I don't own Scooby-Doo. Hanna-Barbara Productions & Warner Bros. does.

This is a rewrite of the 2013 Direct to Video animated film Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright, where I made several changes to the story line and kept the gang in their original characters (Think about it as Hanna-Barbera producing this film), as I find the film itself rather too dark and serious with cheesy humour that does nothing to lighten up the situation.

The rewrite of this film is canon with my other stories that doesn't have a "D#" (Dimension Number) or "AD#" (Alternate Dimension Number) at their titles.

In addition, this rewrite also includes my FictionPress characters William Wu & Elizabeth Lee. If you are curious about William Wu, you can read about him on my Profile.

Chapter 1: The arrival & meeting old friends

August 7, 2013

It was a rainy day when the Mystery Machine sped down a section of Interstate 90, near the outskirts of Chicago.

Fred was behind the wheel, as usual, with his eyes focusing on the road. He was driving the gang to Chicago for Shaggy, Scooby and Daphne's participation in the Talent Stars as finalists.

A few months ago, Shaggy, Scooby and Daphne took part in the Talent Stars contest, with Shaggy playing the guitar, Scooby on the drums and Daphne playing the keyboard. Their performance of several popular songs such as selected works from the Beatles led them into the finals, which is slated to take place in an opera house in Chicago that is said to be haunted.

"Can you believe that we made it to the finals?" Daphne said excitingly. She, Shaggy & Scooby was occupying the back of the van practicing their performance, while Fred and Velma sat on the front row of the van.

"Yeah. When they announced the finalists late last month, I have to admit that I was nervous for you guys." Fred said from the front.

Velma nodded in agreement. "Shaggy's guitar playing was splendid in your performances."

"Like, it was nothing." Shaggy said. "If it weren't for you and Scooby, we wouldn't have made it to the finals in the first place."

"Rue." (True.) Scooby agreed.

Several minutes went by as the main source of sound in the van was from Shaggy, Scooby and Daphne's practicing, as well as from the rainfall outside. Soon, the van drove by a sign saying, "Welcome to Chicago, Illinois: The Windy City"

"Well gang, we will be arriving at our destination in about half an hour." Fred announced.

"Good. Scoob and I were starting to wonder when we will eat." Shaggy replied as Scooby licked his mouth.

"Oh, Shag." Daphne teased. "Do you & Scooby ever think of something else other than food?"

"To be honest, Daph." Shaggy replied, "I can't really remember. Do you, Scoob?"

Scooby thought for a while before shaking his head, saying, "Ro." (No.)

"Oh you guys," Velma joked, "I'm going to guess that Shaggy's brain is mostly on food, nothing much else."

Fred and Daphne laughed at Velma's last remark as Shaggy said, "Hey! We do think of other things too, you know! It isn't like that Scoob and I always have our minds on food."

"Reah!" Scooby piped up.

"Relax, you two." Daphne said. "Velma was only kidding."

"Like, I know." Shaggy replied with his usual goofy smile. "Scoob and I always know."

As the van continued on towards downtown Chicago, Velma was reading a tourist guide on the Windy City, about the opera house and other attractions.

"Hey, do you guys know that the opera house you're about to perform in is said to be haunted?" She asked.

However, Shaggy was too focused on practicing his guitar to listen, with Scooby playing the drums. As the duo played a certain beat, Daphne praised, "Hey, I like that beat, Shag."

Shaggy nodded. "Thanks."

"Your guitar skills are really remarkable, Shag." Fred remarked. "They're even more remarkable than mine, you know."

"Like, your guitar skills aren't that bad, Fred." Shaggy replied.

Before Fred could respond, Velma exclaimed excitingly. "Hey gang, in the block near the opera house is the Mineral Society Showcase, and they're having the Soap Diamond on display! The Soap Diamond was first discovered in a mine down in Colorado a century ago and…"

Velma didn't finish her sentence as she looked at her friends. All of them gave her a I'm-not-interested look on their faces. Even Fred, who was driving, turned his head and stared at her for a brief second. There was an awkward silence in the van.

Embarrassed, Velma returned to her reading.

Much of the drive went by quickly, and before long, the gang had arrived at the hotel they were staying at for the trip. It was located a block away from the opera house, and is the place where the other Talent Stars contestants are staying as well.

After unloading their luggage, the bellboy went to park the van in the hotels parking garage as the gang made their way into the hotel lobby.

As they entered the hotel, Shaggy spotted two familiar figures at the hotel as well. "Hey gang, isn't that William & Elizabeth?" He asked, gesturing towards the two figures.

William, upon hearing his and Elizabeth's names being mentioned by a familiar voice, turned. He was surprised when the voice was no one other than Shaggy's voice.

"Shaggy! Scooby!" He exclaimed.

"William! Lizzy!" Daphne replied as the two teenage detective groups did a group hug and hand shake.

After the greeting, Fred asked, "Well, long time no seen, guys. How have you been?"

"And how was your trip to Australia?" Velma added.

"Well, my trip to Australia was quite fun." William said as Elizabeth started to suppress an urge to laugh. "However, it came with a long story."

"Like, how so?" Shaggy asked.

"William will tell you guys after the check in." Elizabeth replied.

A few minutes after checking into the hotel, where the two groups noted that their rooms are on the same floor and same hallway, William and Elizabeth took turns giving the gang an account on his misadventures that included several flight delays and staying in Los Angeles for a day to wait for his flight. (See my FictionPress story A Wild Goose Chase to Australia, to be written)

"Zoinks! That sure must be frustrating, man!" Shaggy remarked.

"Yeah. It was." William nodded. "But at least I got to fly on an Airbus A380 for the first time and I got to do a little sightseeing in Los Angeles."

"Yeah. Side adventures can sometimes be fun, on top of the main adventure." Daphne remarked.

"So what are you guys doing here in Chicago?" Fred asked, noting that neither William nor Elizabeth was carrying musical instruments.

"Sightseeing." Elizabeth replied. "Part of our summer plan."

Velma nodded. "I see. So are you guys here to see the Talent Stars finals?"

"Yes, we are." William nodded. "And congratulations to Shaggy, Scooby and Daphne for making it to the finals!"

"Thank you." Shaggy smiled as he, Scooby and Daphne bowed.

After chatting with William and Elizabeth, the gang then entered their hotel rooms to unpack, with Shaggy, Scooby and Daphne sharing one room while Velma and Fred shared the other.

Soon, the gang meet up at the Mystery Machine down at the parking garage and decided to do some driving around Chicago before getting to the opera house.

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