Two years, huh?

She's talking to angels, counting the stars

Making a wish on a passing car

She's dancing with strangers, falling apart

Waiting for Superman to pick her up

In his arms, in his arms,

She's waiting for Superman

Leaf, May, and Drew were still in the hallway and May was still fast asleep. Class had already started for the day and all of them were obviously late.

Leaf let out a heavy sigh, "What are we going to do with her? She can't just sleep in the hallway all day," she mentioned.

Drew finally glanced up at his adoptive sister.

"I'm going to take her home. She needs to rest. Dawn was her best friend and being here isn't going to make anything better."

"But what about class? You can't just skip," Leaf said, bringing up a valid point.

Drew bit the inside of his cheek trying to think of something.

"I'll come back. If she doesn't need me," he told her. "Now get to class Green." He nodded his head toward her, signaling that it was okay for her to leave.

Leaf suddenly stood up after getting her arm out of the tight grip May had on her and she reluctantly left for class.

Drew looked down at the girl in his arms and smiled sadly. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, he really didn't even want to move her. But they couldn't just stay here all day. What would people say, or think? Drew shook his head trying to get those thoughts out of his mind. It didn't matter what anyone else thought. It shouldn't matter how popular he is and how she isn't. All that really mattered was that this girl, this broken beautiful girl was in his arms right now. And needed him. But why did Drew continue to feel so conflicted?

He let out a huge sigh and slowly scooped her up into his arms and gently stood up, trying his best not to wake her. He then remembered Dawn's and all of their stuff on the ground and he let out a slight curse. He guesses he has to make two trips since he couldn't carry it all. But sometimes he wishes he could it'd be nice to be Superman once in a while.

Paul slowly shifted his position interrupting Gary's rant. Gary's eyes widened as he rubbed his face, trying to hide the fact that he was crying and he laid back down on his bed, pretending to be asleep.

As Paul got up he stared at Gary who was failing to act like he was sleeping. He couldn't help but smirk and roll his eyes at the same time.

"I know you're up," he told him, causing Gary to frown and open up his eyes to stare back at him.

"Yeah, yeah. How much did you hear?" he mumbled, feeling embarrassed.

"Nothing much. Only all of it," Paul admitted dryly.

Gary groaned out loud and slumped his shoulders in defeat.

"You weren't meant to hear that…" Gary grumbled again. Paul let out a scoff, narrowing his eyes at him.

"Why? Because you don't want me to see your pain? You don't want me to feel worse than I already do? Why bother to hide it? We all know you don't deserve it, hell even Reggie knows you don't fucking deserve to be in pain," he spat viciously.

Gary looked at him incredulously,

"What—what the hell are you talking about? Reggie isn't even here! How could he feel bad for me? And I honestly doubt you could feel worse this moment than I do right at this very second," he argued back defensively.

Reggie looked back and forth between the two. He glanced at Paul shooting him a glare.

"Why are you starting? You know you don't have a place to argue right now. You aren't the one in a hospital bed."

"Oh for fuck sakes, STAY OUT OF THIS. YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!" he screamed at his dead ghost of a brother while Gary widened his eyes looking around the room.

Reggie sighed softly, "Paul you don't need to yell. Please calm down," he told him, trying to calm him down.

"Who are you—"

Paul growled interrupted him again, "It doesn't even matter anymore. You'll just take his side. You always do," he let out another scoff, "you don't even understand the pain I feel every day. I wish it was me in that hospital bed instead of you because we all know I deserve it a lot more than you do."

Gary furrowed his eyebrows at him. "Are you on drugs right now? How could you possibly know how I feel? You didn't—"

"I lost him too you know. I lost my mother just like you did. Even though I wasn't there when dad abused you, you don't think it affected me too? Mentally? I have fucking dead people telling me how weak and pathetic I am for not sticking up for you,"

Reggie frowned at that response. "Hey! I take offense to that."

Paul shook his head ignoring him and felt unwanted tears start to build up in his eyes. "I know. I was weak and I couldn't stick up to dad to help you. I know and I'm—I'm so sorry. I just—fuck, I just can't—I can't. I can't be here anymore," he cried out, leaving the room ignoring Gary's plea's to come back.

Gary called his name over and over again and he felt tears start to swell up in his own eyes. He glanced down at his legs, wishing that he could move them so he could run off to his brother to comfort him. Gary knew deep down that even though Paul may haven't had the same abuse as he did, he had turmoil raging inside of him from witnessing it and his own pain from dealing with the amount of loss that has happened.

He slowly shut his eyes with clenched fists as more tears streamed down his face. He hoped his brother would come back so they could finish this conversation or just come back because that's the only family he has left right now.

Reggie was following Paul as he quickly left the hospital, not knowing where he was headed.

"PAUL! Stop! Where are you going? Get back in there, Gary needs you! And from the looks of things you need him too."

Paul didn't listen to him, he just kept on running. Not knowing where his feet would take him. He just ran until he couldn't run anymore.

Reggie suddenly stopped following him and let out a heavy sigh. He knew his brother needed time to be by himself right now. He started to go back to the hospital where Gary was. Even though Gary couldn't see him, he hoped Paul would come back eventually and that he didn't do anything stupid.

Leaf was in class now. She prayed to Arceus that May would be alright and she hoped in her heart that Drew was taking care of her.

She sighed softly as she started taking notes, trying to focus on school and not of all the other things that were going on at the moment. She looked up suddenly and her sight was a bit blurry. She blinked a couple of times expecting it go away but it didn't. She glanced back at the board again but this time the blur got worse. She started sweating a bit and felt herself getting dizzy. She raised her hand.

Ms. Claus smiled at her participation, "Thank you, Ms. Green, for raising your hand. What is the correct answer?"

Leaf slowly swallows, trying to ignore the dryness she is feeling in her mouth. Even though she wasn't raising her hand to answer the question, she answered anyway.

"Y=x(9a 3+14)," she answered breathlessly.

Ms. Claus smiled at her, "That's correct. Thank you, Leaf."

"There's a freaking shocker," Iris remarked sarcastically. She sat back in her seat, tapping one of her pens on the desk. "Nerd!" she said with a snicker.

Ms. Claus ignored that comment and smiled at the class, "Okay guys please pass up last night's homework."

Iris automatically raised her hand, speaking out for the class. "Oh you see, Ms. Claus no one in the class got the chance to do the homework because we all got together to study for tomorrow's test," she said with a fake smile.

Trip rolled his eyes in annoyance. "That's the best you could come up with? Seriously?" he whispered to her mockingly.

Iris glared at him. "I'm saving your ass and everyone else's. So shut up," she sneered back at him.

Ms. Claus let out a heavy sigh. "Well, I guess I will let it slide this time. If no one else did it," she said frowning disappointingly at the class.

Suddenly a random student passed Ms. Claus a piece of paper. She looked down the paper and smiled brightly again.

"Change of heart. It seems like Ms. Green had no trouble completing the homework given to you. That leaves everyone else with no excuse," she scolded the class.

Iris broke her pen in half getting agitated and let out loud groan.

"Are you serious?" she screeched out in anger.

Trip suddenly got an idea and smirked to himself. He started to chant loudly, "Nerd! Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!" And soon enough, everyone in the class joined in taunting her.

Leaf swallowed feeling her cheeks reddening from the embarrassment. She started feeling even dizzier and she suddenly got up from her seat and ran out of the classroom. She slammed into one of the lockers, her hands holding on for dear life as she gasped for air. She started to walk slowly to her locker and opened it. When it was opened she grabbed her pills and water bottle out and downed them quickly. She slid down the locker and buried her face in her hands. She didn't want to feel this way anymore. Why did she have to be the one cursed with this disease?

At first, Drew drove to take May back to her own home. But there were no cars home and he definitely didn't want to leave her by herself, especially in this state so he opted to bring her to his own house. Which could end in two different ways. One way would be her waking up and being relieved and happy that Drew was with her. The other way would be the total opposite reaction and could end in another catastrophe. Maybe not that dramatic but you get the idea.

But what choice did Drew have? He loved this girl for Arceus sakes. He wasn't going to let the love of his life suffer alone. So he carried her into his room and gently placed her on his bed.

She stirred a bit but didn't wake up. Lucky for him he could go get Dawn's things from his car, so she didn't have an anxiety attack when she woke up. So he did just that and when he finally got back to his room she was still sleeping to his relief. He placed Dawn and her things on his desk gently. And he went over to the other side of his bed and laid down right beside her.

He felt a bit creepy for watching her sleep, but he didn't care. Because to him, she looked absolutely stunning. He then thought of their break up that did take place. He was the one who broke up with her. He was the one who destroyed her heart when all she did was give nothing but her love to him. He even destroyed their friendship as well. Just because he wanted a taste of popularity. He can't say he fully regretted it though, because he did meet his best friend, Gary from it. Without meeting Gary he wondered what would happen to him. He most likely would still be with May and Gary would be probably in worse condition than he already is.

He let out another sigh of frustration. He was about to get up and raid the fridge but all of a sudden he heard some sobbing. He turned to look down at May and frowned when he saw that she was crying in her sleep. It broke his heart to see her this way. He scooted closer to her and lightly shook her to wake her up. Hoping he doesn't startle her.

"May…" he whispered, calling out to her gently.

May all of a sudden jolted awake and sat up fast. She glanced around the room with wide eyes. She looked around the familiar room until her eyes landed on someone familiar and she sighed softly.

"What—what am I doing here?" she stuttered, as tears still streamed down her face.

Drew sat up and cupped her cheeks wiping her eyes.

"You fell asleep at school, and—and no one was home. So I decided to take you here—I know you probably don't want to be here—but I didn't have any choice—I wasn't going to leave you all by yourself, especially in this state because—"

May shut up his rambling by pressing her lips to his suddenly. Drew was taken by surprise but slowly started to kiss her back. She gently pulled away from him, leaning her forehead onto his.

"Thank you. For just being here," she whispered softly to him.

Drew pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I know I haven't been the best person lately, but I'm always here for you May…" he mumbled back, pressing her lips to his once again.

May kissed him back, melting into the kiss as it got deeper. She suddenly pulled away and jumped away from him, as she came back to reality. Drew furrowed his eyebrows at her, wondering why she suddenly moved away.

May touched her lips and more tears started to cascade down her face.

"I want to keep kissing you and pretending like nothing happened. But something did happen. Dawn's gone, Drew and I appreciate you being here. I really do, but I don't know if I can forgive you right now. I—I—I have to go." And with that, she grabbed her things with Dawn's and quickly rushed out of his room and out of his house.

Drew touched his lips missing her lips on his. He let out a loud curse and fell back onto his bed. Not bothering to chase her because he knew it wouldn't end well. He did this to her and as much as he wanted to be able to comfort her and be there for her, he doesn't deserve to because of how much pain he put her through.

As May ran out of Drew's house she dropped something. She glanced down at it and saw that it was Dawn's journal. Her lip started to tremble violently and she slowly knelt down to pick it up. Her journal was locked and she couldn't help but wonder where the key was.

"Maybe Paul knows…" she mumbled as she walked off to see if she could find the purple headed boy, knowing fully well that he definitely wasn't at school.

Leaf sighed softly as she decided to get up and head back to class. As she put her water bottle and pill bottle back into her locker, she couldn't help but notice someone else's locker a couple steps away from hers. She frowned, wondering if he was alright. Even though she knew she shouldn't even be remotely concerned, she couldn't help but feel a pitter patter in her heart when her thoughts were revolved around him.

"I should at least bring him his homework…" she mumbled out loud to herself. She took a deep breath and slowly walked back to her class.

"Aw look the nerd's back," Iris said with a laugh. "How about we welcome her with her little theme song?"

Ms. Claus glared at Iris. "Don't you even think about it, Ms. Ajagara. If anything you should all follow in Leaf's example and actually do your homework."

Iris let out a humorless laugh. "You know what Ms. Claus? You are absolutely right," she said, casually writing something down on a blank sheet of paper and crumples it into a ball. "Here's my homework!" she spat rudely, throwing the crumpled paper at Leaf's head.

The class started to break out in laughter. Trip grinned at Iris, giving her a thumbs up.

"Nice going babe," he complimented with a wink.

Leaf looked down at her feet, trying to hold back the tears from the embarrassment.

Ms. Claus slammed her fist down on the desk, making a loud bang.

"That's it! I've had enough of you two. Iris, Trip you both have detention after school for a week. I will not tolerate this behavior anymore!" she yelled at the both of them.

They both groan in response and slump back into their seats.

Gary slowly wakes up to the feeling of someone running their fingers through his hair. He doesn't open his eyes, thinking it was Amber.

"Go away, Amber. I'm not in a good mood," he said with a groan of discomfort.

The person shakes their head and smiles sadly, "Try again."

Gary swallowed slowly and opened up his eyes shocked at who was standing right in front of him.

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