I almost redid the spell thinking it was broken until I heard the voices outside. "Remus if there's anyone their they would've asked who is it or answered" said an annoyed voice I knew was Sirius. "Not necessarily Sirius think about it this way. The Harry we know always wanted to know what spell Dumbledore had on his door, so he would ask Mcgonagall get the spell put it on his door and is in shock now." Said a know it all voice that had to be Remus. "You know that does sound like our Harry" said a mischievous calm voice that I knew was Fred. "Fred do you mean that or are you just saying that because Moony said it?" said a male voice that I guess was my father. "Prongs how could you accuse me of such things" said Fred in a mock shock tone. "Boys, boys don't fight let's just patiently wait for Harry to open the door" said a female voice that had to be my mum.
I didn't wait another second before I pulled the door open and pulled them all into a hug. After holding on to them for what seemed like an eternity I brought them inside but told them to go to another room and wait. I had to go round up some people so I sent kreacher in with some tea and left. First I went to Ron and Hermione's and had kreacher serve them some tea too. Hermione had finally figured out that house elves liked serving people and S.P.E.W was over. After that I flooded The Burrow and got all the Weasley there to his house before going to WWW to get George. George had a flat above there that was his and Fred's but he never slept in the bed anymore. Lastly I went to the Tonks house to get Andromeda and Teddy ,I got Teddy every other week so right knew she had him. Once everyone else was here I went to wake up Draco. I saved him for last because he needed all the sleep he could get. Okay now that you're all here I'm sure you're wondering why you're here together. "Yeah Harry why am I surrounded with weasels, you said their visits would be kept to a minimum and now I'm surrounded by them. Said my beautiful boyfriend who I loved so much. "Dray be nice." The moment I said this I regretted the words that came out of my mouth. Not even half a second later Draco burst into tears. It seemed whenever I scolded Draco even for the smallest things and the most understanding voices he burst into tears. I usually ignored him when there should be scolding but in the excitement of these 5 people returning I forgot the consequences. I made a mental note to pass this tip on to Remus if Sirius ever got pregnant. Draco always responded with the same wail of "You don't love me because I'm not perfect and you think you're to good for me because you're the chosen one and I'm a deatheater" from here I have two options, pull him into my lap whisper loving words into his ear while stroking his hair which takes an hour, or pull him into my lap and say "Dray you are perfect and I love you just the way you are, you're too good for me and you're my chosen one" while stroking his hair which usually takes about 2 minutes. I chose the second method since I was pressed for time.
Okay you all are here because 5 people who we all care about deeply appeared on my doorstep today so I will either introduce or reintroduce them to you. Come out everybody, um guys guys, excuse me for a moment. When I reached the room I burst out laughing, what I saw was Remus and Sirius making out while my parents and Fred were lying on the ground under a full body bind. The laugh broke them a part but I just started laughing again, Sirius had a dazed smile while Remus was covering his eyes, embarrassed with a huge blush on his cheeks. Together we broke the curse and the 6 of us's left the room.
"Here they are. Immediately Fred was swarmed by the Weasley's and Hermione but she ducked out quickley. She gasped when she saw Remus and Sirius. She stood there in awe staring at them until "kitten" cooed Remus softly. She ran into their open arms and they brought her closer. "Care to explain that son" said dad with a light chuckle. When we stayed at Grindammauld's place Sirius and Remus were Mia and I's adoptive parents, Mia's a muggleborn and brightest witch of our age. "She sounds a lot like your mother, so are you two" he started. Oh no Mia and I are like siblings, I mean we share adoptive parents besides Mia's dating Ron. "Really,so who are you dating, Harry" He's here right now so I'll go get him. I immediately went over to Draco who was sipping tea and munching on the last sandwich he had. He was showing to where unless you were siriusly stupid you didn't have to ask. "Harry who are we going to see" asked Draco 1 person you know and 3 you've heard of. Soon we were there. Remus stood their staring at him in shock. Remus it's rude to stare." But he a" stammered Remus "Use your words honey" said Sirius. "He's a" Remus started but I interuppetd him. "Remus don't you think I should introduce my boyfriend, I'll let you introduce yours." I said stalling the fact that Draco's a slytherin for as long as possible. "Technically he's my husband" said Remus matter of factly. "Really when did you guys get married" I said generally shocked. "Around the same time your parents did" said Remus casually "ehm Harry aren't you going to introduce me to your parents" asked Draco politely. "Of course" I don't mention how shocked I am that I forgot about him. "Mum, dad, Remus, Sirius this my boyfriend Draco Malfoy." I tell them ignoring their shocked faces. "MAFLOY!" They all yelled in unison. "Yeah that's my last name so what" said Draco non chalantly. "HARRY HE'S A SLYTHERIN!" yelled my dad and Sirius at the same time. "I tried to tell you guys" said Remus annoyed. "Guys why do you even care, we're out of school, and the wars over, it doesn't matter anymore." I said with my temper rising. "Sweetheart are you okay" Asked my mom cautionsly. "No my dad and godfathers are insulting my boyfriend." I said careful not to lash out on my mom."Don't worry Harry, my best friend was a slytherin, I'll handle it. James how would you feel if someone insulted me?" My mom asked. I realized what she was doing and decided to listen. "Well I would want to hurt them." He gritt between his teeth. "And Sirius what would you do if someone insulted Remus?" "I would hunt them down and murder them in their sleep." Sirius said viciously. "Exactly know how do you think Harry feels since you're insulting Draco" she said.
She bent down to hug him but was stopped by something round and hard. "What's this?" She asked still filling around. I chucked. "What?" They all asked. "Draco did you set up the glamour so I could see through it or am I just really use to seeing you like that?" I asked while ignoring his parents and God parents confused looks. "You're just use to seeing me like that" said Draco casually. "Well will you drop the glamour everyone here is family. Why did you even put it on?" I say holding in my excitement to here my parents reaction. "I didn't know who was at the door." Draco said matter of factly. After that he dropped the glamour revealing his 5 months pregnant belly. "Oh there's my nephew, I was wondering when you would drop the glamour." Said Hermione who everyone forgot was there. Realizing what was going on Remus and Lily gasped at the same and and said congrats before hugging Draco together. This left a confused James and Sirius. "Lily what are you congratulating Harry on and Harry why is Draco so fat." Said Sirius. Mum,Remus,and Hermione were ready to chew him out but I waved them off. Instead I sat on the floor pulled Draco into my lap and stroked his hair as he wailed "He's right Harry I'm fat, how could you love someone as fat as me!" I responded with "Dray you're not fat you're pregnant with our little James Sirius. But we might change his name to James Remus if Sirius doesn't get his act together." This made Draco stop crying and started laughing,Remus, Hermione, Mum, and Dad were too. Sirius was fuming then his face changed to curious and finally anxious I was getting scared. "Harry how could a bloke get pregnant?" Asked Sirius and I was happy he didn't do anything to hurt me. "Well any pureblood can get pregnant like a woman can get pregnant" I told him. "So moony and I can have a kid?" Said Sirius, wanting to be sure. "Yeah of course, I mean Dray and I are having little James." I said with a chuckle. Immediately after that Sirius walked over to Remus and started making out. They kept going until someone cleared their throught behind them and said "Now Remus do you really think you should be having more kids when you already have one that you only spent 3 days with." Everyone their except mum and dad knew who was talking. Remus and Sirius responded to this with a soft "mother(R), Andy(S)." Sirius looked at Remus very confused. "Mother? Remus why did you call Andy mother" said Sirius very perplexed. "Remus, you didn't tell him" said Andromeda with disbelief. "I'm sorry, I thought either Dora, Mad - eye, or Fred told him." Mumbled Remus "Well he's your husband so it's your responsibility to tell him." Said Andromeda firmly. "Tell. Me. What." Sirius grit between his teeth. "Okay Sirius you're gonna want to sit down for this" said Remus cautionsly not wanting to upset his husband. "After you died Dora and I started dating and got married the summer before what would have been Harry's seventh year. We also have a son who was born a few days before the final battle. Harry where is Teddy?" He said ending perplexed. I pointed over to Andromeda who was holding a giggling bundle who's hair was constantly changing color. "Teddy" said Remus as he slowly walked over to Andromeda so he wouldn't scare the baby. Slowly he took Teddy in his arms and said "Oh Teddy I've missed you so much your so big. Causing the baby to giggle and his hair to change color. "And who is this bugger here" said Sirius tickling Teddy's tummy. "This Sirius is your step son and 3rd cousin Mr. Teddy Remus Lupin" said Remus proudly. "He's beautiful Rem" said Sirius softly and they sealed the moment with a kiss. "Okay enough with the family reunions and PDAs time for something really important. Guys line up map order. Remember names are said by who they refer to everything else is said in unison." Said dad reminding them what to do. I knew what he refered to when he said map order but I don't know what he's doing. Everyone had turned to see what had got Fred out of his weasley circle so I turned to watch to. In unison Remus,Fred,Sirius,and dad said " Messers Moony, WeasleyF, Padfoot, and Prongs would like to invite George Weasley to join the marauders as messer WeasleyG. Do you accept? "DO I ACCEPT, DO I ACCEPT! OF COURSE I ACCEPT YOUR THE MARAUDERS!" Screamed George. "Is that all because I want all of you out of my house asap so I can take a nap." Sneered Draco. "What he means to say is thank you all for coming and you are now free to go" I corrected politly. "Good that means we can go back to the flat and I can introduce you to her" said George once he calmed down. "Harry who is girl George was refering to" asked dad obviously confused. "I'll tell you guys later we have more important things to discuss like living arrangements. Sirius is it ok if the four of use stay here? " I ask gesturing to mum,dad,Draco, and I." "Prongslet this is your place why did you even ask?" Sirius said with a smile. And together they shared their first breakfast as a family.

Yeah I finally finished chapter two. I'm sorry it took so long. I started righting this during spring break so its been about a month. I have read fanfics, became addicted to forums, and have my kindle taken away from me plus this is a really long chapter. The part about the girl George was talking about references my side story to this called I Live With George Weasley and OMG FRED! Which should be out soon.