Hi everyone. I told you I was doing an update. This chapter firmly concludes the Devil Hand arc and gets everyone ready for the Tenrou Island arc. However, before we begin, I have something to say. Tenrou Island will be the last arc for this story. Do not misunderstand, I am NOT stopping the Fairy May Cry saga as a whole. What I mean is that this story will conclude before I start a sequel series that takes place after the Seven Year time skip. I want to spread out my Fairy May Cry series so that it's not just one massive clump. Already this is the sixtieth chapter, and Tenrou Island is a pretty big arc. After that arc is done, I'll be done with this fic and I'll write a sequel fic that takes up the DMC4 storyline, along with the Grand Magic Games, the storyline from the Devil May Cry anime and DMC2, and finally the Tartaros arc. I also plan to do something with the storyline from the fifth Devil May Cry game and the Alvarez Empire arc way toward the end, but we are a LONG way from that. I hope that all makes sense.

Once again, thank you for all your support, so with that all being said, let's get started.

He Who Extinguishes Life

A single man laid on the ground, his hands behind his head as he gazed up at the blue sky with the bright sun and white clouds. He laid in a forested area close towards a river. How long had he been there? Honestly, he lost track of time a long time ago, but it did feel nice. Being surrounded by nature like this without appearing to have a care in the world, or any noisy people around; the only sounds being the chipper of birds, the wind rustling the leaves, and the water flowing in the river, including a deer walking by to take a drink from the river.

The man wore a black and gold robe with a white sash across his chest and he had long black hair. "The sky above… how lonely and sorrowful it seems." Despite being surrounded by nature, it didn't make him feel any less lonely.

The man sat up and noticed the deer as the animal stopped drinking and looked toward him, this caused him to smile slightly. However, the deer quickly ran back into the forest, causing the man's smile to fade.

Fairy Tail guildhall.

The building was in an uproar as the members of Fairy Tail were celebrating their victory against Devil Hand. Everyone's injuries were all treated and the whole guild cheered as they slammed mugs together and drank, eating large meals and laughing together, even a few punches were thrown. Yep, it was just another typical day at Fairy Tail.

Dante sat down at a table and held out both his arms. "Alright, who's ready?" He challenged as both Natsu and Gajeel sat across from him.

"Prepare to have your ass kicked, Dante!" Gajeel said with a eager grin as he took Dante's arm ready to arm-wrestle.

"Not if I beat him first, metal-head!" Natsu stated as he took Dante's other arm.

Happy and Panther-Lily both flew in as Happy grabbed Natsu's and Dante's locked hand as Panther-Lily did the same for Dante's other hand and Gajeel's.

"Ready…!" Happy exclaimed.

"Go!" Lily shouted as they let go and Dante began to arm-wrestle both Dragon Slayers at the same time.

Several other Fairy Tail members gathered around including Gray, Elfman, Bickslow, Droy, Jet, Wakaba, Macao, and Alzack, even Trish, Cana, and Bisca, as they all cheered and rooted for each person; some rooted for Natsu, others rooted for Gajeel, but most of them rooted for Dante.

Dante smirked as he put some effort into the contest while the Dragon Slayers both grunted and put their strength against his. Gajeel seemed to gain the advantage as he pressed against Dante.

"Guess I got this one in the bag!" Gajeel grunted.

"No way! I'm gonna beat him first!" Natsu shouted with flames in his mouth as he pressed hard against Dante. For a minute, it looked as though they were both going to beat him as his arms were almost down.

"Looks like you got me." Dante chuckled. "But… I don't plan on loosing!" Suddenly, Dante was covered in a flash of red light as he suddenly transformed into his Devil Trigger.

"WHAT?!" Natsu screamed.

"YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!" Gajeel yelled.

With a laugh, the transformed Dante suddenly slammed both Gajeel's and Natsu's arms on the table so hard it exploded and shattered as both Dragon Slayers laid on the ground, rubbing their sore arms.

"And the winner is Dante!" Trish shouted as she lifted up his arm just as he turned back to normal, while all the wizards nearby cheered.

"Hey, you didn't say you were gonna use your Devil Trigger!" Natsu complained.

"Yeah! I call foul!" Gajeel comically complained as well.

"Well you guys didn't say I couldn't use it." Dante smirked.

"Alright that's it! Screw arm-wrestling!" Natsu threw a punch out and slugged Dante across the face.

"Oh, you wanna play that game huh?" Dante smirked as he punched Natsu back.

Gajeel then punched Dante in the face, which caused him to stumble into Gray on accident. "Hey, watch where your punching!" The ice-make wizard than punched Gajeel.

"Listen up! A real man always talks about his problems!" Elfman punched Gray.

One thing led to another and before long nearly every guy and even several women were now in a free-for-all slugfest that seemed to rock the whole guildhall. The only ones not fighting, or simply trying to find cover, appeared to be Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Carla, and Modeus who sat at a table furthest away from the dust cloud.

"Some things never change, do they?" Modeus noted with a humorous smile.

"That's what makes Fairy Tail so unique." Erza said with her own warm smile.

"I fear I've gotten used to it already." Carla said.

Lucy chuckled but noticed that Wendy appeared to be looking a bit sad. "Hey Wendy, are you okay?"

"Yeah… I'm fine." Wendy said, but she wasn't entirely honest.

"You're thinking about Sheeree, aren't you?" Erza asked, getting serious.

Wendy's eyes shook as she looked down. "Yes."

Carla sighed and walked over to sit next to Wendy. "I miss her to, and I regret the way I treated her back at Cait Shelter. But she won't be gone forever."

"Are you sure?" Wendy asked.

"We're certain." Modeus confirmed. "Erza and I already spoke with the master earlier today."

"He and Yajima were able to talk with a council member named Org and he was able to pull some strings." Erza explained. "Sheeree will be confined to a juvenile detention center for a year."

Wendy looked up in surprise. "A whole year? But… that seems so long."

"Maybe, but it could have been far worse." Carla said. "She could have been imprisoned for life."

"I agree." Erza said. "A year might seem long, but the rest of her life is even longer. She will get and she'll have a clean slate when she does."

"And when that happens, we'll welcome her into our Fairy Tail family with open arms." Modeus said with a smile.

Wendy's surprised expression turned into an emotional smile. "Right! I can wait, and when its over, we'll be real sisters again! Modeus, if it's alright with you, could you please help to train Sheeree with me? That way we both can become stronger together."

Modeus' smile only became much more sincere. "Of course, I think that's a great idea."

Smiles were shared with the whole group when Lisanna came up toward them. "Hey guys, have you seen Mira around?"

"Yes, she said she was stopping by the church." Erza answered.

"Alright, thanks." Lisanna nodded.

"Hey Lisanna, if it's alright with you, could we maybe talk for a bit?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah sure, but I need to speak with my sister first, after that we can talk. Is that okay Lucy?" Lisanna asked.

"Okay, yeah that sounds good. See you later." Lucy waved Lisanna off as she ran out the door.

Makarov's Office

As the rest of the guild continued to ruckus, Lady stood in the personal officer of Makarov. She told him everything about her past; her childhood, her mother, as well as her father and what he did to try and become a devil, sacrificing Lady's mother, as well as everything Arkham did in Temen-ni-gru, including Lady putting him down with a bullet to the head. It seemed somewhat pointless with everything all set and done, but Lady had to get this all off her chest, so she spoke with Makarov in private about it. She might tell Erza, or even Wendy about the details later, but this was probably all she was going to do for right now.

Makarov remained silent as he listened to every detail. When Lady was finished, he hadn't said a word as he closed his eyes and held his head down slightly.

Lady noticed how he wasn't saying anything. "Hey, you still with me old man?"

"Yes, I listened to every word." Makarov began. "It's unheard of to think a man would do something like that to his own wife and child. I've seen my fair share of abusive parents, but something like that… something so cruel and evil… it's truly unforgivable!"

"Are you… at all upset that I… put him down?" She asked, almost nervously.

Makarov sighed. "Lady, I'll be honest with you. If I were there, I would have killed him myself. Not only for everything he did to you, but all he did to my own children, even those in his own guild! Mira already told me about a boy cursed with the Wendigo and what he endured, what Arkham did to him alone would be enough to earn the full force of my wrath!"

"Yeah… he really was a scum bag." Lady uttered, looking down in anger.

Makarov's expression soften. "But are you okay?" He asked honestly. "You're the one who's been through all that. The least I can do is just listen."

"Yeah… I'm doing fine, really." Lady said.

"Lady, listen to me." Makarov began. "Fairy Tail is a place where friends can gather, wizards can find work, and children who have no kin to call their own can feel like they're part of a family. It doesn't matter what your own lineage is, or what crimes your biological families have committed, if you're willing to reach out, I can guarantee that there will always be someone here who is willing to always be here for you. I know I said this before, but I consider all the members of this guild to be my own children, that includes you."

Lady looked towards the elderly guildmaster with surprise.

"Every parent cares and worries for their children." Makarov continued. "And if you let me, I can be that for you. I truly am sorry for all you have endured and for the loss of your mother, but I promise you don't have to be alone anymore. So, hold your head high my child, for you are part of the Fairy Tail family."

Tears welled up in the young woman's eyes and before she knew it, she threw her arms around the short old man and cried her eyes out, burying her face in his chest. Makarov was slightly stunned by this, but calmed down as he patted her back.

"There, there. Let it all out. Even a devil's gotta cry sometime to, so we humans have to cry as well." Makarov assured.

Lady chuckled a bit as she continued to cry, before she tightened her grip around him. "Try and grab my ass and I'll kill you."

Makarov laughed slightly. "Don't worry, I won't." He assured. "At least not when you're so emotional like this."

After some time, Lady had calmed down and left the office just as Gildarts walked up. "Hey there kiddo, how you doing?" Gildarts asked with a smile.

"A lot better, thanks." Lady said. "Oh, by the way, don't call me a kid."

"Sure thing Lady." Gildarts nodded. "But you might wanna be careful going downstairs, the place is a madhouse."

"When isn't it?" Lady joked, causing Gildarts to laugh. She left and walked down the hallway just as Gildarts entered Makarov's office.

"You wanted to see me, Master?"

"Yes, have a seat Gildarts." Makarov told the powerful wizard as he sat down on a chair. "We need to discuss the upcoming S-Class trials."

"Alright, what do you wanna talk about?"


Mira had just walked out of Kardia Cathedral after speaking with the officials. One of the topics she talked about was having Lisanna's grave removed, seeing as how it was no longer needed because she was alive, there really wasn't a purpose to it being there. She also wanted to put in a new grave for someone else. The thought of that individual made her stop as a pain formed in her heart. However, before she could dwell any further, she heard a familiar voice call her name.

"Mira!" She looked in surprise to see Lisanna run toward her. She tried to put on her usual smile.

"Hi Lisanna. What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you, you weren't at the guildhall." Lisanna answered.

"Oh, I just had some personal stuff to take care of." Mira maintained her act, but Lisanna wasn't fooled, she had a good idea why she was here, and it probably wasn't just her own grave.

"Mira, Elfman told me about Adrian." Lisanna revealed, causing Mira's smile to vanish as she looked in honest surprise. "It's so horrible, I didn't think there was a cursed Take Over like that, but… and everything that poor boy went through, and being manipulated and used by Arkham… I know this sounds kinda morbid, but I'm actually glad that monster's dead. No less than what he deserves."

Mira was in complete agreement, Arkham got what he deserved, and she would have been happy if she was the one to do the deed, but that did little to deter the sadness in her own heart.

"Adrian deserved better." Mira said. "He seemed like such a good boy, I… I just wish I could have helped him sooner, maybe he'd still be here with us."

"Mira I… I don't know really." Lisanna said honestly. "After what happened to his family, I'm not sure if he'd ever forgive himself for that. And it's not your fault, there was no way you could have know."

"But I could have found something." Mira uttered as her eyes welled up. "I could have helped him… I… I could have saved him! I just wish I… I wish I was strong enough! I don't wanna go through that again I…" She stopped upon realizing what she just said.

Lisanna was stunned for a second, but she also understood. She knew what her older sister meant. "Mira… is this… is this about me and Edolas?"

Mira said nothing for a few seconds before she spoke. "Well, yes and no. I mean, I meant every word, I really do wish I could have helped Adrian sooner but… seeing him vanish like that…" tears were already flowing down her face. "…It was almost just like back then… when you vanished from my arms." She continued to cry. "And that was my fault. I brought you there and I couldn't save you!"

Lisanna walked up to her older sister and put her hands on both her shoulders. "Mira, I'm still here, and I don't blame you for any of that, it wasn't your fault. And Edolas wasn't all that bad, I made quite a few friends there but… I did miss you to and everyone else. But now look at us, I'm here and I'm not going anywhere again. Elfman also told me how he… died. Adrian had a smile on his face, you may not have saved his life, but you saved his soul. He was so eager to die and so consumed by guilt, but you helped him to show that his soul was still worth saving, that he wouldn't die a monster. You saved his humanity, and while I might not have known him, I'm sure that he'd be happy if you lived your life to the fullest with your family. I know that's what I would want."

Mira looked toward her younger sister with a surprised expression before it slowly formed into a warm smile. "You're right. Lisanna, you're absolutely right." She rubbed the tears away from her eyes. "So, let's both do what we can to help as many people as possible, okay?"

"Deal." Lisanna smiled. "I'm all fired up now."

After a few minutes; Lisanna and Mira had walked back to the guildhall, it appeared to calm down from all the fighting, after some scolding from both Erza and the master. Before they walked inside however, they spotted Lucy standing near the entrance waiting for them. Lisanna had a good idea that Lucy was here because she wanted to discuss something with her.

"Mira why don't you head inside, I need to talk with Lucy real quick." Lisanna told her older sister.

"Sure thing." Mira nodded before she walked into the guildhall, leaving the two girls alone.

"Hey Lisanna, is Mira doing alright?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah, she's doing fine. What about you? I mean you did spend a lot of magic back at Temen-ni-gru." Lisanna replied.

"Don't worry, I'm good." Lucy answered. "Can we sit down maybe?"

"Okay." Lisanna nodded as the two sat at the steps of the guildhall and spoke alone.

"You remember our talk on the train before Vergil showed up?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah, I remember." Lisanna answered.

"Well, I'm going to ask you something and I want you to be absolutely honest with me." Lucy took a deep breath, she needed to get this out. "Lisanna, do you like Natsu?"

That took the white-haired girl by surprise; that was definitely a straight-forward question. But the look in Lucy's eyes told her that she was being serious about it.

"Yes. I think I do like him, more than a friend." Lisanna answered honestly.

Lucy sighed but had a small smile. "Yeah, I had a feeling that was the case. I kinda talked to Natsu about it to earlier and he said that he liked you to."

"Really? He said that?"

"Yep." Lucy nodded. "And it's not hard to see why. You're a really great person; your friendly, your kind, your strong, and you're really dependable, I learned that much by fighting with you both in Edolas and in Temen-ni-gru. But the thing is… I think I also like him."

If Lisanna wasn't surprised before, she was now.

"Sure, Natsu might be a bit pig-headed, he's always been impulsive and reckless, not to mention he's always breaking into my room without me asking." Lucy continued. "But, he's also just so kind and strong. He's the one who brought me into Fairy Tail, he changed my life. He also saved my life more times than I can count; he helped to show me what I could be, that I could be strong like him and fight by my friends for my friends. If it weren't for him, I don't know where I'd be today. But, really, he's got more going with you. You knew much longer, even grew up with him, heck you two hatched Happy from an egg when you were his kids, I can't compete with that. And when you came back to Earthland, please don't take this the wrong way, I'm glad you're back, I'm so happy for you, Mira, Elfman, Natsu, Happy, and everyone else that loves you, but… I also couldn't help but feel a little jealous. But after seeing you two together, and hearing what Natsu feels about you, I realize I was just being silly. Lisanna, I really think you two are meant to be together; and if he's happy with you, then I'm happy. And if it's alright with you, I'm hoping we can be friends. I'll say it, I want to be friends with you, we're both part of the Fairy Tail family. So, what do you say?"

Lucy had an honest smile as she held out her hand to Lisanna for her to shake. Lisanna looked at Lucy with a surprised and stunned face. She could tell that Lucy meant every single word and was completely honest. Lisanna soon smiled, but rather than shake Lucy's hand, she tenderly grabbed it with both her hands.

"Lucy, first of all, thank you for being so sincere with me." Lisanna began. "I really appreciate it. But really, I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit."

Lucy was completely surprised, not expecting this.

"Before Natsu and I were attacked by Cragnar and this whole mess with Devil Hand started, he told me about the last two years in Fairy Tail." Lisanna continued. "And he really talked about you quite a lot."

"Really?" Lucy asked, quite stunned.

"Yeah. Everything with Phantom Lord and your dad, the Tower of Heaven, the Fantasia Festival with Laxus, and even the fight against the Oracion Seis." Lisanna continued. "He told me about all you did and everything you did to help him and the rest of Fairy Tail. Yeah, Natsu and I might have known each other longer, but you two have a real history to, I don't think you should overlook all that stuff."

"Lisanna I… I don't… I don't understand." Lucy didn't know what to say.

"I'll admit, I have strong feelings for Natsu." Lisanna said. "In fact, I… I think I'm in love with him, and from what you said earlier, he likes me to. But it might not just be me, he really did speak highly of you, and I can tell he meant it. I've seen it myself, you're an amazing person to. You're every bit as dependable as he is; and from how you're talking it seems like you love him to."

Lucy's cheeks turned red as she continued to listen to Lisanna and didn't have any sort of reply to give.

"That being said, I don't really see a reason why he'd have to choose between us." Lisanna continued. "So, maybe… we could you know… both be with him. We could share him."

Suffice to say, Lucy did not expect that sort of reply. She was completely stunned as her whole face turned red and was shocked beyond belief.

"Wait… share him?! As in… like cheating?! Having an affair?!"

"No! No!" Lisanna quickly waved her hands. "Not like that! That's when a man or a woman is with someone else without their partner's consent. I'm talking about both of us being with him together, in a genuine relationship."

"As in… a… threesome?" Lucy stuttered.

"Well… yeah." Lisanna replied. "I mean we both like him, our feelings toward him are really genuine, and from what he's said to each of us, I feel like he genuinely likes both of us to, even if he doesn't quite understand yet. So, I don't really see a reason why he'd have to make any choice. And it's not like it's illegal or anything, I mean those kinds of relationships do actually exist."

"Well… yeah they do but…" Lucy continued to stutter. "I just didn't expect I be part of one."

"Lucy, I really don't think anyone can expect who they fall in love with or how they think their relationships will turn out." Lisanna said. "You say I can make him happy; I think you can make him happy to, and I really do think he can make both of us happy. If we're both with him, then I really think it'll work out. It might be the start of something beautiful, something only the three of us share together. But… I won't force you. If you're uncomfortable with it, I understand."

Lucy looked down to the ground as she contemplated all of this. "Really? Me, Lisanna, and Natsu all together? Could that really work? I mean… I really do like him, and she said she actually loves him. And she's right, there's nothing explicitly wrong with it. In fact,… now that I really think about it…?"

She could already imagine it. Lucy pictured herself with Natsu and Lisanna, all together. They'd go on jobs together, eat their meals together, maybe even some dates. Maybe in a few years… matrimony… and maybe even a family, with children. The more she thought of it, the more comfortable the idea came, and the more she actually wanted it.

Lucy smiled as she looked to Lisanna. "You know? Yeah. Let's do it!" Lisanna smiled back. "But how do you think Natsu would take it?" Lucy asked. "No offense to him, but he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer."

Lisanna giggled slightly. "Maybe not, but if we work the idea toward him gradually, he might get it. And when that happens, well… we'll let our hearts decide what we do together."

"Sounds good to me." Lucy said. "I'm really glad I got a chance to talk with you about this."

"Me to." Lisanna agreed. The two then pulled each other into a hug.

"Damn. Fire-breath's one lucky bastard."

Both girls turned around in surprise to see a certain red-clad Devil Hunter looking at them with a smirk.

"Dante!" They both exclaimed with red faces.

"That's my name, don't wear it out."

"How… how long have you been there?" Lisanna stuttered with her cheeks red from embarrassment.

"Ever since you two sat down." Dante answered simply.

"It's rude to eavesdrop, you know." Lucy said irritably.

"I know." Dante answered before getting a bit serious. "But hey, joking aside, you guys wanna go for a threesome, I got no problem with it. I mean my folks were a human and a demon, so I got no room to complain."

"I guess." Lisanna said. "But hey Dante, could you maybe not tell Natsu about this. I'm not sure he'd completely understand because he's…"

"An idiot?" Dante finished bluntly. "Don't worry, I'll keep my mouth shut. You know the blue furball would have field day with this."

The two girls chuckled nervously as something came to Lisanna's mind. "Hey one last thing Dante. I remember back in Edolas how that world's version of your mother was the aunt to the Lucy who lived there, so wouldn't that mean that maybe…"

"That Lucy and I related somehow?" Dante finished, as he and Lucy exchanged glances. "Honestly, I can't say. I don't remember a whole lot from my childhood, and with anything I can remember, I never heard my mom talk about extended family."

"Maybe that was on purpose." Lisanna suggested. "I mean, from how the story goes and what happened to you, the Demon World wasn't too happy about Sparda rebelling. So, maybe your parents were trying to protect Lucy's family from the demons?"

Lucy contemplated for moment. "That would make sense. But… I don't remember my parents saying anything about Sparda before." Her eyes widened suddenly. "But if it's true, and you and I are related Dante then… that would also mean…"

"Vergil's part of your family to." Dante said causing both Lisanna, and especially Lucy, to look a bit pale.

"Yeah… that doesn't sound so appealing…" Lucy shivered at the very idea. Even Dante wasn't to comfortable with it. "But I still can't shake the idea… that you and I are…"

"I already talked with Morrison." Dante revealed. "He said he'd look into and get back with us if he found something."

"Oh. Okay." Lucy wasn't sure what to feel toward that.

Lisanna stood up. "You know, I don't think it really matters. I don't think its important if you guys are related by blood or not, your both part of the same family already. We're all members of Fairy Tail. And if you ask me, that goes deeper than any blood relation."

Dante smirked. "Couldn't have said it any better myself." Lucy smiled to and nodded. "Now come on inside ladies, the brawling's stop so I'd say it's time for a drink."

"Right, like you need any excuse for that." Lucy teased, causing Lisanna to giggle and Dante to wave off with a smirk as they walked back into their guildhall.

Magic Council Headquarters

"He said that?!" Gran Doma exclaimed toward the thought projection of Lahar. "Those were his exact words?!"

"Yes, I'm afraid so sir." Lahar confirmed. He had returned to give his report about Dante's denial to the Magic Council's request to have him join the Rune Knights. The Council even requested for Dante's exact words, which Lahar told them (while making sure that those were Dante's words and not his own). Suffice to say, they were not pleased.

"Of all the brazen audacity!" One member exclaimed. "Not only did he have the gal to speak to us with such disrespect, but he dared to challenge us?!"

"To be fair, we did put him and Fairy Tail in a position that would have cost them their lives." Org said. "And we did nothing to assist them despite being close to the situation."

"We had no business to interfere in that conflict, and if several members of Fairy Tail lost their lives, then we have less trouble makers to deal with." Another member argued, causing Org to glare.

"To think he would insult as such, or even go so far as to claim that we would harm innocent people?! Does he take us for a Dark Guild?!" A female member questioned.

"This Dante is clearly more of a nuisance than his father ever was!" A member agreed.

"In addition, it seems that other guilds are even threatening to take up arms against us! This is unacceptable!"

Gran Doma turned his attention to the thought projection of their subordinate. "Lahar, have you heard anything from Doranbolt?"

"I have, Chairman." Lahar reported. "However, he has found nothing incriminating; and it seems Fairy Tail is starting to become more careful. Though they recently declared war against the Dark Guild known as Devil Hand, evidence, including eye-witness reports, show that Fairy Tail was attacked first. Therefore, their retaliation was warranted and protected."

Most of the members grimaced. "So, they are becoming more careful." One member growled. "We should still disband them for showing us such insolence!"

"We cannot!" Org exclaimed. "Chairman, you said that Fairy Tail would be disbanded with one more incident! Though they did indeed declare war against a Dark Guild, their retaliation was protected under our policy as they were directly targeted by Devil Hand! And as Lahar as said, Doranbolt has found nothing incriminating! We cannot disband them without evidence!"

"Tell me Org, why are you so insistent on protecting Fairy Tail?" One member asked him. "You were dead-set on their disbandment with the old Council, now you're taking a lax attitude towards them?!"

"I admit Fairy Tail is troublesome." Org began. "However, their intentions are good, and they have protected this world from threats such as the R-System and the Oracion Seis while the Magic Council has failed."

"Motives don't matter! If they don't respect the rules that we place on them, then they are no different from the Dark Guilds!" Another member argued.

"At the moment however, I feel as though the ones most likely to become a Dark Guild are us, rather than Fairy Tail." Org stated; much to the shock of most of the Magic Council.


"How dare you!"

"That is enough!" Gran Doma slammed the end of his staff on the ground to silence his colleagues. "Org, I find your attitude toward this to be very disturbing. However, you are correct. As Fairy Tail has not yet committed any crimes, we cannot disband them without any evidence."

"Sir, if I may." Lahar spoke up. "While we have found no evidence of incrimination against Fairy Tail, Doranbolt did report something very interesting. Dante has a twin brother."

That caught the attention of the entire council, including Org.

"Are you certain of this?" Org asked immediately.

"I am sir. His name is Vergil." Lahar confirmed.

"Is he a part of Fairy Tail as well?" Gran Doma asked.

"No sir." Lahar reported. "In fact, according to Doranbolt's report, it would seem that Vergil has even gone against Fairy Tail, openly attacking them."

"I see." Gran Doma contemplated for a moment. "Anything else to report, Lahar?"

"No sir."

"Very well, you're dismissed." Gran Doma told his subordinate as Lahar bowed his head and his thought projection vanished.

"Sir?" Org asked as Gran Doma stroke his beard. Though it was clear Dante had no intention of joining them, maybe this Vergil had his uses.

"That is all, this meeting is called to an end." Gran Doma announced to his colleagues. "We uphold the sanctity of order in the magic world!"

"For the sanctity of order! For the sanctity of order!" All the members chanted, though Org didn't seem as enthusiastic as the others.

Night had fallen on the exact same spot as the man in black reached into the river with his palm to get a drink of water. He glanced upward toward the full moon, however his attention was caught by a series of growls around him.

He turned to his side to see a pair of wolves growling at him. As he looked around, he suddenly realized he was surrounded by an entire pack of wolves. He looked in fear, however it wasn't the fear of being eaten alive, but rather, he was afraid for the wolves.

"Please, you mustn't come near me." He told them as the wolves growled and inched themselves closer. He held up his hands as his entire body shook. "No, stay back! I'm not your enemy! I mean you no harm!"

But it was too late, the wolves all leapt to pounce toward their next kill. However, something stopped them. The minute they got too close; their bodies all fell to the ground. They were dead, all of them. Nothing had struck them, they weren't wounded or hit with any weapon. Yet they laid lifeless on the ground, as if the life itself was sucked away from them. This only seemed to cause the black-haired man grief.

"I tried to warn you…" His body continued to shake. "I told you to stay away… I'm sorry." It wasn't just the wolves however, all the plants around him, all the flowers and trees, even the grass around him began to wither away and die. "I don't mean to take the lives of others." Even all the birds in the sky began to fall as the life was sucked from them. "It's as if the world itself is rejecting me."

He looked at his hands as his body continued to shake. "Sparda… oh how I wish you were still here. You… you could have stopped it… but…. You're not here anymore." His face appeared to be emotionless, yet there was a trail of sadness deep in his black eyes. "I hope to see you soon… Natsu."


I told you I'd have a double update up quickly! I know this seems somewhat short, but quite a lot has happened.

Lady has seemed to fully accept Fairy Tail as her family, and Lucy and Lisanna have made their mutual feelings towards Natsu and have agreed to pursue him together. I told you they would be a threesome. But like I said earlier, this isn't going to be some major sexual-fic that'll serve as eye-candy for people; this is actually going to be a genuine form of love shared by the three of them.

Speaking of which, I can see a few of you want me to pair Dante with Erza, but I'm actually planning to pair him with Lady. And no, Dante's NOT gonna be part of a threesome. I want that to be special and unique, reserved only for Natsu, Lucy, and Lisanna. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that's what I'm going for and I'm sticking with it.

Also, Dante has sent Morrison to look into his family's history to see if he and Lucy really are related.

On the negative side, it seems the Magic Council is now aware of Vergil's existence and have taken an interest in him. That will certainly be interesting.

But the most important thing to note, a certain someone has made his appearance. We all know who that is, and it seems he has a history with Sparda. We'll learn more about this man and his past with not just Tenrou Island but in later arcs.

As I explained earlier, Tenrou Island will be the last arc for THIS SPECIFIC fic, I am NOT ending this whole story, it'll just pick up after the Seven-year-time skip with another fic. Same story: same plotline, same characters and experiences, everything.

I'll see you soon with the official start of the Tenrou Island arc as Fairy Tail prepares for the S-Class trials! Who will be the candidates and who will be their chosen partners? Find out next time on Fairy May Cry!