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"I can't be losing sleep over this, no, I can't

And now I cannot stop pacing

Give me a few hours, I'll have this all sorted out

If my mind would just stop racing"

It seemed that for the past month sleep eluded Laxus. He tossed and turned on his bed. An occasional annoyed grunt would escape him. He pounded his fist against his pillow in a futile attempt to make it fluffier and release some of the excessive energy he seemed to have nowadays.

"As my living legacy I will grant you one wish."

Voltains' voice echoed in his mind. His encounter with the ghost of The Lightning Dragon King was surreal. He knew that taking that mission in Zonia was not going to be like any of the others he had taken before. After all it was in that sacred mountain where Gildarts had encountered Acnologia.

His gramps had warned him about it. Even though Acnologia was no longer there something remained in the mountain. It was as if the absence of the Black Dragon had awaken whatever lurked in the depths of it. The Raijinshuu refused to let him go alone and no matter how much Laxus wanted them to stay behind a part of him was glad they had gone with him. They were a team after all and he felt more confident knowing that they had his back.

Wendy joining their group had caught Laxus off guard. The Lightning Dragon Slayer had been vehement against the idea of the Sky Dragon Slayer joining them. Laxus had no idea what awaited them in the mountain. It was bad enough he was going in blind with his team. He didn't want to risk Wendy getting hurt.

His gramps ignored his argument and Laxus could see his point of it being better to have a healer with them in case of anything, but he still didn't like it. He wasn't comfortable with the idea of putting Wendy in danger. He was still stuck on the image of Zirconis wanting to eat her. If he had been a second late… It didn't help that what they were going to deal with what was more than likely connected to Dragons.

In the end having Wendy come with them had been for the best.

When they reached Zonia, Laxus could feel the power that protruded from inside in the mountain. He smelled it with every breath he took and felt it under his feet when he walked on the mountain. The mountain gave out faint tremors on the outside, but inside it was a different story. He felt the power surround him and make the hairs on the back of his neck and arms stand. It had the same effect his lightning had on him when it produced from his body.

Inside the sacred mountain they were greeted by the carcasses of Dragons. It was a Dragon graveyard and it was there that the power came from.

Laxus and the Raijinshuu had to rely on Wendy when she volunteered to cast her Milky Way spell. They all watched in awe as beams of light that sparkled like stars and formed ribbons of light that moved throughout the graveyard touching all the remains. Wendy had commented surprised about all the souls that remained and were the cause of the power surging from within the mountain. It was as if they had wanted to be noticed. She had gasped stating there was one above all the others that wanted an audience with them.

Laxus watched Wendy clasp her hands together as if in prayer and the magic circle under her glowed brighter. The bands of light swirled in front of her and created a portal. A silver dragon with tufts of yellow hair emerged from it. It didn't growl at them and instead stood its full height, its stance regal like. Its white eyes gave it the appearance of being blind, but Laxus knew better. The way its eyes zeroed in on them as it regarded them. It was piercing almost as if it could look into their very souls. Lightning danced around it.

"It has been a long time since I have felt Grandeeney's magic." His eyes settled on Wendy. "It seems that in the end we have won."

"We?" Freed had asked curiously.

"The Dragons who fought to coexist with the humans."

At that point no one wanted to correct it.

"How rude of me." The Dragon chuckled. "I am called Voltains and am known as The Lightning Dragon King" His gaze roamed the group once more before they landed on Laxus. "You." They narrowed on him. "You are the one who possesses my Dragon lacrima."

Laxus looked at the Dragon shocked. He knew that his father had implanted a lacrima in him, but he didn't know it was a Dragon one. They were supposed to be extremely rare to find. "What do you mean?"

"I can't exactly remember when for time is a lost concept to me now. But I remember once seeing a desperate man come in here. He kept saying about needing to find a lacrima. Something about a child and death. I made certain he would find mine."

Deadbeat dad? Laxus thought confused. He felt the gazes of the Raijinshuu on his back.

"It must be fate that brought you here. To think that the one that would possess my lacrima would bring another who had the ability to free our souls from here."

"That man…" Laxus forced the words out when he felt his throat dry up. "How did he look like?"

"He had black hair and his complexion was slightly darker than yours." Voltains looked at him with knowing eyes. "I may have not been able to teach you Dragon Slayer Magic like Grandeeney did with this child, but you did bring someone to free us."


"Whether it was intentional or not does not matter. What matters is what is happening now."

"Then we are in equal terms now. You saved me and I'm saving you."

"Not quite." Voltains shook his head. "Dragons are supposed teach and leave their legacies with knowledge. I was not able to do either for you. You're my living legacy and as my living legacy I will grant you one wish."

"One wish?"

"The wish your heart desires the most."

Not even Laxus knew what that was, but he saw the knowing glint in Voltains' eyes. The Lightning Dragon knew what he did not.

"Keep your mind open." The Dragon said in farewell and inclined his head toward them to show them gratitude and respect before he faded away. The beams of light scattered and the power began to seep out and fade away. Tranquility settled in the air, but there was something that still bothered Laxus as they made their way out the cave. He felt like he was being watched. When he looked over his shoulder nothing was there and the feeling vanished as quickly as it came.

He thought nothing of it as his mind was plagued with thoughts of his father, Voltains and the wish. When he collected the pay he gave it all to Wendy since it was her who did all the work. It was a struggle to get her to keep it all when she kept trying to split the pay with him and the Raijinshuu.

Laxus rolled out his bed and walked toward his open window. He took a deep breath and let the smell of wet grass that brought memories of a once happy childhood and cool night breeze settle him. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing and hearing. He found that doing this helped relax him and at times would help him fall asleep.

He caught the faint smell of a fish and fire and knew someone was camping in the forest. If he listened really hard he could hear the animals that wandered the forest at night. Just as his mind was about to wander he picked up the sound of light footsteps. His brow furrowed as he zeroed in on the sound. He could hear the faint sound of wails. The cries didn't sound like an adult or a teen. They sound much younger. His eyes snapped open.

Without a second thought Laxus went into his lightning body mode. He streaked through the air and appeared a few feet from where he heard the sounds. He didn't want to scare who he suspected was going to be a child. He followed the wails and saw two toddlers running. One tripped and fell face first. The second one whimpered as he tried to help the one that fell.

"Pa!" The one that had fallen cried out. "Papa!"

"Ma!" Cried out the second one. "Mama!

Laxus felt their cries in his bones. This wasn't the first time he had seen or heard toddlers cry, but this was the first time it hit him hard. The little ones where covered in dirt, their clothes were ruined, their blonde hair in disarray while tears streamed down their faces and snot down their nostrils.

The wind blew and carried their scent. Under the smell of wood, dirt, and sweat there were two faint smells. One that he was well acquainted with. It was his own scent and another that smelled familiar, but he couldn't think from where at the moment. The scents combined made a unique one that was the toddlers.

It was his scent that had his protective instinct kick in and approach them. He took measured steps toward them and held out his hands when they turned their tear filled eyes toward him. Their eyes widened with recognition and they ran to him.

"Papa!" Both toddlers yelled as they ran to him.

Laxus couldn't explain why crouched down and pulled them to him without hesitation. He didn't bother to think if it was a trap or an illusion. All he could focus was on the toddlers that continued to cry out "Papa!" as they clutched onto his shirt desperately. Their faces buried in his chest and their bodies trembled.

He didn't say anything as he stood up holding one in each arm. When he turned into his lightning body mode their cries quieted down. Once in front of his home he could hear one whimpering and the other sniffle. "Freed!" He yelled as he slammed open the front door. "Freed! I need you down here right now!"

As he walked further into his home toward the kitchen he used his magic to turn on the lights. "Freed!"

"I'm coming!" Freed yelled as he ran down the stairs. "Laxus what is…" The question fell from his lips when he saw Laxus standing in the middle of the kitchen holding two hurt toddlers. His expression betrayed nothing, but it was his eyes that told a different story. He could see the desperation in them.

"What the hell is going on here!?" Evergreen yelled as she rushed down the stairs with Bickslow hot on heels, but both came to a halt when they saw Laxus.

"I need your help." His hold on the toddlers tightened when they whimpered again.

"Clearly." Freed and Evergreen were the first to break out of their stupor. They both reached for the toddlers at the same time, but once the little ones were taken from Laxus they began to cry again.

"Papa!" One cried out desperately and struggled in Evergreen's arms. Small hands tried to reach for Laxus. "Papa!"

"No! No!" The other screeched in Freed's arms and kicked out their feet while small hands clawed at the air trying to get back to Laxus. "Papa!"

Laxus cleared his throat and forced the words out. "Check if they have any injuries." He needed to be in control of the situation. They needed him to be calm, but seeing them struggle as Evergreen and Freed sat them on the counter to give them a quick once over made it hard to be logical. He couldn't meet their gaze without it hurting.

"Laxus." Bickslow stepped up beside him. "Who are they?"

"I don't know." His hands clenched into fists. "I heard them running and crying in the forest."

"They called you papa."

"That can't be. You know that I…" He made sure that there wasn't a chance for him to leave one of his past flings pregnant. He took the precautions necessary and made sure that the women he took to bed did as well.

"Did you see anyone else there?"

"I didn't bother to check. They were crying and scared. My first thought was to take them somewhere safe."

"You thought correctly." Freed said and motioned for Laxus to come closer. "There's no broken bones, but from what I can see they have some bruises and scrapes. We need to get them cleaned up so I can definitely be certain." He took note of how the toddlers calmed down when Laxus came to stand beside him. They reached for him and Freed watched in awe as Laxus placed a hand on the back of their necks and rubbed his thumbs up and down the column of their throats. Their eyes slid closed. "I suggest we take them to Wendy tomorrow morning."

"We're going to have to buy them clothes and diapers." A frown tugged on Evergreen's lips. "They were frightened. What exactly happened?"

"Like I told Bicks," He pulled the toddlers closer to him. "They were crying and running in the forest."

"That still doesn't explain why they called you papa." Bickslow came to the other side of the counter and sat on a bar stool. "Maybe their confused."

"I would like to say they are…"

"I hear a but there."

"They smell like me. They carry my scent."

"That doesn't make any sense." Bickslow crossed his arms. "Are you saying that they're your children?"

"That's not possible." Freed shook his head. "I have kept a close eye on all of Laxus conquests and not one has ever shown signs of pregnancy."

Evergreen and Bickslow looked at their self-proclaimed leader in shock. They knew that Freed kept tabs on Laxus, but not to that extent. "Does Mira know you do that?" Bickslow asked curiously.

"She knows that there are no boundaries when it comes to protecting Laxus."

"If we are to go with what Freed has said," Evergreen spoke up before Bickslow could comment again, "then it's not possible for them to be your children Laxus. It may be that this is a trick."

Laxus narrowed his eyes at her, but remained silent.

"But it can also be that it's not." She said quickly. "They have your blonde hair and the girl has your eyes."


"The other one is a boy and he has honey brown eyes."

"They're fraternal twins."

"So if they really are Laxus' kids then he has a boy and girl."

"We should have known—"

"In his first try he would get two instead of one—"

"A boy and a girl."

"Since we have come to an agreement that these are Laxus' children," Bickslow and Evergreen nodded with Freed's words, "and they are not from any of his past conquests then we can assume they come from the future."

"Future? Really? That's the best you can come up with?"

"Hmmm… well we did go meet Voltains' ghost in Zonia. Maybe this has to do with the Dragons."

"Didn't he say something about granting Laxus a wish?"

"He did!" Evergreen snapped her fingers. "What his heart desires most."

"So what he desired most was children…?"

They all turned to look at Laxus who had stopped paying attention to them and watched the little ones who were now sleeping in his arms.

Laxus felt their gazes on him and looked up to see them all looking at him wide eyed and smiling at him affectionately. "Why are you guys looking at me like that?"

"We always knew you had a kind and big heart under all the gruff exterior!" Freed said blinking back tears.

"If the three of you are done spouting nonsense I would like you to help me clean these two up and put them to bed."

"He's already a caring father." Evergreen wiped her tears away with a napkin Bickslow handed to her.

"If these two aren't the end of me it will most definitely be the three of you." Laxus grumbled at his team. He knew that he should be panicking about the task ahead, but having the Raijinshuu with him made it seem less intimidating. His gaze once again went to the two toddlers that dozed against his chest.

Laxus had no idea of the trials that awaited him in the near future.

"This is over my head but underneath my feet

'Cause by tomorrow morning I'll have this thing beat

And everything will be back to the way that it was

I wish that it was just that easy"

-Somewhere in Between (Lifehouse)

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