This is a fanfic about family. If any of you have noticed, I have a thing for writing about family.

I don't own Supernatural of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This happens two years after BTVS ends and during season one of Supernatural.


"Another!" A tall man with jet black hair demanded, gesturing to the bar woman with his glass.

The older, dark haired, woman gave him a hard look with her aged eyes, filling a new glass with his demanded drink. "Don't you think that you've had enough Hun?" She asked with a knowing look in her eyes.

"Nowhere near enough." He chuckled to her. His right eye twinkling with mirth and untold sorrow, the other covered by an eye patch. "After all, how should I react when two of the closest people in my life betrayed me? And I can't even get drunk now."

The bar woman looked at him quizzically, before turning to answer the call of other customers. The man turned around in his chair surveying the other customers when the front door of the bar opened. Revealing a woman about eighteen years old clad in black skinny jeans, a loose fitting silver blouse and her darker than black hair intricately braided; silver eyes grazed the crowd and landed on the one eyed man. Smiling softly she moved to over to sit on the empty stool next to him. The man leaned over and lightly brushed his lips against her forehead.

After he pulled away, the woman scrunched up her nose as he breathed on her. "You've been drinking too much, Xanadu."

"Nin, you know that even if I do drink 'too much' I won't get drunk."

"I know but it's such waste! I can think of many things that can clear a troubled mind and none of them involve alcohol. Besides I received a call from Rupert." Casting her eyes sideways, Nin observed the slight stiffening of Xanadu's shoulder's and the hard glint in his eyes. "He said that he knew nothing of what Red and Blondie had in mind. I had the clear reasoning that he, as you say, 'ripped them a new one'. Also, he approves of your choice to leave and gives his utter support to you." She finished with a warm smile on her face as she gently grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "They never should have done that to you. But now we can continue with a larger purpose. The good fight doesn't have to stop now." She said gesturing to the other people in the bar.

"I couldn't stop the good fight even if I wanted to." Xanadu replied, smiling back at her. Pulling out his wallet he left four hundred dollars on the counter with his glass on top and stood up pulling Nin up as well. Then he asked, "where to first?"


Xanadu is Xander. It's a pet name that Nin has given him.

Red is Willow

Blondie is Buffy

The falling out that Xander has with the other two will be explained later on.