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St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries was white. Seriously, couldn't there have been some other color in the place? Everyone was dressed in white. The walls were white. Harry sat on his cot, completely annoyed with the world as he waited for someone to come in and check up on him. Voldemort was sitting beside his bed.

Harry spitefully turned the coverings green and the walls black. A simple charm that did wonders on the room's appearance.

A woman holding a clipboard, entered the room. Voldemort put up a privacy ward, just in case, making Harry grin. He was so paranoid.

"Mr. Potter, could you please explain what bought you here?" the woman asked, not looking affected that she was standing in front of the Boy-Who-Lived.

Voldemort was the one to speak for him though. "My Elf claimed he was pregnant and suffering from 'morning sickness', whatever that is."

The woman stared at Voldemort and then her eyes trailed over to Harry. Then they latched into Harry's lower half. "Mr. Potter, I am going to cast a spell. It will tell me if you are pregnant. If that spell comes back positive, then I will cast several others to determine how far along you are, the possible gender of the child, how strong the child's magical core is, and how long your pregnancy will be."

Harry frowned, "Wouldn't knowing how far along the fetus is, be enough to tell you when I'll give birth?"

The woman stared for a second, before shaking her head, "I forgot that you were reared in the muggle world for a while and that Hogwarts doesn't off Healing courses. Mr. Potter, men who are able to bear children are rare. It takes a powerful wizard to be able to get another wizard pregnant. It takes just as powerful a wizard to get pregnant. Your level of power and the power level of the father, will determine how fast the development of your child is. Considering who you are, I'd say your pregnancy won't last long. Do you have any idea whom the father can be?"

Harry gaped and looked to Voldemort, who was staring him closely. "I've only been with one person."

Voldemort nodded, "Of course. You would never be unfaithful with me."

The woman gasped and looked between them in shock.

Voldemort made an impatient gesture and the woman got working, casting a spell over Harry and making his skin turn blue. She nodded and wrote something on the board. A few more spells and she sat in the chair on the other side of the bed.

"You are indeed pregnant, Mr. Potter. The fetus is showing the same signs for one trimester, which is three months. This term only refers to women. Women suffer nine months of pregnancy no matter what. Men have it easier. Can you briefly explain past sexual history with Lord Slytherin so that I may calculate the growth rate of the child?"

Harry flushed. "Uh, my first time was about the middle of May this year, so almost two months ago. And the second and last time was last week. I haven't done anything since."

"You've only had intercourse twice and you're pregnant?" the woman asked in awe. "You both are extremely powerful then. It usually takes multiple times for it to work."

Harry flushed, "We weren't really aiming for children. We were a bit busy."

The woman caught his meaning and cleared her throat noisily. "Indeed. Well, we have to wait a week to properly calculate the length of time required. Also, it's a little too early in development to show gender. It shouldn't take to long, considering how powerful you both are. The growth of the fetus by next week, will tell us what we're dealing with. Rest assured, you are pregnant. Unless you are considering… terminating this occurrence before it furthers."

Harry's mouth dropped in horror. Was she asking if he wanted to kill his baby?! "NO!"

Voldemort placed a calming hand on his shoulder and nodded. "It's alright, we aren't going to force you to do anything."

The witch was quick to agree. "I apologize Mr. Potter, but we are legally forced to offer the option. If I didn't say anything, I could have lost my job."

"Who'd want to kill a baby?!"

The woman flinched at the pure rage in his tone and placed her hands up in precaution. "To be honest with you, I don't believe the option should be given for those who were too foolish to employ the various methods to stop pregnancy. Magicals can actually stop fertility during intercourse to prevent the eggs from being fertilized. Our methods are one hundred percent successful, compared to muggles. However, there are so many foolish magicals out there who think they're too good to use such protections - like spells or potions - and come in here demanding that we destroy the little lives growing inside them, simply because they were remiss and irresponsible."

Harry was nodding quickly, "I agree with that. If they're too foolish or stupid enough to think themselves above such prevention, they do not deserve it for free."

The witch sighed. "Unfortunately the higher ups don't see it that way and we are obligated to perform the procedure for free. The only good from it that I can see, is for the small few who have been sexually assaulted and did not ask for the child. Why force them to keep the child and go through the rigorous process? But our opinions aren't given much consideration, if I don't offer the procedure I am in violation of my contract."

Harry could understand where she was doing, but he did not like the idea of killing a baby. Everyone human being was once a fetus, growing in someone's womb. Frankly, he saw no difference in killing a baby and killing a fetus. So what if one was underdeveloped? Though forcing a rape victim to keep a child wasn't good either. And people who would probably just abandon the baby. The world was fucked up.

But Harry had always wanted a family. And he really couldn't see himself killing his family. The fetus growing inside of him was his family. His blood. What if he couldn't have another?

He decided to just push the thought from his mind. Too many contradictions and arguments that he could think up. Too many positives and too many negatives. He wasn't in the mood to argue with himself over abortion.

"When do I have to come back?"

"Next Wednesday, if that's alright for both of you?"

Voldemort nodded. "And I can trust you to keep this quiet?"

"Yes, sir! I am under oath."

Harry ended up staying with Voldemort, simply because he didn't want to be alone after learning this news and he didn't want to tell anyone yet.

"Tom hadn't fully lost it yet, right?"

Voldemort nodded as he handed Harry a cup of tea.

"So then, the baby is like my last link to my Tom?"


"But my Tom became you. So the baby is yours too. So you are also my Tom, in a way."

He received another nod, though it was hesitant.

"Then, would you be willing to help care for the baby, seeing as it was your past self who got me up the duff?"

"Harry, I would never abandon a child, especially if it is mine. You'll have my full support, if you want it."

Harry sat quietly. He had a baby. Tom had a baby. Voldemort had a baby. They had a baby. Our baby, his mind whispered.

And Voldemort was willing to help.

They returned to St. Mungo's the next week, just as planned, and Harry's body had changed so much in that short amount of time.

There was a huge bump that started between his hips and grew. It had seemingly appeared out of nowhere when he was putting on his shirt one morning. It was just sitting there, between his hips. The very proof that he was indeed with child. It was a novel experience and he couldn't help but wonder if all magical pregnancies were so quick in showing after only a week. And it grew! Quickly.

Voldemort had bought him a basket filled with food as complements of his House Elves, who wanted Harry to be eating more. They claimed it was for both his and the baby's health. And truly, Harry was hungrier than usual. He scarfed down five treacle tarts, five raspberry scones, and a handful of strawberries.

He shifted uncomfortably, feeling like there was a huge ball interrupting his sitting.

The very same Medi-witch from the week previous, was with them. She didn't object to Harry eating in the newly decorated room. She simply got to her spells and scanning.

"I have the gender and the growth rate prepared. Only one more moment to ascertain the length the pregnancy will take," she warned.

Once all was finished, she sat in the other chair again and sighed. "You have been pregnant for two and a half weeks Mr. Potter and you've already progressed so much. The baby is currently at the growth level of what would be considered the end of the second trimester for a woman. About the size of a six month old fetus. I can properly say that your pregnancy won't last for more than two more weeks."

§A child born as the seventh month dies,§ Harry hissed to himself, though he saw that Voldemort had heard him. The man's head snapped up and his eyes dilated. He understood Harry's words. The small cruelty they had been said with.

Harry meant it. He wasn't going to pretend that it was an accident. He hadn't fully forgiven Voldemort and the whole prophecy business - while he had made his own interpretation of it - still ticked him off.

Perhaps it was childish to hold it against him still, when he knew that Voldemort hadn't even been in the right state of mind at the time. And man had returned to his Tom's mentality and had been doing his very best to get back into Harry's good graces. Harry wouldn't be a very good Slytherin unless he milked the situation for all it was worth. But still, maybe it was time to finally see the Tom inside Voldemort. Perhaps Harry just needed to let go.

He made eye contact with the Slytherin lord and hissed out a low, §I'm sorry.§

Voldemort/Tom blinked once. Twice. He looked into Harry's eyes and Harry felt his previous thoughts resurfacing. Voldemort/Tom was using Legilimency on him. And he didn't mind for some reason.

The memory receded and Voldemort gave a small smirk, before leaning forward and giving Harry the appropriate amount of time to pull away. Harry didn't. Instead, he allowed Voldemort/Tom to kiss him. It was just like kissing Tom had been like. But this was his Tom. Just an older version of him.

They hadn't a chance of getting too deeply into it, for the Medi-witch cleared her throat to remind them that she was still in the room and had a job to do. Harry pulled back with a flushed face and looked down to hide his face. Voldemort sat back imperiously and nodded to the woman.

"Shall I tell you the gender now?"

Harry's messy head snapped up in excitement.

"I suppose the appropriate term would be 'genders'."

Harry's jaw dropped and she nodded. "Oh, yes. It seems that second had been hiding behind the first last time. Both are visible now of course."

"Well?" Voldemort/Tom asked.


Voldemort was filled with absolute joy and relief. Boys meant heirs. Between he and Hadrian, they had enough lordships to pass down and it would be best to have a child for each instead of lumping all the responsibilities into one child.

While that part was good, the knowledge of the fact that he was going to be a father, was heavy on him. Was he good enough to be a father? He was much older and more experience these days. He would not lose himself to the madness again, he knew for certain that he wouldn't. But just because he wasn't insane, didn't mean that he was all too good. Could he even be trusted to be around children? He hated child abuse. He didn't want to do something even he'd disapprove of.

But Hadrian looked so excited. And he'd even asked if Voldemort wanted to have a hand in raising the children. And his honesty sincerity in his apology mere moments ago made Voldemort want to float. He'd even been allowed a kiss!

They were having two boys. Twins apparently. He sighed. Parenthood was only so far away. Especially since his and Hadrian's combined powers ensured a swift pregnancy. And watching the boy's stomach grow in the last week had been amazing and amusing.

They left the hospital with a completely different outlook on their future.

"We need to talk about us," came Hadrian's soft statement.

"I don't want my children to be passed off between houses. That doesn't sound like an ideal childhood."

Voldemort nodded to Harry's revelation. "Neither would I."

Harry sighed, "I know you're Tom. I know that I was kind and considerate when you were slowly losing yourself to the dark. I didn't agree with your decisions and I tried very hard to ignore the things I know you'd been doing. It can't be ignored anymore, because that won't make the past go away.

So yes, you lost it, and tortured and killed innocent people. You killed my parents over a part of prophecy and in doing so, put the damn thing into motion. I've have vowed not to kill you already, which nullifies the so called prophecy now.

You have come back, but you are more hardened and not so free with yourself as you were when you were younger. I refer to you and Tom as two different people. You may look the same, but are completely different. Not just in the fact that you are older, but in the way you speak to me, like I'm some sort of child or student of yours. You're delicate with me. The way you act around others. Even your groveling is ridiculous.

Why would you let me, a kid, order you around? You wouldn't have allowed such things when you were younger, so what changed? Since you aren't insane anymore, I know you'll understand."

"Harry," Voldemort said softly. "I am naturally a devious person by nature. Nothing about me has really changed. You were always different though. Do you think I randomly help people from the bottom of my black heart? I showed you a side that no one else has ever seen, because I trusted you.

I never got to tell you how I felt in return. I didn't understand my feelings. And as I slowly lost my sanity, I forgot to ever say anything. I forgot what love is, Harry.

I do love you. I know that now. And that is why I'm so careful around you. Why I'm willing to go to ridiculous lengths for you to forgive me. Because I knew what I would become and what I would do to you and I was too weak to stop it.

I am not like this with anyone else, because no one else deserves it in my eyes. And as the prophecy said, you are my equal."

Harry was breathing quickly. Tom - yes, that was his name - had just admitted his feelings! Harry had been a little sad when Tom couldn't articulate himself a couple of months ago. But he'd gotten a confession of love from Tom Marvolo Riddle. The Dark Lord Voldemort of all people! His savior.

It was like floating on air and it made his stomach do little flips. His heart pounded in his ears.

This. This was what he had wanted. He didn't know it when he planned to have Voldemort beg for forgiveness, but now Harry knew what that last bit he wanted was. He wanted Tom to fully acknowledge his feelings for Harry.

Harry wrapped his arms around the not so strange man.

Warm, strong arms returned the action and Harry sighed happily. He liked Tom's hugs.

"So, we're in this together?"

Harry smiled at the hesitant question and pulled back to show that he was smiling. "Yes, Tom. Now kiss me."

"We will not need a House Elf to raise our child. Honestly, how lazy are wizards and witches? They're so pathetic that they can't even raise their own children without the help of a magical creature?"

Harry frowned as he and Tom shopped for things for the baby room. Harry had made the commute to move in with Tom and some of his Elves followed to help him out.

Tom suggested shopping for the babies before Harry would have to go to the hospital and stay there.

Gladly, Harry agreed. The first shop they'd entered, everyone stopped to stare at them. Lord Potter-Black and Lord Slytherin were together, shopping for baby items.

Harry ignored them in favor of the mobile of little dragons. He pointed to things and Tom simply waved his wand, adding all the things Harry wanted, to the expanded trolley behind them. Harry drifted over blankets and wizard versions of nappies. He wrinkled his nose and very firmly told Tom that he was using muggle versions, very boldly in front of the store.

The owner had to step from behind the counter and ask if there was something wrong with his merchandise and Harry gave him a disarming grin as he said, "The magical world is so far behind the times, it feels like the middle ages most of the time. The muggles have advanced so far, it's shocking that the magical world hasn't done so either. I apologize, but I will be using muggle nappies. They're more efficient and just plain better."

Harry left them with that, continuing on with his shopping. The store erupted in murmurs at his words and he smirked at the controversy he most likely just caused.

Once they fetched some bassinets, an Elf was summoned to place everything within the designated room.

Harry placed several glamours on he and Tom and dragged the man into the muggle world.

"Are you sure we'll find things we need?"

"Yes. I know what I want."

Several hours later, Harry was happily painting the wall. It was the most difficult painting he'd ever make. Each wall consisted of dragons. The very same ones from the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.

When the paint dried, Harry was able to decorate everything, refusing the extra help. He wanted to do this for his babies. He didn't need to rely on an Elf to do everything for him.

"It's nice," Tom said when he finished. The man kissed the crown of his head.

"It is," Harry agreed.

"Just kiss me already."

Tom smiled and did so, finishing their vows.

Harry had never wanted a large wedding. Quite frankly, he was okay with going to Ministry to have the bond done. However, some people decided that they absolutely had to be there. Gran, Sirius, Neville, Hermione, the twins, Draco, Narcissa, and a few others that came for Tom.

The contract was easily written up and a simple kiss would bond them until one of them ever possibly decided they couldn't handle the other. Harry was certain that that wasn't likely to happen any time soon.

"Tom! Come fetch your child, he's crawling up my leg!"

Tom walked into the kitchens and smiled, "He's my child now?"

Harry returned the action. "Of course. When he misbehaves, he's your son. I'm the good one who ever got into any trouble ever. I take responsibility when they're good."

"You are incorrigible," Tom pecked his lips quickly, before picking up their youngest, who was clinging to Harry's robes. Arcturus giggled and clung to his father.

Nicodemus stuck his tongue out at his younger brother. They usually fought over who Harry was holding and apparently, Nick had won this round.


Harry grinned, "We're going to see Draco and Scorpius today!"

Pouty faces turned to bright smiles. Draco and Astoria's little son was a good friend of the two three year olds. He was a year younger of course, but that didn't stop the two Slytherins from taking him under their tiny wings and guiding him into mischief that Tom bemoaned on a constant basis.

"Come, love. They'll never calm down now."

Harry winked at Nick, "Papa said he'd like for you to get louder."


The boys giggled and Harry stuck his tongue out.

"Don't be such a bore, Tom."

"You weren't saying that last night, love."

Harry flushed and felt morbid embarrassment as his way too intelligent children bombarded him with questions on what their Papa had meant.

Damn, Tom!

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