It's a letter from Magma Administrator Courtney, the one I saw at United Skates in Tampa. I opened the letter and it came with a $30 Visa gift card. I read the letter: "Dear Neil the fox, I am wishing you a happy birthday and I hope you enjoyed your spring break. I heard that you are turning 17 years old; when you get older, are you interested on joining Team Magma? Love, Courtney. OXOXOXOXOX." My heart begins to beat and I lied on the floor with my body twitching while I am hugging myself.

Gooey walks to me and pulls out a bucket of water and he splashes water at me. "Wake up, Neil. It's your birthday today." Said Gooey. "Thank you." I replied. "Here is a card for you, Neil." Gooey pulls out a card to me. "Oh thank you, you are so thoughtful Gooey." I opened the envelope and it shows a card about that I am the best author in Fanfiction history. The card contains two $5; which equals $10.

A doorbell had ringed and I went into the door. I opened the door that shows Slimy, Tails, and Geewy; Gooey's best friend (yellow recolor of Gooey). Tails is holding the strawberry frosted vanilla cake in the box with seventeen candles that are not yet lightened. Slimy is holding two presents while Geewy is holding the same number of presents. "Happy Birthday, Neil." Said Tails. "Thank you so much, buddy!" I responded. The three of them on the door were invited to the living room and they placed my four presents onto the coffee table; including the cake on the kitchen table.

"This is for you, my long lost brother." Said Tails, when he passes a long rectangular present. I unwrapped the present showing up a red New Nintendo 3ds XL in my hands. I gasped in surprise that it was so huge. "Thank you so much, Tails! I liked it a lot that I am going to upgrade my original Nintendo 3ds!" I exclaimed in joy. "Here is another one for you, my good friend." Commented Tails, when he passes me the small present. I unwrapped another present showing an A/C adapter for the New Nintendo 3ds XL. "Yes, just what I need." I said. "I'm glad you liked it so much." Responded Tails.

Slimy passes me two presents to me. "Happy Birthday, foxy." Said Slimy. I unwrapped two presents simultaneously showing "Kirby and the Rainbow Curse" for the Wii U and "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker" for the Wii U. "Wow, two Wii U games for me. That was so nice of you." I sobbed for joy. "Now let's have some cake folks." Announced Tails.

Slimy, Geewy, Gooey, Tails and I are at the kitchen table with my birthday cake being lightened up with seventeen candles. "Make a wish, buddy. Anything you say." Encouraged Tails. I blew the candles and I made a wish. "I wish I wanted to stick together with Courtney and promote to an administrator while I join Team Magma." I thought. The picture was taken as a snapshot showing up the birthday memory.

(The scene cuts to a slow zoom out on the snapshot picture of a birthday memory.) "That was a great spring break. Don't you agree, Gooey?" I asked. "I couldn't agree more, Neil." Replied Gooey. We are at Gooey's house hanging out together in his bedroom talking about what we did over spring break. It was sad to miss Florida. However, we are glad to be back in Cappy Town with my "Galaxian 3 arcade machine" and all of my friends I usually know every day. And that is how I spent my two week spring break.

The End.